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     So it turned out that to outlive, I had twice. Edvard pronounced words, only hardly, slower, than usually. First time, when I thought that able to leave it. it was. almost tolerantly. Because, I thought, it would forget me and all will be so, as though me never and it was not in its life. More than half-year, I had forces to stick to from it in daleke, hold a promise, and anymore never to interfere. For me almost turned out I contested with itself, and knew that will win. I would return, simply that. to check, as it. Here, that I to itself talked. And if I will see it indeed happy. it would be desirable to think that I will be able to go away again.
     But if it would be unhappy, I would remain. Whew it yesterday convinced me to remain with it. you and reflected before, that could compel me. why it so vainly toils from sense of guilt. It reminded me, as felt, when I left it as it continues to operate on it, when I leave now. It feels awfully because acted so, but it is right. I will be never able to correct the pas, but I will never leave off to try to correct him.
    Some time, Dzheykob was quiet, simply listened to to howlings of storm, or overcooked heard, I do not know.
     was Second time, when did you decide that it had perished? Dzheykob whispered cruelly.
     Yes. Edvard answered a question on a question. will you feel approximately similarly, true? Because you perceive us, you will not be able anymore to consider it Bella. But it will remain Bella.
     I asked not about it.
    Edvard answered quickly and hardly:
     I will not be able to tell. It not to utter.
    The hands of Dzheykoba obkhvatili me.
     But you went away, because did not want to convert it into krovososku. you wanted, that it remained a man.
    Edvard said of slowly:
     From a the same second, Dzheykob, when I realized that love it, I knew that for us there are only 4 variants to be together. First the best for Bella, possible, if it was not so strongly tied to me if it outlived parting and would go farther. I would accept it, true, it would never change my to it senses. you think about me as o. loose rock hard and cold. It is a true. We such, what we are, and we can not change. When it happened, when Bella appeared in my life, all changed forever. Ways back no.
    it is the Second variant, that which I chosen firstly, to remain with it in its human life. For it, it is a not especially successful variant, to outlay the life on someone, whoever would be able to be a timber-toe by it, but it a variant is the simplest for me. To know, all of the time released by it, that when it will die, I will find a method to die also. 60, 70 years for me it very much, very little. But then, appeared, that it is dangerous to live, so close, adjoining with my world. All, that could happen bad, happened. Or hung up above us. expecting an appropriate moment. I was scared, whatever will get and those 60 years, if will remain with it, while it is a man.
     So that, I chosen the third variant. Which, appeared the greatest error for all of my long life. I chosen to go away from its life, hoping to compel it to see a variant one number. Malfunctioned, and besides, hardly not put to death us both.
     And that does it remain except for me as there is a fourth variant? It that wants it, at least, it thinks so. I tried to persuade it to wait, give it time to change a mind, but it, very much. stubborn. you know it. I would be happy, to be in a position to pull at events, yet on the pair of months. It is awfully afraid to become more senior, and its birthday already in September.
     I like variant one number, Dzheykob mumbled.
    Edvard did not answer.
     You know perfectly, on how many to me oppositely to bear with what be going on, Dzheykob whispered slowly, but I see that you love it and true. on it. With it to argue I no longer can.
     And knowing it, I do not think that you need to surrender, and not to think about a variant one number. Only not now. Think, very much it is possible that with it thing come right. It is simply needed, that time passed. you understand, if it did not jump from a rock in March. and if you waited yet half-year. Possibly, you would see its happy. I had a plan.
    Edvard smiled. Possibly, it would work. A plan was well carefully thought out.
     Yes. Jake breathed. But., - suddenly he began quickly-quickly to whisper, so quickly, that words were mixed up, give me a year, kro. it is Edvard. I, true, think, that able to do its happy. It is stubborn, nobody knows it it is better what I, but also to outlive your care it will be able. It and before would be able. And it would remain a man, with Charley and Rene, and it would grow, would give birth children. and remained Bella.
     You love it so that must see advantages of my plan. It thinks that you are not selfish. is it a true? Can you assume that for it I am better, than you?
     I thought over it, Edvard answered quietly. In some family, you anymore befit for it, what any other man. Bella needs a supervision, and you are strong enough, to protect it from itself, and from everything, that can happen with it. you were already able to rescue it, and I am your eternal debtor.
     I even asked for Alice, whether it can to see that to Bella better with you. But it does not can. It can not see you, and then, while Bella decided differently.
     But Dzheykob, I not so am foolish, again to repeat the error. I will not begin to compel it. While it wants, that I was next to it, I will be with it.
     And if will it decide that wants me? Dzheykob protested. Agree, that probability is small, but however.
     I will release it.
     will Simply release?
     Yes, it is unimportant, as far as hardness it would be given me. But I will watch after you. you understand, Dzheykob, once you can give up it. As Sam and Emili, you will not simply have a choice. And I always will wait not far away, hoping that will happen so.
    Dzheykob snorted quietly. you indeed were more frank, than I expected. Edvard. Thank you, that enabled me to climb you in a head.
     As I said already, I felt strange gratitude, especially tonight, for that you are in its life. It the smallest, what I can thank you. you know, Dzheykob, if it were not for circumstance that we with you mortal enemies, and that you try to steal sense of my life for me, you would me please even.
     Can. if you, was not a disgusting vampire, which plans to take life from a girl which I love. although, even and then you would not please me.
    Edvard smiled.
     do I Can to put a question you? Edvard pronounced after some time.
     Why you must ask?
     I Hear, only that you think. It is that legend which Bella did not want me to tell. Something about the third wife.?
     And that about it?
    Edvard did not answer, listening to history in the head of Dzheykoba. I heard the quiet hissing in darkness.
     That? Dzheykob demanded.
     Certainly, Edvard boiled over with indignation. Certainly! Better your elders left this history at itself.
     You dislike, when about blood-suckers does answer badly? Dzheykob teased. But it is a true. That then, that now.
     It does not fluster me. And you guess, what character Bella equates itself with?
    Minute of Dzheykob considered. Oh, you are a devil. Third wife. All right, I understood where you bend.
    it is wants to be there, on a glade. To do that small, that it is in strength. he breathed. This was the second reason on which I remained with it. It is very inventive, if wants something.
     Know, your bratec-voennyy, gave it an idea, similarly as well as legend.
     Nobody wanted to cause harm, Edvard whispered, primiritel'no.
     And when will our little truce make off? Dzheykob asked. As rassvetet? Or will wait, while a fight will make off?
    They suppressed, deciding.
     As rassvetet, whispered together, and began to the laugh quietly.
     Good you sleeps, Dzheykob, Edvard whispered. Enjoy a moment.
    All calmed down, even a tent a few minutes did not tremble from gustings. Obviously hurricane, making sure, that will not be able srovnyat' us with earth, decided to leave us alone.
    Edvard began to the moan softly. I did not mean so literally.
     I am sorry, Dzheykob whispered. Can go away, know giving us a little bit of solitude.
     And can help you usnut', Dzheykob? Edvard threatened.
     Make an effort, Dzheykob answered light-heartedly. it would Be interestingly to look, who in the total, will go away.
     not tempt me, wolf. My patience is not boundless.
    Dzheykob quietly, almost whisper, began to the laugh If you not against, now I better will not begin to move.
    Edvard tried more loud ordinary to deafen the ideas of Dzheykoba, tried to buzz something to itself under a nose. But he sang my lullaby and in spite of all of my experiencing caused their talk, I submerged all deeper and deeper in bessoznatel'noe.v other sleeps which more sense will be in.

Chapter 23

    A morning was given out extraordinarily sun. When I woke up, even in a tent, light blinded eyes. As Dzheykob and predicted, I had strongly sweated. He, still not producing me from cuddles, quietly pokhrapyval me in an ear.
    I unstucked from his goryachennoy breast and at once felt pricking of frosty morning on the moist cheek. Dzheykob breathed in sleep, his hands mechanically obkhvatili me stronger.
    I meandered, for me all in any way did not turn out to break from his grip, to raise a head and consider, that is created around.
    Edvard met my look imperturbably. In appearance, very quiet young man, but pain in eyes was too obvious.
     In the street poteplelo? I whispered.
     Yes. Not think, that today you may need a heater.
    Making an effort get to lightning, I was not able to free a hand and continued tensely to battle with passive force of Dzheykoba. He something mumbled, even not waking up, but the hands of him compressed round me again.
     will Help? I asked quietly.
    Edvard smiled. to Tear off him hands with a root?
     No, thank you. Simply free me. Otherwise heat-prostration will happen for me.
    Edvard unzipped lightning rapid and sharp motion, Dzheykob here fallen out from a sleeping-bag, and hitted the naked back straight the cold floor of tent.
     Hey! he exclaimed, tearing eyes, and mechanically, jumping up from an icy floor, again leaned heavily on me. I breathed out convulsively, when his weight knocked out a spirit from me.
    And, his weight anymore is not present. I felt, as one of supporting poles of tent shuddered, when Dzheykob hitted him.
    It was from everywhere heard growling. Edvard stood, bent down to me, I could not see his person, but the rolling growling went from his breast. Dzheykob, also, stood bent down, a roar broke forth through his compressed teeth and all of his body trembled. After a tent the wicked roar of Seta Klirvotera answered an echo.
     will Halt, khvatit! I began to the bawl, blundering scrambling out from a sack and trying to get up between them. Places it was not enough, and I do not need it was far to extend a hand, that to divorce them in sides. Edvard twined about a hand my waist, preparing to clean me after the voyage.
     Leave off, at short notice. I warned him.
    From my touch, Dzheykob began to calm down. Trembling passed, but he still continued to grin, and eyes evil looked at Edvarda. Set continued to growl, long prolonged sound, dangerous accompaniment a sudden quiet in a tent.
     Dzheykob? I asked, expecting, while he will look at me. are you injured?
     Certainly, it is not! he hissed.
    I turned to Edvardu. He looked at me, hardly and evil.
     it is So impossible. you must be sorry.
    His eyes broadened from disgust:
     You banter, he leaned heavily on you!
     Because, you threw down him on the floor! He not on purpose, and did not cause me harm.
    Edvard began to the moan, calming the malice. Slowly, he looked on Dzheykoba:
     Excuse me, dog.
     Yes, what there, Dzheykob answered, with an easy jeer.
    I froze still, true not so as before and obkhvatila itself hands, warmed.
     Here, Edvard said, again by quite quiet tone. Caught up a parka from a floor and put on over my jacket.
    it is the jacket of Dzheykoba, I objected.
     At Dzheykoba fur jacket, noticed Edvard.
     If, you not against, I simply, again, will climb in a sleeping-bag. Dzheykob, not turning no attention on Edvarda, squeezed by us and climbed in a sack. to me yet hardly to sleep. Today's night, was not fountain.
     invited, Edvard declared indifferently.
    Dzheykob curled up into a ball, covered eyes and yawned: does not want to say that it was not one of the best nights. Simply, to sleep me did not give so. I thought that Bella would be never stopped up.
    I gave a start, imagining that could say of in sleep. Variants were terrible.
     I am glad that pleased you, Edvard mumbled.
    The dark eyes of Dzheykoba were opened slightly, and he asked complacently: Znachit, did night please also to you?
     most not worst for all of my life.
     But, in ten did get? continued stubbornly to amuse oneself Dzheykob.
    Dzheykob smiled and closed eyes.
     But, Edvard continued, if I could even, by past night, to take your place, however, it would not become the best in my life.
    Dzheykob opened eyes and fiercely covered on him. Sat down sharply, tense shoulders had given out his mood.
     does Know that? I think, here too much people.
     can not disagree.
    I poked the elbow of Edvarda under ribs probably, I will have a bruise.
     At that rate, will catch up on one's the sleep later, squirmed the ugly face of Dzheykob. However, I need to talk with Setom.
    Rolled on knees and grabbed for entrance lightning.
    Pain struck me in a spine and settled in a stomach, it costed me only suddenly to realize that it the last time, when I see him. He was sent back to Sam, back to the battle with the horde of blood-thirsty newly converted vampires.
    it is Jake, wait a little. I stretched after him, my hand glanced aside on his forearm.
    He pulled back the hand, and my fingers so did not have time for anything to grasp.
     Please, Jake? Maybe, will you remain?
    His answer was cold and hard:
    He slightly softened the words, breathing and barely smiling, because my person gave out that pain, that I tested.
     not experience for me, Bellz. I will be in an order, as well as usually. he cracked a joke natuzhno. do you think Really, that I will allow Setu to take my place and get all of merriment and steal glory? Exactly. snorted he.
     Be careful.
    He tumbled out of tent before I had time to finish.
     And give up, you, Bella, I heard his grumbling, when he closed a tent after itself.
    I listened the sound of his retiring steps, it was quietly in the street. No wind. I heard only singing of morning birdies somewhere far in mountains, and nothing anymore. Dzheykob moved quietly.
    Enfolded in the jackets, I nestled to the shoulder of Edvarda. Some time we both were quiet.
     How many did it remain time? I asked.
     Alice said Sam, that all will begin, approximately, in a hour, answered softly and exactly Edvard.
     We will remain together. In spite of everything.
     In spite of everything, he consented, closing eyes.
     Know, I said. And also for them am afraid.
     They know how to behave, Edvard quieted me, exaggeratedly easily. I will simply skip all of merriment.
    Also to me, found merriment, I thought evil. My nostrils were blown up.

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