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55Stefani Mayer

    I got up, and appeared, that sat without motion too long, blood flowed to the feet, feeling was such, as though I was pricked by thousands of needles.
    are clothes simply delightfully smotrit'sya on you, Alice provorkovala.
     And? That? O. thank you, once again for clothes, I mumbled rather from courtesy, what from gratitude.
     You need proofs, Alice said, looking on me the innocent, widely exposed eyes. That after journey after purchases, without obnovok? Besides, in my opinion, it very goes you.
    I blinked, and not able to remember, what it dressed me in. I could not retain an idea even a few seconds on one place, they scattered in sides as cockroaches from light.
     With Dzheykobom all be well, Bella, Alice said, easily catching reason of my agitation. there Is not a necessity to hurry. If you knew, what enormous dose of morphine Karlayl gave him is a true his temperature burns medicine quickly you would know that he would be in otklyuchke yet fair amount to time.
    Well, that he does not feel pain though, while.
     Can be you yet want about anything to talk, before will leave? sympathetically asked Alice. you outlived strong shock today.
    I knew that it is so curious exactly. But I had other questions.
     will I look like it? it is low-spirited I asked. As is there a that girl of Bri on a glade?
    There was so many all, about what I need it was to think, but a that girl is a stay for me in a head, newly converted, whose life was suddenly torn off. Her face, twisted thirst of my blood, stood for me before eyes.
    Alice stroked my hand. are All of raznye. But yes, there will be something alike.
    I zatikhla, made an effort present.
    it is passes, promised Alice.
     Through how many?
    It reaped shoulders.
     A few years, can less than. For you can be all othergates. I saw nobody never before, who chooses this way voluntarily. It will be interestingly to look, as will act on you.
     Interestingly, I repeated after it.
     We will stop you from errors.
     I know it. I trust you. my voice sounded droningly and dead.
    Alice namorschila a forehead.
     If you experience after Karlayla and Edvarda, I am sure, they will be in a complete order. I trust that Sam begins to trust us. well, at least, even to Karlaylu. It also well. I present that an atmosphere a bit nakalilas', when Karlaylu had anew to break Dzheykobu of bone.
    it is Alice, please.
    I deeply breathed and made an effort calm down. The organism of Dzheykoba healed wounds too quickly, and some his bones accreted wrong. He was without consciousness, when all took a place, but however hardness it was me about it to think.
    it is Alice, is it possible to ask you? About the future?
    It was unexpectedly guarded:
     You know, I do not see everything.
    it is I not about that. But sometimes you see my future. Why, how do you think? In fact other does not operate on me. Neither that is able Jane nor talent of Edvarda and Aro. my suggestion intermitted, when my interest vanished to this question. Now all of these questions was covered by other urgent problems.
    Alice, found my questions very much interesnymi.
    it is Bella, Jasper also can affect you, his talent operates on your body, similarly as well as on all of other. Here in what difference, does understand? The capabilities of Jasper operate on a body physically. He indeed calms your nervous system, or excites vice versa. It is a not illusion. And I see vizii it is consequences of actions, but not simply reasons or ideas, it also a not illusion is reality, well it admits, one of its variants. But Jane and Edvard, Aro and Demetriy they operate into reason. Jane simply creates the illusion of pain. It actually does not cause pain your body, it simply seems to you that you feel it. Did understand, Bella? But you out of harm's way into the reason. Nobody can reach there. No wonder that it is so curious to know Aro about your future capabilities.
    It watched after expression of my person, looking after whether I understood its logical letups. Sooth to the say, its words were simply run back by me, syllables and sounds lost the value. I was not able to be concentrated on them. But I nodded however, made an effort pretend, that reached to me.
    But will not fool it. It stroked me on a cheek and pronounced quietly: With him all will be good, Bella. I do not need to foresee, to know it. Are you ready to ride?
     Yet something. Is it possible will ask yet about the future? Details do not interest me, simply brief review.
     will Endeavour with might and main, it said, and again doubt in its voice.
     do you see still, that I became a vampire?
     About, it is simple well. Certainly, I see.
    I nodded slowly.
    Scrutinized the bottomless eyes of Alice in my person.
    it is Bella, really do not you know the own desires?
     Know. I simply want to be sure.
     I am sure, while you are sure, Bella. you know in fact. If you will change the decision, a picture will change. or, in your case, will disappear.
    I breathed. it is not happens.
    It twined about me hands.
     so it is sorry me. I can not indeed soperezhivat' you. My first flashback it is vision of Jasper in my future. I always knew that life would bring me over to him. But I can sympathize. So it is sorry me, that you have to choose between them two.
    I shook off its hands from itself.
     not spare me.
    There were other people those, who indeed deserved liking. I do not belong to their number. I did not have a choice all of my attention is now concentrated on that I will have to break up a loving heart.
     I go to understand with Charley.
    On the pikape I drove up to the house, Charley waited me already. As Alice and talked, he had been very suspicious.
    it is Hello, Bella. How did a journey pass after purchases? he poprivetstvoval me, when I entered in a kitchen. His hands are crossed on a breast, eyes are tied down to my person.
     Long, I said bluntly. We returned just.
    Charley estimated my mood.
     does think Then, that you already heard about Jake?
     Yes. Other Kalleny returned before us. Told Esme to us, where Karlayl and Edvard were.
     With you all be well?
     Experience for Jake. As soon as will prepare dinner, going to depart in La Push.
     I warned you, that motor cycles are dangerous. I hope, it will compel you to be thoughtful, that I did not banter.
    I nodded, already taking out from a refrigerator ride. Charley took a seat for a table. Today he, against the habit, appeared more talkative.
     does not think that it costs you too strongly to experience from Jake. That, who is capable so vigorously to swear, quickly to put on weight.
     was Jake in consciousness, when did you see him? turning around, I looked on Charley.
     About, yes, he was in consciousness. you ? only listened him although, it is not, it is not necessary better. Not think, that in La Push someone did not hear him. I do not know where he took such dictionary supply, but hope that usually, at you, he does not use him.
     he can be forgiven Today. How did he look?
    it is Ruin. His friends brought him. Well yet, that they are large boys, Jake is a heavy healthy fellow. Karlayl said that for him a right foot and right arm is broken. Almost all of right side of body is broken in two, when he got in a failure with it frigging baykom. Charley sadly rocked a head. If I know some time, that you ride again, Bella.
     there Are not problems, dads. you will not hear. you, true does think that with Jake all be well?
     Sure, Bella, not experience. He was in forces even podraznit' me.
     to Tease you? I repeated surprised.
     And in an interval between an insult somebody's materi and mentioning of the name Ladies and gentlemen in sue, he said: Does argue Charley, you are glad today, that it loves Kallena, but not me, kha?
    I was turned away to the refrigerator, that a father did not see my person.
     And I could not with him argue. When business comes to your safety, Edvard is more responsible, than Dzheykob. It for him will not take away.
     Dzheykob very responsible, I got up on his defence. I am sure, a failure happened not through his fault.
    After the minute of Charley pronounced thoughtfully:
     the Strange today was day. you know, I am not superstitious, but all was so strange. Billy had a presentiment as though, that something bad will happen with Jake. He all of morning was nervous, as if a turkey-cock on Day of Thanksgiving. Not think, that he heard anything from that I told him.
     And then, the strangest does remember, in February and March, when we had problems with wolves?
    I was bent to get a frying pan from a buffet, and hidden there, on a second or on two.
     Yes, I mumbled.
     Hope, again we will not have these problems. Early today, we were on a boat, and Billy turned no attention neither on me nor on fish, when suddenly, a wolfish howl was in-field heard. Them it was a few, and will say you, well and they howled loudly. And a sound was such, as though wolves were straight in a settlement. But that the strangest, Billy opened out a boat and plunged straight into a harbour, as though they called him exactly. He did not even hear, when I asked, that all of it meant.
     Noise was halted, when we moored. But Billy was bustled not to skip a game, although for us yet it was pair of hours left. He carried some nonsense about an early show. but was a game shown in living, present? I tell you, Bella, it all was very strange.
     Well and, he found some game, type, he exactly wanted to look it, and then did not simply turn no attention on it. All of time hung on a telephone, rang Sue to both Emili and grand-dad of your friend Kvila. I did not understand so, that he had searched is he quite workaday with them spoke.
     a howl was heard After straight at back of house. I nothing of the kind in life heard, for me even small ants began to the run on a skin. I asked Billy I had to yell, to shout down noise really he put traps straight in a court. A sound was such, an animal was very tormented as though.
    I gave a start, but Charley was so bulldoggen the history, that did not notice it.
     Then I forgot all of it, because at this juncture Jake was brought home. Here a wolf howls in one second, and then you do not hear it, and the curses of Jake are heard only on all of neighbourhood. Well, I will say to you, for a fellow and lights.
    Charley did a pause, and thoughtful.
     Amusing, but something good turned out of all of these troubles. I did not expect that they in La Push some time would give up these the foolish biases against family of Kallen. But someone called Karlaylu, and Billy was very thankful, when that came. I thought, we will have to drive Jake in a hospital, but Billy wanted to leave his houses, and Karlayl consented. To him more visible, that better. Very magnanimously from his side to subscribe to the visit of patient on to the house.
     And. he suppressed, not wishing to pronounce something. Breathed, and continued. And Edvard was. kind. Seems, he similarly as well as you experiences after Dzheykoba, as if it his brother lay there. Expression of his eyes. Charley shook a head. He is a deserving fellow, Bella. I will endeavour to memorize it. I do not promise, but will endeavour. he smiled to me.
     I do not compel you, I mumbled.
    Charley fished out feet and began to the moan:
     As well again to appear at home. you will disbelieve, real stolpotvorenie was created in the little cottage of Billy. Seven friends of Jake squeezed in a little living room, I there hardly able to breathe. Did you notice, what zdorovuschie it is fellows of kvilety?
     Yes, noticed.
    Charley was covered on me, his eyes suddenly again sfokusirovalis' on me. True, Bella, Karlayl said that Jake soon would be able to get up, that all only seems awfully, and actually not so badly. He to put on weight.
    I simply nodded.
    Dzheykob looked such. strange fragile, when I made a haste see him, as soon as Charley went away. All in the imposed medical tires, Karlayl said that taking into account speed of cicatrization of his wounds, there is not sense to lay on a gypsum. A face of Dzheykoba was pale and becoming drawn in the face, he was without consciousness all the time. Such fragile. Enormous, and such fragile. Maybe, it was just my imagination, increased consciousness that I came to break up him a heart.
    Only if lightning hitted in me, and divided me in half. Desirably, that a process was sickly. I felt first, that my desire to become a vampire it the real offering. As if I lost too much.
    I put dinner on a table next to the elbow of Charley and headed for a door.
     E, Bella? Can you wait a second?
     did I forget something? I asked, examining a dish.
     No, it is not. I simply. I want to ask about a favour. Charley frowned and looked in a floor. Sit down, I will not take from you a lot of time.
    I am slightly embarrassed, sat down opposite him. And endeavoured to be concentrated.
     That does need you, dad?
     Here in what essence, Bella. Charley pokrasnel. Can I simply. became superstitious, since with Billy associated, and since he so strange behaved all day long. But I also. I have a presentiment, that. I will lose you soon.
    it is Dad, be not silly, I mumbled guiltily. do you want Really, that I went back into school?
     Simply promise me something.
    I began to hesitate, ready to say no.
     will you tell me, before will do something important? Before will you elope with him, or something similar?
    I moaned: it is Dad.
    it is I in earnest. I will not begin to lift fuss. Simply warn. Enable me to hug you on farewell.
    Mentally shriveling, I heaved up a hand.
    it is foolishness. But, if you want so. I will promise.
     Thank you, Bella, he said. I love you, baby.
     I love you also, dad. I touched his shoulder, and then got up from a table. If to you something may need, Billy will have me.
    I did not look back, when ran out from home. It was too good, exactly that, that it needed me now. I was angered on itself, while rode in La Push.
    The house of Billy did not have black mersedesa of Karlayla. It was and well and badly. Obviously that, I need it was to talk with Dzheykobom in private. Vsezh, I wanted to hold Edvarda on a hand, as well as before, when Dzheykob was without consciousness. It is impossible. But I did not have Edvarda I too long stayed two together with Alice in dinner. I knew already, that not able to live without Edvarda. This fact did not diminish pain from that coming me to accomplish.
    I quietly knocked in an entrance door.
     Call, Bella, Billy said. The roar of my pikapa easily can it was be known.
    I entered.
    it is Hello, Billy. Did he wake up? I asked.
     He woke up approximately a half a hour back, just before that as a doctor went away. Go to him. Think, he waited you.
    I gave a start, and then breathed deeply.
     Thank you.
    I was a bit rumpled at doors in the room of Dzheykoba, not knowing whether it needs me to knock. I decided not to knock, hoping I am a coward maybe, he usnul again. I meditated a few minutes.
    Opening slightly a door, I glanced in a room.
    Dzheykob waited me, his person was quiet and expressed no emotions. The exhausted, exhausted kind disappeared, replaced easy embarrassment. There was not liveliness and merriment in his eyes.
    It was hardness to look at his person, knowing that I love him. It changed all more than I expected. I reflected, really it always was so hardness him, all the time.
    Well, that someone covered him a blanket. It was easy not to see as far as he is injured strongly.
    I entered and quietly shut the a door to after itself.
    it is Hello, Jake, I pronounced.
    He did not answer at first. Simply long looked at me. Then with effort, compelled itself, slightly with a jeer, smiled.
     Yes, I expected something such, he breathed. Today all turned in a worst side. At first, I chosen a not that place, and missed the best fight, and Set got all of glory. Then Lea is a fool, made an effort prove that it also steep as well as all of us and I appeared a that idiot, who rescued it. And now it. he waved a left arm aside, where I stood not deciding to enter at doors.
     As do you feel? I said of. That for an idiotic question.

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