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3Stefani Mayer

     What do you do? I demanded.
     I write your name better, than you do it. In fact you wrote a standard already.
     You were too penetrated this, whether know. Just in case I talked whisper, suddenly was not fully eaten up Charley a game. to me, indeed, it is not needed, that me yet accepted somewhere. I am already accepted on Alaska. I almost can take the liberty teaching in the first semester. It will give me the same alibi, as well as in any other place. There is no necessity to throw out the pile of monies, regardless of whose they.
    His person was distorted in a full of suffering grimace. it is Bella.
     not begin. I agree, that must do this step for the sake of Charley, but we both know that next in autumn I will not be able to walk in no college. And in general to be anywhere next to people.
    My knowledges about those a few first years of life of newly converted vampire were disjointed. Edvard never jutted out into details is was not his favourite theme, but I knew that this time had been not from pleasant. Obviously, self-control came with experience. So all of other variants, except for the extra-mural teaching, was not even examined.
     I thought the question of time is not yet decided, softly Edvard reminded me. you would enjoy a semester or even two in a college. In fact there is a great number of human events which you did not yet have.
     I will get to them later.
     Then they already will not be human. you will not have the second chance to visit a man, Bella.
    I breathed. you must be prudent at the choice of time, Edvard. It is too dangerous to heave up with it.
     there Is not while no danger, he insisted.
    I intently looked at him. To no danger? Certainly. I am only sadistka-vampirsha, trying to take revenge me for murder of its partner putting to death me, probably, by some slow and painful method. Who is flustered by Viktoriya? And, ah yes, Volturi is royal family with their little army of warriors-vampires which insist, that in the near future that or by other method, my heart broke off to fight, because to the people was impermissible to know about their existence. Indeed. There are no reasons for panic.
    Even not looking on that we had Alice with its supernaturally by exact visions, which immediately will warn us in the case of danger, what Edvard counted on, to risk was madness.
    In addition, I won this dispute already. Probably, my reincarnation must was happen all through some a few weeks, soon after completion of middle school.
    My stomach was pierced by sharp pain of alarm, when I understood, as far as little in actual fact it remained time. Certainly, this change was needed, in addition, it was the key to what I wanted above everything. But I suddenly thought of that did not occur to me before, about Charley which now sits in other room, enjoying a game, just as in any other evening. About my mother, Rene, in distant sun Florida, still, entreating to conduct me summer on a beach with it and its new husband. And about Dzheykobe, which, unlike my parents, will understand exactly, that happened, if I will disappear in some remote college. Even if my parents some time and will not begin to show a superfluous suspiciousness, even, if I will succeed to put aside the arrival, alluding to the large travelling charges or on a work-load in studies, or on illness, Dzheykob will know a true.
    On an instant, an idea that Dzheykob, certainly, will scunner to me, outshone all of other pain.
    it is Bella, Edvard mumbled, bending the person, as though read pain on my. there Is no haste. I will allow nobody to cause you pain. It am so much time for you, how many required.
     I want, that it happened as quick as possible, I whispered, poorly smiling, trying to turn everything in a joke. I also want to become a monster.
    His lips compressed; he procedil through them: you do not have a concept, what you talk about. He sharply gave up a moist newspaper on a table between you and me, striking a finger on heading on a front page:
     What does it have attitude toward our business?
    are Monsters not joke, Bella.
    I was again covered on heading, and then, heaving up eyes, looked at hard expression of his person. E. does it do vampire? I whispered.
    He smiled, for this time without irony. His voice was low and cold. you are surprised by that, how my kind often stands after horrors in your human news. Easily to understand when know that to search. This information specifies on that a new-born vampire handles in Seattle. Blood-thirsty, wild, out-of-control. We all got through it.
    Avoiding to look him in eyes, I took from him the intent look and again covered in a newspaper.
     We watched after this situation during a few weeks. All of signs present are sudden disappearances, always only at nights, careless delivering from dead bodies, absence of other certificates. Yes, it is certain, someone is just turned. And, seems, nobody going to control him. He breathed deeply. All right, it is not our problem. We would even let a pass on a similar situation, if it did not take a place so close to the house. As I talked already, it took a place constantly. Existence of monsters results in monstrous consequences.
    I endeavoured not to accent attention on the list of the names, but they were expressly selected from rest of text how, if were selected specially. Five persons, whose lives were torn off, and whose families now carried to on by him mourning. Licezrenie of their real names, strongly differed from abstract consideration of perfect murders. Marin Gardiner, Dzheffri Kempbel, Grace Raci, Michael Okonnel, Ronald Olbruk. People, which had children and parents, friends and home animals, work, plans and hopes, flashbacks and future.
     With me such will not happen, I whispered, mainly, applying to itself. you will not allow me to become the same. We will live in Antarctic Continent.
    Edvard snorted, taking off tension. are Penguins. Nicely.
    I poorly began to the laugh and whipped off a newspaper from a table, no longer to see their names; it with a thud fallen down on linoleum. Certainly, Edvard, in any case, would examine possibilities for hunt. He and all of his vegetarian family guaranteed safety of human life, preferring taste of large predators for satisfaction of the dietary necessities. Then, as well as planned, Alaska. Only anywhere a little rather from Dzhuno, desirably wherein grizzlies dwell a-plenty.
     Already better, he assumed. there Are yet polar bears. Very cruel. And wolves meet enough large.
    For me a mouth was opened, and sharply intercepted breathing.
     That not so? he asked, before I had time to come to oneself. It seemed that all of his body, as if petrified. Oh. Then forget about wolves, if an idea is unpleasant you. His voice was hard, formal, shoulders are tense.
     He was the my best other, I mumbled. The use of past tense pricked unpleasant. Certainly, it is unpleasant me.
     Please, forgive me for my imprudence, he said, still very legalistically. I must not was offer to you it.
     not worry about it. I looked at the hands, compressed on a table in two fists.
    Instant we were quiet, and then his cool finger appeared under my chin, lifting a person. Now there was more soft expression on his face.
     it is sorry me. Indeed.
     I know. I know that it not the same. I must not was so react. It just. Well, I already thought about Dzheykobe till you came I hesitated. His goldish-honey eyes, seemed, darkled each time I mentioned the name of Dzheykoba. When I continued again, my voice had sounded almost pleading: Charley talks that Dzheykobu heavily. Now very him, and. it is my guilt.
     You did nothing bad, Bella.
    I breathed deeply. I need to do it it is better. I owe him it. And, so or differently, it is one of terms of Charley.
    While I talked, his person had become stone again, as at a statue.
     You know that it does not come into a question, you can not be one, defenceless among werewolves, Bella. And if anybody from us will step on their earth, it will violate an agreement. Do you want, that we began war?
     Certainly, it is not!
     Then, indeed, see no sense and farther to discuss this question. He dropped a hand and looked around on sides, seeking out a new theme for a talk. His eyes stayed too long on something behind me, and he smiled, although his look still was careful.
     I am glad that Charley decided to free you, you sharply need visit of bookstore. I can not trust that you read a Storm mountain Pass again. Really did not you yet learn him by heart?
     not all possess photographic memory, I said briefly.
    it is Photographic memory or not, can not understand why it likes you. Characters of characters are terrible, it is people, destroying each other of life. I do not know, what all made off at Khitkliffa with Cathie, if they appeared in the situation of Romeo and Juliet or Elisabeth Bennet and Mr. of Darsi. It is not history of love, but history of hatred.
     For you serious problems with the classics, I said sharply.
     Possibly, that is why I am not impressed by old times, he smiled, obviously satisfied that distracted me. And if honestly, why do you read it over and over? His eyes shone genuine interest, he again tried to understand intricate work of my reason. He bent over through a table, to take my person in the hands. That herein does attract you?
    His sincere curiosity disarmed me. I am not sure, I said, trying to think coherently, while his look dispersed my ideas unintentionally. I think, it something, like inevitability. Nothing will be able to divide them is neither its egoism nor his evil nor even death in the end.
    His person became thoughtful, as he thought over my words. Through an instant a teasing smile began to the play on his face. I think however, that this history would be better, have each of them though one atoning quality.
     I think that, possibly, it is here main, I disagreed. Their love is the unique atoning quality.
     I hope, you are wary enough, not to fall in love in someone, so. spiteful.
     For me already it is a bit late to worry about that, who I fallen in love in, I noticed. But even without warnings, seems, I managed not bad.
    He began to the laugh quietly.
     I am glad that you think so.
     That, hope, you are prudent enough, to stick to a little rather from someone so selfish. In actual fact, Katrin, but not Khitkliff is a source of all of troubles.
     I will keep weather eye open, he promised.
    I breathed. He was so good in ability to distract attention.
    I put the hand on his, to retain it at the person. I need to see Dzheykoba.
    His eyes were closed. No.
    it is a true not dangerously, I said, again begging. I whole days was in La Push with all of their company, and nothing never happened.
    But I assumed a miss; my voice drognul under an end, as I understood that pronouncing by me words partly had been a lie. That nothing happened never, was a lie. Short flash of flashbacks an enormous grey wolf snuggled up to earth, bare the kinzhalopodobnye teeth on me, and panic, overcoming me then, compelled my hands to break into perspiration.
    Edvard heard that my heart had begun to the beat quick, and nodded, as though I aloud confessed in a lie. Werewolves are inconstant. Sometimes, people next to them get traumas. Sometimes, they perish.
    I wanted to deny it, but other picture compelled already almost breaking forth outside refutation to stick in my throat. In my head appearance emerged once beautiful person Emili Yang, now disfigured three dark scars, dissecting the corner of its right eye, and forever leavings its mouth distorted in a curve to the sullen smile.
    Darkly triumphing, he waited, while I will find the gift of speech.
     You do not know them, I whispered.
     I know them better, than you think. For the last time I was here.
     For the last time?
     First, our with the wolves of way intersected approximately seventy years back. We just settled alongside Khok'yueymom. It was till Alice and Jasper joined in with us. We excelled them numeral, but it would not prevent to break out a fight, if it were not for Karlayl. He managed to convince Efraima Bleka, that a coexistence is possible, and, in final analysis, we concluded a truce.
    The name of great-grandfather Dzheykoba staggered me.
     We thought that after death Efraima the line of werewolves was torn off, Edvard mumbled; seemed, he now had spoken with itself. That the whim of genetics, allowing transformations, was lost.He suppressed and obvinyayusche covered on me. Seems, your failures, every day become all more serious. Do you understand, that your innate driving on part of attracting mortally of dangerous things suffices strongly, that to revive the covey of disappearing dogs-mutants to life? Have we are possibility to bottle your undriving to off, the weapon of mass defeat would appear in our hands.
    Did I ignore his causticity, because all of my attention was attracted his words really he in earnest? But they regenerated not through my fault. Do not you know really?
     does Know that?
    it is My undriving here quite at anything. Werewolves regenerated, because vampires returned.
    Edvard was covered on me, his body became immobile unexpectedly.
     Dzheykob said me, that finding here your family, started this mechanism. I thought, you must were about it know already.
    His eyes narrowed. do They consider so?
    it is Edvard, give a glance on facts. Seventy years back you arrived here, and werewolves appeared. you returned now, and werewolves appear again. Do you think that it is a coincidence?
    He blinked, and his look was softened. This theory will interest Karlayla.
    it is Theory, I smiled.
    On some time he zatikh, looking on a rain after a window; I imagined that he examined a fact that the presence of his family is instrumental in converting of locals into giant dogs.
     Interestingly, but not quite appropriately, he mumbled over time. Situation remains unchanging.
    I could translate it it is much simpler: no friends of werewolves.
    I knew that must be patient with Edvardom. And quite not because he was not prudent, he did not simply understand. He did not have a concept, to how many I am under an obligation Dzheykobu Bleku I am under an obligation him life, and, possibly, judiciousness also.
    I disliked to talk about that time, when I remained one, without all, and especially without Edvarda. He left, trying to rescue me, rescue my soul. I did not consider his accountable for all those reckless acts which I accomplished in his absence, or for pain which I carried.
    He considered itself guilty.
    Therefore I very carefully must was pick up words for explanation. I got up and went round round a table. He exposed the cuddles for me, and I took a seat him on knees, settling down, as nestling is in a cool stone nest. I looked all that time at his hands, while talked.
     Please, listen me only minute. It far more important, than simply whim to visit an old friend. Dzheykobu now badly From these words voice began to the tremble for me. I make an effort help him, can not give up him now, when he needs me, only because he is a no longer man. Understand, in fact he was next to me, when I was. not quite look like a man. you do not know how it was. I hesitated. The hands of Edvarda hugged me firmly, but he so strongly squeezed them in kulaks, that on them all of his tendons was expressly selected. If Dzheykob did not help me, does not know that would expect you on vozraschenii home. I owe him much more of it, Edvard.
    I carefully looked him in a person. His eyes were closed, and a jaw is tense.
     I will never forgive itself for that left you, he whispered. Never, even if will live hundred thousands of years.
    Laying the hand on his cold person, I waited until he did not breathe and did not open an eye.
     You only tried to act correctly. And I am sure that with anybody other, not such mad, as I, it worked certainly. In addition, now you here. It unique, that matters.
     If I never departed, you would not feel obliged to risk the life, consoling psinu.
    I gave a start, remembering Dzheykoba with all of his abusive phrases: blood-sucker, parasite, leech. But for some reason pronounced rich voice of Edvarda word, sounded far more sharply.
     does not know how to express it properly, Edvard said coldly. Dumayu, it can show oneself cruel. But once I already was too near to that, to lose you. I know too well, it is which, so to think. And I no longer going to assume no danger for you.
     You must trust me herein. With me thing come right.
    His face pain affected again. Please, Bella, he whispered.
    I intently looked in his suddenly blazing up gold eyes.
     That, please?
     Please, for the sake of me. I ask, you would not could to make above itself an effort and to endeavour to save itself out of harm's way. I will do everything, that able, but I would thank, for a small help.
     I will work above it, I mumbled.
     And do you present though, as far as you, in actual fact, are important for me? Do you have though the least picture of that, how strongly I love you? He stronger folded me to the breast, hiding my head under the chin.
    I snuggled up lips to his cold, as ice to the neck.
     I know how strongly I love you, I answered.
     You compare one little sapling to the whole forest.
    I rolled eyes, but he did not could it to see. Impossible.
    He kissed me in a top and breathed.
     No werewolves.
     I not going with it to be reconciled. I must see Dzheykoba.
     Then I must will be stop you.
    It sounded so, as though he was quite sure in that it will not be difficult him.
    I was sure that he is right.
     All right, will look, I puffed up one's the cheeks. it is He still my friend.
    I felt the letter of Dzheykoba, lying in my pocket, as though it suddenly began to weigh ten pound. I was even able to hear words, pronounced his voice, and, seemed, he had acceded to Edvardom in what will never happen actually.
    Nothing will change. I am sorry.

Chapter 2

    I felt so, as if steam under clouds, when went from spanish in a cafeteria, and it was not only because I held on a hand the most perfect man in the world, although, certainly, largely therefore.
    Maybe, it was awareness that my punishment made off, and I now again free woman.
    Or can, it in general did not relate to me. Maybe, reason was a that atmosphere of freedom which soared above territory of school. Felt that soon end of school year, it is special senior pupils felt, nervous excitement as if hanging in mid air.
    Freedom was so close, that seemed, it can it was touch it, feel its taste. Its tracks were everywhere. Wall is in a cafeteria, completely hung placards, urns, overcrowded varicoloured flayerami, reminding that it is needed to purchase school annual, school bells, announcement with the last dates of orders on clothes, hats and ribbons; luminous neon curricula of cleaning up of cabinets for junior classes, and, placards prognostic a final ball twined roses.
    A final evening will take a place in these weekend, but I got a ferrous promise from Edvarda, that he will not compel me there to go. Eventually, I had similar human experience already.
    No, it must be it my personal freedom so inspired me today. Completion of school year did not bring me that satisfaction which, seemed, other students felt. Strange, but I was nervous and tested a sort of disgust, when thought about it.
    But to avoid talks it was impossible about exhaust, this theme came into a question everywhere.

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