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29Stefani Mayer

     They will rub out everything, then. Double treachery. Edvard said ominous voice. No harm is caused.
    Jasper leaned forward, negatively rocking a head. No, Karlayl is right. Volturi will not violate rules. Besides it too slippery. Eta. person, this threat they do not understand that going to do. Novices ready to swear, that exactly they. I can not trust that Volturi is involved in all of it. But they will be.
    They all looked on each other, stopping beating from stress.
     ride Then, Emmet almost growled. What do we wait?
    Karlayl and Edvard exchanged long looks. Edvard nodded.
     We need, that you taught us, Jasper. Karlayl said finally. How to destroy them. Karlayl squeezed a jaw, but I saw pain in his eyes, when he talked it. As nobody other, he hated violence.
    Something disturbed me, but I in any way could not understand that. I ocepenela, shocked and mortally frightened. And even in such state I felt that missed out something important. Something having value in this chaos. That all proyasnit.
     We may need a help, Jasper said. do you think, family of Tani is ready.? Five mature vampires it is an enormous difference. And then Keyt and Eleazar would have an occasion to pass to our side. With their help, all would be almost easily.
     We will ask. Karlayl answered.
    Jasper stretched a mobile telephone. it is Needed to hurry.
    I never saw, in grain quiet, Karlayla such shock. He took a telephone and walked up to the window. Dialed up, attached a telephone to the ear, leaned one's the elbows other hand on a window. He scrutinized in a misty morning with full of suffering and contradictory expression.
    Edvard took my hand and attracted me on the white doubled arm-chair. I sat down next to him, while he looked at the face of Karlayla, I did not take an eye from the face of Edvarda.
    Karlayl spoke quietly and quickly, hardness distinguished. I heard, as he poprivetstvoval Tanyu, and then quickly began to explain a situation, too quickly, that I had time to understand much, understood only one, that vampires on Alaska knew about what be going on in Seattle.
    Then, something changed in voice of Karlayla.
     About, by shrill from a surprise voice, he said. are We concepts did not have. about senses of Irene.
    Alongside began to the moan and closed eyes Edvard. it is Curse. Frigging Laurent, that he failed in the depths of hell, where to him and place.
    it is Laurent? I whispered, and blood poured off from my person, but Edvard did not answer, concentrated on the ideas of Karlayla.
    My short meeting with Laurent early in spring this year, was not that flashback, that faded or poserelo in my memory. I remember every word which he said me still, before Dzheykob and his covey interfered.
    Actually I came here, to do service it.
    Viktoriya. Laurent was its first manoeuvre is sent away him ponablyudat', see, as far as it will be difficult to get to me. He did not survive after the attack of werewolves, and not able to report it.
    In spite of the fact that he supported old connections with Viktoriey after death James, he strung new connections and new relations. He went away, that to live with family of Tani, on Alaska. Tanya, a reddish blonde is the closest friend Kallenov in the whole vampirskom world, almost family. To the death Laurent almost a year lived with them.
    Karlayl said on, he did not have proved to be correct. Convincing, but sharp. Then suddenly a sharpness won over a desire to convince.
     It is out of the question. Karlayl said severely For us truce. They did not violate him, and we will not be also. It is sorry me to hear it. Certainly. We will do everything, that depends from us, one.
    Karlayl was turned off by a telephone, not waiting till an answer. He continued to scrutinize in fog.
     In what problem? Emmet whispered Edvardu.
     Irene was anymore led away our other by Laurent, what we knew. It harboured a spite on werewolves, for his murder, when they rescued Bella. It wants. he suppressed, looking at me.
     Continue, I said, as able quietly.
    He frowned. it is wants to take revenge. To destroy a covey. They are ready to exchange the help, on our permission.
     No! I breathed out.
     not worry, he said by even voice. Karlayl will never go on it. he suppressed in indecision, breathed then. And I also, never. Laurent got that deserved, he almost growled And I still in a debt before werewolves.
    it is not good. Jasper said. Too Little for a fight. We have more experience, but nekhvataet amounts. Will we win, but by what price? his tense look flashed on face of Alice and farther.
    I wanted to yell in all of throat, I understood that implied Jasper.
    We will win, but also will lose simultaneously. Someone will not survive.
    I looked around, on their persons is Jasper, Alice, Emmet, to Rose, Esme, Karlayl.Edvard is persons of my family

Chapter 14

     You banter, I was indignant. you quite spyatila!
     Name me, as want, Alice answered. Evening-party will take a place however.
    Such exchange happened remarks on Wednesday, after dinner.
    Still disbelieving, I was simply stared on it, my eyes opened up so widely, that, seemed, yet slightly and they will fall out of orbits straight on tray with a meal.
     And calm down, you, Bella! There are not reasons to renounce merriment. Besides, invitations are already sent.
     But. you. I. it is madness! I babbled disconnectedly.
     You however already purchased me a gift, it reminded. to you nothing will have to be done, will simply come and all.
    I made an effort calm down.
     Taking into account the last events, it is not very much reasonable to arrange that evening-party.
     the Last event is completion of school, and an evening-party is simply obligatory, consider that it passed already.
    it is Alice!
    It breathed, and became more serious.
     there Is something, that we need to settle, and it will occupy some time. And while we sit and wait, it is possible to finish celebrating a pleasant event. you just first time conclude school. Bella, but a man you will no longer be. Such event takes a place one time in life.
    Edvard was quiet, while we argued, but here cast its cautionary look. Alice rotined him a language. It was rights its soft voice will never recover noise of dining-room, and even if who will hear, however will understand nothing.
     What it after something which needs to be settled? I asked, renouncing to change a theme.
    Edvard answered quietly:
     Jasper thinks that we will be helped. Except for family of Tani, there are yet variants. Karlayl tries to find a few old friends, and Jasper ishet Pitera and Charlotte. He meditates, whether it is needed to appeal for a help to Maria. but nobody wants to bring over yuzhan to this business.
    Alice slightly gave a start.
     to Convince them to help will not be difficult, he continued. Nobody wants guests from Italy.
     But, these friends, in fact they.. not vegetarians? I made a protest, utillizing the word of Kallenov, as they named itself.
     No, Edvard answered, undistinctly.
     Here? In Forks?
     They are friends, Alice quieted me. All will be good. Not worry. And then, Jasper will give us a pair lessons, how to destroy catechumens.
    The eyes of Edvarda burned up from this planning, and a smile flashed by on his face. Seemed, my stomach had been filled with the pieces of ice.
     When do you go? I asked sepulchral voice. Will reconcile oneself to with an idea, that someone can not return, I did not could. That if will it be Emmett, such brave and reckless, he never is over-cautious in fact? Or to Esme, such nice and careful, even can not I present it in a battle? Or Alice, such little, such fragile? Or. I was not even able to think of this name.
     in a Week, Edvard said, as though speech went about something usual. For us enough time, to prepare.
    The pieces of ice compelled my stomach it is unpleasant to convolve. Stirred up me.
    it is Bella, you as though as pozelenela, commented on Alice.
    Edvard hugged me and attracted to itself. All will be good, Bella. Trust me.
    Certainly, I thought. to Trust him. In fact he will not have to sit and be lost in conjectures, sense of his life will return home or not.
    And then all became clear clearly. Maybe, to me and it is not needed it will be to sit and wait. Week it more than sufficiently.
     Yes. Alice inclined a head on a side, noticing a change in my tone.
    I looked at it. My voice was only hardly more audible than whisper:
     I can help.
    The body of Edvarda was sharply strained, his hands had squeezed me too closely. He breathed out, and a sound anymore looked like hissing.
    But Alice answered quite quietly:
    it is not helps.
     Why? I began to argue. Despair was heard in my voice:
     Eight, better, than seven. And time will be enough.
     This time is not enough, to teach you, Bella, coldly, it disagreed.
     do you remember how does Jasper describe young vampires? I pound in a battle from you there will be no. you will not be able to control instincts, and will become an easy booty. And, protecting you, Edvard can suffer. it is laid down hands on a breast, content with the nepotoplyaemoy logic.
    And I knew that it is right, when reasoned so. I was put to death, sudden hope blown about in ashes. I felt, as next to me Edvard was weakened.
    He whispered me on an ear:
     Only not in that moment when you are afraid.
     About, Alice pronounced, on a second senseless expression appeared on its face. It pomrachnela then.
     Hate, when pridti renounce last-minute. Now a list was abbreviated to sixty five persons.
     Sixty five! I goggled eyes from amazement. For me it is not so much friends. Really am I acquainted with such amount of persons? I thought
     Who did renounce? it was interestingly to Edvardu, he ignored my surprise.
    it is Rene.
     That? I breathed out.
    it is going to do you a surprise in the day of completion of school, but something went not so. When will return home, a report will come you.
    Some time, I simply enjoyed sense of facilitation. Not important, that there, at materi, went not so, I was it nothing very thankful. If it NOW arrived in Forks. Even does not want to think about it. My head now will burst from ideas.
    When I reached home, light blinked on an answering machine, informing about a new report. My sense of facilitation, returned again, when I listened how my mother told about an accident with Phil on the field, when he demonstrated the reception of sliding, ran into a fieldsman, and broke itself a thigh-bone, now he fully depended on it, and it could not leave him in any way. My mother all continued to be sorry, but a report intermitted already.
     Well, though one, I breathed.
     One, that? Edvard asked.
     Even for it one I can not experience, that this week nobody will put to death it.
    He rolled eyes.
     Why neither you nor does not accept Alice situation seriously? I demanded. All actually IN EARNEST.
    He smiled:
     Trusted, to us.
     Fine, I growled. Grasped an electrophone and dialed up Rene. I knew that a talk would be long, but I knew yet, that it that costed.
    I simply listened it, and calmed and assured it, as soon as could insert a word: No, I was not disordered, I was not angered, I am not offensive. And it, certainly, must make all pushes, to help Filu to convalesce. I passed to him the wishes somewhat quicker to put on weight, and promised a mother to call and tell, in shallow details, as the exhaust passed at school. At last it was succeeded to make off a talk, true, it was necessary to remind that I need to prepare to final examinations.
    Patience of Edvarda was boundless. He waited politely, while I will finish to stir with Rene. Played with my hairs and smiled, when I looked at him. Probably, it is an index of my superficial and shallow nature, to notice such, when it is needed it was to think over so much all of important, but his smile, operated on me all similarly stunningly. He was so wonderful, that hardness it was to think about something other, when he was alongside, hardness to be concentrated on difficulties of Phil, or apologies of Rene, or on the approached hostile army of vampires. I was just a weak man.
    It was needed to ring off, I rose tiptoe and kissed him. By the hands he twined about my waist, seated on a cook-table, so that I do not need it was highly to stretch. Fine, that is needed. I obkhvatila him for a neck and thawed, snuggling up to his cold breast.
    He kept away from me, as usual, too quickly.
    I discontentedly puffed up one's the cheeks. He laughed above my grimace, freeing oneself from the capture of my hands and feet. Leaned one's the elbows on a table alongside, and very light, one-arm, hugged me for shoulders.
     Know, you think, as though for me fine turns out to control itself, but actually it not so.
     it would be Desirable, I breathed.
    And he breathed also.
     Tomorrow, after school, he said, changing a theme, I going to go on hunt with Karlaylom, to Esme and Rosalie. Only on the pair of clock we will be not far away. Alice, Jasper and Emmett, must guard you.
     Ooh, I mumbled. Tomorrow the first day of final examinations, and they will occupy all half day. Mathematics and history, only two examinations, is in my time-table, so that, almost all days long I will conduct without him, and my exclusive occupation will be to experience.
     Hate, when you abandon me nursemaids.
    it is temporal, he promised
     It will be boring to Jasper. Emmett will begin to be pinned above me.
     They will be pain'kami.
     Certainly, I growled out.
    And only considered here, that except for nursemaids, I have other variant.
     Know. A fire did not have me in La Push from a the same evening.
    Attentively watched after changing of his mood. His eyes narrowed only on the stake of second.
     There I will be out of harm's way, I reminded.
    A few seconds he considered this offer.
     Probably, you are right.
    The face of him remained quiet, I would say, even too quiet. And already almost decided to ask whether he does not want, that I stayed at a home, but then remembered subcola of Emmetta, which he, no doubt, will not hold out from, and changed a theme.
     For you already thirst? I asked, stretching out a hand, that will touch easy shade under eyes. An iris of his eyes still was the saturated gold color.
     Not quite. I was surprised, as he answered reluctantly, and waited explanations.
     We need to be stronger, he explained, all also unwillingly. Before a large fight to us, probably, again it will be necessary to hunt.
    it is does you stronger?
    He searched something in my person, but found nothing, except for clean curiosity.
     Yes, he said, eventually. Human blood increases our forces the best of all, true not for a long time. Jasper already thought about that, to step back from our diet but it, just, from the practical considering, an idea is unpleasant him and openly he such variant will not offer. Because knows, Karlayl will not be in raptures.
     And can it help? I took interest quietly.
     it is not important. We will not change that, who we are.
    I frowned. If something can help to level chances. and I began to the tremble here, realizing that quietly behaved to somebody's stranger death, only to protect him. I was scared the thoughts, but also fully not able to drive away them from itself.

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