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    Viktoriya did not even give a glance on a boy which just swore in love. Its look was still directed on me, gap-filling disappointment such furious, that it seemed reckless.
     No, again said he, through teeth, when Edvard moved to it, recovering a way to me.
    Rayli again was on feet he looked disfigured and emaciated but appeared capable on a wicked slog in the shoulder of Setu. I heard, as a bone crunched. Set stepped back, and begun to the whirl limping slightly. Rayli proposed forward hands and prepared to the fight, true, from one he had a brush torn off half.
    In a few meters from their battle, Edvard and Viktoriya danced.
    They did not twirl, because Edvard did not allow it to approach me. It glided back, moved from a side aside, trying to find a tear in his defence. He, concentrated watching after it, repeated all of its motions. Edvard, reading intentions about motion in its brain, began to move on the stake of second before it.
    Set attacked with to the side on Rayli, and something unstucked with a terrible, shrill scream. Another heavy white piece, started to the fly in the forest with a deaf sound. Rayli roared from fury, Set stepped back back surprisingly, as he moved easily, in spite of the size and here Rayli struck him iskorezhennoy one-arm.
    Viktoriya flashed between the barrels of trees, in the distant end of little glade. He looked tormented, feet took away it in safety, and eyes reached after me as to the magnet, to attracting it.
    Edvard noticed it also.
     not leave, Viktoriya, he said of by that hypnotizing tone, what before. Scarcely another will fall out you such chance.
    It oskalila teeth and began to the hiss on him, but to go away from me farther, not able.
     You will be always able to escape later, Edvard purred. you will have mass of time. In fact it that you are well able? Therefore James held you at itself. you were useful, if it is needed it was to play dangerous games. Partner with a flair to escape. He does not need it was to abandon you your skills would be useful for him, when we grasped him in Finiks.
    The wicked growling burst from its lips.
     Here what you were for him. Foolishly it was to outlay so many time, wishing to avenge someone, who was tied to you, just, as to the colleague to the hunter. you for him never were more than simply comfortable. I would know it.
    Edvard awry smiled and knocked itself on a temple.
    With the strangled squeal, Viktoriya tumbled out of trees again, deviating aside. Edvard moved it to meet, and their dance began again.
    Exactly at this juncture, a kulak Rayli pleased Setu in a side, what he muffled squealed from. Set stepped back, pulling shoulders, as if shaking off pain.
    Please, I wanted to plead with Rayli, but I could not open a mouth, to breathe out air from lights. Please, in fact he yet child!
    Why did not Set escape? Why does not he escape now?
    Rayli began to approach him, compelling Seta to retreat to the rock, next to me. Viktorii the fate of its partner became suddenly interesting. I saw it, with half an an eye, it estimated distance between me and Rayli. Set roared on Rayli, compelling him to step back, and Viktoriya began to the hiss.
    Set no longer limped. His swirling brought him over to Edvardu, his tail conducted Edvarda on the back, and Viktoriya goggled eyes.
     No, he will not throw oneself on me, Edvard said, answering a question, arising up in the head of Viktorii. He took advantage of its confusion and stole up nearer. you compelled us to team up with our mortal enemies.
    It clicked teeth, trying to be concentrated only on Edvarde.
     Look more attentive, Viktoriya, he said of, tugging its concentration at filaments. it is He and true, so alike on a monster which was tracked down by James in Siberia?
    Its eyes opened up widely, and then began to rush about from Edvarda on Seta and on me, by circles. it is He the same? it growled, by child's soprano. it is Impossible!
     Nothing is present impossible, Edvard pronounced, by rich soft voice and yet got around it. Except for one you will never touch to it.
    It shook a head, quickly and sharply, battling with that distracted it, and tried to go round him, but he already enclosed it a way, as soon as it thought of this plan. Her face was distorted the grimace of irritation, and then it sat down below, again growing into a lioness, and taking it easy, advanced.
    Viktorii had experience, it was not slave instinct newly converted. It was mortally dangerous. Even I would explain a difference between it and Rayli, and I knew that Set will not stretch long, if he battled with this vampirshey.
    Edvard moved, also, when they were drawn together, it had been opposition of lion and lioness.
    Dance was accelerated.
    They looked like Alice and Jasper on a glade, smeared spiral motions, only this dance did not have such wonderful choreography. Sharp crunch and crack, reflected from a rocky wall, when someone wronged from them. But they moved too quickly, that I could notice who did errors exactly.
    Rayli was confused the spectacle of this mortal ballet, in his eyes there was an anxiety for the partner. Set struck, tearing away another little piece from a vampire. Rayli roared the strongest slanting blow which got Setu straight in a breast, cast aside a werewolf. The enormous body of Seta flew up on 3 meters and hitted a stone wall above my head, with such force, that seemed all of rock shuddered from a blow. I heard as air with hissing abandoned his lights, had time uvernut'sya from a way, when his body jumping back from a stone, brought down on earth in a meter ahead of me.
    Set quietly, through teeth, began to the whine.
    Sharp pebbles were strewed on me from above, scratching an unscreened skin. Sharp stone splinter, was rolled up on my right arm, and I caught him reflexly. When my own instinct of survival worked, my fingers closed up round a long splinter. To elope it was impossible from here, and my body, it is not important as far as uneffective there was this decision, was prepared to the fight.
    On my veins ran back adrenalin. I knew that a bracer on a hand had embedded in a palm. I knew that the break of joint had protested all. I knew it all and did not experience pain.
    Behind Rayli, all, that I saw, there was a whirlwind from the hairs of Viktorii and washed out white spot. More frequent metallic a crack and breaks, constrained sighs, and shock hissing, did obvious, for someone dance became mortal.
    But for whom exactly?
    Rayli swung in my side, his red eyes, burned fury. He fiercely looked on the limping mountain of sandy fur between you and me, and his hands are iskorezhennye, broken hands convolved in claws. He exposed a mouth widely, teeth flashed, when he was prepared to tear the throat of Setu.
    Next influx of adrenalin, was as a blow by a current, and all unexpectedly became clear me.
    Both fights were too close. Set almost lost it, and I did not know, Edvard lost or not. They both need was a help. To distract their enemies. Nothing, that will enable them to win.
    My hand held a stone splinter so firmly, that a staple cracked in a bracer.
    Was I strong? Was I brave? How strongly can I stick a rough stone in the body? Would this Setu give time, to have time to rise on feet? Will he be able to heal the wounds quickly, that from my victim there was a benefit?
    I thought of, how to utillize a splinter, unbended the dense sweater, to bare a skin, and set an edge to the bend of elbow. For me there, already there was a long scar, from the closing date of birth. In that night, my current blood was enough, to come into a notice each of present vampires, that all of them stopped beating in place, on an instant. I prayed, that all turned out just like this, again. I was prepared and pulled in in itself air.
    Viktoriya lost one's the head from the sound of my sigh. Its eyes, stopped beating on the stake of second, meeting with my. Fury and curiosity strange interlaced in its look.
    I was not sure, as I heard a low sound, among all of these sounds by the echo of being heard around, jumpings away from a rock and pulsating in my head. One sound of my palpitation was enough, to deafen him. But, in a that second, when I looked in the eyes of Viktorii, I thought, that hear the acquainted angry sigh.
    Exactly in this second, dance disintegrated. It happened so quickly, that made off till I was able to trace the course of events. I made an effort recover everything in the head.
    Threw out Viktoriyu from the washed out structure, and it hitted a high fir-tree, approximately in the middle tree. It fallen down on earth, and here sprang to the feet.
    At the same time, Edvard invisible from the speed grasped nothing unsuspecting Rayli for a hand, and recurved him it back. Seemed, as though Edvard set a leg to the back of Rayli, and trod on him all of the weight, because our little camp filled piercing, complete sufferings, scream of Rayli.
    At this juncture, Set rose on feet, closing by itself all of kind.
    But I continued to see Viktoriyu. And, although, it looked strange deformed as if could not be straightened I saw a smile still, the same of my sleep, flashing on its wild face.
    It was prepared and jumped.
    Something the little and white whistled in mid air and clashed from it, in the middle of its jump. A blow was comparable with an explosion, and cast aside it straight on tree, from what it broke in half. Viktoriya, again took a ground on feet, ready to the fight, but Edvard waited it already. A facilitation appeared in my heart, when I saw how he stood direct and wonderful.
    Viktoriya, pushed away the blow of barefoot leg, something in storonu rocket which spoiled its attack. It was driven in my side. I saw that it had been.
    My stomach twitched.
    Fingers twitched still, grasped at a grass, hand of Rayli, carried somewhere by land.
    Set twirled around Rayli, and Rayli retreated now. He left from the werewolf of having advantage, he had a person twisted from pain. He heaved up a survivor hand, surrendering.
    Set potoropil Rayli, and a vampire lost balance. I saw how the teeth of Seta submerged in the shoulders of Rayli, he pulled, and jumped back again.
    With the tearing ears metallic grinding, Rayli lost the second hand.
    Set shook a head, filled up a hand in the forest. The broken hissing broke forth at Seta, it seemed a laughter.
    Rayli cried out the forced entreaty: it is Viktoriya!
    Viktoriya, did not even react on the sound of the name. Its eyes did not give a glance on the partner.
    Set threw oneself on him as if a ram. A blow cast aside them both in trees, where the metallic grinding combined with screaming of Rayli. Screaming which was suddenly halted, and the sounds of the torn stone proceeded to pieces.
    Although, Viktoriya and did not throw a parting look on Rayli, it considered that remained in itself. It began to retreat from Edvarda, furious disappointment sparkled in its eyes. It threw one short, painful depressed look on me, and began to escape.
     No, Edvard sang, temptingly. Remain yet on slightly.
    It krutanulas' in place and started to the fly under the saving cover of the forest, as an arrow allowed from a bow.
    But Edvard was quick he was as if a bullet.
    Grasping its unscreened back, at the edge of trees Edvard made off this last, simple step their dance.
    Edvard almost gently touched the mouth of its neck. Squeal and noisy fuss of Seta, recovered all of other noise, therefore there was not a noticeable sound, to define this picture exactly as mortal violence. He could simply kiss it.
    And then, entangled fiery hairs, no longer were connected with its body. Podragivayuschie orange waves, fallen down on earth and, jumping up, rolled to the trees

Chapter 25

    I was hardly able to take the eyes widely exposed and hardenings from a fright not to examine, too attentively, that there for an oval object, framed the podragivayuschimi krausens of orange hairs.
    Edvard again was afoot. Quickly, quietly and businesslike he dismembered the beheaded dead body.
    I could not walk up to him, feet did not obey me, they as if grew in in earth. But I studied every his action attentively, searching tracks, harm caused him. The rhythm of my heart became more even, when I nothing did not notice such. He was flexible and graceful, as usual. His clothes were a zela even.
    He did not look at me there, where I stood at a rock, stopping beating from horror laid while, zasypaya a dry pine-needle, podragivayuschie, trembling remains. He did not see my shocked look still, and rushed after Setom, in the forest.
    I did not have time of pridti in itself, when they both returned, Edvard had carried the remains of Rayli. Set pulled a hunch is a trunk in teeth. They added the load to the built remains, and Edvard got a silver rectangle from a pocket. He clicked a cigarette-lighter and set on a fire dry branches. Flame blazed up instantly, the long tongues of orange flame flew up above a funeral fire.
     Collect every piece, quietly Edvard said aside Setu.
    Together, vampire and werewolf, rummaged a camp, from time to time, giving up the little pieces of a white stone flesh in a fire. A set carried pieces teeth. My brain worked not too well, and I did not understand why he did not change in the human look, in fact then he would have hands.
    Edvard was concentrated on the work.
    And, they finished, furious flame had sent a stifling purple post straight in sky. Thick smoke meandered slowly, and seemed more dense and hard, what was actually. Smoke had a pleasant smell of fire-damaged incense, too heavy and strong not very much.
    Set published a deep pectoral sound look like a laughter.
    A smile appeared on tense face of Edvarda.
    He fished out forward the hand, a brush is compressed in a fist. Set smiled, demonstrating the row of kinzhalopodobnykh teeth, and hid a face a nose in the fist of Edvarda.
     We well did some the work together, Edvard pronounced.
    Set began to the laugh barking.
    Then Edvard breathed deeply, and slowly turned to me.
    I did not understand his expression. There was so much watchfulness in his eyes, as if I was another by his enemy even more than anxiety, there was fear in his eyes. But, when he battled with Viktoriey and Rayli, he was not even scared. My reason left off to consider, stunned and unavailing, as well as my body. I amazedly looked on Edvarda.
    it is Bella, sweet one, trying to talk as possible more soft, he went near me deliberately slowly, heaving up hands and demonstrating the opened hands. In my nowaday semi-conscious state, he strange reminded me the suspected meeting constabulary, and proving, that he is not armed.
    it is Bella, please, give up a stone. Carefully. Not wound itself.
    I quite forgot about the rough weapon, and only realized now, as far as firmly squeezed him, that the broken knuckle of my finger had simply yelled from indignation. Really, did I break it again? This bout Karlayl will impose a gypsum exactly.
    Edvard stood in a meter from me, hands similarly heaved up all in air, and in eyes all similarly is a fright.
    I may need a few long seconds, to remember how to move fingers. Then a stone began to thunder on earth, and my brush hardened in that position.
    Edvard a bit calmed down, when my hands opusteli, but to walk up did not risk nearer.
    it is Bella, you do not need to be afraid, he talked. are you out of harm's way. I will not cause you harm.
    Eta incomprehensible promise, only yet more perplexed me. I was stared on him, as an idiot, trying to consider, what is the matter.
    it is Bella, all will be good. I know you are scared now, but all made off. Anymore nobody will cause you harm. I will not touch you. I will not cause you harm, he repeated once again.
    I zamorgala quickly, and discovered that can talk again:
     Why you all of time does repeat it?
    I unfirmly took a step him to meet, and he jumped back from me.
     That did happen? I whispered. what do you talk About?
    are you. my ununderstanding is sudden passed to him and reflected in his gold eyes. Really, are not afraid of you me?
     Am afraid of you? Why?
    I did a step yet, and stumbled here, alike, to itself trod on a leg. Edvard caught up me, I hid a face him in a breast and burst into tears.
    it is Bella, Bella, I am sorry me. All ended, all had passed.
    it is I in an order, I breathed out. it is I fine. I simply. I am in Choquet. Give me. Minute.
    His hands twined round me.
     so it is sorry me, he mumbled over and over.
    I was caught for him, while not able to recover breathing, and then I became kissed him is his breast, his shoulder, his neck kissed everything, to what could be dragged as far as. Slowly, my brain began to consider again.
    are you all right? I asked between kisses. it is scotched you?
    it is I in an absolute order, he quieted, hiding a face in my hairs.
    Edvard smiled. More than simply fine. More precisely, he simply in a delight from itself.
     Other? To Alice, Esme? Wolves?
     All fine. There all is complete also. All passed smoothly, as I talked. The worst happened here.
    We all will be all right.
    But good news could not reach to me, I still was in a state of shock.
     I am sorry me, he said, being again sorry, interestingly for what? I did not have not the least presentation. so it is sorry me. I did not want, that you saw it. Saw me such. I know, probably, I frightened you.
    I may need another minute, to consider, what he talked about, about that, how hesitatingly he approached me heaving up hands upwards. I will elope as though, if he will begin to move too quickly.
     In earnest? I asked in the total. are you. that? Did think, as though frightened me? I snorted. Snorting for me turned out successful, voice did not tremble, and I did not stammer. And it sounded spontaneous distinctly.
    He put the hand under my chin and cast aside my head back, to read expression of my person.
    it is Bella, I only. he lingered and with effort pronounced, I just beheaded and dismembered living creature approximately in 20 meters from you. And it does not disturb you?
    He in disapproval looked at me.
    I reaped shoulders. To reap shoulders I also succeeded well. Very indifferently.
     Not Very much. I was only afraid that you and Set will suffer. I wanted to help, but here all, that I could do.
    Him suddenly becoming wicked voice, compelled me umolknut':
     Yes, he pronounced sharply. it is Your little theatrical with a stone. you in a course, that I hardly not did get a heart attack? And that to take me to such, it is needed to endeavour.
    Hardness it was me to answer under his furious look.
     I wanted to help. Set was injured.
    it is Bella, Set was simply estimated, that injured. This was a trick. And then you.! he began to the shake a head, and not able to finish. Set did not see that you did, so that I had to interfere. Now he is slightly displeased at that can not declare, put to death as though, alone, unassisted.

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