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19Stefani Mayer

     did you crush somebody's lady-cat? he asked merrily.
    I knew that he did not want to draw out history from me, but after his words burning curiosity was heard.
     No, I breathed heavily, and then whispered quickly, explaining, I thought, Dzheykob must was guess. I did not think that it would surprise him.
    Edvard waited, while I will summon up a courage, to continue.
     He did not expect. that it will happen so soon.
     And, Edvard said quietly.
     He said that preferred to see me dead, my voice broke away on the last word.
    Trying to hide the reaction from me, Edvard quieted down for a time. Then he gently attracted me to the breast.
     so it is sorry me.
     I thought, you would be happy, I whispered.
     Glad that is sick you? he mumbled, burying oneself in my hairs, does not think, Bella.
    I breathed and weakened, settling down more conveniently in ob'yat'yakh of his stone body. But he was again strained and hardened.
     That did happen? I asked.
     Can me say.
    He was silent with minute.
    it is can razozlit' you.
     I however want to know.
    He breathed.
     I am almost ready to put to death him for that he said. I want him to put to death.
    I began to the laugh hesitatingly.
     I think, it is perfect, that you are so well able to control itself.
     I can not restrain a temper, his voice was thoughtful.
     If you going to lose control, I can find more suitable occasion for this purpose, I stretched to his person, trying to kiss him. His hands hugged me stronger.
    He breathed.
     Well why always must I be responsible?
    I smiled in darkness.
     not owe, allow me to take your responsibility on a few minutes. or clock.
     good Night, Bella.
     Wait. I about something wanted to ask you.
     About what?
     I spoke with Rosalie by past night.
    His body was again strained.
     Yes. It thought about it, when I came. Did it give you much food for reflections?
    His voice was disturbed, and I understood that he thought about those reasons to remain a man, which Rosalie named me. But I was interested koe in what major.
    it is a bit told me. about that time, when your family lived in Denali.

    There was a short pause. Beginning surprised him.
    it is mentioned something about the clan of women of vampires. and about you.
    He did not answer, although I waited long.
     not worry, I said, when a quiet became pressing, is said that you to nobody not. manifested some preference. But I am simple curiously, whether there was something from their side. That, whether they showed to you interest.
    He again said nothing.
     Which them them? I asked, trying to compel to sound my voice workaday and indifferently. Were attempts not very much succeeded, Or them it was a few?
    There is not an answer. I would like to see his person, then it is possible it was to guess that means his silence.
     Alice will tell me, I declared, I will go and will ask it right now.
    His hands squeezed me so, that I was not able to move.
     Already lately, he said, His voice sounded a bit sharp, nothing new, a bit nervously, can, a bit abashedly. In addition, think, Alice went away.
     Badly, did I say, It very badly, does not it? I began to panic, my heart began to the beat increased, when I presented the wonderful immortal rival of which never unawared.
     Calm down, Bella, he said, kissing the tag of my nose, Your conduct is absurd.
     Really? Then why will not you tell me?
     Because there is nothing to tell. you make an elephant out of fly.
     Which? I insisted.
    He breathed.
     Tani had some interest. I in a very polite, gentlemanly form gave it to understand that does not reciprocate one's feeling it. End of history.
    I, as could, tried to give voice of calmness.
     Tell me as it looks?
     As all of us belokozhaya, with gold eyes, he answered too hastily.
     And, certainly, shockingly beautiful.
    I felt, as he reaped shoulders.
     For a man, probably, did he say indifferently, you know Although, that?
     That? I asked impatiently.
    He brought lips to my ear, his cold breathing tickled me, I prefer brunettes.
     And it is a blonde. Here to you and reason.
    it is the Reddish blonde not nearly in my taste.
    I thought over it some time, trying to be concentrated, while his lips inched on my cheek, then downward on a throat, and countermarched. He had time to do it three times, I began to speak before.
     Then, think, it is all right, I decided.
     Khmm, he whispered, kissing my skin, you so charming, when revnuesh'. It appears it is pleasant.
    I was angrily covered in darkness.
     Already lately, again he whispered almost soundless, his voice was more tender than silk.
     Sleep, my Bella. Sweet sleeps. you the unique touched my heart. I will always be your. Sleep, my unique love.
    He began to purr me lullaby. I knew that to yield to him was the matter of time, therefore closed eyes and snuggled up stronger to his breast.

Chapter 9

    With the purpose of maintenance of legend about the evening-party of pyjamas, Alice in the morning knocked up me home. Soon, officially returning from the turpokhoda. Edvard must was appear, I was awfully irritated by all of it sham, becoming a vampire I exactly will not begin to languish for a human taradiddle.
    Charley peeked out in a window, hearing, as I slammed the door of machine. He waved Alice and went to open an entrance door.
     did spend time Well? asked Charley.
     Certainly, all was healthy. Ochen'.po girlish.
    I brought the things inward, giving up them down at a stair, and went out into a kitchen to bite.
     to you report, Charley cried me.
    A notebook for public-call notes stood on a cook-table, on prominent position, leaning against a sauce-boat.
    Dzheykob rang, it was written with podcherkom of Charley.
    He ordered to pass, that actually does not think so, and that he regrets. Asked to ring up. Be pain'koy and give him a chance. He was off-tune.
    I squirmed a grimace. Charley always so in detail writes down reports for me.
    Dzheykob can go a little rather and disordered how many pleasingly. I do not want with him to speak. And in general, from the potustoronnego world does not ring. If Dzheykob prefers to see me dead, let privykaet to the quiet.
    An appetite disappeared. I developed and went to decompose the things.
    are you really will not ring up Dzheykobu? asked Charley. He leaned one's the elbows at a wall in a living room, looking after me.
    I began to rise on a stair.
     It not very much politely, Bella, he said, Able to forgive this good value.
     Engage in the businesses, I muttered quietly, that he did not hear.
    I knew that for me the whole heap of dirty linen was already saved. Cleaning teeth, I threw the dirty clothes in a basket and went to change the bed beds in the room of Charley. Leaving his sheets on the overhead step of stair, I left after it.
    Stopping bedside, I looked on sides.
    Where my pillow? I developed, examining a room. A pillow was not. I noticed that my room had looked unusually cleaned. Really did not my grey shirt hang on the back of bed? And can swear, that after an arm-chair-kachalkoy I left the pair of dirty socks and red blouse which tried on two days back, but decided that it is too good-looking for school, so leaving it to hang on a hand-rail. I developed again. My basket did not empty for dirty linen, but also was not overcrowded, as before.
    Really did Charley undertake a washable? Not look like him.
     Dads, did you decide to wash? I cried in the unclosed door.
     No. And that? did he answer, it is Necessary?
     And it is not, I so. Did you search something in my room?
     No. Why?
     I do not can nayti.koftu.
     did not Even call to you.
    And then I remembered that Alice had called here to take my pyjamas. I did not notice somehow, that it adopted in concert and my pillow, although, who knows, I with application avoided a bed. All looked so, as though, collecting that needs it, it yet on motion and cleaned up. It became ashamed me for the untidiness.
    But a that red woman's jacket quite not was stained, so that I left to fish for it from the heap of dirty linen.
    I expected to find it on-the-spot, but it was not. Interruption all of heap of linen I did not find a woman's jacket so. I knew that it already became alike on paranoyu, but it seemed to me that something disappeared yet, and possibly not alone thing. A basket was filled less than on a half.
    I collected the sheets and, taking away linen of Charley on the way, went off to the washing-machine. It was empty. I glanced and in a dryer, expecting to find the washed linen there, it would be very kind from the side of Alice. Nothing. I frowned, simply mysticism some.
     did you find what searched? Charley Shouted.
     it is not While.
    I returned on a top, to look under the bed. But there was nothing, except for a dust. I began to dig in the closet. Maybe, I pushed in a red blouse there and forgot.
    I surrendered, when a bell was heard in a door. It Edvard probably.
    it is Door, revealed to me Charley, koda I got through by him.
     not bother itself, dads.
    I opened a door with a wide smile on face.
    The gold eyes of Edvarda were widely opened, his nostrils were blown up, lips had sat up, bare teeth.
    it is Edvard? my voice became sharp from shock, when I saw expression of his person. That?
    He attached a finger to my lips. Give me two seconds, he whispered, not move.
    I stopped beating on a threshold, and he. simply disappeared. He moved so quickly, that Charley did not even notice him, when he slipped by him.
    He returned before I had time to count to two. He hugged me for a waist and quickly pulled at me toward a kitchen. He examined a room carefully, holding me how if he covered me from something by the body. I cast a look on Charley, lying on a sofa, but he with application did not notice us.
     Someone was here, he whispered to me on an ear, since took me in the end of kitchen. Tension was felt in his voice, I hardly heard him through noise of washing-machine.
     Swear, that not a single werewolf I began.
     It not they, he broke a secret me, negatively rocking a head, It someone from us.
    His tone clear gave to understand that he did not mean it family.
    Blood poured off from my person.
    it is Viktoriya? it is constrained I breathed out.
    it is an unknown smell.
    it is Someone from Volturi, I supposed.
     I think that it can be they because it happened recently, today early in the morning, while Charley slept. And whoever it was not, he did not have touched him, consequently they had other purpose.

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