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1Stefani Mayer

    Stefani Mayer
    Series: Twilights 3
    To my husband, Pancho, for your patience, love, friendship, humour, and willingness to feed outside at home. And also to my children, Geybu, to Set, and Ales, for that is allowed me, to test such love for which people easily will consent to give life.
    Fire and ice.
    One repeat over and over again that will vanish the world afire,
    Other that in ice;
    And to the world often it seems me
    Perishing is necessary exactly afire.
    But if earth death waits double,
    without effort I will find
    a hatred will say And so: let all prang ice;
    He, with flame in a row,
    will walk up Fine.
    Robert Frost.


    All of our attempts and excuses were vain.
    With a sinking heart, I looked after how he prepares to protect me. He was concentrated and tense to the limit, that did not abandon me not the least cause for doubts, although they numeral and excelled us. I knew that we could not count on some help from the side of his family which at this juncture battled for the lives the same as coming him to battle for our.
    Do I know some time, what that made off, other battle? Do I know, who won, and who lost? Will I be able to live so long to it?
    My chances were insignificantly small.
    Black eyes, gap-filling reckless thirst of my death, watched after every his motion, in expectant of that moment, when my defender will lose vigilance. Exactly at this juncture I and will die.
    Somewhere, far, far in the cold forest, a wolf howled.

A chapter is a 1

    do not I know why do you compel Charley to pass all of these messages of Billy, as though we with you in a tourist class, if I wanted to talk with you, I would answer on
    you did a choice, clear? you can not get and that et al is simultaneous, when
    What part from mortal enemies more difficult
    Listen you, I know that was pridurkom, but other output for me is not present
    We can not be friends, if you all of the time conduct with this piece
    goes only from bad to worse me, when I too much think about you, therefore, not write me anymore
    Yes, I also miss on you. Very much. But it changes nothing. I am sorry.
    I ran back fingers on a message, feeling dents wherein he so strongly pressed on a pen on a paper, that hardly not torn. I could imagine him, writing it is a careless wicked letter the uneven handwriting, cross out a line after a line, when words were folded not so as he wanted, possibly, even breaking a pen by the too large hand is explained the origin of ink spots on a paper. I presented how he hotshot namorschil a forehead and frowned eyebrows. Be I there,, possibly, would not be able to keep from a laughter. Look not begin to work a hemorrhage in a brain, Dzheykob, I would say to him, Let, lay out, that there for you.
    But only not now. A laughter was the last, what I began to do now, once again re-reading a letter which, seems, I already learned by heart. His answer for my begging message which Charley was passed by Billy, and he, in same queue, to Jake, as though we were vtoroklassnikami, as he noticed exactly, was not for me unexpected. I guessed about maintenance of this letter, yet till unsealed him.
    If what was unexpected, so it that, as far as every strikethrough by him line scotched me as though words in his letter were sharp, as if blades. Even worse, enormous pain, pain of Dzheykoba, scotching me stronger, than my own, hid after each of his cruel words.
    While I thought over all of it, from a kitchen a smell which with anything will not entangle began to be reported smell burnt. Probably, in some other house circumstance that someone prepares on a kitchen, except for me, would not serve cause for panic, but only not in my. Pushing in the rumpled letter in a back pocket, I at a speed of sound was borne downward, jumping over through steps. Bowl with a sauce for a fedelini, put Charley in mikrovolnovku, only began to be revolved, when I flew a bullet and smuggled out of it.
     What did I do not so? Charley took interest demanding voice.
     First, it is needed it was to uncover, dads. Metallic tableware can not be put in mikrovolnovku. Saying on, I uncovered quickly, poured off the half of sauce in a dish and, put it back in a stove, setting necessary time, pressed on a start, whereupon cleaned a remaining sauce in a refrigerator.
    Charley, pursing one's lips, looked after my manipulations, how correctly I prepared a fedelini?
    I looked at a preparing dish is a source of that stink, that brought me over here.
     If to make an attempt prevent,, probably, them it is yet possible it will be to rescue, I said softly. I found a spoon and made an attempt raskovyryat' sticking together in a lump macaronis, sticking to the bottom of pan.
    Charley breathed.
     Well and what does all of it mean? I asked.
    He laid down hands on a breast and covered on a thundershower after a window.
     does not understand, about what you, he muttered.
    I was intrigued. Does Charley prepare? And that for an angry kind? In fact Edvarda yet was not while. Usually a dad behaved so, only when my boyfrend appeared, that to rotin that here not glad him all of the kind. All of his efforts were generally vain, in fact Edvard perfectly knew his ideas and without this show.
    A word boyfrend compelled me tensely to bite from within the cheeks, while I tried to unstick a fedelini. This word was absolutely wrong. I needed something more expressive for determination of our connection. But words, type a fate or fate not very befit for frequent mention in everyday talks.
    Edvarda for me had the determination, and this word was the source of tension, tested by me and compelling me to squeeze teeth, each time I thought about it.
    Fiancee. Pah. At one only ideas about it, me trembling penetrated.
     did I skip something? From what it pores do you prepare a supper? I asked for Charley.
    Otlipshie from the bottom of pan of fedelini jumped up in boiling water.
     Or, more faithful, did I want to say, try to prepare? I specified.
    Charley reaped shoulders.
     there Is not such law which forbids me to prepare in my own house.
     to you more visible, I said with a smile, looking on a mark, fastened on his leather jacket.
     Kha. Here exactly.
    He took off a jacket, as though my look reminded him, that he still in it, and hung up on a peg. His holster with a pistol lay on the place, as it was not here already a few weeks. There no longer were enigmatic disappearances, able to disturb life of Forksa, little small town in the state Washington. Nobody no longer saw giant wolves in the always-rainy forest.
    I pomeshivala a fedelini silently, hoping that Charley however will decide to talk with me about that disturbed him lately. Hardness to name my father talkative, and his attempt to organize joint dinner with me, specified on that is him, that to say me.
    On habit I looked at a clock it exactly that, that I usually do every a few minutes at this time. There was already a less half-hour.
    Postprandial time was the heaviest part of my day. From a the same moment, as my former best friend (and werewolf), Dzheykob Bleyk laid out all of true about my secret infatuation for a ride on a motor cycle, the same, betraying me, only in order that I was locked, and I did not could anymore without difficulty to meet with the boyfrendom (and by a vampire) Edvardom Red-hot.
    Now to Edvardu it was permissible to be seen with me only from 7 a to 9.30 evening, and only on territory of my house under the always angry, intent look of Charley.
    This was the toughened variant of my previous punishment which I indeed deserved, jumping from a cliff in water, and then without explanations disappearing on three days.
    Certainly, we were seen with Edvardom at school, because Charley nothing could with it do. And, certainly, Edvard almost every night conducted in my room, but about this Charley did not guess exactly. Ability of Edvarda to get to the house easily and quietly through my window on the first floor, was almost similarly irreplaceable, as well as his ability to read the ideas of Charley.
    And although Edvarda was not with me alongside only after dinner, it was enough, to compel me to feel restlessly, and as for spite time stretched hardly. However, until now I without murmur stood the punishment, in fact, from one side, I knew that deserved it, and from other side, I did not want to injure a dad, running back now. In fact in the near future I will have more weighty foundation for escape,, about which Charley does not hear.
    A dad with grumbling sat down for a table and opened out a moist newspaper. During a few subsequent seconds, he discontentedly clicked a language.
     I do not understand, dad, why you read all of these news. In fact they only destroy you from itself.
    He ignored me, grumbling straight in a newspaper. That is why, everybody wants to live in a little small town! Funnily.
     Than for this time were not you pleased by cities?
     Seattle applies on the rank of the capital of murders. Five unexposed murders for the last two weeks. Do you can to imagine similar life?
     I think that in Finikse the list of murders is much longer, dad. I lived so already, and never was nearer to that, to fall a prey, what after perezda in a little safe small town. Moreover, I was on a turn at once in a few similar lists. A spoon drognula in my hand, why water in a pan went a shrivel.
     You will not over-persuade me, Charley said.
    I despaired to rescue dinner and engaged in serving. It was necessary to utillize a knife for cutting of meat, to divide a fedelini on portion on your own and Charley, while he looked after me with a timid mien. Charley poured the portion a sauce and mixed. I without the special enthusiasm followed his example. Some time we ate in a quiet. Charley looked over news until now; therefore I took the handsomely pulled about copy of the Storm mountain pass, and, opening it in a that place, where by this morning after breakfast finished to read, made an effort be dipped to England of the last century, expecting when he will begin to speak finally.
    I just had time to get to that part, where Khitkliff returns, when Charley cleared one's the throat and threw a newspaper on the floor.
     You are right, Charley said. I had reason, to undertake it. He flapped a sticky fork. I wanted to talk with you.
    I set aside a book aside; there was feeling, that a room compressed to the sizes of table. you would simply ask.
    He nodded, his eyebrows had met on the bridge of the nose. Yes. I will take into account it next time. I thought, that if will prepare a supper for you, it will a bit soften you.
    I smiled. it is worked. Your culinary talents did me soft, as zephyr. That does need you, dads?
     That, it on an occasion Dzheykoba.
    I felt, as my person was strained. And that with him? I asked through the compressed lips.
     Easier, Belz. I know that you are still off-tune because he gave out you, but he acted correctly. It was responsible from his side.
     Responsibly, I repeated, rolling up eyes. Well. So there with Dzheykobom?
    I repeated the careless mentally, almost banal question: That with Dzheykobom? That going I with it to do? My former best friend which became now. by whom? By my enemy?. I all compressed.
    The face of Charley became disturbed suddenly. not angered on me, all right?
     Well, it and regarding Edvarda also.
    My eyes narrowed.
    Voice of Charley became more rough. did I allow him to come here, does not it?
     So, I assumed. For a while. Certainly, you would allow and to go out me from home from time to time, I continued in a joke. I knew that to the end of school year I under a home arrest. Lately I behaved well.
     That, it what I conduce to. And Charley smiled unexpectedly, sparkling eyes; on a second he became on twenty years younger.
    I saw the passing glimmer of hope in this his smile, however however said of slowly I am embarrassed, dads. Do we talk about Dzheykobe, about Edvarde or about my home arrest?
    He smiled again. Maybe, about everything together.
     And as is all of it CPLD between itself? I asked carefully.
     All right, he breathed, lifting hands, as though surrendering. I think, you deserve encouragement for a good conduct. For a teenager you to my surprise, not whining.
    My eyebrows went up from a surprise the same as, however, and my voice. In earnest? Am I free?
    From what it? I was sure that will stay under a home arrest to departure. And Edvard nothing such was not heard in ideas by Charley. A finger heaved up Charley. De bene esse.
    Enthusiasm disappeared in a flash. Fantastically, I moaned.
    it is Bella, is it a request anymore, what requirement, clearly? you are free. But I hope that you utillize this freedom. with a mind.
     What does it mean?
    He breathed again. I know that you prefer to conduct all of the time with Edvardom.
     I also convey time with Alice, I noticed. A sister Edvarda had no set clock for a visit; it could come and leave, when will want. Charley was, as if plasticine in its able hands.
    it is a true, he said. But you have other friends besides Kallenov, Bella. Were at least.
    We long looked on each other.
     When did you for the last time speak with Angela Veber? he gave up to me.
     On Friday after a lunch, I answered immediately.
    Before returning of Edvarda my school friends were divided into two groups. I liked to think about these groups, as about good and bad. Such formulation was similarly utillized, as our and them. Good boys were Angela, its permanent fellow, Ben Cheney and Mike Newton; these three very magnanimously forgave me for that time after the care of Edvarda, when I was not in itself. Loren of Melori was the leader of bad groupment, and all of other, including the my first in Forkse friend Jessica Stanly, seemed, acceded to its anti-bellovskoy program.
    After returning of Edvarda a border dividing both sides became yet more noticeable.
    Returning of Edvarda costed me friendships of Mike Newton, but Angela was steadfastly loyal, and Ben followed its example. In spite of natural antipathy which Kaleny caused people at majority, Angela submissively sat next to Alice every day after a lunch. After a few weeks, conducted in its company, it seemed that to Angela there became an even comfort. Hardness it was not to get under the charm of Kalenov, associating with them though once.
     Out of school? asked Charley, again coming into my notice.
     I was not seen with anybody out of school, dad. Was I in durance vile, remember? And Angela has boyfrend also. It always with Ben. If I am indeed free, I added complete scepticism by voice, possibly, we would meet pair.
     Well. But then. he hesitated. you with Jake were wont to go for a walk together, now .
    I cut him short.
     do you can, finally, to pass to essence, dad? Is your condition which more precisely?
     I do not think that you must bespatter all of the friends from the boyfrenda, Bella, he said by strict voice. it is not good, and I think that your life would become more balanced, if you admitted in it and other people also. That happened in past September.
    I gave a start.
     All right, he said, being on the defensive. If then for you, besides Edvarda Kalena was et al, the life,, possibly, all would be not so awfully, as with you happened.
     All would be exact also, I mumbled.

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