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    He changed a theme again.
     That is why catechumens such strong. They are overfilled by human blood and their own blood, reacts on changes, stays too long in fabrics and gives them forces. Their bodies expend a supply slowly, as Jasper and said, force began to disappear in a year.
     And will I be strong?
     You will be, stronger than me. he smiled.
     Even stronger Emmetta?
    Ukhmylka ran back yet wider: Yes. you will do me a favor, will cause him to control oneself on hands. Such experience will be useful for him.
    I began to the laugh. All sounded so foolishly.
    Then breathed and jumped off from a table, because putting aside is impossible longer. I need to learn by a rote, and learning by a rote is heavy. Happiness, that I have such helper as Edvard, he is a wonderful coach in fact he knew absolutely everything. It turns out that the most difficult task will be, concentrated on tests. If I will not get on the itself hip, will finish that will write making on history on a theme Wars of south vampires.
    Taking a break, I called Dzheykobu. As well as during a talk with Rene, Edvard, seemed, felt no discomfort, again played with my hairs.
    There was already a middle of day, but my bell awakened Dzheykoba, and he a bit grumbled a little at first. It needed me to ask whether can tomorrow arrive, as he was here chirked. Kviletskaya school was already closed on a summer, so that I could pridti from a morning. I was satisfied, better La Push, what company nursemaids. To conduct a day with Dzheykobom, it was chutochku more deservingly.
    True, it was necessary to lose a little bit of that dignity, when Edvard again insisted on that, to deliver me to the border, as though two guardians, one handed over a child on hands to other.
     Well, how do you think, went in for an exam? Edvard asked on a way, obviously, simply that to talk.
     it was simply With history, regarding mathematics doubt. As though, correctly decided everything, and if I so uverenna,, probably failed.
    He began to the laugh.
     I am sure, you wrote all be well. Well, if you, true, so strongly experience, I can bribe Mr. to Varneru, that he put you Fine.
     Thank you, it is not.
    He began to the laugh again, and suddenly suppressed sharply, since we turned the last time and saw a red machine ahead. We were already waited. He frowned, concentrated, and then, stopping a machine, breathed.
     That did happen? I asked, going to open a door.
    He rocked a head: Nothing.
    Eyes grew into narrow cracks, while he attentively looked through frontal glass on other machine. This look, I already had to see.
     in fact do not you eavesdrop the idea of Dzheykoba, and? I accused him.
     hardness Enough to ignore that, who yells so loudly.
     About, I thought second. And that does he yell exactly? I whispered.
     I am absolutely sure that he will reveal to you it personal, Edvard declared with restraint.
    Certainly, I would insist and knew in what there business, but Dzheykob honked already gave two sharp impatient honks.
    it is impolite, Edvard roared.
     It Dzheykob, breathing, I said, and made a haste go out, while Dzheykob did not do anything indeed able razozlit' Edvarda.
    Before to sit down in the machine of Dzheykoba, I waved a hand to Edvardu, and from this distance, he seemed to me off-tune. By whether these honks. whether what Dzheykob thought about. But sight for me not akhti, and I wrong often.
    I wanted, that Edvard walked up to me, wanted, that they both went out from the machines, reaped each other of hand, and would become friends, would become Edvardom and Dzheykobom, but not by a vampire and werewolf simply.
    As if in my hands on a stubborn magnet, and I tried to connect them together, despite nature.
    Breathing once again, I sat down in a machine.
    it is Hello, Bellz. Jake was oars, but voice some languid. I studied his person, while he attentively looked at a road. On the way back in La Push, he conducted a machine quick, than I, but slower what Edvard.
    Dzheykob looked differently, rather even achy. Eyelids are swollen, person tired. Shaggy hairs stuck out in different directions, here and there length of hairs arrived at a chin.
    it is Jake, with you it is all right?
     Simply ustal, he managed to squeeze out, before yawned widely. Otzevavshis', he asked: What do you want today to engage?
    I looked at him.
     Let simply for you at home will sit, I offered. However for him such kind, that nothing other he and not able. able to Drive on fairy-tales later.
     Exactly, exactly, he confirmed, again yawning.
    At home it was empty at Dzheykoba, and it was strange. I already privykla to that Billy was always present here.
     And where your father?
     At Klirvoterov. Since Henry died, a father oshivaetsya constantly for them. Sue feels lonely.
    Dzheykob sat down on an old couch, measuring no more doubled arm-chair, moved, vacating the place to me.
     O. Kak nicely. Poor Sue.
     And. it had some problems. he meditated to say or not. With its children.
     Clearly, to Set and Lea heavily, they lost a father.
     Ugu, Dzheykob consented, losing the filament of talk. He took a stand and thoughtlessly commuted ductings. Yawned.
     And that with you, Jake? you straight as a zombi.
     Yesterday at night I slept only two hours, and four hours the day before yesterday, ob'yasnil he. Slowly straightened the long hands, I heard, as his joints cracked. Left arm he put sofas on the back, after me, and leaned back back, by an operevshis' head at a wall. I am simply exhausted.
     So why will stay up to sleep, I asked.
    He was discontentedly twisted: With Sam difficulties. He does not trust your vampire bats. I hurry double changing, already the second week, and nobody did not touch me until now, but he resisted however. So I while, in itself.
    are the Double changing? It because do you guard me? Jake, it is so impossible! you need to have a good sleep. With me nothing will happen.
     Yes, nonsense. his eyes became anxious suddenly. Listen, and you knew, who had been in your room? Are news?
    I ignored the second question.
     No, we knew nothing about moem.khm.vizitere.
     Then I will continue to be on a duty, he said and his eyelids were closed.
    it is Jake., - I ached.
    it is Bella, it the smallest, that can I do I offered eternal slavery, remember? I am your slave for life.
     And I do not want a slave!
    His eyes were not opened: And what do you want, Bella?
     I want the friend Dzheykoba and I do not want to see his semidead, torturing itself, pursuing some incomprehensible aims.
    He cut me short: Look at it differently, I hope to find track of vampire which I am permissible it will be to put to death, ok?
    I did not begin to answer. Then he looked at me, trying to understand my reaction.
     And I banter, Bella.
    I was covered in a television set.
     Well, so, will there be chtonibud' special on a next weekend? In fact you conclude school. Vau. It is an important event. voice of him became passionless, a person is and without that tired, grew simply into the exhausted mask, and his eyes were closed again, not from a fatigue, simply from protest. I understood, my completion of school, had the most terrible value for him, my plans were blasted although.
     No SPECIAL plans, I noticed carefully, hoping that my words will quiet him, and he will not demand more detailed explanation. Now, I wished to explain nothing. At first, because he did not look ready to the difficult sorting out, secondly, he will perceive my attacks of confusion too in earnest.
     Although, I will have to go on an evening-party. On my evening-party. I published the sound of disgust. Alice adores evening-parties, and it invited all of city to itself home for the night. It will be awfully.
    His eyes were opened, while I talked, and the smile of facilitation lighted up his watchful person.
     I was offended. Invitation was not given me, he podraznil me.
     Consider that you are already invited. It was undertaken as MY evening-party, so that, who want invite that.
     Thank you, he said with sarcasm, and again closed eyes.
     I would like, that you came, I said without every hope. it will Be merrier. For me, that.
     Certainly, certainly, he mumbled. it is is very much. wisely.
    His voice zatikh. After a few seconds he snored already.
    Poor fellow Dzheykob, I looked at him asleep, and I liked that I saw. While he slept, all of tracks of fight and bitter taste disappeared. He again was a that boy the my best other.
    It was the best other, while this nonsense did not begin with werewolves. Asleep, he looked far younger. He looked, as my Dzheykob.
    Settling down on a couch, I began to wait, while he will wake up, hoping that will oversleep he sufficiently, to rest. I commuted ductings, but to look it was nothing. Included a culinary show, knowing beforehand, that never will not expend so much efforts in dinner for Charley. Dzheykob continued to snore, all more loud and more loud. I turned off a television set.
    A strange calmness overcame me, began to bend in sleep. This house was safer, than my own, probably because nobody here came to search me. I convolved on a sofa, and thought: - but not whether zasnut' and to me also. Maybe, to me and it would be succeeded usnut', but snoring of Dzheykoba it was impossible to turn off. So, in place of sleep, I took the liberty a bit to dream.
    Examinations behind, and majority from them appeared nothing to speak of. Mathematics frightened only, will hand over or not. My school education made off. And I did not know that feel on this occasion. To look on all of ob'ektivno I did not could, because to this time planned to make off human life.
    Interestingly, how many once again Edvard will utillize otmazku only not now, when you are scared. Some time I will stamp a leg and will demand execution of my requirement.
    If I thought practically, I knew, anymore than rumour it would be to ask Karlayla to change me in a that second, as soon as I will make off school. Forks became dangerous, straight as a military area. No, Forks actually and was a military area. And as I forgot. change the same excellent otmazka from an evening-party. I smiled to itself, when thought of such shallow reason, to become a vampire. Foolishly. and makes sense however. But Edvard was rights I yet was not ready.
    And I did not want to be practical. I wanted, that Edvard changed me. It was senseless desire. I knew exactly in two seconds after a bite, poison will begin to burn me veins from within and it will become however me, who it with me did. So, the special difference was not.
    I did not could clearly to define why for me this is important. It was simply desirable, that exactly he accepted such decision wished to leave me. That he wanted to retain me so strongly, that it is not simple to allow someone to change me, but also it to do. Childhood, but I liked an idea, that his lips there will be the last, that I will feel.
    It is ashamed to be acknowledged, and I will never say it aloud, but I wanted, that exactly his poison poisoned me. Then I literally belonged to him.
    But I knew that he would meticulously adhere to it the plan with the married life he wanted to win time, postponement, and while all turned out perfectly for him.
    I made an effort present how tell parents, that marry this summer. Presented how tell Angela, and Ben and Mike. I did not could. Could not think of such words even. It is simpler to confess to them, that will become a vampire. And I am sure that, at least, my mother if I told all of true it would feel strongly about marriage, but not against that I will become a vampire. I was twisted, when presented its horror from my married life.
    Then, on a second, again saw is Edvard and I on a verandah, on swings, on us clothes from other world. There, nobody was surprised, that I carried his ring on a finger. In the that world all simpler and to love also. Odin plus one is made even to two.
    Dzheykob took a nap and rolled on other side. His hand glissaded from the back of couch and pressed down me to his body.
    My God, well and heavy he! And what hot. I already after a couple of seconds sweat from a heat outgoing from him.
    I made an effort steal out from under his pen, and not awaken, but it was necessary to push him slightly, and when a hand flew from me, his eyes were instantly opened. He sprang to the feet, anxiously looking around around.
     That? That? he asked, nothing considering.
    He turned around to look at me, and zamorgal abashedly.
    it is Bella?
    it is Hello, sleepyhead.
     Here ambush! Was I cut down? I am sorry, please. How many was I in otklyuchke?
     Couple of culinary shows. I lost them an account.
    He thumped back on a couch, next to me.
     Vau. True, excuse.
    I stroked him on hairs, trying to disperse his embarrassment.
     not experience. I am glad that you a bit slept.
    He yawned and stretched.
     In closing dates, pound no from me. No wonder that Billy disappears constantly. With me boring.
     With you well. I quieted him.
     Ugu, let us go out. I am necessary to be missed, or I usnu again.
    it is Jake, go to sleep. Regarding me not experience. I will call Edvardu, and he will take away me. I posharila in a pocket, while talked, and understood that he is empty.
    it is Pancake, it will be necessary to take advantage of your telephone. Probably I left it, in a machine for Edvarda. I began explained.
     No! Jake exclaimed, grasping me by a hand. No, remain. you scarcely again will get out here. I can not trust that so much time went away for nothing.
    He swiped me from a couch, and showed out outside, inclining a head, not to touch a doorway. While Dzheykob slept, pokholodalo. Air was unusually cold a storm approached probably. It seemed that now February, but not May month.
    Winter air compelled Deykoba to be guarded. He began to walk about before a house here and there, it proceeded approximately minute, all the time he carried me after itself.
     I am an idiot, he mumbled to itself under a nose.
    it is Jake, that such special did happen? you usnul just. I reaped shoulders.
     I wanted to talk with you. I can not trust.
     So talk with me now.
    On a second, Dzheykob met with me a look, and quickly turned one's away toward trees. It seemed to me, he pokrasnel, but for him such dark skin, whatever will understand.
    Here I remembered that Edvard, when brought me, warned Dzheykob will say me something, that yelled mentally.
    I began to bite lips.
     Understand, Dzheykob said. all was Planned a bit differently.
    He began to the laugh, amusing oneself above itself.
     I wanted, that all passed smoothly, he added. rasplaniroval everything, but. he gave a glance upwards on dimmings clouds.
     I do not have time, that all doing is correct.
    He began to the laugh again, for this time nervously. We still continued slowly to go.
     what do you talk About? I demanded explanations.
    Before to answer, he breathed deeply.
     I want, something to say you. you and so already know it. but, think, I must say it aloud. Simply, that no doubts were, regarding it.
    My feet as if grew in in earth, and he had to stop. Freeing the hand from his grip, I crossed hands on a breast. Suddenly, I understood that not nearly wished to know that he wanted to say.
    The eyebrows of Dzheykoba met, covering shade his dark eyes.
    When he drilled me a look, his eyes were more black black.
     I love you, Bella, loudly and Jake pronounced confidently. it is Bella, I love you. And I want, that you chosen me, but not him. I know, you adhere to quite another opinion, but I need to speak out, that you knew everything. I do not want, that between you and me there was some nedoskazannost'

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