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9Stefani Mayer

    Both engines burst, and we in a dead loop swiftly approach earth.
    I would wait, while we will not appear close enough to earth, firmly holding you, knocked out a wall and jumped. Then I would return you into place of failure, and we would appear happiest survivor for all of history.
    I was covered on him something is unable to say.
     That? he whispered.
    I shook a head, discouraged.
     Nothing, I mumbled.
    Sterev our abstract discussion, I wrote another line.
    Will you say me next time?
    I knew that would be this next time. All of it will proceed, while someone will not lose.
    Edvard some time looked me in eyes. I wanted to know how my person looks now it was cold me, znachit, blood did not yet flow back to my cheeks. My cilia still were wet.
    He breathed, and then nodded one time.
    Thank you.
    The scrap of paper disappeared from my hands. I heaved up a head, surprised blinking, just when Mr. Bertie went on a passage-way between tables.
     It something, what did you want to be partaken with all, Mr. Kallen?
    Edvard heaved up a head, innocently looking at him, and stretched a sheet, lying on his notebook.
    are My records? he asked, depicting confusedly.
    Mr. Bertie looked over records, I did not doubt that there was an ideal copy of his lecture, and then, frowning, stepped back.
    Already later, on mathematics my exclusive occupation without Edvarda, I heard, as someone is tittle-tattle.
     I put on large American Indian, someone said.
    I turned to look as Tayler, Mike, Austin and Ben spoke quietly, close predisposing heads to each other.
     Aha, Mike whispered. did you see the sizes of this kid Dzheykoba? I think, he can put Kallena, it seemed that this idea is pleasant Mike.
     I do not think so, Ben disagreed. there Is something in Edvarde. He always takoy.uverennyy. I have such feeling, that he will be able for itself to stand.
     I agree with Benom, Tayler said, In addition, if a that fellow will pile up Edvardu, you know those, his senior brothers, they obviously will not remain aside.
     When were you for the last time in La Push? Mike asked. We with Lorenom rode on a beach pair of a week ago, and trust me, friends of Dzheykoba, the same large, as well as he.
     Eh, Tayler said. it Is sorry that nothing happened. Probably, we never know, as it could be.
     And it seems to me it is a yet not end, Austin said. Can, we will see yet.
    Mike smiled.
     Who does want to bet?
     Ten on Dzheykoba, Austin declared.
     Ten on Kallena, Tayler said consonant.
     Ten on Edvarda, Ben consented.
     Dzheykob, Mike said.
     Hey, and are you boys know from what that is all? Austin took interest. it is can influence on an equilibrium.
     I can suppose, Mike said, and then for a moment, simultaneously with Benom and Taylerom, glanced on me.
    On their persons I understood that nobody had supposed that I alongside and heard everything. They were quickly turned away, beginning to the rustle papers on the school desks.
     I talk Dzheykob however, Mike muttered quietly

Chapter 4

    I had a terrible week.
    I knew that substantially changing nothing will not be succeeded. All right, znachit, not give up Viktoriya, but I could though on an instant to present that surrendered? Its appearance confirmed that I already knew and so only. There are not reasons for new panic.
    In theory. Not to panic saying easily, but do hardness.
    From the moment of completion of school passed only a few weeks, but I guessed how not foolishly not to do a hand's turn, weak and defenceless, in expectant of next hoodoo. Appeared, that to be a man which as a magnet attracts to itself troubles too dangerously. As on me, so I simply can not be a man. With my driving I must was be though a bit less helpless.
    But nobody began to listen me.
     Us seven, Bella. Besides on our side of Alice, I do not think that Viktoriya will be able to find us by surprise. It seems to me, that for the sake of safety of Charley it is important to adhere to the primary plan, Karlayl said.
     We would never shut out, that with you anything happened, nice. you know it. Please, not worry, said Esme and kissed me bruteforce.
     I am indeed glad that Edvard did not put to death you. Next to you all to become far more amusing, Emmet said.
    Rosalie was covered on him.
    Alice rolled eyes and said:
     I am offended. Do you not seriously worry about it, true?
     If all of it not so in earnest, then why did Edvard carry me to Florida? I declared.
    are you did not yet notice really, Bella, that Edvard is a simply a bit exaggerator?
    Jasper, taking advantage of the unusual gift to control an emotional atmosphere, silently crushed down panic and tension in me. I again felt a confidence in itself and allowed them to deafen in itself voice of despair.
    Certainly, as soon as we with Edvardom went out from a room, all of this confidence evaporated in a flash.
    In the total, it was decided that I simply must be engaged in the businesses and to forget about raging vampirshe, tracking down me and intending to finish me.
    I made an effort. Surprisingly, but there were yet unpleasant things besides my being in the list of animals, being under threat, about which it was needed to think.
    Therefore the answer of Edvarda let down me more than all of it together taken.
    it is touches you and Karlayla only, he said. Certainly, you know, I would like to do so that it happened between you and me, at any time, when you will wish. My condition knows you, he said and smiled angelic.

    Ooh. I knew that it had been for a condition. Edvard promised, that would change me, when I will want. but at first I must will be go out for him marry.
    I reflected sometimes, he can pretends to be only, that can not read my ideas. How yet could he guess to put exactly that, unique from all of possible terms, which it was so hardness me to accept? Unique condition which retains me until now.
    In general, this was a very bad week. And today there was the worst day.
    Any day was considered bad, if Edvarda was not alongside. Alice foresaw nothing of row begone going out this week, and, therefore, I insisted, that he took advantage of chance pookhotit'sya with brothers. I knew how tired of him to go hunting for by an easy booty.
     Go, blown about, I said to him. Bring me a few mountain lions.
    I never confessed to him, as it is heavy for me, when he leaves, that it returns me to the nightmares. If he knew, it would compel him to feel awfully, and even in the case of absolute necessity, he would afraid me to leave. It would be look like that took a place at first after his returning from Italy. His gold eyes became quite black, and he suffered from unbearable thirst. Therefore, as soon as Emmet and Jasper ulcerated a desire to go, I gave the person brave expression and vypikhnula him for a door.
    Although, think, he saw me through. Slightly. Early today on my pillow a message was leave:
    I will return so soon, that you will not have time on me to miss. Look after about my heart I abandon him with you.
    That, now free Saturday appeared for me, not counting the morning changing in Vis of Olimpik Autfitters. And, certainly, yet it was well, simply all the same, a comfortable promise, given Ellis, is indescribable:
    I remain to hunt nearby. I will be only in fifteen minutes from a house, if by chance you may need. In the case of danger I will be on the alert.
    That meant: Even not try to abort any of the focuses, only because Edvarda is not present.
    Ellis fully was able pokalechit' my pikap, similarly as well as Edvard. I tried to give a glance on all of it from the best side. After work I planned to help Angela with its announcements, that will a bit distract me. And Charley in connection with absence of Edvarda had an excellent mood, so that, besides all of other, I could enjoy yet and by it. Alice certainly would be able to conduct night with me, if I plucked up a courage to ask it about it. And tomorrow Edvard will return home, and I will be rescued.
    Not wishing foolishly to look, coming on work before time, I breakfasted very slowly, one Chirio at one bout. Then, washing down tableware, I began to lay out in an ideally even line magnets on a refrigerator. Maybe, manic-depressive disorder develops for me.
    Last two magnets are black round pieces, were my favourite, because easily could retain 10 folias of paper at once, and these two in any way did not want me to be added. Their polarity was opposite; each time I tried to lay out to fasten a finishing a line magnet, nearby jumped back here.
    On some reasons, possibly, from the imminent attack of craze, it indeed irritated me. Why simply could not they get up how it is necessary? Foolishness, mixed with obstinacy: I continued to poke up them to each other, hoped as though, that they, suddenly, would surrender. I could put them one on other, but it would look, as a defeat. Eventually, flying anymore out itself, what on magnets, I tore off them all from a refrigerator and squeezed both hands. On it some effort was required they were strong enough, not give up without a fight, but I appeared stronger and compelled them to coexist with each other.
     does See, I said loudly, applying to to inanimate objects, that was always considered a bad sign All not so awfully, not true?
    I stood a few seconds, as an idiot, not fully realizing that I can not change the laws of physics in any way. Then, with a sigh I returned magnets on a refrigerator, distributing them anyhow.
     there Is not a necessity to be such stubborn, I muttered.
    It was still before time, but I decided that it will be better me to go out from home, while inanimate objects did not begin with me to speak.
    When I arrived to N'yutonam, Mike orderly washed floors between point-of-sale rows, while his mother drove the new window of counter to the order. I found them in the height of dispute, so remaining unnoticed.
     But it the unique time, when Tayler can depart, Mike complained. you said that after exhaust.
     You will simply have to wait, tore off his missis N'yuton. you with Taylerom can engage in anything other. you will not depart to Seattle, while a police will not understand, that takes a place there. I know that Bet Krouli said Tayleru the same, so that not behave so, as if it one of me plokhaya.oy, good morning, Bella, it pronounced, noticing me with half an an eye and instantly changing intonation. are you early.
    Karen N'yuton was the last man which I would ask to help in the shop of commodities for active rest and sport. Its ideal light hairs were always elegantly put in a bunch on the back of head, and its manicure obviously was the matter of hands of professional, the same as, however, and pedicure, noticeable through the small straps of high shoes of heels, having nothing in common with the assortment of shoe presented here.
     So corks are not present, I cracked a joke, dragging out the disgusting fluorescent-orange waistcoat from under a counter. I was surprised, that missis N'yuton, the same as and Charley, was disturbed that was created in Seattle. I thought that he too exaggerated.
     Well, e-e. it is a missis N'yuton minute hesitated, pulling in hands the pack of publicity leaflets which it going somewhere to build on.
    Sticking one hand in a waistcoat, I hardened, knowing this look.
    When this summer I put Newtonian in a fame, that will not for them work, actually giving up them in the height of season, they began to teach Cathie Marshal, bargain that it will take my place. They indeed could not itself allow us both simultaneously, so that, alike, a day promised to be long.
     I going to call, continued a missis N'yuton. does not think that we will have a lot of work today. We are with Mike, probably, able and one with it to manage. I regret, that you had to get up and ride here.
    In an ordinary day, I with enthusiasm would perceive such turn of events. Today. not very much.
     All right, I breathed, shrugging. What to me now to engage?
    it is not honest, mothers, Mike said. If Bella wants to work.
     No, it is all right, a missis N'yuton. True, Mike. I need to prepare to examinations and all that.
    I did not want to become the source of domestic disagreements, especially as they and so fallen out already.
     Thank you, Bella. Mike, you skipped a fourth row. E-e, Bella, would not you could on a road to bespatter these leaflets in a trash container? I said girls which they were here left, that will lay out them on a counter, but I do not indeed have available space.
     Certainly, without problems. I cleaned the waistcoat back, after pushed in leaflets under a mouse and went out under a drizzle.
    A trash tank was at once around corner, next to parking for the employees of shop. I went, shuffling feet and kicking stone, meetings on my way. I already going to throw out the pack of yarko-zheltykh scraps of paper, when my eyes barged into heading, printed a bold face font. One word came into to itself my notice.
    I grasped the scraps of paper both hands and covered on a picture under inscription. A lump drove to my throat.
    Under words a wolf, sitting ate on the contrary, was in detail represented, his head was thrown back upwards, as though he howled on a moon. This picture drove me to confusion; something in the plaintive pose of wolf gave him a very unhappy kind. As though he howled from a melancholy.
    And then, I dashed to the truck, forgetting about leaflets, remaining in my hands.
    Fifteen minutes that is all, that I had. But it it must it was be enough. There were only fifteen minutes of ride to La Push, and certainly, I will cross a conditional border on a few minutes before, than will get in a settlement.
    My truck roared, without what or difficulties starting from a place.
    Alice could not foresee it, because it was not planned. Spontaneous decision, here key! And if I will move quickly enough, able to take advantage of the folded situation.
    In a haste I gave up wet leaflets, and they in disorder flew away on a passenger seat are hundreds of the selected headings, hundreds of dark howlings wolves on a yellow background.
    I rushed full-speed on a wet motorway, including custodians on complete and ignoring the roar of old motor. Fifty five miles at o'clock is was all, that I could press out from the truck, and I prayed, what it had been enough.
    I did not have a concept, where a line of border is, but, passing by the first houses of La Push, began to feel more quiet. It must be, now it already was outside possibilities of Alice.
    I decided that will call it in the day-time, when will arrive to Angela, so it knows that with me it is all right. It will not have reason to be led. It does not even need it will be to be angered on me Edvard will be angered after two, when will return.
    My truck began to the creak resolutely, when I stopped him before the acquainted house with a red facade. At sight of this place, former once my refuge, I felt, as to to my again a lump approaches a throat. So many time passed ever when I for the last time was here.
    Dzheykob arose up in doors before, than I had time to deafen a motor; his person was expressed by an extreme surprise.
    In a sudden quiet, appearing since a motor zaglokh, I heard, as he strangled from amazement, catching a mouth air.
    it is Bella?
    it is Hello, Jake!
    it is Bella! he began to the bawl in reply, and a smile which I waited so long raspolzlas' on his person, like a sunbeam, to forcing one's the way through through clouds. His teeth sparkled, contrastingly selected on a background his russet skin. can not in it trust!
    He came running to the truck and almost dragged out me through the unclosed door. And then, we both began to bruise along in place, as children.
     As did you appear here?
     I eloped!
     to Lose one's the wits!
     Hey, Bella! Billy exclaimed, peeking out in a door, to look that takes a place.
    it is Hello, Beat.!
    I did not have air, that to finish say Dzheykob grasped me a bear grip and began to twirl in mid air.
     fish Soups you, healthily to see you here!

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