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     untroubled? For you the opened wound is on a palm!
    He ignored the towel extended by me and brought a hand to the faucet, putting ranenuyu palm under the stream of cold water. Water became red. For me a head was again begun to the whirl.
    it is Bella, he said.
    I translated a look from a wound into a person. He frowned, but his person remained quiet.
     You look so, as though going to tumble into a fainting fit, and you bite lips. Leave off. Weakened. Breathe. I all right.
    I again deeply breathed and cleaned teeth from a lower lip.
     it is not necessary to summon up a courage.
    He rolled eyes.
     Went. I will drive you in a hospital.
    I was fully sure that able normally to conduct a machine. At least, walls no longer hung around, and a room left off to swim before eyes.
     Herein there is not a necessity.
    Jake turned off water and, taking a towel for me from hands, freely tied around him round a palm.
     Wait, I made a protest. Allow me to give a glance.
    I posil'nee seized in stoleshnicu, to stick to apeak if by chance from the type of bleeding wound again it will be done me bad.
     do you have a degree on medicine which you never told me about?
     Allow me to decide, whether it is needed to roll up a hysterics, to drive you in a hospital.
    He represented the grimace of false horror on face.
     Please, only not hysterics.
     If you will stop me giving a glance on a hand, a hysterics is assured.
    He breathed deeply, and then breathed out irregularly.
    He untied a towel, and when I stretched, to take away him, inlaid the hand in my.
    I required a few seconds. I inverted his hand even, although was absolutely sure that he cut a palm exactly. I twisted his hand in different directions, while, finally, did not understand that a rough, wrinkled rose line had been the unique, that remained from his wound.
     But. you outflowed blood. so strongly.
    He took away the hand and darkly looked at me.
     I am quickly restored.
     I noticed, I promyamlila.
    I saw a long deep wound clear, saw blood, flowing down in a shell. The smell of blight and salt was almost wrenched by my stomach inside out. It is needed it was a suture. Days would may need, that a crust, and then weeks, appeared, that a light pink scar which now poorly selected on his skin appeared.
    He bent lips in an easy smile and struck itself in a breast by a fist.
    it is Werewolf, does remember?
    On some instant his look fully laid hands on my.
     Indeed, finally, I said.
    He began to the laugh above my words.
     I told you about it. you saw the scar of Paul.
    I shocked a head, trying to drive the ideas to the order.
    it is a bit differs from the direct looking after a process.
    I went down on knees and got otbelivatel' from a box under a shell. Outpouring the two-bit of mean on a rag, I began carefully to wash half. The strong smell of otbelivatelya finally knocked out remaining dizziness from my head.
     Let, I will wash everything, Dzheykob offered.
    it is my guilt, I deserved it. Will not you put a towel in a washing-machine?
    Making sure, that half smells only otbelivatelem, I got up and wiped the right side of shell the same rag. Then I went out into laundry near a pantry, and before to start a washing-machine, outpoured there whole cup of otbelivatelya. Dzheykob looked after me with obvious disapproval on face.
     For you that, attack of maniac obsession by an order? he asked, when I finished.
    Kha. Possibly. But, at least, for this time I had good acquittal:
     We here are a bit sensible to blood. Sure, you understand, about what I.
    He wrinkled a nose again.
     Why not to do so that was it a bit easier him? In fact that he does, is given him with large labour.
     Certainly, certainly. Why is not it?
    I pulled at for a cork, allowing dirty water to escape from a shell.
     do I Can yet about something to ask you, Bella?
    I breathed.
     On what it alike to have a werewolf as the best friend?
    A question found me by surprise, and I began to the laugh.
     does it strain you? he pressed on, before I had time to answer.
     No. When a werewolf is nice, I was softened, it the best from everything.
    He smiled widely, his teeth had sparkled on a background a russet skin.
     Thank you, Bella, he said, and then grasped me for a hand and concluded the bones of cuddles in one of breaking.
    Before I had time to react, he released my hand and stepped back back.
     Ugh, he said, fastidiously wrinkling a nose. Your hairs stink yet worse, than your room.
     Excuse me, I mumbled.
    I understood suddenly, from what to it Edvard was so cheered, carefully sniffing around me.
     Existing next to vampires, you risk many, Dzheykob said, shrugging. In particular, you begin badly to smell. Comparatively insignificant risk.
    I stuck in him a look.
     I smell badly only for you, Jake.
    He smiled:
     will meet Soon, Bella.
     do you leave?
     He waits, when I will go away. I hear him outside.
     About is o.
     I will go out through a postern, he said, and then suppressed hesitatingly. Wait-??, you will be able this evening to arrive in La Push. We will have an evening-party at a fire. There will be Emili, and you will be able to see Kim. And Kvil, I know, also will be glad to see you. He is enraged although, that you knew everything before him.
    I smiled, presenting how, it must be, Kvil was enraged, knowing that an ordinary girl, girl-friend of Jake, by months was in the company of werewolves, while he was in nothing unsuspecting minority. And then breathed:
     Oh, Jake, does not even know, regarding it. you whether see, now a bit tensely.
     Let, decide, you think really, someone will begin to attack on us all of six werewolves together?
    Stumbling at the end of the question, he suppressed strange. I was thoughtful, whether it was him it is similarly difficult to pronounce a word werewolves aloud, as well as it is me hardness with vampires.
    His large black eyes were full unconscionable entreaty.
     I will ask, I answered with a doubt.
    A rumbling sound broke from his throat:
    it is He that now, your owner? you know, I saw that history in news last week, about humiliating relations among teenagers, and.
     Well! I interrupted and pushed him in a hand. it is time Werewolf to leave.
    He smiled:
     While Bellz, not forget to make sure, that asked permissions.
    He stole out through a back door before, than I had time anything in him to start. All, that remained me, so it only disconnectedly to growl in an empty room.
    After a second after his care, in a kitchen Edvard entered slowly, drops raining, as a mineral deposit of diamonds, sparkled in the bronze of his hairs. His eyes were alarmed.
    are you that, did fight? he asked.
    it is Edvard! I sang, given up to him.
    it is Hello. He began to the laugh and obkhvatil me by the hands. do you try to distract me? It works.
     I did not fight with Dzheykobom. Quite. What did you take from?
     am I simple interestingly, why did you cut him? Not, that I objected, he said, specifying a chin toward a lying on a table knife.
    it is Devil! I thought that cleaned everything.
    I unstucked from him and dashed to the shell, to rinse a knife, before to stick him in otbelivatel'.
     I quite not tried to cut him, I explained, not unstucking from business. He simply forgot that there was a knife in his hand.
    Edvard grinned.
     It already quite not so amusing, as I imagined.
     Endeavour to be nice.
    He smuggled out of from a pocket a large envelope and gave up it on a table.
     I got your mail.
    it is Anything good?
     Dumayu, yes.
    Catching enigmatic faint notes in his voice, my eyes narrowed suspiciously, and I walked up, to give a glance.
    He had to lay down an envelope in half, that he was placed in his pocket. I unsealed him, surprised weight of dear paper, and read the address of sender.
     Dartsmus? Is it a joke?
     I am sure that it advising about a receipt. It looks in exactness, as my.
     For goodness a sake, Edvard as did you do it?
     I simply sent them your statement, and nothing more.
     Possibly, I and does not heave up on Dartsmus, but I am not so foolish, to trust it.
     Dartsmus, seems, thinks that you, just that needs them.
    I quietly breathed and mentally counted to ten.
    it is very generous suggestion from their side, finally, I pronounced. However, regardless of I am accepted or not, it quite not means that I will consent there to study. I do not can itself it to allow, and will not allow you to throw out such tremendous amount of money yet and on the purchase of new sporting machine, that I was successfully able to simulate a journey in Dartsmus next year.
     I do not need another sporting wheelbarrow. And you owe nothing to simulate, he mumbled. One year of college would not put to death you. Possibly, it even pleased to you. Only think of it, Bella. Present how Charley and Rene will be happy.
    His rich voice drew a picture in my head before I was able to prevent it. Certainly, Charley rasperlo from pride nobody in a small town Forks would be able to avoid the splashes of his unrestrained gladness. And for Rene from information a hysterics will happen about my triumph, it will swear although, that it did not quite surprise it.
    I endeavoured to disabuse this picture a mind.
    it is Edvard. I worry about that, how I must live so long to completion of school, not to mention about a summer and next autumn.
    His hands hugged me again.
     Nobody going to cause you pain. For you yet lots of time.
    I breathed.
     Tomorrow, I will translate all of content of the bank account on Alaska. For me it will be the best alibi. It is enough far, to compel Charley to hold back from visits to Christmas. I am sure that by that time able to think of some deserving acquittal. you know, I teased without the special enthusiasm, are all of these secrets and deceptions in some sort of boleznenny for me.
    A mien Edvarda changed sharply.
     it will become easy Then. In a few decades all, who you know, will die. And a problem will be decided.
    I gave a start.
     I am sorry, that was cuttings.
    I put a look on a large white envelope, even not seeing him.
     Probably, you are right.
     If did I make a decision already, regardless of what do we have business with, please, you will consent to wait?
     Stubborn, as usual.
    A washing-machine fought and natuzhno groaned before a stop.
    it is the Ridiculous piece of goods and chattels, I mumbled and kept away from him.
    I shifted one unique little towel, from for which a program failure happened in a practically empty machine, and included it again.
    it is reminded me about something, I pronounced. you would not ask Alice, that it did with my things, when it cleaned up in my room. I can find them nowhere.

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