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    And then Dzheykob squeezed teeth, and growling was halted. He blinked firmly, trying to be concentrated, trembling almost passed, only hands trembled still.
     Weeks, Dzheykob said even voice.
    I was not able to answer, I still could not be stirred.
    He opened eyes. In them already there was not fury.
     He going to change you, converting into a dirty blood-sucker, only in a few weeks! he hissed through teeth.
    Too dumbfounded, to take in bad his words, I nodded simply silently.
    His person pozelenelo under a russet skin.
     Certainly, Jake, I whispered after the whole minute of silence, to Him seventeen, Dzheykob. And I approach nineteen every day. Besides, why to wait? He all, what I want. That can I getting on?
    The last question was rhetorical.
    His words struck me, as a whip.
     Whatever, only not it. Whatever. It would be better, if you died. I would prefer to see you dead.
    I jumped back, as though from a slap in the face. It was more sick, than, if he struck me.
    And then, as soon as this pain leaked out into me, my self-possession burst.
     Can be you and will drive, I said coldly, shook me, Can, on the return trip I will be hammered together by a truck.
    I grasped the motor cycle and chucked out it in a rain. Dzheykob did not move from a place, when I passed by. As soon as I appeared on a little, dirty path, I was upstart on a motor cycle and jerked from a place. From under a back wheel the fountain of dirt took off toward a garage, and I hoped that he would touch Dzheykoba.
    I promokla fully, while rode on a slippery highway to the house of Kallenov. Wind, seemed, froze a rain on my skin, and my teeth began to knock yet half-way to the purpose.
    Motor cycles are not too practical for Washington. Certainly I will sell the foolish piece of iron at the first possibility.
    I rolled bayk in the underground garage of Kallenov and there was udivlenna, finding there waiting me Alice. It sat on the hood of the Porsha, gently stroking a machine on a yellow surface.
     I did not even have a chance on it to sweep, it breathed.
     I am sorry, I procedila through, klacayushie from a cold, teeth.
     You need a hot shower obviously, it said, jumping off from a hood.
    It pursed one's lips, carefully looking after me.
     do you want to talk about that happened?
    It nodded concordantly, but curiosity glittered in its eyes.
     do you want to ride this evening in Olimpiyu?
     Not Very much. Is it possible I will go home?
    It squirmed a grimace.
     not take in a head, Alice, I said, I will remain, if it will be you from it easier.
     Thank you, it breathed out with a facilitation.
    That evening I decided to lie down a bit earlier, again convolving on his sofa.
    When I woke up, it was yet dark. I considered sproson'ya, that yet not morning. My eyes were closed, I had stretched, inverted on other side. A second may need, to understand that this motion must was bring down me on the floor. And that zasypala by me in less comfort terms.
    I developed back, trying to look over a room. It was darker, than by past night, clouds were too dense in an order to skip moonlight.
     I am sorry, he whispered so quietly, that his voice seemed part of darkness, I did not want to wake you.
    I delayed, expecting and it, and his anger, but there was only a quiet and calmness in darkness of his room. It is possible it was almost to make an attempt sweet taste of reconciliation, soaring in mid air, and separately from him aroma of his breathing. Emptiness, appearing, while we were far from each other, left it bitter poslevkusie is was nothing, whatever I realized, while it did not disappear.
    In distance, separating us from each other, there was not tension. A quiet was peaceful, but as not calm before a storm, but as clean night, even untouched sleep about a gale.
    I was no longer flustered by that I going on him to be angered. It was me however, that I going to be angered on all. I stretched to him, found his hands in darkness, and moved to him closer. He hugged me, pinning against the breast. My searching lips moved upwards on his throat, on a chin, while, finally, his lips did not find.
    Edvard gently kissed me and smiled.
    it is I all did summon up a courage, expecting anger of the enraged grizzly, and, what I get? It follows me more frequent than you to anger.
     Give me a minute to reform, I podraznila, kissing him again.
     I will wait so much, how many you will want, he breathed out to me in lips, starting fingers in my hairs.
    My breathing became uneven.
     Can be in the morning.
     As will say.
     Welcome home, I said, when his cold lips touched me gently, I am glad that you returned.
     It very well.
    it is Mm, I consented, yet stronger hugging him for a neck.
    His hand twined round my elbow, inching downward on a hand, ribs and waist, then moved below, sliding on a thigh and leg, twining round my knee. He stayed too long there, winding around a hand my caviar. Unexpectedly he filled up my leg on it on a thigh.
    I left off to breathe. It he did not afford usually. In spite of his cold hands, I suddenly felt warmly. His lips moved to deepening at foundation of my throat.
     While did not you begin gnevat'sya, he whispered, can, will explain, what you dislike this bed?
    Before I was able to answer, before I was able to be concentrated sufficiently, to grasp the meaning his words, he was rolled on the back, pulling up me on itself. He held my person hands, turning under such corner, that his mouth was able to reach throat. My breathing was too loud, it was even embarrassing, but I was not in the that state, to test shame.
    it is Bed? he asked again, I think, it charming.
    it is unavailing, able to say of I.
    He again attracted my person to it, and our lips met in a kiss. For this time slowly, he turned over, and again appeared above me. He was careful, trying, that I did not feel his weight, but could feel the cold marble of his body, cuddling to me. My heart knocked so loudly, that I caught his quiet laughter hardly.
     Debatable, he disagreed. will Us rather difficult do the same on a sofa.
    His language, cold as if ice, led around the contour of my lips carefully.
    My head went around, air was included in lights too quickly and not deeply.
     did you change a mind? I asked, strangling. Maybe, he changed opinion, despite all of the careful rules. Maybe, under this bed he implied something more considerable, than I thought. My heart knocked almost painfully, while I waited his answer.
    Edvard breathed, rolled aside.
     be not silly, Bella, he said, with strong disappointment and voice, obviously, considering that I had because of, I simply wanted to make an effort show you advantages of bed which, alike, you dislike. Be not carried away.
     Too Late, I muttered and added, And I like bed.
     Well, I heard a smile in his voice, when he kissed me bruteforce.
     to me also. But do I think still, that there is not a necessity in it, I continued, If we not going to be carried away, what in it then sense?
    He breathed again:
     In hundredth times tell you, Bella, to be carried away dangerously.
     I love dangers, I insisted.
     I know, he said with caustic faint notes in voice, and I understood that he had seen a motor cycle in a garage.
     will Tell you, that actually dangerously, I said of quickly, while he was not commuted on a new theme, In one of such days I going spontaneously to inflame and you will not be able to blame herein nobody, except for itself.
    He began to push away me from itself.
     What do you do? I made a protest, caught for him.
     Protect you from a self-ignition. If it for you too.
     I am able to restrain a temper, I insisted.
    He allowed me to go back into the cuddles.
     I am sorry, you got it right my actions not, he said. I did not want to do you unhappy. It was not nice for my hand.
     it was very-very good Generally.
    He breathed deeply.
     not ustala you Really? It is necessary to give you to have a good sleep.
     No, not ustala. I do not object, if again will understand you not correctly.
     Possibly, it is a bad idea. you are not unique, who can be carried away.
     No, unique, I
    mumbled He began to the laugh:
    it is Bella, from where to know you. But it quite not means that your persistence can undermine my self-control.
     I not going to apologize for it.
     And can I be sorry?
     For what?
     were you vexed on me, remember?
     Ah, it.
     Excuse me, I was not rights. I am far easy, when you here, for me, out of harm's way, his hands compressed round me, I go down from a mind, trying to abandon you. Not think, that again will go away so far. It that does not cost.
    I smiled.
     did not you find the couple of pumas?
     found Generally. Not worry. I am sorry me, that I asked Alice to hold you a captive. This was a bad idea.
     Yes, I confirmed.
     I will no longer be.
     Well, I simply said. He was already forgiven, But the pluses indeed have evening-parties of pyjamas. I was moved nearer to him. Stronger twined round him, pinning lips against his collar-bone, Personally you, can hold me a captive, how many will want.
    it is Mm, he whispered, catch you on a word.
     Well that, now my turn?
    it is Your turn? he asked surprised.
     to Be sorry.
     For what you?
     are not you on me angered? I asked blinking.
    Sounded plausibly.
    I frowned eyebrows.
     did you see Alice, when did come home?
     Yes and that?
     will you take away back Porsh?
     Certainly, it is not. It is a gift.
    It is sorry that I did not see expression of his person. But voice sounded so, he was offended as though.
     do not you want to know, what I did? I asked, beginning to be surprised obvious absence of interest.
    I felt, as he reaped shoulders.
     that you do always interesting me, but you can me not tell, if does not want.
     But, I rode in La Push.
     And missed school.
    it is I also.
    I looked toward his voice, touching the fingers of his person, and tried to understand his mood.
     From where so much tolerance? I demanded explanations.
    He breathed.
     I decided that you are right. My problem was v. prejudices in relation to werewolves. I will endeavour to be more objective and to trust your judgements. If you talk that there safely, means so it and am.
     And. most important. I do not want, what would interfere with it our relations.
    I put a head to him on a breast and closed eyes, feeling high satisfactory.
     So, did he whisper by workaday tone, you planned already, when again will return in La Push?
    I did not answer. His words were returned by flashbacks about Dzheykobe, and my throat compressed involuntarily.
    He interpreted my silence and tension not correctly.
     It I to that, to have time to plan employment and to itself, he explained quickly, does not want, what you felt, that must hurry back, because I sit here and wait.
     No, I said, and did not know the voice, I no longer going to return there.
     About, it does not cost you to do for the sake of me.
     does not think that me there wait still, I whispered.

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