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25Stefani Mayer

     Or so they supposed. Yakha Uta decomposed stinking remains, to show elders. The torn off brush lay next to a stone hand of creature. Two pieces adjoined, when elders turned them sticks, to consider, and a palm stretched to the hand, trying to accrete with it.
     Frightened by it, elders burned out everything, that remained from a creature. Contaminating air, the enormous cloud of terrible stink rose. When an ash is only, they collected him in the great number of little sacs and dispersed them far from each other one in an ocean, one in-field, other in the caves of cliff. Takha of Aki hung up one sac on a neck, to know, if a creature again some time will make an effort collect itself.
    Old Kvil did a pause and looked on Billy. Billy fished out a thin kozhennuyu rope, hanging on a neck. On it, there was a little sac, potemnevshiy from time. A few persons breathed from a surprise. Possibly, I was one of them.
     They named this creature Cold or by Blood-sucker, and lived in fear expecting that can will appear et al. They have an only one defender wolf, young Yakha Uta.
     They did not have long to wait. A creature had a pair, another blood-sucker, it came to Kviletam, that otmstit'.
     Legend has it that Cold Woman was the most wonderful creation which was some time seen by people. When it came in the morning down to the country, it looked as a goddess, getting down from skies, a sun lighted and from it its white skin was overcame radiance, and hairs, going down up to knees, twinkled gold. A person charmed it the beauty, and dark eyes were selected on a background a white skin. Some fallen down on knees, to worship it.
    it is asked something, by a high oxyphonia, in language of which nobody yet heard. People were in confusion, not knowing how to answer it. Among them there were not people of blood of Takha of Aki, except for one little boy. He stretched to the mother yelling, that his spout zabolel from a smell. Odin from elders stood alongside and heard a boy, he understood that had come to them. He began to the cry people, that they scattered. It put to death him the first.
     there Were twenty witnesses of the phenomenon of Cold Woman. In living remained only two, because maddened from blood, it did a pause, to appease thirst. They began to the run to Takha of Aki, which was on advice with other elders, sons and third wife.
     Yakha Uta grew into a wolf, as soon as heard news. He began to tear along one, that will battle with a blood-sucker. Takha of Aki and his third wife, sons and elders followed on him.
     At first they did not see a creature, only tracks of its terrible attack. Bodies lay lifeless, a few bloodless, razbrosanny near a road wherein it appeared. Then they heard screaming and made a haste to the harbour.
     Handful of Kviletov tried to pull through on shipboard. It started a swim after them as if a shark, and broke a bottom with unbelievable force. When a ship submerged, it had caught trying to pull through and put to death them also.
    it is noticed a great wolf ashore and forgot about remaining in water. Started a swim to him so quickly, that showed oneself the washed out spot, and went out ashore wet and wonderful, becoming Utoy before Yakha. It specified on him a white finger and set another question in the incomprehensible language. Yakha Uta waited.
     This was a short fight. It was not such strong warrior as its sputnik. But Yakha Uta was one there was nobody, that distracted its fury on itself.
     When Yakha Uta lost, Takha of Aki had roared. He fallen down on knees and grew into an ancient wolf with a white head. A wolf was old, but this was Takha of Aki, Man Spirit, and fury did his strong. Boy began again.
     Third wife of Takha Aki saw death of the son just. Now her husband fought not on life, but on death, and it did not have a hope, that he will be able to win. It heard everything, that was talked on advice by the witnesses of that butchery, it heard history of Yakha of Uty, about the first victory over a creature, and knew that the false attack of his brother had rescued him.
     the Third wife grasped a knife, hanging on a belt at one of its, standings alongside, sons. It knew, whatever its young sons which did not yet become men would survive after death a father.
     the Third wife dashed to the Cold woman with the edge of knife proposed forward. The cold smiled, only slightly abstract a fight against an old wolf. It did not have fear before a weak human woman or before its knife which will not be even able to scratch slightly its skin, it going to inflict the death-blow of Takha of Aki.
     And here, third wife did that the Cold woman could not expect in any way. It fallen down on knees to the feet of blood-sucker and stuck a dagger to itself in a heart.
     Blood was poured through the fingers of the third wife, sprinkled on the Cold woman. A blood-sucker was not able to withstand, before temptation of fresh to blood, to the following from the body of the third wife. Instinctively turn to the dying woman, only on one second abstract the thirst.
     And the dog-teeth of Takha of Aki closed up round its neck.
     This was the not end of fight, but Takha of Aki now was not alone. Looking after how their mother died, two cadets felt such anger, that it woke up perfumes of their wolves in advance. Together with the father they finished a creature.
     Takha of Aki no longer went back into a tribe.
     Remaining forever in the look of beast, all days long he lay near the body of the third wife, and growled on each, who tried to touch to it, and then went away in the forest and no longer returned.
     Troubles with cold since that day became rareness. The sons of Takha of Aki guarded a tribe, while already their sons were not sufficiently adults, to take their places. There never were more than three wolves in one time. And it was enough. Now and then blood-suckers got in these earths, and they were zastignuty by surprise, not expecting wolves. Wolves perished sometimes, but never in such amount, as in the first time. They learned to contest with cold, they handed on these torches mentally from a wolf to the wolf, from a spirit to the spirit, from a father to the son.
     years Passed, and the offspring of Takha of Aki no longer became wolves, arriving at maturity. Only in the case of danger, when the cold were alongside, wolves returned. The cold always came one by one or in a pair, and a wolfish covey remained little.
     When the more of them appeared, whole family, your own, great pra-praded was prepared to contest with them. Their leader, led itself as a man, appealed to Efraimu Bleku, and promised not to cause harm of Kviletam. His unusual yellow eyes testified that they not such as all of blood-suckers. Wolves were far fewer, what cold, and blood-suckers could not offer an agreement, they and so could win over them. Efraim consented. They adhered to the promises, but their presence was compelled by the number of covey to grow.
     Number of wolves grew, them became so much, how many a tribe yet never saw. Old Kvil Said, and on one instant his black eyes, hidden in wrinkles, surrounding them, were stopped for me. Except for, certainly, times of Takha of Aki. he said breathing. And now the sons of our tribe carry this burden again, as well as their otcy, carried to them.
    It became quietly on any time. The living descendants of magic and legends looked on each other through a fire with melancholy in eyes. All, except for one.
    it is Burden, he said quietly. And I think it is steep. the complete lower lip of Kvila was slightly pulled out.
    Opposite a smouldering fire, Set Klirvoter looked with a delight on the defenders of tribe and nodded, acceding to him.
    Billy burst out laughing low and long, and magic seemed, dissolved in smouldering coals. Unexpectedly, this collection again became simply around friends. Dzhared threw little pebble in Kvila and all began to the laugh, when that jumped up. All began to communicate, banter and fools around, all as usual.
    Lea Klirvoter so did not open an eye. And it seemed to me in one moment, as though something sparkled for it on a cheek, possibly tear, but when I looked once again, nothing was.
    Neither I nor Dzheykob, did not speak. He sat motionlessly near me and breathed deeply and quietly, it seemed to me that he almost zasnul.
    My ideas were far on thousands of years back. I did not think about Yakha Utu, or other wolves, or about the wonderful Cold woman I could easily itself to present them. No, I thought about that, whoever was related to magic. I tried to present the face of woman the name of which I do not know, which rescued a whole tribe, third wife.
    Simply human woman, without the special capabilities and force. Physically, the weakest and slow, as compared to any of monsters in this legend. But it was the key, decision. It rescued the husband, cadets, tribe.
    It is sorry that they did not remember its name.
    Something shook me for a hand.
     Let, Belz. Dzheykob said to me in an ear. We arrived.
    I blinked, confusedly, because a fire disappeared already. Made an effort peer into unexpected darkness, trying to understand where I am. A minute was enough, to realize that we already not near a cliff. We with Dzheykobom were one. He still hugged me a hand, but I already did not sit on earth.
    How did I get in the machine of Dzheykoba?
     Here fignya! I breathed out, understanding that zasnula. Already lately? The devil take it, where this frigging telephone? I posharila, turning inside out pockets, but it was empty there.
     Quietly. Yet even not midnight. I already called him in place of you. Look, he waits there.
    it is Midnight? I repeated foolishly, still confused. I was covered in darkness, and my heart hardly not jumped out, when my eyes noticed the outline of Vol'vo, approximately in thirty yards from us (27, 43 meters). I stretched to the handle of door, that to go out from a machine.
     Hold, Dzheykob said, and put a little telephone in other my hand. it is Telephone.
     did you ring Edvardu for the sake of me?
    My eyes already svyklis' enough with darkness, to notice the flashing smile of Dzheykoba. I understood, if I will play honestly, able more than time to conduct with you.
     Thank you Jake. I said touched his words. Indeed, thank you to you. And thank you, that invited me this evening. It was. I did not have the words. Vau. It was nothing special.
     And you did not even wake up, that to look, as I swallowed a cow. he Began to the laugh. No, I am glad that pleased you. It was me. pleasantly. That you were there, with me.
    I noticed some motion in darkness something ghostly loomed up on a background ebonies. Missed?
     Mda, he not very much that patient, true? Dzheykob said noticing that I was distracted. Let, go to him. Only return rather, well?
     Certainly, Jake. I promise, I said, opening a door. Cold wind blew in feet, I began to the tremble.
     Sleep firmly, Belz. About anything not worry I will guard you today.
    I stopped beating, having time an only to one leg to step on earth. No, Jake, rest, with me thing come right.
     Certainly, certainly, he said rather for that, that to quiet me, what consenting.
     good Night, Jake. Thank you
     good Night, Bella, he whispered, while I hastily retired in darkness.
    Edvard met me on a border.
    it is Bella, he said with a facilitation and hugged me.
    it is Hello. Excuse me, that so lately. I zasnula and
     I know. Dzheykob explained everything. he headed for a machine, I slightly rocked. ustala you? I would bear you.
     It is all right.
     Let us drive you home, and will put to sleep. Did you spend time well?
     Yes, it was shockingly, Edvard. It is sorry me, that you could not come. I even can not describe you it. The father of Jake told us old legends, and it was so.. magically.
     will Tell, since will sleep.
     However able to pass. I said and yawned widely.
    Edvard, to po-dobromu, smiled. Opened a door, admitting me, and fastened the strap of safety.
    Alongside light of headlights blazed up and swept over by. I waved in track of machine of Dzheykoba, but did not understand whether he noticed.
    When I arrived, Charley did not have made a scene me, as I expected, because Dzheykob called him and warned. In place of that at once to be heaped up to sleep, I came forward in the opened window, expecting appearance of Edvarda. Night was unexpectedly cold, almost winter. I not nearly noticed it on a windy cliff, and think not because a fire burned, but because I sat next to Dzheykobom.
    An icy drop fallen down me on a person, and a rain began.
    It was too dark, to consider, something except for rocking from wind of triangles fir-trees. But I strained sight however, trying to look over other outlines. Pale silhouette, locomotive in darkness, as if a ghost, or, maybe, not clear contour of enormous wolf. My eyes were too weak, to consider.
    And here some motion, straight next to me. Edvard slipped in the opened window, his hands were more cold raining.
     Dzheykob there? I asked, beginning to the tremble, when Edvard hugged me.
     Yes, somewhere. And to Esme just on a way home.
    I breathed. Now so coldly and wetly. It is stupidity.
    I began to the tremble again.
    He smiled. It you are cold only, Bella.
    It was today cold me in sleep, can be because I slept in the cuddles of Edvarda. A thunderstorm dreamed me, I was in the street, wind blew up my hairs, blinded me eyes. I stood on the stony bank of the First Beach, trying to know that there for quickly locomotive silhouettes in a distant end, but barely could distinguish them. At first, nothing was visible, except for white and black flashes, approached, and then removed. But suddenly, as if a moon went out from clouds, I was able to see everything.
    Rosalie, its wet gold hairs handed down curls up to knees, it was attacked by an enormous wolf, muzzle in silvery podpalinakh, in an animal I knew Billy Bleka instinctively.
    I dashed to hurry, but discovered that hardly can be stirred, as usual is in sleep. Tried to yell them, to say, that they stopped, but my voice flew away with wind, I could pronounce not a sound. Began to the wave hands, trying to come into their notice. Something flashed in my hand, and here I paid attention in the first time, that my right arm is not empty.
    I held a long sharp blade, ancient, serebrennyy, covered the crust of the darkened blood.
    Otshvyrnuv knife, I sharply opened eyes in darkness of the bedroom. First that reached to me, that I had been not alone, I turned and hid a face in a breast Edvarda, knowing that the pleasant aroma of his skin will be driven away by any nightmare better than other mean.
     did I awaken you? he whispered. In a quiet was audible only rustle of pages, and deaf sound something fallen down on the wooden floor.
     No, I mumbled, breathing and melting in his ob'yat'yakh. bad sleep dreamed me.
     does Want to tell me?
     No. I rocked a head Too ustala. Can tomorrow, if will remember.
    He answered an easy laughter.
     Well, in the morning.
     That you read, I mumbled, not waking up to the end.
    it is the Storm mountain pass, he said.
    I frowned drowsily. Thought, you did not love this book.
     You left it, he whispered the velvet, driving me to the unconscious state, by voice.
     Except for togo.chem more than time I convey with you, the more human emotions appear for me. I discovered that sympathize Khitklifu, whatever before noticed after itself.
     Khm. I breathed.
    He quietly said something yet, but I fallen already.
    A morning appeared grey and quiet. Edvard asked me about my sleep, but I so was not able to remember nothing, it was in addition, that cold me at night, and that I was glad to find his row, when woke up. Before left home, changed clothes and take away a machine, he kissed me long enough, that my pulse became more frequent.
    I on was quickly put, I did not have had a problem of choice of clothes. That, who dug in my basket with dirty linen, critically estimated my cloak-room. It did not frighten me, but irritated terribly.
    Already going to go down to breakfast, I noticed my shabby edition of the Storm mountain pass, a book lay on the floor opened, on a that place, where Evard dropped by its night, he recurved a page, similarly as well as I always did.
    I heaved up it interestedly, trying to remember that he talked. Something about sense of liking to Khitklifu, more than to other heroes. No, made a mistake probably, probably, it dreamed me.
    Words on the opened page came into my notice, and I looked closely more attentive. Khitklif talked, and I remembered this indention well.
    Distinction is herein visible between his love and to my: be I in his place, and he on my, I, though burn me the fiercest hatred, never I heaved up on him a hand. Do you look with distrust? Yes, never! I would never banish him from its society, while it wants to be near him. At that o'clock, when he would become it indifferent, I would tear up a heart from his breast and would drink his blood! But until then if disbelieve, you do not know me until then I would give to cut itself to pieces, but would not touch a hairspring on his head!
    (translation of N. Vol'pin)
    Words which came into my notice were would drink his blood.
    I gave a start.
    Yes, certainly, to me, probably, dreamed, that Edvard had said something positive about Khitklife. And this page, probably not that which he read. And a book could fall down and opened on any page.

Chapter 12

     I had vision. began Alice ominous tone.
    Edvard made an effort poke up it an elbow in a side, but it uvernulas' well.
     Fine, it growled. Edvard compelled me it to say. But I indeed foresaw that if I arranged you a surprise, it would be much difficult you to accept it.
    We went to the machine after school, and I did not have not the least concept, what it talked about.
     And is it possible in English? I asked.
     be not a child. And that no the hysterics.
     I am terrible Now.
     That, for you, that for us, there will be an evening-party on occasion of exhaust. Nothing special. Nothing such, from what it would be necessary to worry. But I saw that you would experience, if this evening-party will become a surprise for you. It, hopping, stepped back after the voyage, avoiding Edvarda, stretching, to ruffle its hairs, and Edvard declared that I must will be you tell about it. But I promise, that will be nothing special.
    I breathed heavily:
     is it Needed to argue on this theme?
     does not Absolutely stand.
     Well, Alice, I will come. And promise, that every minute of this evening-party will be hateful me.
     Well that for a mood! By the way, I already adore your gift. you did not need to be bothered.
    it is Alice, I and not bothered.
     About, I know, but will be.
    I strained brains, in panic trying to remember, what I could decide such to give a present it on exhaust.
     Surprisingly, Edvard mumbled. As is someone such tiny, can be so irritating?
    Alice began to the laugh:
    it is talent.
     Really could not you wait a few weeks, before to say me about it? I Discontentedly asked. Now I will have to experience on this occasion far longer.

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