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21Stefani Mayer

    Dzheykob cut Edvarda short, and I heard the hum of his voice in a tube. Whatever he talked, but he was much more persistent, than before. I unsuccessfully tried to take apart words.
     Can be you are right. Edvard began, but Dzheykob insisted again. At least, at none of them in voice it was felt malice.
    it is interesting suggestion. We are ready on the repeated negotiations. If Sam will be amenable.
    Voice of Dzheykoba became more quiet. I even began to gnaw a thumb-nail trying to understand that means a mien Edvarda.
     Thank you, Edvard answered.
    Then Dzheykob said something, that caused a surprise on face of Edvarda.
     Generally, I going to go one, Edvard said, answering an unexpected question. And to leave it with other.
    Voice of Dzheykoba began to the sound higher, and it seemed that he tried to be convincing.
     I will make an effort decide it objective, Edvard promised. So objectively, as far as will be capable.
    A pause was shorter for this time.
     This idea is not so bad. When?.???, it befits. In any case, I would like to be in a position to follow up the scent personally. Ten minutes.Certainly, Edvard said. He stretched a tube to me. Bella?
    I took it slowly, feeling confusedly.
     That was it? I Asked Dzheykoba, a bit angrily. I understood that behave as a child, but felt superfluous.
    it is Truce, I think. Listen, do me a favor, Dzheykob offered. Make an attempt convince the vampire bat, that the safest place for you, especially when he will leave, in our reservation. We are able to manage with everything.
     Herein you and did try to convince him?
     Yes. It is reasonable. Alike, what Charley is also better it will be to visit here. So long as far as it is possible.
     Let Billy engage in this, I consented. I did not want to put Charley under a blow the purpose of which was I. That yet?
     it is Simple to revise our scopes in some places, that we were able to catch any, who will sneak up too close to Forksu. I am not sure that Sam will go on it, but he will disagree while, I will look after after everything, that takes a place there.
     What do you imply under to look after after everything?
     I want to say that if you will see a hurrying next to your house wolf, not shoot in him.
     will not be Certainly. you indeed must not do nichego.riskovannogo.
    He snorted. be not foolish, I can will look after about itself.
    I breathed.
     Yet I tried to convince him to let you to visit us. He is too suspicious, so that not allow him to carry every nonsense about safety. He knows similarly well as well as I, that while you in reservation, nothing threatens you.
     I will take into account it.
     To the quick meeting, Dzheykob said.
     will you arrive?
     Yes. I ride that to memorize the smell of your visitor, that we could take his track, if he will return.
    it is Jake, I indeed dislike this idea with pursuit.
     About, please, Bella, he broke a secret. Began to the laugh and rang off.

Chapter 10

    It was some foolish puerility. What reason will Edvardu have to leave from, that able to come Dzheykob? Can not we be higher than these ridiculous prejudices really?
     not that I felt the personal hostility to him, Bella, but so it will be simpler for us both, Edvard said, opening a door. I will be not far away. you will be out of harm's way.
     I do not worry about it.
    He smiled, and in his eyes khitrinka popped in. He attracted me closer to itself and earthed a person in my hairs. When he breathed in the smell of my hairs, I felt his cool breathing; from this feeling small ants ran back on my neck.
     I will return soon, he said, and then began to the laugh, as though I just cracked a joke successfully.
     That you did make a laugh so?
    But Edvard only smiled and, leaving me without an answer, hid between trees.
    Grumbling about itself, I went to clean up on a kitchen. Yet till I had time to fill with a shell water, in a door called. Hardness it was privyknut' to that without the machine Dzheykob moves far quick. It seemed that all around had been much quick than me.
     Enter, Jake! I cried.
    I concentrated dipped tableware in a soapsuds, completely forgetting that now Dzheykob moved noiselessly, as if a ghost. Therefore, when his voice was unexpectedly heard after my back, I jumped up, as stung!
     Really, you whew here, without ceremony, does abandon the door of opened? About, I am sorry.
    Scared his noiseless appearance, I jumped up so, that poured dirty water.
     Foolishly to worry about those, who the locked doors can stop, I said, wiping the kitchen towel of gate of the shirt.
     noticed Right, he consented.
    I turned and cast his critical look.
     Really, it, indeed, is it so difficult to wear clothes, Dzheykob? I asked.
    Dzheykob again was naked to the belt, there no longer was nothing on him, except for the pair of old offcut jeans. About itself I thought, and that, if he simply so is proud of the novopriobretennymi muscles, that can not lose the chance superfluous time to show them. Must mark that they were very imposings, although I never considered his weak.
     Certainly, I know that you will never freeze anymore, but however.
     He started a hand in the moist, falling on eyes hairs.
     So simpler, he explained.
     That simpler?
    He smiled indulgently.
     It enough uncomfortably, everywhere to carry spare shorts, not to mention about the complete set of clothes. Who would I be alike on, on the loaded mule?
    I frowned.
     what do you talk About, Dzheykob?
    Expression of his person was such, as though I missed out some fully obvious detail.
     During transformation, my clothes do not disappear and fails to appear then in itself from air, therefore, while I hurry in wolfskin, I must carry it with itself. I am sorry, that can not carry with itself anymore.
    I pokrasnela.
     Seems, of it I did not think, I mumbled.
    He smiled and rotined on a black leather lace, thin, as filament, three times turned on the manner of anklet round his left caviar. To this moment I and did not notice that he had been barefoot.
     not that it was fashionable simply, if to carry shorts in to the mouth, they will look a few slobbered all over.
    I did not know that to say.
    He smiled:
     are you disturbed by that I am half-naked?
    Dzheykob began to the laugh again, and I turned to him the back, trying to be concentrated on piattis. I hoped, he would understand that a blush on my cheeks was the result of awkwardness from my own foolishness and had no attitude toward his question.
     Well, think, it is time to begin business, he breathed, I would not like to give him an occasion to say that I was weakened and unable to execute the part of work.
     Dzheykob, it is not your work.
    He heaved up a hand, stopping me.
     I do it of own volition. Now tell where is the smell of this skunk stronger than all?
     Dumayu, in my bedroom.
    His eyes narrowed. It was obvious, that it did not please him even more than to Edvardu.
    it is I on a minute.
    I ground a dish orderly. The unique sound was an easy rustle of bristle of plastic brush, circle after around clearing ceramics. I tried to hear anything from above, for example, creak of floor board or click of door. But nothing it was. I understood that my the same dish far longer, than it was necessary, and made an attempt be concentrated on that do.
     Khmm, Dzheykob said in a few inches behind me, again frightening me.
     fish Soups, Jake, break off so to do!
     Excuse. Here.
    He took a towel and wiped that I spilled again.
     Let, I will help you. you wash, I rinse and wipe.
    I passed to him a dish.
     That, to sense a smell it was enough easily. By the way, in your room stinks.
     I will purchase some osvezhitel' of air.
    He began to the laugh.
    During a few minutes we were quiet in a friendly manner: I washed tableware, and he rinsed it and with application wiped a towel.
     do I Can to ask you about something?
    I passed to him a next dish.
    it is depends on that you want to know?
     I quite not want to show oneself sharp or something, like that, honestly, I am simple curiously, notarized me Dzheykob.
     Well. I settle.
    He survived the semisecond pause.
     is it Which when your fellow vampire?
    I rolled eyes.
     is not Better.
    it is I in earnest. Really are not you disturbed by a fact that he is a vampire, really your body is not covered from it small ants?
    He suppressed, stretching to the cup in my hands. I looked him in a person he frowned, his lower lip offendedly had been stuck out forward.
    it is Anything yet? I asked.
    He wrinkled the nose again.
     That. I all thought. you. well, do you know, you with him were kissed?
    I began to the laugh.
    He shuddered.
     To each his own, I mumbled.
     are not you flustered by his dog-teeth?
    I slammed him on a hand, splashing dirty water.
     Stopped up, Dzheykob. you know that he does not have dog-teeth.
    it is Something it trusts not very much, he mumbled.
    I began to the gnash teeth and began to clean a razdelochnyy knife with large effort, what it was necessary.
     is it Possible another question? he asked softly, when I passed to him a knife. Again simply from curiosity.
     Well, I said sharply.
    He rinsed a knife over and over, putting him under the stream of water. When he began to speak, his voice had broken away on a whisper:
     You said, in a few weeks. When exactly.? He was not able to finish.
     After exhaust, I whispered in reply, carefully looking after his person. However much it did not push away him again.
     So soon, he breathed out, closing eyes.
    It sounded as not question. It looked like a moan. His hands were strained, and shoulders compressed.
     OUCH! he began to the cry.
    His cry was reflected an echo from kitchen sthenes, so, that I even jumped up from a surprise.
    His right arm tensely squeezed a knife-blade he unclenched a hand, and a knife with ringing fallen down on a table. A long deep wound went across his palm. Blood flowed down on his fingers and dropped on the floor.
    it is Curse! Oh! he mumbled plaintively.
    My head was begun to the whirl, and in a stomach all turned over. I grasped one-arm for an edge proof, and, taking a deep breath, made an effort take oneself in a hand, to help him.
     About it is not, Dzheykob! Here dung! On, turn around!
    I stuck a kitchen towel direct him in hands. But he was moved aside from me.
    are trifles, Bella, untroubled about it.
    For me all started a swim before eyes. I took a deep breath again:

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