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     Maybe, and can, and no.
     In what essence? I reminded to him.
     Utillize the new freedom, to meet and with other by the friends also. Endeavour to balance it.
    I slowly nodded a head. it is Balance it is good. To write down me meetings with friends on set time?
    He squirmed the dissatisfied grimace, but shook a head. I want nothing to complicate. Simply not forget the friends.
    This was an exactly that dilemma with which I already so fought. My friends. People with which for their safety, I must not will be anymore meet after completion of school.
    Because is it better to act? To spend time with them, while do I can yet? Or to begin to become separated from now, parting with them gradually? I was scared at an idea that it will be necessary to choose the second variant.
    . especially Dzheykoba, Charley added before I had time to think of about anything yet.
    This dilemma was far more difficult first. Time was required, to find suitable words. With Dzheykobom can arise up. difficulties.
     Bleyki for us, practically, as family, Bella, again he said in a fatherlike way strictly. And Dzheykob was you very much, very good other.
     I know.
     Really you quite on him does not miss? it is off-tune asked Charley.
    I felt suddenly, as my throat squeezed. I had twice to clear one's the throat, before to answer. Yes, does not seize him me, I said, still with a tomentous downward head, I very miss on him.
     Then in what difficulty?
    This was not that history about which it is possible quietly to speak. In understanding of normal people it conflicted with all rules, I mean ordinary people, such as I and Charley, to know about the secret world, complete mythical monsters, hidden existing round us. I knew everything about this world, and from it was in a permanent danger. And I not going to expose to Charley this danger.
     With Dzheykobom am. conflict situation, I pronounced slowly.
     I meant a conflict concerning friendship. Seems, not always it will be Jake simply enough friendships, I thought of this acquittal, coming from some details which were actually, but were so insignificant, by comparison to by a circumstance that the covey of werewolves of Dzheykoba fiercely hated family vampire Edvarda, well and me for a company, as I firmly intended to join in with this family. Simply this problem can not be decided with him through correspondence, and on my bells he will not begin to answer. But that I plan personally to meet with a werewolf, not which appearance will not cause a delight for vampires.
     Really Edvard not for a healthy competition? Now voice of Charley was full sarcasm.
    I measured his gloomy look.
     there Is no competition.
     You touch senses of Jake, avoiding him thus. He rather will prefer to be simply by friends, than in general by nobody.
    About, so now do I avoid him?
     am I almost sure that Jake does not want in general, that we were friends, words burned me a mouth, Why did you in general begin to speak about it?
    Now Charley looked embarrassed. Possibly, this theme was today affected by Billy.
     You with Billy are tittle-tattles, as an old money, I complained, spitefully tykaya a fork coolings off a fedelini on my dish.
     Billy worries after Dzheykoba, Charley said. Because Dzheykobu now as heavy as lead. He is low-spirited.
    I gave a start, but restrained the tears piled up on eyes.
     And then, spending time with Dzheykobom, you always looked such happy, Charley breathed.
     I am happy now, hotshot I growled through teeth.
    A contrast between my words and tone fully discharged a tightness in the air. A laughter broke forth for Charley, and I joined in with him.
     All right, all right, I consented. it is Balance.
     And Dzheykob, he insisted.
     I will endeavour.
     Fine. Find balance, Bella. And, ah, yes, here for you some mail, Charley said, closing a theme, even not trying to be delicate, is It near a flag.
    I was not even stirred, all of my ideas had been taken to the name of Dzheykoba. Probably, it was some old letter. I only yesterday got an envelope from my mother, and waited more nothing.
    Moving away a chair, Charley rose from a table. He attributed the dish to the shell, but before to include water, in order to rinse it, he a bit lingered and gave up me a thick envelope. A letter flew through all of table and embedded in my elbow.
     Oh, thank you, I mumbled, puzzled his persistence.
    Whereupon saw the address of sender a letter was from University of South-east Alaska. So quickly. I thought, what here skipped the last date of handing in an application.
    Charley smiled.
    I clicked on an envelope and cast an intent look on him. it is opened.
     I was curious.
     I shock, Sheriff. The same is a federal crime.
     About, simply read him.
    I took out a letter and curriculum of courses built in half.
     Congratulate, he said before I was able to read anything. it is Your first put.
     Thank you, dads.
     We must talk about teaching. For me am the money set aside a bit.
     Hey, hey, nothing of the kind. I will not touch to your economies, dad. I have own economies on a college, that was away reality the set aside money hardly would be enough even first.
    Charley frowned. Some of these places enough dear, Bellz. I want to help. you must not go by Alaska only because there cheaper.
    This college quite not was cheaper. But he was far enough, and in Dzhuno on the average, three hundred twenty one day in a year was gloomy and rainy. The first fully arranged me, and second Edvarda.
     I will fully pull at it. In addition, they have a lot of variants of providing of sponsorship. I will be able easily to get a loan, I hoped that my bluff did not have been too obvious. I did not have not the least presentation on this question.
     Thus., - began Charley, and then squeezed lips and took a look.
     All the same by appearance, that?
     Nothing. I only. he frowned. I take interest only, what. plans for Edvarda the next year?
     Well, so that?
    Three rapid knocks in a door rescued me from an answer. Charley rolled eyes and I jumped up.
     Go! I exclaimed, while Charley mumbled something, as though Clean up from here. I ignored his words and made a haste admit Edvarda.
    With ridiculous impatience, jerking on itself a door, I saw him is my own miracle, standing on a threshold.
    Time so was not able to do me less receptive to perfection of his person, and I was sure that never able privyknut' to his beauty to such degree, to count it by something usual. My eyes ran about on his pale, marble-white person: hard square of his jaw, more soft line of his chubby lips, now bent in a smile, straight line of nose, acute angle of cheek-bones, smooth marble forehead, partly hidden the bronze hairs entangled, potemnevshimi from a rain..
    I left his eyes in the end, knowing that when I will glance in them,, probably, will lose the train of the thoughts. They were large, expressive, warming the heat of liquid gold, framed fluffy black cilia. Each time, looking in his eyes, I felt something unbelievable, as though my bones become soft, as plasticine. And yet I felt easy dizziness, but it, possibly was a result that I forgot to breathe. Again.
    It was person for the sake of which any manekenschik of the world would sell the soul. Certainly, it must was be an ascable price: one soul.
    It is not. I disbelieved in it. I felt guilty already for that assumed a similar idea and glad, very glad that was the unique man, whose ideas remained for Edvarda a secret.
    I touched to his hand and breathed, feeling, as his cold fingers interlace with my. His touch was brought by the strange feeling of facilitation as if for me something was ill, and this pain was suddenly halted.
     Hey, I slightly smiled from the incongruous my feelings of greeting.
    He heaved up our casebound fingers, to touch to my cheek by the back of the palm. As did a day pass?
     For me also.
    He brought my wrist to the person, our fingers were still casebound. Closing eyes, he glanced aside along my skin a nose, and smiled softly, so not opening an eye. Enjoying an aroma and simultaneously contesting with temptation, as he was once expressed.
    I knew that for him aroma of my blood much slasche, to blood of any other man on earth. My blood for him was similarly desirable, as for an alcoholic wine by comparison to water, its smell caused him the real pain, generating in his throat unbearable, burning thirst. But, seems, now, it already did not embarrass him so strongly, as be once. I could present only dimly, what titanic efforts this simple gesture costed him.
    It became sadly me that is why, that he had to make such efforts above itself. Only one consoled I knew that will not be reason of his muk too long.
    I heard, as Charley is approached, intentionally stamping feet, by such method, expressing the displeasure arrival of our guest.
    The eyes of Edvarda were instantly opened, and he dropped our hands quickly, still holding fingers interlaced between itself.
     good Evening, Charley, Edvard always was blamelessly polite, although Charley and did not deserve it.
    Charley stopped, muttering something him in reply, and crossed hands on a breast. In the last time he was penetrated the idea of paternal supervision.
     I brought the forms of statements yet, Edvard declared, demonstrating a complete envelope. On his little finger, as if a ring, the whole roll of postage stamps was winded.
    I began to the moan. Really yet are there some colleges in which he until now did not compel me to write? And as does he yet succeed to find all of these opened loop-holes? In fact this year already it was too late.
    He smiled, as though able to read my ideas; it must be, they too obviously affected my person.
     Yet there are a few opened last dates. And a few places, persons interested to do an exception.
    I could present reasons, standings after these exceptions only approximately. And size of dollar inflowings.
    Edvard began to the laugh above expression of my person.
     Well, are you ready? he asked, moving aside me to the cook-table.
    Charley angrily followed behind, although he hardly could complain on what we going today to engage.
    I quickly cleaned from a table all of superfluous, while Edvard laid out the frightening pile of forms. When I shifted a Storm mountain Pass on a bar, Edvard heaved up one eyebrow. I knew, what he thought of, but Charley cut him short before he had time to comment on it.
     By the way, speaking about statements in a college, Edvard, asked Charley yet more sullen tone, as he on possibility tried to avoid to speak to Edvardu straight, but when he had however, it had worsened him yet more, and without that, bad mood. We with Bella just discussed a next year. Did you decide already, where will study?
    Edvard smiled Charley and answered friendly voice:
     it Yet is not. I got a few invitations, but not determined while.
     Where were you accepted? insistingly pressed Charley.
    are Syracuse. Harvard. Dartmut. and, literally, just I was accepted in University of South-east Alaska.
    Turning the person a bit aside, Edvard winked me. I was barely able to crush down a laughter.
    it is Harvard? Dartmut? mumbled Charley, unable to hide awe, So, it is nice. it is something. Yes, but University of Alaska. you not going seriously to examine their suggestion, when you have possibility to enter into League Flattening. I consider, your father would like for you.
     Karlayl will be approved by any my choice, quietly Edvard said him.
     Guess, that here, Edvard? ringing I asked by playful voice.
     That, Bella?
    I specified on a thick envelope, lying on a bar, I got invitation in University of Alaska just.
     Congratulate, he smiled. it is What coincidence.
    The eyes of Charley narrowed, and he began in turn to translate the look from one of us into other. Perfectly, he pronounced through a minute. I going to go to look a game, Bella. Nine thirty.
    It was his ordinary parting command.
     Eee, dad. Do you remember, about our recent talk, regarding my freedom.?
    He breathed. Well, ten thirty. For you still commandant hour on all of evenings after school.
    it is Bella no longer under arrest? Edvard asked. I knew although, that, in actual fact, this new was not for him unexpected, but so not able to find out not a single false note in his, suddenly becoming disturbed, voice.
     De bene esse, remedied his Charley through teeth. Tebeto that from it?
    Frowning, I looked at a dad, but he did not notice it.
     Simply glad it to know, Edvard said. Alice is need a partner on purchases, and I am sure that Bella would like to see the fires of city, he smiled to me.
    But Charley growled it Is not! and his person became red.
    it is Dad! What is a problem in?
    He unclenched teeth hardly, I do not want, that you now rode to Seattle.
     did I tell you about that history from a newspaper In Seattle there is some band, entertaining murders, and I want, that you stuck to from it a little rather, clear?
    I rolled eyes. it is Dad, and rather will stagger me lightning, what something will happen for one day in Seattle.
     No, it is all right, Charley, interrupting me, Edvard said. it is I not Seattle meant. I talked about Portlende, certainly. I would not like also, that Bella appeared in Seattle. Certainly, it is not.
    I with a mistrust looked at him, but there was a newspaper of Charley in his hands, and he read a front page concentrated. It must be, thus, he tried to quiet my father. In fact idea to be in a danger, to outgoing from death people, being in the companies of Alice and Edvarda, seemed simply funny.
    But, strangely enough, it worked. During the second of Charley silently stared on Edvarda, and then reaped shoulders, Here and fine.
    In some haste, he, finally, abandoned a kitchen, sent in a living room, possibly, he did not want to skip playing off a debatable ball.
    I waited, while a television set will be switched on, that Charley was not able to hear me.
     That., - began, it was, to ask I.
     Hold, he said, not tearing away a look from a newspaper. His look still did not unstuck from a page, when he pushed to me through a table the first form of statement.
     I think, you can rewrite this questionnaire from the previous forms. Questions those.
    Charley, it must be, listened still. I breathed, and began repeatedly to inscribe information about itself: name, address, social. In a few minutes I gave a glance on Edvarda, but now he thoughtfully looked through a window. As I again had to be inclined above a form, I noticed the name of educational establishment first.
    Snorting, I pushed away papers aside.
    it is Bella?
     Be serious, Edvard. Dartmut?
    Edvard heaved up the form of statement which I gave up, and again softly put him to me, Dumayu, N'yu-khempshir will please you, he said. For me there will be a whole list of evening courses, and the forests there are very comfortably located, especially for such energetic traveler, as I. Sea of wild nature. He smiled awry, knowing that I could not it resist.
    I breathed deeply.
     I will allow you to return me a money, if it will do you happy, he promised. If you will want, I can nachislyat' percents.
     it is There impossible to get without an enormous graft. Or was this the part of payment? New wing of library of Kallenov? Ooh. Why do we discuss it again?
     can you simply fill a statement, please, Bella? From it nothing frightful will happen.
    A jaw hung down for me. Well, does know? Not think, that I to the figure it to do!
    I stretched to the papers, intending to crumple them and from all of force to toss in a trash bucket, but they were not already. Instant I was stared on an empty table, and then on Edvarda. Seemed, he did not have moved, but a statement, probably, was already hidden in the internal pocket of his jacket.

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