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    I could not talk. I Kallenam left one less. And that, if will someone perish from my whim? And that, if, I am such bold, released Edvarda and. I could not even think of it.
     And that with you such, Bella? facetious bravado disappeared from his person, opening my Dzheykoba, as if a mask was knocked down from his person. If I said something, and offended you, you know, I simply banter. I meant nothing actually. Hey, you all right? Not cry, Bella, he implored.
    I tried to get on the itself hip. I do not cry.
     What did I say?
     you said Nothing. It is simple, well, it I. I did something. bad.
    He looked at me, his eyes opened up from amazement.
     Edvard will not fight tomorrow, I whispered the explanations. I compelled him to remain with me. I am a large coward.
    He frowned. do you think, what all will pass not so? That will they find you here? Do you know something, whatever do I know?
     No, it is not. I am afraid of not it. I simply. I can not allow him to go. If he will not return. I began to the tremble, closing eyes, to elope from this idea.
    Dzheykob was quiet.
    I continued to whisper, my eyes closed.
     If someone will suffer, it forever will remain my guilt. And even if nobody will suffer. I acted awfully. I convinced him to remain with me. He was not able to resist me, but I always will know that I am capable on. it is I pochuvstovala itself a bit better, acknowledged. Even if acknowledged I could only Dzheykobu.
    He snorted. I opened eyes slowly, it is sad it was to see, but his person was again closed a hard mask.
     can not Trust, he allowed you to persuade itself not to participate. I for anything would not skip such.
    I breathed: Know.
     It quite means nothing. unexpectedly he went on popyatuyu. it is not means that he loves you more than I.
     But you, for anything would not remain with me, even if I pleaded with you.
    He pursed one's lips, and I reflected, whether he will become and it to deny. We both knew a true.
     It only because I know you better, said finally he. All will pass without a twig and zadorinki. Even if you asked, and I answered no, you would take in good me long.
     If all will pass without problems, you are probably right. I would not go down from a mind. But all that time, while you will not be. Simply muddied me from experiencing, Jake. For me unroofed.
     Why? he asked hoarsely. Why does disturb you, if something will happen with me?
     not talk so. you know, as much you mean for me. Excuse me, all a bit not so as it wants you, and, nevertheless, I worry for you. you are my best friend. At least, was before. And still, sometimes. when drop a weapon.
    He smiled the same, by my favourite smile.
     I will always be your other, he promised. Even, when I not. I keep up appearance. Inwardly, I all the same.
     I know. Why yet do I continue to stand your nonsense?
    We began to the laugh together, and then his eyes became sad.
     When will you, finally, understand that you in love in me?
     Calm down, will spoil a moment.
     I do not talk that you do not love him. I am a not fool. But it is possible to love more than one man, Bella. I saw such.
    it is I not some the ??????????-?????????, Dzheykob.
    He wrinkled a nose, and I already pozhalela about the words, wanted to be sorry, but he changed a theme.
    are We already alongside, I feel his smell.
    I heaved a the sigh of relief.
    He got it right me. I with pleasure would slow at run, Bella, but you will want to be in shelter, before IT to strike.
    We together looked at sky.
    Whole wall of violet-black clouds, rose westerly, moving up and covering the forest a black wall.
     Nothing to itself, I mumbled. Make a haste, Dzheykob. you will want to be at home, before a storm will reach here.
     I will not go Home.
    I gave a glance on him, angrily. you will not be with us.
     Technically no, that I will not stick out with you in one tent or type that. I prefer the smell of storm. But I am sure, your vampire bat will want to be on connection with a covey, to co-ordinate actions, and I will execute such service perfectly.
     I assumed that it would be work of Seta.
     He will come tomorrow, during a battle.
    Reminder, compelled to suppress me on a second. I looked at him, agitation boiled into me.
     I do not assume that is variants and you will remain here, because you already here. I supposed. But, if will I beg? Or will offer eternal slavery?
     Temptingly, but it is not. Although, it will be interestingly to look on your persuasions. you can begin, if want.
     Really can I offer nothing quite-quite?
     Nichegoshen'ki. Well, unless, you can guarantee me a fight more pointeresnee. However, Sam leads, but not I.
    I remembered.
     Edvard told me something, in that day. about you.
    Dzheykob bristled. uttered a lie Probably.
     Yes, really? And are you the not second commander in a covey?
    He blinked, his person had stretched from a surprise. About, it.
     As you could, not to tell me.
     And why? The same is nonsense.
     I do not know. And why no? It interestingly. How does it work? Does turn out, Sam is Al'fa, and ty.tipa Beta?
    Dzheykob smiled from the term thought of by me.
     Sam was first, senior. He has a right to be main.
    I frowned. But why second not Dzhared or not Half? In fact they changed at once after Sam.
     hardness to explain Nu.eto, Dzheykob answered evasively.
     Make an attempt.
    He breathed. It anymore look like an inheritance, does understand? Old pieces. Why must it be important, who was your grand-dad, and?
    I remembered, something, that told me Dzheykob very long ago, yet till we both knew about werewolves.
     did not you talk Really, that Efraim Blek had been last leader of tribe Kvilet?
     Yes, exactly. Because he was Al'fa. Did you know that technically, Sam now leader of all of tribe? he began to the laugh. are Mad traditions.
    I thought about it second, trying to lay down all of pieces together.
     But yet, did you talk that people listened your father, more than somebody, because he is a grandchild of Efraima?
     Well and?
     Znachit, legacy. must you be a leader, so in fact?
    Dzheykob did not answer. He looked in the darkling forest, as if he needs it was to be concentrated on that, where to go.
    it is Jake?
     No. This work of Sam. he looked at our way.
     Why? Him was pra-pradedushka Levay Yuley, so? Levay, also was Al'fa?
    it is Al'fa can be only one, he answered mechanically.
     So who was Levay?
     Type, Beta, think, he snorted from my word. As I.
    it is Nonsense.
     it is not important.
     I simply want to understand.
    Dzheykob, at last looked me in eyes, and said of with a sigh. Yes, I must was be Al'fa.
    My eyebrows met together.
     did not Sam want to yield?
     Scarcely. I did not want to take his place.
    He frowned, it was uncomfortably him from my rasprosov. Now, there was his turn embarrassed.
    it is I nothing does not want such, Bella. I wanted nothing to change. I do not want to be some legendary leader. I did not want to be in the covey of wolves, and to tomu-zhe yet and by their fugleman. I disagreed, when Sam offered.
    Long I thought about it. Dzheykob did not interrupt my meditations. He again looked in the forest.
     But I thought that you had become happier. That you are good, I whispered eventually.
    Dzheykob confidently looked at me downward.
     Yes. Actually, not all so badly. Sometimes, even amusing, as, for example tomorrow. But firstly, I as if appeared on war, of existence of which even unawared. Is not there a choice, understand? And all was complete. he reaped shoulders.
     In any case, I think that I am satisfied now. Is it necessary to be done, and really I can trust someone the work, to execute everything how it is needed? All is better to do.
    I looked at him, feeling unexpected awe before it other. He was much more to the adults, than I thought. As well as for Billy, then near a fire, there was in him some royal grandeur which I in any way did not expect to see.
    it is Leader Dzheykob, I whispered, smiling sounding of these words.
    He rolled eyes.
    Exactly now, the gust of wind blew out stronger through trees round us, and it was felt that was blown by him straight from glaciers. Sharp sound, breaking a secret wood, reported an echo from mountains. Darkled though, a frightful cloud had closed sky, I could look over little white flakes, twirled after us still.
    Dzheykob stepped on a path, looking downward under feet, when began to the run straight. I more gladly snuggled up to his breast, hiding from unexpected snow.
    By an only minute later, when he wrapped up for the side of a stone peak concealed from wind, we saw a little tent, fixed at a closing it rock. Yet more snowflakes were begun to the whirl round us, but wind was too strong, to allow them to fall down.
    it is Bella! Edvard exclaimed with a facilitation. We found him, when he walked there here on little open-space.
    He rushed about to me, motion turned out smeared, so always took a place, when he moved very quickly. Dzheykob pokazushno worshiped him and put me on feet before him. Edvard ignored his conduct and firmly hugged me.
     Thank you, Edvard said over my head. His tone was sincere. Quick, than I expected, and I value very it.
    I turned around to see the return reaction of Dzheykoba.
    That barely reaped shoulders, all of his amiableness disappeared.
     Pull it inward. It will be badly for me hairs get up on end. Is a tent fixed reliably?
     I fixed it to the rock.
    Dzheykob looked up, on sky, now becoming black a storm began, a blackness was dilited by snow whirlwinds. His nostrils were blown up.
     I will change, he said. Want to know that takes a place at home.
    He hung up a jacket on a short, thick branch and, not turning around back, sent in the gloomy forest

Chapter 22
Flame and ice

    Gustings shook a tent, and I trembled together with it.
    A temperature swiftly fallen downward. Warmed, I as was, fully dressed, even not taking off laced tourist boot, wrapped up in a sleeping-bag, rescued nothing, a cold had penetrated to the bones. How could be so coldly? And as could become yet more cold? Must there be a limit of falling of temperature?
     S-s-s-s-s-skol'ko of ?-?-?-???????? I was hardly able to squeeze out, through clicking teeth.
     Two hours, Edvard answered.
    He tried to stick to a little rather from me, as far as it was possible in such close space, was afraid even to breathe on me, in fact I froze so. It is not possible it was to look over his person in darkness, but voice gave out an anxiety, indecision, and disorder.
     No, I in a ?-?-?-???????, p-p-p-ravda. I n-n-ne kh-kh-kh-khochu v-v-ykhodit' n-n-naruzhu.
    He tried, already one time twelve, to persuade me to elope from here, but it was terrible me to abandon the refuge. If here, in shelter from mad wind, I froze so, it is possible only to present as far as it would become me worse, if we will begin to the run through a storm.
    Besides, then all of our efforts, this afternoon, would be spent to no purpose. Will it be for us enough time, that all to repeat, when a storm will make off? And that, if will not it make off? To go out now, there was no sense. Nothing frightful, podrozhu one night.
    I experienced, that track had been leave by me, lost, but Edvard quieted me, explaining that for the approached monsters he will remain clear.
    it is Bella, what can I help? he almost begged.
    I shocked a head.
    Outside, in to snow, Dzheykob howled sadly.
     U-u-b-biraysya ot-t-tsyuda, I ordered again.
     He simply worries for you, Edvard translated. With him all fine. His body is adjusted to survive a storm.
     P-p-p. I wanted to say: let, cleans up however, but not able to articulate. From efforts, hardly not kept one's mouth shut itself. All right, well though, Dzheykob, alike, and true, was cased for such snow weather, even rather better, what other from his covey, for him such thick, long, shaggy krasno-korichnevaya wool. Interestingly, why does he differ from the fellow tribesmen?
    Dzheykob began to the whine, piercing and plaintively.
     And what do you want, that I did? Edvard roared, too nervous, to save visibility of courtesy. to Carry it through a storm? And in general, I do not see, that from you it was pound much. Here go and bring heater or anything type that.
    it is I v-v-v ?-?-???????, I protested. Judging to on the moan of Edvarda and muffled growling outside, I did not convince them. Wind was brought down on a tent, shaking it, and I trembled it in time.

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