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     does not can. to breathe, I croaked, strangling.
    He began to the laugh and released me.
     Welcome, Bella, he said, smiling. And that, how he said it, sounded, as welcome home.
    We went to be missed, as were too excited, to remain to sit in a house. Dzheykob jumped up practically, when went, and I once or twice had to remind him, that my feet of not tenone-foot length.
    While we went, I had felt, as again become such, what I was with Dzheykobom. A bit younger, a bit bezotvetstvenney. To that which could, as chance offers, without what or visible reason to do something awfully foolish.
    Our emotions broke a secret outside, while we discussed our businesses: that took a place all the time with us, on how many I arrived, and that brought me over here. When I hesitatingly told him about leaflets with wolves, his wild laughter an echo was reflected from trees.
    But then, making a way through large bushes, ringings a beach and exhausting all of arsenal of insignificant those, we all the same got to that which coming to become the most difficult mestome in our talk. Early or late, we would have to begin to speak about reasons of our long separation, and I looked, as on face of my friend hardens so well me the acquainted bitter expression.
     Well, and that there for you after history? asked me Dzheykob, too strongly kicking the piece of the tree washed to ashore on the way. He flew above sand and hitted stone.
     I mean, since we. well, before, you know.
    Not managing to pick up necessary words, he deeply breathed and made an effort again:
     I ask. did all simply return into the places, how was it, till he gave up you? you him for everything did forgive?
    I breathed deeply:
     Not For what it was to forgive.
    I wanted to skip that part of talk, which was about treachery and prosecutions, but I knew that we must talk about it, before to move farther.
    The face of Dzheykoba was twisted, as though he licked a lemon.
     it Is sorry that Sam not sfotografiroval you, when found by that night in past September. It would be proof ? 1.
    are We not in a court
     Maybe, somebody would need to be condemned.
     You would not blame him for that he went away, if knew reason.
    He looked at me a few seconds.
     Well, he pronounced poisonously. Surprise me.
    I was got by his hostility, it irritated me, touched for living, it was very me that is why, that he on me is angered. It reminded me of one dead and gone sorrowful bottom, when in order of Sam he said me, that we no longer can be friends.
    A minute was required me, to come to oneself.
     Edvard left me past in autumn, because thought that it does not follow me to be next to vampires. He thought that it will be better for me, if he will go away.
    Dzheykob reacted not immediately. He whole weighed a minute my words. What he did not plan to say to it, it was clear that now he will not say it. I was soviet to that he did not know that exactly had provoked Edvarda to accept such decision. I could only guess, what he now thought about, if knew that Jasper had tried to put to death me.
     And did he return all the same, does not it? Dzheykob muttered. Very badly, that he can not restrain the word.
     If you remember, I departed and returned him.
    Dzheykob looked at me whole minute, and then turned away. Tension disappeared from his person, and when he began to speak again, his voice had sounded more quiet:
    it is a true. That, in fact I heard this history never. What did happen?
    I dallied, biting a lip.
    it is a secret? there was a mockery in his voice. is it forbidden you to tell me?
     No, I snarled. Simply actually it is very long history.
    Dzheykob haughtily smiled and, turned away, went off to the beach, expecting that I will follow on him.
    If Dzheykob going so to behave, it already stopped to be amusing. I mechanically followed on him, though was not sure in that it would not follow me to develop and go away. But on vozrascheniyu home meeting coming me up against Alice, therefore I thought and decided that I especially have nowhere to hurry.
    Dzheykob walked up to the very strong fragment of the acquainted tree practically to whole, with roots and branches to nailed to the beach, to whitened a sun and to submerged in sand; besides all of other, we considered this tree our mestome. Dzheykob sat down on an impromptu bench, and patted on available space next to itself.
    it is I quite not against long histories. Are there elements of ekshena?
    I rolled eyes and villages next to him.
     Am a bit, I assumed.
     Without ekshena it will not pull at on real uzhastik.
     Uzhastik! I smiled. will you listen or going to interrupt me the rough comments about my friends?
    He pretended to be, that closed lips on a lock and threw out the invisible keys through a shoulder. I made an effort restrain a smile, but for me nothing turned out.
     will Begin with that you know already, I said, trying to collect one's thoughts, before to begin.
    Dzheykob heaved up a hand.
     Let. It even better, he said. I did not understand so, that all the same happened then.
     Yes, all of it a bit difficultly, be therefore attentive. Do you know about visions of Alice, well,, how does it see some events?
    Continuing to tell about the race after Italy and rescue of Edvarda, I noticed, as he frowned wolves disbelieved in legends that vampires have a supernatural gift. I tried to squeeze history, as could, aborting all of superfluous details. Explaining how Alice saw that Edvard, knowing about my death, had decided to do away with itself, I tried to look over the reaction of Dzheykoba, but his person was impenetrable. Sometimes Dzheykob looked so submerged in the ideas, that I doubted, whether he listens me in general. He cut me short only one time.
    it is Blood-sucker can not a prophet see us? he asked, here his person looked furious, and glad simultaneously. In earnest? The same fine!
    I squeezed teeth, and some time we sat in a quiet, although on his person it was clearly, that he waits continuation. I was all the eyes on him, while he did not realize the error.
     Ouch! he said. Excuse me, and again closed lips.
    His reaction it was easy to read, when I reached to Voltari. He coupled teeth, a skin on his hands was covered small ants, nostrils began to palpitate. I did not begin to jut out into details, and only told him, that Edvard smuggled out of us from this near-accident, mention neither about a promise which we gave nor about an expecting us visit. Dzheykobu does not need to be known about my nightmares.
     Now you know all of history, I concluded. So that now your turn to tell. That did happen, while a mother had me in these weekend?
    I knew that Dzheykob would tell me more details, what Edvard. He was not afraid to frighten me.
    Instantly revived, Dzheykob leaned forward.
     Well, Embri, Kvil and I patrolled territory on Saturday evening, all as usual, suddenly, from where not undertake bam! He was at losses, representing an explosion. Here it is a hot scent, to the less than pyatnadcatiminutnoy remoteness. Sam wanted, that we waited till him, but I did not know that you had left, and did not know whether your vampire bats watch after you. So, we on complete speed jerked right behind it, but it crossed a border till we had time to grasp it. We were dispersed on the line of border, in a hope, that it will return and will cross it again. It was so annoying, I will say to you.
    We too far went away to the south. Kalleny pounded it back on our side in a few miles to the north of us. If we knew where to wait, it would become a magnificent ambush.
    He shocked a head, making a grimace.
     And, truly, risky it became then, when Sam et al overtook it before us, but it danced straight along tenches of border, and all of vampirskiy brood was direct there, only on other side. Healthy fellow, as he is called there.
     Yes, he. He rushed on it, but the this red appeared provorney! He flew right in front of it and hardly not embedded in Paul. So Half. well, you know Paul.
     He lost control. I can not say that I blame him a krovosos- healthy fellow was forth above him. He dashed hey, not look at me so. A vampire was on our earth.
    I endeavoured to change expression of the person, that he was able to continue. From tension my nails stuck in hands, not looking even at that I knew all made off well.
     In any case, missed Half, and a healthy fellow returned on the side. But in the end, e-e, well, e, blonde.
    Expression of his person was comical mixture of disgust and unintentional admiration, when he tried to pick up words, what to describe sister Edvarda.
    it is Rosalie.
     it is not important. It indeed going to cross a border, therefore Sam and I covered Paul. Then their fugleman and other blond.
    it is Karlayl and Jasper.
    He looked at me rasserzheno.
     You know that it is indifferent me. Shorter, Karlayl talked with Sam, trying to take off tension. Something strange happened then, because all somehow calmed down indeed quickly. This was that, other, who you told me about, powdering us brains. But, even understanding that he does, we could not not calm down.
     Yes, I know that feel here.
     Really irritatingly, that is it is felt. Only afterwards you can not anymore remain angry. he furiously shocked a head. Thus, Sam and main vampire consented that a priority purpose all the same is Viktoriya, and we again chased after after it. Karlayl specified us direction, so that we could carefully trace its movement, but after it attained rocks in the north Dip, wherein the line of border on a few miles rounds a bank. It again started to the climb in water. Healthy fellow et al, quiet, wanted to get permission to cross a border, to follow on it, but we, certainly, said no.
     Well. I mean, you behaved foolishly, but I am glad that all made off so. Emmet never was careful. He could suffer.
    Dzheykob snorted.
     So what then your vampire told you, that we had attacked without the slightness cause, and him absolutely innocent relatives.
     No, I interrupted. Edvard told me that history, but not in such details.
     Kha, Dzheykob breathed out and bent over to heave up one of great number of weltering for him under the feet of stone.
    With ordinary adroitness he threw him on kind hundred meters toward a bay.
     I think, it will return. We will have a chance to catch it yet.
    I gave a start, certainly, it will return. Will tell me about it Edvard next time? I was not sure. I need more attentive to watch after Alice, that not to lose sight of signs, indicative on that the similar can repeat oneself.
    On my opinion, Dzheykob did not notice my reaction. He, pursing one's chubby lips, with a thoughtful kind covered on waves.
     what do you think About? I asked after the protracted silence.
     Think that you told me. About that, how a forecaster saw you spring-elastic from a cliff, and decided that you wanted to do away with itself, and as it all went out from under control. you understand that if then you waited till me, as we planned, then at roof. would not Alice have possibility to see how you jump? Nothing changed. We, possibly, would sit now in a garage, as in any other Saturday. There would be no vampires in Forkse, and we with you. he intermitted, deeply thoughtful.
    As he said it, drove me to confusion, it would be better as though, if in Forkse in general there were not vampires. My heart eknulo, presenting this depressing picture.
     Edvard would return in any case.
     are you herein sure? he asked, at mention of the name of Edvarda again beginning to be led.
     to Be in a separation. To none of us it did not go on a benefit.
    He began, it was, to talk something, something spiteful, judging to on expression of his person, but, detaining breathing, stopped itself and began again.
     do you know that Sam is wicked on you?
     On me? I lost one's the head on a second. Ah, yes, understand. He thinks that they would remain aside, if I was not here.
     No, there is business not herein.
     Then in what for him problem?
    Dzheykob again bent over after a stone. He turned everything and turned him in the fingers; while he talked, a bit lowering voice, his eyes were tied down to this black stone:
     When Sam saw. that was with you, well, then, in the beginning, when Billy told them, as Charley worries that is not better you, and compared to that was then, when you going to jump from a cliff.
    I squirmed a grimace. Really it will be never allowed me to forget about it.
    The eyes of Dzheykoba sparkled.
     He thought you are the unique man on earth, for whom the same reasons to hate Kallenov, as well as for him. Sam feels, as if him. betrayed because you admitted them back in the life, as though they and did not cause you no pain.
    I not on a second disbelieved that Sam was the unique, who feels so. And, razozlivshis' on them both, said caustic voice:
     You can say Sam, that he went, where a little rather.
     Give a glance on it, interrupted me Dzheykob, specifying on an eagle, from the unbelievable height of diving to the surface ocean. He stopped last-minute, only on an instant, touching the claws of surface of water. Then he flew away away, and very strong big fish trepykhalas' in his claws.
     You see it everywhere, Dzheykob said by the alienated voice. At nature the unchanging laws there is a hunter, and there is a booty, endless rotation of life and death.
    I did not grasp the meaning his lecture about nature, thinking, that he simply tries to change a theme. But after he gave a glance downward on me, the sparks of black humour shone in his eyes.
     And you so far saw never, that fish tried to kiss an eagle. And never will not see it.
    He smiled.
    I smiled him in reply, although in to the mouth still there was bitter taste.
     Can, fish and tried, I supposed. Hardness to understand, what fish thinks about. you whether know, eagles are very attractive birds.
     Herein all of business? his voice became sharp suddenly. In an attractiveness?
     be not a fool, Dzheykob.
     Then is it a money? he was not quieted.
     Wonderfully, I muttered, getting up from a tree. it is Rada, that you about me such opinion.
    I developed and went away.
     Well, not go down from a mind. Appearing straight after my back, he grasped my wrist and opened out me. it is I in earnest! I try to understand, but stuck in on a blank wall.
    His eyebrows angrily met on the bridge of the nose, and eyes potemneli.
     I love him. Not because he is beautiful or rich! I cried out these words of Dzheykobu in a person. I would choose him, even if he was not and on a half such, what he is. Even to disappear between you and me would show oneself a change. Because he loving and unselfish, wonderful and honest from all, who I met some time. Certainly, I love him! Really so hardness to understand it?
     it is impossible to understand It.
     Then, please, clarify me, Dzheykob, I said with sarcasm. Which an occasion must be in order that someone, came to love someone? Probably, I, while, do everything not correctly.
     I think that first it would be more correct than all, that this someone, belonged to the individuals of your kind. It works usually.
     Well, it is simple nonsense! I hissed. Then there is only Mike Newton.
    Dzheykob stepped back back and got a bite lip. I saw how my words scotched him, but I too strongly razozlilas', about it to think. He released my wrist and, laying down hands on a breast, turned away to the ocean.
     I am a man, hardly he whispered heard.
     You are not such man, as Mike, I continued rudely. do you consider still, that it matters very much?
    it is not alone and also. Dzheykob did not tear away a look from grey waves. I did not choose it.
    I smiled with distrust.
     do you think, Edvard chosen? He the same as and you did not know that took a place with him. He did not sign hereunder.
    Dzheykob hardly rocked noticeable rapid motion by a head.
     Know, Dzheykob, you are terrible self-righteous person taking into account that you yet and werewolf.
    it is not alone and also, Dzheykob repeated, looking at me.
     I do not understand why. you would show the very little more understanding in regard to Kallenov. you do not even present, what they are good from within, Dzheykob.
    He frowned yet stronger.
     They must not exist. Their existence is unnatural.
    I long looked at him, in bewilderment lifting an eyebrow up. Passed some time, he noticed before.

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