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October 31, according to the people's calendar, is the day of Luke

On October 31, the Christian church commemorates St. Luke, who is believed to be the author of the four Gospels. According to legend, Luke was called to the first sermon about the kingdom of heaven, which Jesus carried out during his earthly life.

As reported by "Chernivtsi," Luke is known as one of the 70 apostles and associate of the Apostle Paul. Already much later this saint accompanied Paul on travel. Luke himself took a martyr's death on the territory of Thebes. Written in life not only the 4 Gospels, but also the Acts of the holy Apostles. In addition, according to historical information, Luka is the first icon-painter. His work became the icon of the Virgin. In the future Luke wrote icons Czentochowskaya, Vladimirskaya, Kikka, Sumelskaya God's mother. It was for this reason that onions were considered to be the patron of all painters in Russia.

In people's day, Luke often called meadows during the day. On October 31, they tried to eat at least a bit of onions to keep their health healthy all year round. It was also decided to arrange the onion bazaars, although by itself the onion trade did not take into account profitable occupations. On the day of Luke, he went to the church in the morning to pray to Luke about welfare in the family. For help to the saint also turned and gardeners.

On October 31, the so-called Autumn Putin began, which meant going out into the sea for fishing. Therefore, Luke also prayed for his success in these matters. At this time it was possible to catch a roach, lynx, sherry, bream, head, perch, catfish, pike. Interestingly enough, our ancestors considered fish long to be the embodiment of souls of deceased people.

Folk signs on October 31:

Luca catches fish - to live teach.
If the leaves on the cherry on October 31 still have left, then the snow that has fallen, most likely, will quickly melt.
If a person was born on October 31, then his talisman is an aquamarine, and the birthday person will have artistic abilities, which will help him become a beautiful painter.
The horns of the moon look north - an indication that the weather in the coming days will be dry.
If the moon is directed to the south, then the slush will last until the beginning of November. Clouds flying from the sky to the north to the south - the weather will be clear, and vice versa.
Pale and muddy month on October 31 - wait for rain or snow. Frost is also possible.
If the pike before the fishing tail melt, then, for signs, soon he will die.
If George entered the net on October 31 - do not wait for a good catch.


- January 29, 2019



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