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17Stefani Mayer

     However, for anything will not guess. you understand, Kvil not tusovalsya with us, well, to the last moment. So for Emili he was rarely.
     Kvil also did fall in love in Emili? I breathed out.
     And it is not! I tell you, not guess. Guest of Emili were a two nieces. and Kvil met Clare.
    He did not begin to continue. I thought over a situation some time.
     does not Emili want, that its niece contacted with a werewolf? A bit hypocritically from its side, I said.
    But I could understand its senses. I again thought of long scars, disfiguring her face and stretched out on all of right arm. Sam lost control above itself only once, when was too close to it. Only unique once. I saw pain in the eyes of Sam, when he looked at that created with Emili. I could understand why Emili wants to protect the niece from it.
     does Ask you, you can leave off to guess? you are a miss of the mark however. Emili quite not against,, yet before time.
     That does mean early?
    Dzheykob squinted and looked at me.
     Endeavour not to judge strictly, all right?
    I nodded watchfully.
    it is Clare only two years, Dzheykob said.
    A rain began. I zamorgala stunned, when drops began to fall me on a person.
    Dzheykob waited silently. On him, as usual, there was not a jacket, a rain abandoned dark patches on his sport shirt and wet his shaggy hairs. His person expressed no emotions.
     Kvil.vlyubilsya..v two-year girl? I, finally, was able to formulate a question.
     Every is, Dzheykob reaped shoulders. He was bent after another stone and tossed his side of bay, Or, at least, so talked in legends.
     But it is a child, I made a protest.
    He darkly looked at me.
     Kvil no longer will staret', he reminded slightly caustic tone, it is Simply needed it will be to wait a few decades.
    it is I. I do not know that to say.
    I tried to be not indignant, but, sooth to the say, I was in horror. Since I knew that to no purpose laid werewolves to the feasance of murders, their habits absolutely left off to disturb me. But now.
     You reprobate, he accused me, See on your person.
     I am sorry, I whispered, but it indeed sounds frighteningly.
     Actually it not so. you it is not all correct understand, Protected the friend Dzheykob, perturbative. I saw him eyes, as it happened. Nothing romantic herein for Kvila it was not, he breathed deeply, obviously off-tune.
     it is so difficult to explain It. It not nearly look like love at first blush. It rather. as attraction. When you see it, forces of earth stop to hold you. Only it holds you. And all, except for it, loses the value. And you can do everything for it, to be all for it. you will become, by anyone, for the sake of it. you will be that, who needs it by a defender, beloved, other, by a brother. Kvil will be the best, most kind brother about which a child dreams only. In the world there will not be other such child, about which would take a care better, than about this girl. Then, when it will become more senior and it may need friend, he will be understanding, devoted and reliable, what who that was not by. When it will grow, they will be also happy, as Emili and Sam, at mention of Sam, strange bitter taste was heard in his voice.
     And at is Clare choice?
     Certainly, but why, eventually, not to choose him it? He will be it an ideal pair. As though he was created exactly for it.
    We went silently with minute, while I did not stop to give up a stone in an ocean. Pebble fallen down on sand, not flying so far to water of a few meters. Dzheykob laughed above me.
     all do not can to be super-strong, I muttered.
    He breathed.
     When do you think, it will happen with you? I asked quietly.
    His answer was direct and immediate:
     But is not it possible to control it, does not it?
    He was quiet a few minutes. Unrealized, we both slowed a step, in general, hardly moving.
     it is not fated It to happen, he was acknowledged, I must see it, that unique, my second half.
     And do you think that if you did not see it while, it did not exist? I asked skeptically, Dzheykob, you not nearly saw the world. Saw even less than, than I.
     No, did not see, deafly he said and gave a glance me in a person unexpectedly by a piercing look.
     But I will see more nobody, Bella. I see you only. Even, when close eyes and try to present something other. Ask Kvila or Embri. It mads all of them.
    I dropped eyes, looking over stone.
    We no longer moved. The unique sound was a surf. He recovered even noise raining.
     Probably, I am better to return home, I whispered.
     No! he cried up, surprised my decision.
    I again looked at him, and an alarm was read in his eyes.
     For you all day long free. A vampire bat is not yet present at home.
    I sparkled on him eyes.
     Without offenses, he added quickly.
     Yes, for me all day long free. But, Jake.
    He heaved up hands.
     Excuse me, he said, I will no longer be. I will be simply Dzheykob.
    I breathed:
     But, if you think indeed so.
     not worry about me, he insisted, obezoruzhivayusche smiling, I know that I do. Simply say, if I unhinged you.
     I do not know.
     Give up, Bella. Let us return home and will take our motor cycles. Not rasteryat' skills, it is needed often to go for a drive.
     does not think that it is permissible me.
     by Whom? Charley or krovo or by HIM?
    Dzheykob smiled, unexpectedly becoming that Dzheykobom, which I so missed on, by a sun and warm.
    I was not able to hold out and smiled in reply.
    A rain passed to misty moros'.
     I will say nobody, he promised.
     Except for all of the friends.
    He in earnest nodded and lifted a right arm up:
     Promise not to think about it.
    I began to the laugh:
     If I will suffer, only because allowed itself to persuade.
     As will say.
    We went for a drive on motor cycles on country roads, around La Push, while a beginning rain did not soak them, and they did not become too dirty. Dzheykob began to assure me, that will lose consciousness, if will not eat up. When we called at a house, Billy poprivetstvoval me so, as though my sudden returning was the quite ordinary phenomenon. We had sandwiches, prepared Dzheykobom, then went out into a garage, and I helped him to wash down motor cycles. I was not here a few months, since Edvard returned, but it had no value. Simply, quite ordinary day in a garage.
     Simply remarkably, I marked, when he got from a bag with products warm lemonade, I missed on this place.
    He smiled, looking over plastic covers, clamped with each other above our heads.
     Da-a, still. All of splendour of Tadzh-makhala without inconveniences and expenses on trips to India.
     For little Tadzh-makhal in Washington, I pronounced a toast, lifting the jar.
    We clinked glasses jars with lemonade.
     do you remember closing Date of Valentine? Seems, just then you were here for the last time, then all was yet. normal.
    I began to the laugh:
     Certainly, remember. To be for a sale in slavery for the box of saccharine hearts. Such does not drop off.
    He began to the laugh together with me.
     Exactly. Khm, slavery. It is necessary to think of it, he breathed after, Seems, all of it took a place centuries ago. In other, to the happy era.
    I could not with him consent. My happy era came now. But I was surprised, realizing that too on a great deal miss from that, dark time in my life. I was covered in the opened window on the dense forest. It was rain again, but in a little garage, in a company with Dzheykobom there was a heat. Warmly went from him, as from a stove.
    He very light touched the fingers of my hand.
     All indeed changed.
     And, I said, fishing out a hand and patting on the back wheel of the motor cycle. Charley was by me satisfied. I hope, Billy will not tell about today's. I got a bite lip.
     No, will not tell. He, unlike Charley, does not worry from similar nonsense. Hey, I did not bring you an official apology for a that foolish trick with a motor cycle. I, indeed, regret, that Charley nastuchal on you. I did not want.
    I rolled eyes:
    it is I also.
     I, very-very much, regret.
    He with hope looked at me, his guilty person was framed by wet, entangled hairs.
     All right! you are forgiven.
     Thank you, Bella!
    We with minute smiled, looking on each other, but after, his person pomrachnelo.
     You know, in that day, when I brought a motor cycle. I wanted to ask you about something, he said of slowly, But in also time. did not want.
    I stopped beating is a reaction on stress. This was habit which I adopted from Edvarda.
     simply were obstinate you, because angered on me or you indeed talked in earnest? he whispered.
     On an account what? I whispered in reply, although already so knew, what he asks about.
    He was covered on me.
     You know. When you declared that it not my delo.esli. if he will bite you, he shriveled, pronouncing the last words
    it is Jake. I swallowed and. not able to finish say.
    He closed eyes and breathed heavily.
     did you talk in earnest?
    He slightly trembled. His eyes were still closed.
     Yes, I whispered.
    Dzheykob breathed, slowly and deeply.
     I knew so.
    I attentively looked at his person, expecting, when he will open eyes.
     do you know that it will mean? did he burst suddenly, are you in fact, true, understand it? That will be, if they will violate an agreement?
     we will leave At first, I said of quietly.
    His eyes sparkled, opened; their black depth was full spite and pain.
     For an agreement there are not geographical scopes, Bella. Our prapradedy only that is why consented to keep the peace, that Kalleny swore in that they other, and does not present a danger for people. They promised, that anymore than never nobody will not put to death and will not change. If they not keep word, an agreement loses force, and they stop to differ from other vampires. As soon as it will happen, we will find them.
     But, Jake, really did not you violate an agreement already? did I ask, grasping at a straw, That part, wherever must you tell people about vampires? And you told me. Really is not it partly the breach of contract?
    Dzheykobu did not please my reminder, pain in his eyes grew into a spite.
     Yes, I violated an agreement but before in it believed. And I am sure, it knows them, he caustically scrutinized in my forehead, trying not to meet with my ashamed look, But it is a not that case, that can untie them hands or something, like that. Here is not such, error for an error. They have only one possibility to rotin that they against that I did. The same possibility will be and for us, when they will violate an agreement attack. To begin war.
    He said of it so confidently, that I poezhilas'.
    it is Jake, all can be othergates.
    He closed jaws:
     All will be just like this.
    A quiet after his statement was stunning.
     will you never forgive me, Dzheykob? I whispered. As soon as I pronounced these words, I pozhalela about it. I did not want to hear his answer.
     You will leave off to be Bella, he said to me, My friend no longer will exist. Someone will forgive.
     Znachit will not forgive, I whispered.
    In complete silence we with a minute was looked on each other.
     Znachit forgive, Jake?
    He zamorgal, amazement appeared on his angry face.
     Why? In fact we have a few years. Really do not we can on this time to remain friends?
     Years? No, Jake, not years, I rocked a head, and smiled bitterly, Only a few weeks.
    To such reaction I did not expect from him.
    He, suddenly, appeared on feet; in his hand the jar of lemonade burst with a loud cotton. Lemonade sprinkled in different directions, dousing with me, as if from a hose.
    it is Jake! I said plaintively, but suppressed, when understood that all of his body tingled with anger. He wildly looked at me, a deaf, growling sound rose from his breast.
    I hardened in place, from shock forgetting how to move.
    The wave of trembling swept on his body, becoming all more intensive, while he not zavibriroval. His figure began to acquire not clear outlines.

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