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27Stefani Mayer

    I was covered on him open-eyed.
     Breathe, Bella, he reminded to me, smiling.
    I did inhalation.
     do you understand my position, Bella, even a bit?
    And on one second I indeed saw it. I saw itself in a long skirt and closed lace blouse with a high collar, with the hairs collected in a hair-do. I saw sitting next to me on a verandah, eccentrically looking Edvarda in a light suit with the bouquet of wild roses in hands.
    I rocked a head and swallowed saliva. In my memory at once some episodes emerged from the book of Ann from green roofs.
     Business is in that, Edvard, I said by trembling voice, avoiding a question, in my understanding marriage and eternity are not mutually exclusive or by vzaimopredpolagayuschimi conceptions. And as now we live in my world,, possibly, we need to go in step with time, if you understand that I mean.
     But from other side, he objected, you soon going to leave time behind itself. So why do temporal traditions within the limits of one local culture owe so strongly to influence on your decision?
    I pursed one's lips.
     In a stranger monastery.?
    He began to the laugh above me.
     You are not under an obligation to talk and or not today, Bella. Simply better, when does understand positions of both sides, does not it?

     That, and your condition.?
     Still in force. Your point of view, Bella, is clear me, but if you want, that exactly I changed you.
     There, will give, da-dam, I sang wedding March, but turned out anymore look like the funeral singing.
    Time continued to hurry too quickly.
    In that night I did not dream, and then a morning came, and looked exhaust me in a person. Coming me proshtudirovat' the stack of textbooks for final examinations, half from which, as I knew, not to read me for remaining a few days.
    When I got down to breakfast, Charley went away already. He left for me a newspaper on a table, and it reminded me that I need was something to purchase. I hoped that advertising of concert did not have yet made off. I need was a telephone number, to get these ridiculous tickets. Now it did not look already, as a gift, because all of surprise disappeared. Certainly, beginning is necessary it was from that attempt to surprise Alice, initially was the most not successful idea.
    I wanted at once to pass to the section of entertainments, but the fat black heading came into my notice. Bending over closer, to read the article on an editorial, I felt fear.
    Less than decade passed since Seattle became the mestome of hunt for the most active serial killer in history of the United States. Geri Ridzhvey, killer Green-river, was laid to murder 48 women.
    And now besieged Seattle is forced to run into probability that presently in town a monster hides more frightful.
    A police does not acknowledge the recent splash of murders and disappearances work of serial killer. In any event, while. They renounce to trust that similar bloody carnage matter of hands of one man. In this case, alleged murderer, if certainly, it is one person, will bear responsibility for 39 CPLD between itself murders and disappearances, accomplished for the last 3 months.
    For comparison, the boom of murders of Ridzhveya, attaining 48 victims, stretched during 21. If to all of these deaths one man can be participating, then it is the most cruel disorderly conduct of serial murders in history of America.
    Instead a police is anymore predisposed to the version that activity of certain band is here involved. This version refreshes oneself the enormous amount of victims and by a circumstance that seems, there is not a general criterion in the choice of victims.
    From Jack Potroshitelya, to Teda Bandi, victims of serial murders usually or one age, floor, races or likeness is present on all of these signs.
    The victims of this criminal wave differentiate on age, beginning from the 15-years-old honoured student, Amandy Rid, and concluding a 67-years-old postman on a pension, by Lobster Dzhenksom.
    In the chainlet of deaths practically equal amount of women (18) and men (21). Victims are the representatives of different races: Caucasians, Afro-americans, Latinoamerikancy and Asiatics.
    A choice takes a place at random. Seems, reason consists of that it is simple to kill.
    Why however to consider a version about a serial killer?
    Enough likenesses have handwriting of murders, in an order to eliminate unrelated between itself crimes. The found out every victim was burned to such degree, that for identification of bodies information is needed were about teeth. Probably, certain catalysts, such as petrol or alcohol, were utillized for burning of bodies, although it was while found out no tracks of afore-mentioned catalysts. From all of bodies delivered indifferently, even not especially trying to hide them.
    But yet more terrible is circumstance that most remains are specified on the signs of inhuman cruelty broken in two and cracked from enormous pressure of bone which in opinion of medical experts appeared to the offensive of death, although, coming from the state of evidences, in these statements hardness to carry conviction on everything 100 percents.
    Other likeness, bringing in the contribution to the version about a serial killer, is every place a crime is ideally cleared from kakikh- or other evidences, except for as remains. Neither single finger-print nor track from the protector of tires, not a single leave hair. After absence suspected, guilty in these disappearances, not a single identification was conducted until now.
    Then, certainly, disappearing hardly easy booty in any case. None of victims can be considered, as an easy booty. Nobody of victims was a refugee or homeless, which disappear with lightness, and about whom declare rarely, as about disappearing without to conduct. Victims disappeared from the houses, from the chetyrekhetazhnykh suites of rooms, from health establishments, from weddings triumphs. Possibly, surprising from disappearances: 30-years-old boxer-amateur, Robert Uolsh, which called at a movie theater together with the girl, and in a few minutes a girl discovered that he was not present on the place. His body was found after only 3 hours, when firemen were caused to the inflaming trash container, in 20 miles from a movie theater.
    Another conformity to the law is in murders all of victims disappeared in a night-time.
    Is the most anxious conformity to the law which? Increase of amount of victims. Six murders were accomplished in the first month, eleven in the second. Twenty two happened only for closing ten dates. And from that moment, as the first charry body was found, a police so did not sneak up nearer to that, to find accountable for what be going on.
    Evidences are contradictory, details shocking. Terrible new band or wildly active serial killer? Or something other, what police does not even imagine so far.
    An only one conclusion remains indisputable: something disgusting walks about on Seattle.
    Three attempts were required me, to read the last suggestion, I understood before, that a problem is in my shaky hands.
    it is Bella?
    I was too concentrated on the article, therefore quiet and not quite unexpected voice of Edvarda, compelled me to open from a surprise a mouth and, to turn around.
    He, frowning eyebrows, leaning one's the elbows, stood in a doorway. Then he suddenly appeared near me and took me by a hand.
     did I frighten you? Excuse. I knocked.
     No, it is not, I said quickly. did you see it already? I specified on a newspaper.
    A wrinkle appeared on his forehead.
     I did not yet read today's news. But I knew that a situation went from bad to worse. We going to undertake chto-nibud'.vskore.
    His words did not please me. I hated, when though someone risked from them, and what or who that was not in Seattle, he truly began to frighten me.
    But an idea about arrival of Voltari seemed no less frightening.
     That does talk Alice?
     In that and problem. He frowned yet more. it is It nothing vidit.khotya we changed the intentions of poldyuzhiny of one times, to check up it. It begins to lose a confidence in the capabilities, feels that in closing dates something failing it, as though something not so. That its gift of foresight slips out possibly.
    My eyes became round.
     is such possible Really?
     Who does know? Nobody never zanimalsya I indeed doubt herein. Such things rather increase in course of time. Look, for example, on Aro and Jane.
     Then what is the matter?
    it is the Samorealizuyuscheesya destining, I think. We continue to wait, while Alice will not see anything, that will force us to go there. but it sees nothing, and we, actually, will nowhere go, while it anything will not see. Therefore it and does not see us there. Possibly, we will have to go blindly.
    I began to the tremble.
     do you strongly want to go out into school today? There is an only pair of days to final examinations; not think, that we will pass new material.
     I think that able to live without school one day. What will engage in?
     Want to talk with Jasper.
    Again Jasper. It was strange. In family of Kallenov, Jasper always was a bit on periphery, he was part, but never by a center.
    My unspoken supposition was that he was there, only from Alice. I had such sense, that he will follow on it somewhere, but the way of life of family of Kallenov for him was new. A fact, that he did not test strong traction to their lifestyle, was reason that it was heavier him to adhere to their rules.
    In any case, I never saw, that Edvard counted on Jasper. It became again interestingly to me, that he meant, speaking about experience of Jasper. Indeed, I knew quite a bit from history of Jasper, only that he came from somewhere from a south, before Alice found him. On some reason, Edvard always avoided questions about the new brother. And I always too was afraid straight to ask a white-headed blond which looked, as a thoughtful film star.
    Getting to the house, we found Karlayla, to Esme, and Jasper attentively looking news, although for me a sound was unthinkable quiet. Alice overpeered above them, sitting on the lower step of enormous stair, and propped up hands the depressed person. When I called, Emmet, being at an ease fully, entered an easy step through a kitchen door. Nothing and Emmeta never caused an anxiety.
    it is Hello Edvard. Do you miss school, Bella? he smiled.
     We miss together, Edvard reminded him.
    Emmet began to the laugh.
     Yes, but it first time at middle school. Can skip anything.
    Edvard rolled eyes, ignoring the favourite brother. Then he gave up a newspaper Karlaylu.
     did you see, suppositions are now pulled out about that handles serial killer? he asked.
    Karlayl breathed:
     Two specialists discussed on this theme on Si-en-en all of morning.
     We can not allow it to proceed.
     Let us go right now, Emmet offered with enthusiasm. to death boring me.
    Hissing an echo was reported from above stairs.
    it is such pessimist, speaking to to to itself, Emmet mumbled.
    Edvard agreed with Emmetom:
     Early or late we will have to go.
    Appearing above a stair Rosalie, slowly got down downward. Her face was quiet and expressed no emotions.
    Karlayl rocked a head.
     I am puzzled. We before never participated in such family businesses. It is not our business. We not Voltari.
     I do not want, that Voltari came here, Edvard said. Therefore for us remained not too a lot of time, to start acting.
     And all of these innocent people in Seattle, mumbled Esme.
     will Be wrong to allow them to die thus.
     I know, Karlayl breathed.
     About, Edvard pronounced sharply, slightly opening out a head, to look at Jasper. I did not think of it. Clearly. you are right, it probably it and am. That, it all changes.
    I was not the unique, who was covered on him, understanding nothing, but, possibly, I was the unique, not looking slightly angry.
     I think that you are better to explain everything other, Edvard said to Jasper. That would could will serve reason to it? Edvard began to follow by his ideas, covered in a floor and submerging in meditations.
    I did not see how Alice got up, but it already was near me.
     That does he try to take apart in your ideas? it asked Jasper. what do you think About?
    Seemed, Jasper disliked universal attention. He hesitated, trying to read the emotions of being in a circle each, who walked up, to listen, what he will talk about after his eyes were stopped for my person.
    are you in confusion, he said to me by quiet, low voice.
    It was not a question. Jasper knew that I felt, he knew that is felt by all.
    are We in confusion, Emmet muttered.
     You can be though a bit terpelivey, Jasper said him. Bella also must understand. Now it one of us.
    His words surprised me. Because I little socialized with Jasper, especially after my birthday, when he tried to put to death me, I even and not assumed that he so about me thinks.
     How much do you know about me, Bella? Jasper asked.
    Emmet theatrically breathed and with a beyond measure impatient kind
    plyukhnulsya on a sofa.
     not much, I noticed.
    Jasper was covered on Edvarda which met with him a look.
     No, Edvard answered on his mental question. Sure that you understand why I did not tell it about it. But I suppose that it must hear this history now.
    Jasper thoughtfully rocked a head, and then began to roll up the sleeve of the sweater, colors of ivory.
    I looked after with curiosity and embarrassment, trying to understand that he going to do. He stretched the wrist to the edge of standing after him floor-lamp, then brought him closer, almost to the bulb, and specified a finger on a scar lunate, selected on a pale skin. Just a minute went away for me on that, to understand why his form seemed to me such familiar.
     About, I breathed out, when to me reached. it is Jasper, your scar in exactness, as for me.
    I fished out the hand a silvery half moon on my cream skin looked more distinctly, than on his alabaster.
    Jasper smiled barely notedly:
     I have a lot of such scars, Bella.
    On expression of his person it was impossible to read anything, even when he rolled the sleeve of the thin sweater yet higher. At first my eyes could not distinguish texture, trough the length and breadth by a thick layer covering him skin. It was visible only peristyy pattern, which was criss-cross made by the bent half moons, white on white, and bright light of bulb was converted by a slightly protuberant pattern in relief the shallow pls of which outlined forms expressly. And then to me reached, that this pattern had consisted of separate semimonths, the same, as on his zapyast'e.ili on my hand.
    I again looked at the own little, be single scar and remembered how I got him. I was covered on the imprint of teeth James, forever immortalized on my skin.
    And then, opening a mouth from a surprise, covered on him and asked:
    it is Jasper, that did happen with you?

Chapter 13

     The same, that happened and with your hand, Jasper answered quietly. Only, in my case, all of thousands of one times repeated oneself. a bit sorrowfully smiled and scuffed otmetiny on a hand. it is Our poison unique, that abandons scars on the skin of vampires.
     Why? I breathed out in horror, felt that behave rudely, but however could not tear off a look from his disfigured skin.
     Unlike my receiving brothers and sisters, me a bit not so. educated. My beginning was completely another. his voice became harder, when he finished say.
    Amazedly looking at him, I poblednela.
     Before I will tell you my history, Jasper said, you must understand, Bella, that is places in our world, where life-span never-ageless measured by weeks, but not by centuries.
    All of other already heard it before. Karlayl and Emmet again turned to the television set. Alice quietly sat down at feet Esme. But Edvard, as well as I, was all in attention. I felt his look on the face, he watched after every slipping experiencing.
     What it is better to understand reason, it is needed to look at everything from other foreshortening. you must present how the mighty look at the world, avid. always testing hanker after creation.
     Understand, there are places in the world, more attractive for us. Places, where we can restrain less of itself, and however to avoid an exposure.
     Imagine, for example, the map of western hemisphere. Present that there a little red point will designate human life. What these more points, there easier to us, more faithful, that, who exists so, to feed, not attracting attention.
    I gave a start, imagining this picture, and from a word to feed. Did not fluster Jasper, that he would scare me, he was not such punctilious as always guarding me Edvard. He continued without a pause.
     not that families strongly experience on South, whether they attract attention of people or not. Volturi restrain it them. They unique who is feared by Sonth families. If it were not for Volturi, other already would be disrobed.
    Did not please me, as he pronounced their name with kind regards, almost with thanks. I am heavy it was to perceive Volturi, as good fellows.
     North, as compared to a south, is very civilized. All of us here, mainly nomads, glad to the day and night, we allow people to co-operate with us not causing a suspiciousness anonymity is important for us all.

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