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     With him all be well. Poison pinches.
     was He bitten? I asked scared.
     He tried to have time everywhere and at once. More precisely, tried, that Alice did not remain works. Edvard in disapproval rocked a head. Alice does not need not whose help.
    Alice squirmed an ugly face toward the beloved. it is Foolish reinsure.
    A young girl sharply, on an animal, threw up a head, and yelled piercing.
    Jasper fiercely on it glanced and it shriveled again, but its fingers as claws pierced in earth and a head was painfully advanced and back. Jasper took a step it to meet, dropping below to earth. Edvard moved exaggeratedly usually, turning so that to appear between a girl and by me. I spied from his hand, after a surrendering girl and Jasper.
    Karlayl instantly appeared next to Jasper. He took him,, for a hand, forbidding the most junior son.
     did not you change a mind, young person? asked Karlayl, quiet as usual. We do not want to destroy you, but if you will not be able to control itself we will do so.
     As do you can it to stand? a girl moaned by high clean voice. I want it.
    Its bright purple raduzhki sfokusirovalis' on Edvarde, after him, through him, on me, and its nails again pierced in hard earth.
     You must stand, heavily said it Karlayl. you must train self-control. It is possible, and it unique, that can you now to rescue.
    A girl was grabbed for a head the hands stained in earth and howled quietly.
     Can us step back from it? I whispered, pulling at Edvarda for a hand. Hearing my voice a girl oskalila teeth, expression such as though it stood unbearable muki.
     We need to be here, Edvard mumbled. They are approached from the north side of the field.
    My heart began to the beat speeded up, when I examined the field, but after the thick cloud of smoke saw nothing.
    After the second of sterile searches, my look came back back to young vampirshe. It still looked at me a floor by reckless eyes.
    I long scrutinized in its eyes. A white alabaster person was framed by dark long to the chin hairs. Hardness it was to say, whether it is beautiful, taking into account that her face was twisted from fury and thirst. Mortal red eyes prevailed hardness it was not to look in them. It evil vperlas' in me a look, all in a tremble and writhing every a few seconds.
    I attentively looked on its, bewitched, reflecting whether does not look in a mirror on the future.
    Then Karlayl and Jasper retrogressed to other. Emmett, to Rosalie and Esme, all hastily met wherein Edvard, Alice stood and I. United front, as Edvard said, with me in a center, in the safest place.
    I tore off a look from a wild girl, watching after appearance of monsters.
    Nobody was visible still. I quickly gave a glance on Edvarda, and his eyes looked straight ahead. I made an effort nose after his look, but there was only smoke thick and maslyannyy, spinning low at earth, idly rising, creeping at a grass.
    He rose ahead, darker in the middle.
     Khmm, lifeless voice pronounced from fog. I knew this indifferent, apathetical voice.
     Welcome, Jane. its Edvard poprivetstvoval with cool politeness.
    Dark figures walked up nearer, moving away from fog, accepting more clear form. I knew, Jane would go ahead, darkest cloak, almost black, and littlest figurine, hardly anymore meter. I only guessed the angelic lines of face of Jane under shade of hood.
    Four figures wrapped up with grey mantles, overpeering after it, also were dimly acquainted. I was sure that knew the greatest figure, and I looked while, trying to confirm suspicions, Felix gave a glance on us. He slightly dropped the hood, and I saw how he winked me and smiled. Edvard stopped beating near me, with application restraining itself.
    The look of Jane slowly glanced aside on the luminous persons of Kallenov and then stopped for a newly converted girl near a fire, it was again grabbed for a head.
     I do not understand. tone of Jane was colourless, but not such indifferent as before.
    it is surrendered. answered a question in its head, Edvard.
    Dark eyes of Jane zyrknuli on him:
     did Surrender?
    Felix and other shade exchanged glances.
    Edvard reaped shoulders. Karlayl offered to it to choose.
     there Is no choice for those, who breaks the law, exactly noticed Jane.
    Then began to speak Karlayl, his voice was soft:
     It in your hands. As it kept from a desire to attack on us, I did not see a necessity to destroy it. It is untrained.
    it is to business not behaves, Jane insisted.
     As will wish.
    Jane in a stupor looked on Karlayla. It hardly notedly rocked a head, and then again dressed the mask of indifference.
     Aro hoped that we would call far enough westward, and will meet with you, Karlayl. He sends you a bow.
    Karlayl nodded.
     will Be thankful, if you will pass to him a bow and from me.
     Certainly. Jane smiled. Her face was such pretty, when it was cheered. It looked at smoke.
     Seems that today you did all of work for us. its greater part. its eyes went back to a hostage. it is Simply professional curiosity, how many of them were? They left noticeable track of destruction in Seattle.
     Eighteen, including and this, Karlayl answered.
    The eyes of Jane broadened, and it again looked at a fire, over-estimating his size. Felix and the second shade exchanged long looks.
     Eighteen? it repeated, this bout a doubt sounded in its voice.
    are All of novices, Karlayl simply said. they did not have experience.
     All? its voice became sharp. Then, who did create them?
    are called Viktoriya, Edvard answered without emotions on face.
     did Call? asked again Jane.
    Edvard waved a head east. Heaved up Jane eyes and sfokusirovalas' on something distant. Second post of smoke? I did not look back to check.
    it is This Viktoriya is added to those 18, that is here?
     Yes. It had only one helper. He was not so young as these, but it was not him more than year.
     Twenty, breathed out Jane. Who did manage with a creator?
    it is I, Edvard said.
    The eyes of Jane narrowed, and it turned to the girl at a fire.
    are you, there, it said, its dead voice is harder, than before. it is Your name.
    The newly converted threw a spiteful look on Jane, its lips compressed.
    Jane angelic smiled in reply.
    A newly converted girl answered a cutting ears scream, its body was bent and writhed in the unthinkable sufferings. I took a look, battling with a desire to close ears. I squeaked teeth, hoping to control a stomach. A scream increased. I made an effort be concentrated on the face of Edvarda, smooth and nothing expressing, but it only reminded me as Edvard was tormented under the look of Jane, and stirred up me stronger. Instead I looked on Alice, and on Esme standings together. Their persons were empty as well as for Edvarda.
    Finally, all calmed down.
    it is Your name, Jane said again, by even voice.
    it is Bri, a girl breathed out.
    Jane smiled, and a girl gave a start. I restrained breathing, while the sound of agony not zatikh.
    it is says you everything, that you want to know, Edvard pronounced through teeth. to you not necessarily to do it.
    Jane looked at him, unexpected merriment in its usually dead eyes. About, I know, it said to Edvardu, smiling, before to turn to young vampirshe Bri.
    it is Bri, Jane said, by cold voice. it is This history true? you actually was it twenty?
    A girl lay strangling, it cuddled a cheek to earth. Quickly began to speak Bri:
     Nineteen or twenty, can anymore, I do not know! it is shriveled, ispugvashis', that its ignorance can bring it the next round of sufferings. it is Sara and another, I did not know its name engaged in a battle on the way.
     And this Viktoriya is created you?
     I do not know, a girl answered, again giving a start. Rayli never named it on the name. I saw nothing in that night. it was dark, and very. gave a start Bri. He did not want, that we thought about it. He said that our ideas are unsafe.
    The look of Jane rushed to Edvardu, and then back to the girl.
    Viktoriya planned everything fine. If it did not follow on Edvardom, there would not be possibility to know exactly, that it is here involved.
     Tell me about Rayli, Jane said. Why did he bring you over here?
     Rayli said that here we must destroy strange zhelto-glazykh vampires, stirred Bri gladly and quickly. He said that it will be simply. He said that city them, and that they are sent to grasp us. He said that when we will destroy them, all of blood will be our. He gave us its smell. heaved up Bri hand and specified a finger on me. He said that we would know a necessary place, because it will be with them. He said, who to it would reach first, that it and will get.
    I heard, as behind me closed Edvarda jaw.
     Alike, that Rayli wronged regarding simplicity, Jane noticed.
    Nodded Bri, seemed it was satisfied, that a talk was accepted by such not sickly for it course. It sat down carefully. I do not know that happened. We were divided, but other did not come so. And Rayli left us, and did not come, as promised. All was so strange and then, and all are pulled to pieces. it is began to the tremble again. I was scared. I wanted to escape. This , is looked on Karlayla, said that they would not put to death me, if I will leave off to battle.
     Ah, young creation, it is not given to them to give such gifts, said of Jane, its voice was strange pampered. Violation of laws requires consequences.
    Neponimayusche looked Bri on its.
    Jane gave a glance on Karlayla. are you sure that all here? And that half, that did move away from them?
    Karlayl nodded, his person had expressed nothing:
     We were also divided.
    Jane smiled awry:
     will not deny, that impressed. large pls after it mumbled something as witness whereof. I never saw, that a clan outlived such massed attack. Do you know, what was reason in? Seems, it nothing special, taking into account, as modestly you live here. And why did a girl appear involved herein? its eyes, on one short second, unwillingly glanced aside on me.
    I began to the tremble.
     Viktoriya harboured evil on Bella, imperturbably Edvard said it.
    Jane began to the laugh is a gold sound, as if cooing of the satisfied child. it is causes a strange reaction at such as we. it noticed, blissfully smiling me.
    Edvard was strained. I looked at him when he was turned away back to Jane.
     can you not do it, please? he asked tensely.
    Jane again began to the laugh easily:
     Simply check. Actually, no harm.
    I began to the tremble, deeply thankful, that a strange failure is in my system protecting me from Jane in our last meeting worked still. The hand of Edvarda compressed round me.
     Well, clear, that anymore to us here is nothing to do. Besides, Jane said, apathy again went back to it. we not privykli that appear unavailing. Very badly, that we skipped a battle. It seems that to look it would be amusing at it.
     Yes, Edvard answered quickly and sharply. And you were so close. It is ashamed, that you were late literally on a half a hour. Possibly, then you succeeded to execute your purpose.
    Jane met the look of Edvarda nedrognuv. Yes. What a pity, that did all happen so, true?
    Edvard nodded to itself, his suspicions were confirmed.
    Jane turned to newly converted Bri again, her face expressed a full boredom now. it is Felix? it called.
     Wait a little, Edvard interfered.
    An eyebrow heaved up Jane, but Edvard looked on Karlayla, while talked rapid voice. We can explain the rules of this newly converted. It seems, able to be taught. It did not know that did.
     Certainly, Karlayl answered. We, certainly, will be ready to answer after Bri.
    Expression Jane hardened somewhere in the middle between fun and doubt.
     We do not do exceptions, it said. And does not give the second chance. It does for our reputation. That reminded me. suddenly its look was again directed on me, and its innocent face of cherub smiled, demonstrating charming dimples. it will be so interestingly to know to Kayu, that you still man, Bella. Possibly, he even will decide to get in to you in guests.
     Date is appointed, first announced one's presence of Alice. It is possible that we and will visit you, over the months.
    The smile of Jane pomerkla, and it indifferently reaped shoulders, not giving a glance on Alice. It turned to Karlaylu. it Was pleasantly to meet you, Karlayl I thought, Aro exaggerated. Well, to meeting.
    Karlayl nodded distressed.
     Look after about it, Felix, Jane said shedding a boredom voice, nodding toward Bri. I want home.
     not look, Edvard whispered to me in an ear.
    I just too zealously wanted to follow his advice. I saw more than it is needed for one day more than it is needed after whole life. I firmly blinked and turned away hiding a face in a breast to Edvardu.
    But I all however heard.
    There was a deep, rolling roar, and then awfully the acquainted high scream. This sound intermitted sharply, nauseating sounds were and then heard only something torn and broken.
    The hand of Edvarda nervously petted me on shoulders.
     Went, Jane said, and I looked, to see the backs of high, wrapped up in grey, figures of vanishing in spinning smoke. The smell of incense was again strong he was fresh.
    Grey mantles disappeared in dense fog.

Chapter 26

    A dinner-wagon in bath Alice was covered tysyach'yu of different facilities, all of them promised to do your skin of ideal. Taking into account that all of inhabitants of this house were and so ideal and moistening of skin was not required them, assume that Alice purchased greater part of all of it, thinking mainly about me. I read labels silently, staggered such expenses.
    I avoided to look in a high mirror.
    Alice slowly and rhythmically combed me hairs.
     Khvatit, Alice, I said undistinctly, I want to return in La Push.
    How many hours did I have waited, while Charley at last will leave from home of Billy, and I will be able to see Dzheykoba? Every minute of uncertainty breathes Dzheykob or not, seemed to me ten spent lives. And then, when at last it was allowed me to go, make sure, that Dzheykob was living, time began to the run so quickly. I felt that hardly had time to fetch a breath, and Alice already called Edvardu insisting, that I supported this ridiculous protection with spending the night and rode to them. All of it seemed such insignificant now.
     Dzheykob still without consciousness, Alice answered. Karlayl or Edvard will call, when he will awaken. In any case, you need to go to be seen with Charley. He was there, in the house of Billy, he saw Karlayl and Edvard returned from the hike, and he will suspect something certainly, when you will return home.
    I already memorized and learned the history by heart.
     however me. I want to be alongside, when Dzheykob will wake up.
     Now you need to think of Charley. you had a long day I am sorry, I know that it changes nothing but it does not mean that you can avoid the duties. its voice was serious, it almost reproached me. it is especially important Now, that Charley did not guess about anything. At first play the role, Bella, and then do, that want. To be a family member Kallen, means to be very responsible.
    Certainly, it was rights. And even if it is not, for the same reason to reason much prepotent, than all of my fears, pain and sense of guilt Karlayl would be never able to persuade me to abandon Dzheykoba, it is not important in consciousness he or not.
     Go home, Alice ordered. Talk with Charley. Prove the alibi. Hold a father out of harm's way.

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