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11Stefani Mayer

     Speaking about an unnaturalness., - I let fall a hint.
    it is Bella, he said by quiet changing voice. Growing up. I understood suddenly, that his voice sounded much more senior, than my as for a father or teacher. That, who I am, borned together with me. It is part me, my family, all of us, as one tribe on this account we yet here. In addition, he looked at me, his eyes were impenetrable, is I still man.
    He heaved up my hand and folded to the warm breast. Through his sport shirt, I could feel the even heart beating under the palm.
     the Normal people can not throw motor cycles through itself, as it is done by you.
    He slightly smiled.
     the Normal people escape from monsters, Bella. And I never asserted that I am normal. Simply man.
    Long angered it was impossible on Dzheykoba. Cleaning a hand from his breast, I began to smile.
     For me you look humane enough, I said. Presently.
     I feel a man.
    He looked through me, his ideas soared somewhere far from here. His lower lip drognula, and he got a bite it.
     About, Jake, I whispered, taking him by a hand.
    That is why I was here. That is why I could suffer everything, that expected me after return back. Because, in spite of all of sarcasm and malice, Dzheykobu was sick. Now, it was clear read in his eyes. I did not know how to help him. But I knew that must was make an attempt. It was more than simply my debt to him, his pain was similarly and by my pain. Dzheykob became part me, and it it was not to change

Chapter 5
Mystic connection

     As you, Jake? Charley said that it was heavily you. really is not better?
    He squeezed my hand.
     All not so badly, he said, not looking me in eyes.
    He slowly trudged back to the tree, looking over the coloured pebble, and pulled at me after itself. I again took a seat on our tree, but he went down on wet stony earth next to me. I decided that he had done it in order that it was easy to hide a person. He so continued to hold me on a hand.
    I decided the first to violate a quiet:
     So many time passed since I was here. I, probably, a lot of what interesnogo skipped. How is Sam with Emili? And Embri? And Kvil.
    I intermitted on a halfword, remembering that for Dzheykoba his friend Kvil was a sick theme.
     Ah, Kvil, Dzheykob breathed.
    That, probably, it happened all the same Kvil joined in with a covey.
     I am sorry, I mumbled.
    To my surprise, Dzheykob snorted.
     Only not tell him it.
     What do you mean?
     Kvilu is not needed pity. All quite reverse he rejoices. He is in a complete delight.
    I did not see no sense herein. All of other wolves were so depressed that their friend is forced to divide their fate.
    Dzheykob killed a head and looked at me. And then, rolling eyes, smiled.
     Kvil considers that it is the steepest thing which could with him happen. Partly, because he, at last, in a course that takes a place. And glad that recovered the friends he likes to be part of crowd, Dzheykob snorted again, it is not needed to be surprised. It so on him alike.
     does it like Him?
     If honestly. to majority it is liked from us, Dzheykob pronounced slowly, it has a lot of advantages speed, freedom, force. sense of strong family. We are with Sam unique, who indeed feels regret. Only Sam already a long ago got through it. So, now, whiner is I, Dzheykob began to the laugh above itself.
    So much all it was, about what I wanted to know.
     Why you with Sam not such, how all? That in general with him did happen? What is his problem in? questions flew from my lips, not abandoning time on answers, and Dzheykob began to the laugh again.
    it is long history.
     I told you the long history. In addition, I not especially hurry to return, I said and made a wry face, reminiscing problems, expecting me on vozraschenii.
    He gave a glance on me, catching double sense in my words.
     will He be wicked on you?
     Yes, I was acknowledged, He hates, when I do that he schitaet.riskovannym.
     As, for example, socializing with werewolves.
    Dzheykob reaped shoulders.
     Then not return. I will sleep on a couch.
    it is a remarkable idea, I mumbled, Taking into account that he can go to search me.
    Dzheykob hardened on an instant, then smiled awry.
     will Go?
     If will doubt in my safety, possibly.
     My idea seems to me all better and better.
     Please, Jake. It indeed irritates me.
     That exactly?
     That you both are simply ready poubivat' each other! I complained, is mads me. Why you both can not behave civilized?
     is He indeed ready to put to death me? Dzheykob smiled, taking no the notice on my anger.
     Not so as you think! I understood that pass to the scream, At least, in regard to it he can behave, as the grown man. He knows that, causing pain to you, he will cause pain and to me therefore he never will not do it. To you on it quite to spit!
     Yes, exactly, Dzheykob mumbled, I am sure, he is an absolute pacifist.
     Ah! I pulled up a hand from his hand and unscrewed from itself his head. Then, folding knees to the breast and obkhvativ them hands, boiling over with malice, I was covered on horizon.
    A few minutes of Dzheykob was quiet. Finally, he rose from earth and villages near me, putting a hand to me on shoulders. I shook off it immediately.
     I am sorry, he said quietly, I will make an effort watch after the conduct.
    I did not answer.
     do you still want to listen history of Sam? he offered.
    I reaped shoulders.
     As I said already, it is long history. And very much. strange. In this new life so many all of strange. I did not have time to tell you and halves from it. And in respect of Sam that, does not even know whether I will be able it is correct to explain everything.
    In spite of irritation, his words kindled curiosity in me.
     I listen, I said of coldly.
    I saw his person, sprawling in a smile lateral sight.
     For Sam all passed far more difficult, than at other. Because he was the first, and he was quite alone, there was nobody, who would explain to him, that takes a place with him. The grandfather of Sam died long before his birth, and his father in general never was alongside. There was nobody, who would be able to recognize symptoms. When he was thrown in the first time, thought, that got off from a mind. Thrown back in a man he was able only in two weeks, exactly he may need so much, that, finally, to calm down and take oneself in a hand.
    it is happened yet till you arrived in Forks, therefore you will not be able it to remember. The mother of Sam and Lea Klirvoter was hired forest rangers for his search and declared in a police. People thought that an accident happened or a sort of it.
     Lea? I asked again surprised.
    Lea was daughter by Harry. Hearing its name, I felt, as sorrow rushed involuntarily on me. Harry Klirvoter, old friend Charley, died of cardiac attack past in spring.
    His voice changed, notedly pomrachnev:
     Yes, Lea and Sam met at school. They began to meet at once, as soon as it appeared there. It hardly not svikhnulas', when he disappeared.
     But he and Emili.
     I will reach and to it, it is part of history also, slowly breathing, he said and then breathed out loudly.
    I assumed that for my hand had been foolish to think that Sam loved nobody to Emili. In life most people to on once or twice vlyublyayutsya and part. Simply, by submitting Sam with Emili, I could not present him with someone yet. As he looked at it. well, it reminded me of that, how sometimes Edvard looks at me.
     Sam returned, Dzheykob continued, But so to nobody and did not tell where he disappeared all the time. Ears crept that he was stuck in some troubles. And then, once he by chance barged into a grandfather Kvila, when old Kvil Atera called to visit a missis Beehive. Sam reaped him a hand. Old Kvil hardly not burned oneself, Dzheykob intermitted here, that in plenty to laugh.
    Dzheykob laid a hand on my cheek and, bending over to me, opened out my person to itself now his person was just in a few inches from my. His palm burned my skin, as though he had a fever.
     Ah, exactly, I said. It was blundering me to be so close from his person, feeling, as his hot hand continues to burn my skin, the temperature of body rose For Sam.
    Dzheykob began to the laugh again.
     Hand of Sam was as from a stove.
    He was so near to me, that I could feel his warm breathing. Blundering moved aside, I carefully cleaned his hand and freed the person, here, touching his fingers by it, that not so strongly to offend him. He smiled and deviated from me, looking over my attempts to seem indifferent.
     So, Mr. Atera left straight to other elders, Dzheykob continued, They were the unique, who yet knew and remembered. Mr. Atera, Billy and Harry, saw how their grandfathers could be thrown. When old man Kvil told them about Sam, they secretly met with him and all explained to him.
    It became far simpler him, when he understood everything and left off a feel lonely. They knew that he would be not the unique, who in like manner will react on returning of Kalenov, he pronounced this name with an involuntary spite, but then there yet was nobody, who would be sufficiently to the adults for this purpose. Therefore Sam had to wait, while we will not join in with him.
     Kalleny and concepts did not have, I whispered, They did not even think that werewolves still existed here. They did not know that their returning would become reason of your change.
    it is not abolishes that it happened.
     Remind me to take no the notice on your negative side.
     do you consider that I must be the same all-forgiving, as well as you? We do not can all generally to be saints and martyrs.
     Grow up, Dzheykob.
     I would like, he mumbled quietly.
    I was covered on him, trying to grasp the meaning his answer.
    Dzheykob grinned.
     One of those oddities which I mentioned about.
    are you. you do not can. to grow? did I mumble hesitatingly, are you that? Ne.stareesh'? is It a joke?
     Ne-a, he said, pursing one's lips.
    I felt, as blood surged back from my person. My eyes were filled with angry tears. Loudly clicking, I squeezed teeth densely.
    it is Bella? That did I say such?
    Squeezing hands in kulaks, I again got up on feet. Me shook all.
    are you. Not. you stareesh', I procedila through teeth.
    Dzheykob carefully pulled at me for a hand, trying to seat back.
    it is Nobody of us. And that with you?
     am I unique, who stareet? With every loathsome day I become more senior! I almost squealed, swinging arms. Some part realized me, that I did not quite think about Charley, but this rational part was fully low-spirited irrational, is Devil! What it for peace such? Where justice?
     Calm down, Bella.
     Suppress, Dzheykob. Simply stopped up! It so not honestly!
     Really you now, actually, did stamp a leg? I thought that it only is girls on teleku such is done.
    I something muttered undistinctly.
     It quite not so badly, as it seems to you. Sit down and I to you will explain everything.
     I will stand.
    He rolled eyes.
     All right. As want. But, listen, I postareyu also. some time.
    He patted on a tree. With minute I delayed, but sat down after; my anger went away similarly quickly, as well as came, and I fully calmed down in an order to understand how foolishly I behaved.
     When we will learn fully to control the reincarnation. Dzheykob pronounced, When we will leave off so often and so for a long time thrown, we again will be able to mature. But it is not simple, he in a doubt shocked a head, In actual fact, can go away a lot of time on it. Even Sam is not yet capable on it. Certainly, that for us the whole assemblage of vampires dwells before a nose, instrumental in it not very much. And about that, to go away, when a tribe needs defence, we even and dare not think. But you it does not must to disturb, because I already and so more senior than you, at least, physically.
     About what it do you interpret?
     Look at me, Bellz. Do I look on svoi16?
    Trying to be impartial, I looked over his imposings sizes from top to toe.
     I suppose, not quite.
     does not Quite look. Because we arrive at the complete maturing only for a few months, since the genes of werewolf activate. It is a sharp jump of growth, he squirmed a grimace, Physically, to me, possibly, 25 or something near that. So, yet, at least, years seven you do not need to experience, that you will be the too grown man for me.
    Twenty five or something near that. This idea shocked me. But I remembered that gallops of growth, remembered how looked at him, and he grew straight on my eyes. I remembered how he changed day after a day. Fully stunned, I began to the shake a head.
     Well, so you want to hear about Sam or want to yell at me for that quite on me does not depend.
    I breathed deeply.
     I am sorry. Age is my sick theme. All of it strongly nerviruet me.
    The eyes of Dzheykoba narrowed, and he looked so, as though tried to decide to say something.
    As I did not want to speak on themes, injuring my soul about my plans on the future or about an agreement which could be broken afore-mentioned plans. I urged on him.
     So, you said that it became easy him, when he, finally, understood that takes a place, and that with him now Billy and Harry, and and Mr. Atera. In addition, you mentioned similarly, that all of it has a pleasant side. I a bit lingered. Why then Sam so does hate THEM? Why does want, that I hated THEM?
    Dzheykob breathed.

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