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41Stefani Mayer

    It was easily to know Dzheykoba; I would know him at once, even if ? he did not heave up a head, and did not look aside, where the sound of our appearance was heard from.
     Where other wolves? I was surprised.
     there is not a need Them to be all here. And one would be enough, but Sam does not trust us it is enough, what it is simple to send one Dzheykoba, although Dzheykob wanted it. Kvil and Embri his ordinary. think, it is possible to name them his handy men.
     Dzheykob trusts you.
    Edvard nodded. He trusts us, that we will not try to put to death him. As though, that is all.
     do you participate today? I asked uncertainly. I knew, it would be it is almost similarly heavy for him to remain aside, as well as to me. Possibly, more difficult.
     I will help Jasper, when he may need my help. He wants to make an attempt a few unequal groups, teach them how to deal with a few by forwards at once.
    He reaped shoulders.
    And the new wave of panic pranged my short sense of confidence.
    They still excelled on a quantity. I aggravated a difference.
    I was covered on the field, trying to hide experiencing.
    It was not that place, where it is necessary it was to look, contesting with that I lay to itself, convincing itself, that all will work how I am necessary. Because, when I turned one's away by force, aside from Kallenov from the picture of their training fight which will become the real and mortally dangerous, just in a few days Dzheykob intercepted my look and smiled.
    This was the same wolfish grin as well as before, his eyes were the same penetrating, it depends he was a man.
    It was hardness to trust that quite recently, I was afraid of werewolves even lost sleep from nightmares about them.
    I knew, without a prompt, who of them Embri and who Kvil. Embri it obviously, a that grey wolf is thinner, with dark patches on a spin which sat and so looked after patiently, while Kvil darkly chocolate color, lighter on a muzzle twitched constantly, as if burning from a desire to join in with a humorous fight. They were not monsters, even in such kind. They were friends.
    Friends which and close did not look the same invulnerable, as Emmett and Jasper moving quick, than cobra strikes, moonlight was reflected from their hard as cuts skins. Friends which, seems, do not understand that here dangerously. Friends which are still death, friends which can outflow blood, friends which can die.
    The confidence of Edvarda was hard, it was visible, he did not truly experience after it family. But does fluster him, if with wolves anything to happen? Was there reason to worry him, if he did not experience from them? The confidence of Edvarda became reason of my new fears only.
    I made an effort smile in reply Dzheykobu, swallowing who in a throat. It did not seem to me now, that I had done everything it is correct.
    Dzheykob easily jumped up on feet, his lightness simply striking at such mass of body, and ran back a lynx to the that place, where stood Edvard and I.
     Dzheykob, his Edvard poprivetstvoval politely.
    Dzheykob ignored him, his eyes stayed too long on me. He inclined a head to my level, as he did it yesterday, turning it on one side. The low rumbling broke forth from his to pasture.
    it is I in an order, I answered, not needing translation of Edvarda. Simply worry, you know.
    Dzheykob continued to look at me.
     He wants to know why, Edvard said quietly.
    Dzheykob began to the roar is a not threatening, but angry sound and the lips of Edvarda twitched.
     That? I asked.
     He thinks that translations do not pass my that he wants to say. He thought in actual fact: It is actual foolishly. About what here to worry? I podredaktiroval, it seemed to me rough.
    I slightly smiled, too nervous, what to laugh above a situation. Am much about what to worry, I said Dzheykobu. For example, as a group of truly foolish volokov dangers subject itself.
    Dzheykob laughed the coughing bark.
    Edvard breathed. Jasper wants a help. Will you manage without a translator?
     will Manage.
    Edvard, with minute, thoughtfully looked at me, hardness it was to understand expression of his person, after turned the back and began to the walk to Jasper.
    I sat down on earth, there where stood. Earth was cold and uncomfortable.
    Dzheykob did a step forward, after turned back to me, and began to the whine low. He did a small step yet.
     Continue without me, I said to him. I do not want to look.
    Dzheykob again on a second inclined a head on a side, and then, with rumbling took a seat on earth next to me.
     True, you can go, I assured him. He did not answer, he had simply laid a head on paws.
    I was covered upwards on bright silver clouds, not wishing to see a fight. It was my imagination, where to be walked about. A breeze swept over on the field, and I poezhilas'.
    Dzheykob moved nearer to me, cuddling the warm wool to my left side.
     E, thank you, I whispered.
    After a few minutes, I leaned against to his wide shoulder. Now far more comfortable.
    Clouds slowly swam on sky, both svetleya, when their thin shreds passed through a moon or darkling retiring.
    It is dissipated, I started fingers in fur on his neck. A that strange roar, what yesterday, was heard from his throat. This was such home sound. More rough, than cat-like rumbling, but designating the same satisfaction.
     You know, I never had a dog, I said of thoughtfully. Always wanted, but for Rene on them allergy.
    Dzheykob began to the laugh; his body was begun to the shake under me.
     are you quite untroubled regarding Saturday? I asked.
    He turned the enormous head to me, so, that I could see how he rolled eyes.
     I would like to be such optimist.
    He inclined the head to my feet and began to rumble again. And from it became me chutochku easier.
     That, I think tomorrow we go to the hike.
    He began to the roar with enthusiasm.
    it is can become a long hike, I warned him. Edvard does not judge about distance normal measurements.
    Dzheykob again laughed barking.
    I primostilas' deeper in his warm fur, laying a head on his neck.
    It was strange. Even being in this unusual oblichii, it seemed that I and Jake went back into old times in the days of our simple, easy friendship, the same natural, as breathing. inhalation and exhalation what was not in the last time, when I was with Dzheykobom in his human oblichii. Strange, that again felt it here, when it seemed to me that I had lost him exactly from all of these wolfish pieces.
    Killings games proceeded on the field, and I was covered on the moon covered haze

Chapter 20

    All was ready.
    I collected things for a two-day visit to Alice, and my bag waited me on the passenger seat of truck. Tickets at concert I gave Angela, Ben and Mike. Mike going to take with itself Jessica, exactly on it I and hoped. Billy lent the boat of Old Kvila Ateary and invited Charley, before the beginning of daily game, porybachit' in a high sea. Two youngest werewolves is Kollin and Plod, although were yet children, to both only for thirteen years remained to protect La Push. Even at such laying out, Charley was in greater safety, than those, who remained in Forks.
    I did everything, that could. Made an effort accept everything, as is, and to forget about that does not depend on me, at least, on a tonight. So or differently, in 48 hours, all will make off. This idea almost calmed.
    Edvard asked me to be weakened, and I tried, with might and main.
     On one night, does can, will make an effort forget about everything, except for us two? he begged, applying all of force of the look. Seems, there will always be little time of conducted me just like this. I need to be with you. Only with you.
    It was not difficult to accede to him, I knew although, that it is simpler to say, what, indeed, to forget about my fears. In my head now there were other problems, and that we will be tonight one, will help to decide them.
    Something changed.
    For example, I was ready.
    I was ready to join in with his family and to his world. I was brought to it, that fear, sense of guilt and suffering, that I experienced now. I had possibility to be concentrated and all to think over then, when I looked at a moon through clouds, sitting next to a werewolf and I knew that not zapanikuyu again. Next time, if on us will attack, I will be ready. Valuable helper, but not burden. He never again will have to choose between me and family. We will become partners, as Alice and Jasper. Next time, I will participate actively in events.
    I will wait, while will clean a sword for me above a head, only Edvard was satisfied. But it is not obligatory. I was ready.
    One was not enough only.
    Only one, because, all of other did not change, including that, how hotshot I loved him. For me it was a lot of time to think over reasons of origin of bet of Jasper and Emmetta and to understand that I will lose, becoming a not man, and from what, I not going to renounce. I will insist on one human experiencing, and exactly knew on which one, before will become a vampire.
    It was us what to engage tonight. After everything, that I saw for the past two years, a word it is impossible lost the sense for me. Now, to stop me nothing will be required more posuschestvennee.
    Well, all right, it can it will be far difficult, than I plan. But I going to make an attempt.
    Adjusted so resolutely, no wonder that I was still nervous, when drove up to his house on a long alley I did not know how to carry out that bethought to, and it provided me the nervous trembling.
    Edvard sat on a passenger seat, and with application hid a smile, looking after how slowly I conducted a machine. Surprisingly, but he did not begin to insist to sit down for a helm, today he, seemed, content with my slow speed.
    When we got to the house, stemnelo already, and a lawn before a house was inundated by bright light from all of windows.
    It needed me to deafen a motor, as he already stood near my door, opening it to me. He helped me one-arm to get out from a booth, fished out other hand my bag from a basket and kicked about it through a shoulder. His lips found my, and I heard, as, for me after the back, he slammed a door a leg.
    Not interrupting a kiss, he heaved up me on hands, and bore in a house.
    Was there an entrance door already opened? I do not know. We appeared inwardly, and for me a head was slightly twirled. It was necessary to remind itself, not to forget to breathe.
    This kiss did not frighten me. He was not look like that, when I felt, as through his self-control, to on slightly, fear and panic leaked. His lips were not uneasy, but were full delight seemed, he also, as well as I, is excited that tonight we will be in private. He continued to kiss me a few minutes, upright in an antechamber; and seemed less careful, what usually, I felt a cold and persistence of his mouth the lips.
    I tested the wave of optimism. Possibly, to get what wanted me, it will be quite not so difficult, as I supposed.
    No, certainly, it will be exactly so difficultly.
    With a low laughter, he moved away me, holding in the distance prolate hand.
     Welcome home, he said, his eyes were clear and warm.
     sounds Fine, I said, I did not have air.
    He carefully put me on feet. I hugged him both hands, not wishing, that between you and me there was though some distance
     For me something is for you, he said, as if going back to an old talk.
     is Something used for you, remember? you said that will accept.
     About, yes. Think, exactly it I and said.
    He laughed above my indecision.
     It on a top, in my room. To bring?
    In his bedroom? Certainly, I consented, feeling that skhitrila, interlacing the fingers with his fingers. will Go.
    He, it must be, very wanted to compliment with me the ne-podarok, because ordinary human speed did not arrange him. He, again, grasped me in an armful and almost flew up, on steps, in the room. Put me near a door and dashed to a wall closet.
    He returned, I did not have time to do step, but I ignoring him headed for an enormous gold bed, went down on an edge and glanced aside on a middle. I convolved in a ball, obkhvativ the hands of knee.
     Well, I mumbled. Now, being wherein and wanted, it is possible to take the liberty some resistance. Let gift here.
    Edvard began to the laugh.
    He perched on a bed and sat down next to me, my heart of zatrepykhalo. I counted, that he would copy off it on agitation from his gift.
    it is the Utillized thing, he reminded strictly. He took my left wrist, and only on an instant, touched to the silver bangle. Then released my hand.
    I carefully studied it. On opposite, from a wolf, to the side of chainlet, now an ablaze crystal hung in form heart. Millions of verges sparkled even in the muffled light of lamp. I emitted the low sigh of delight.
     He belonged to my materi. he reaped by shoulders, underlining that nothing special herein is not present. I inherited a little bit of these knick-knackeries. Some gave a present Esme and Alice. So, clear, it is a change just.
    I sochuvstvuyusche smiled his assertions.
     But I thought, that it would be a good reminder, he continued. He is hard and cold. Edvard began to the laugh. And in the sun world he casts aside the iridescent specks of light.
     You forgot about the most important likeness, I pronounced. it is wonderful.
     My heart is the same quiet, he said thoughtfully. And it, also, your.
    I shook a hand, that a heart began to shine. Thank you. After both.
     No, thank you to you. It is such facilitation, that you accepted a gift so easily. It is time you privykat' to get them. he smiled, flashing teeth.
    I nestled to him, stuck a head under his hand and snuggled up to him. Possibly, it was look like cuddles from statutey David Mikelandzhelo, difference only in that blameless marble creation hugged it me by the hands and attracted closer to itself.
    It was to begin a quite good place.
     do we Can to discuss something? I will estimate, if you will give a glance on everything unpreconceived.
    He was shaken with minute. will Endeavour with might and main, carefully, he answered.
     I will violate no rules, I promised. All will be, exceptionally, about you and about me. I cleaned out a throat. So. I am impressed that, how well we found a compromise by past night. Think, I would like to apply that principle to other situation. I was surprised, why behave so officially. It must be are nerves.
     That do you want to discuss? he asked, smiling.
    I hotshot tried to pick up correct words, what to begin.
     Listen, as your heart fights quickly, he whispered. it is trembles as if wings of humming-bird. you all right?
     I feel fine.
     Then continue, please, he heartened me.
     Well, think, in the beginning, I would like to talk with you about this ridiculous marriage condition.
     Ridiculously it only for you. And that about him?
     I reflected here. can it still be discussed?
    Edvard frowned, poser'eznel. Very long ago I did the greatest concession I consented to take away your life, despite the own persuasions. And it is necessary to count it, as a few compromises, at once, in your benefit.
     No. I began to the shake by a head, trying to support a quiet mien. it is decided With this part. We do not discuss my now.. change. I want to obtain some other details.
    He with suspicion looked at me. About what concretely do you talk details?
    I delayed. Let us find out your terms in the beginning.
     You know, what I want.
    it is Matrimony. I pronounced this word so, as if it was a curse.
     Yes. he smiled widely. First.
    Shock spoiled my quiet expression. Is there something yet?
     Well, he said, with such mien, as though he already counted everything. If you will be my wife, then all of my, will become your,. for example, money on teaching. Therefore there will not be problems with Dartmutom.

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