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    it is I in an order, I told a lie.
     I was carried away.
     not worry.
     I am surprised, that Edvard so few told you about it.
     He does not like to tell stranger histories. It seems to him that it, in a manner, treachery, in fact he hears more than it follows him to know.
    It smiled, rocking a head:
     Perhaps, I owe him anymore to trust. Is he indeed so noble in fact, lie?
     Think yes.
     Must be acknowledged, it breathed, I was to you not just, Bella. Did not he tell you, why? Or for him it also too personal?
     He said, it because I am a man. That hardness you to reconcile oneself to with that about you someone knows stranger.
    I was interrupted by the melodious laughter of Rosalie:
     Now I indeed feel guilty. He was far kinder to me, what I deserve that.
    It seemed to me that its laughing person had begun to look far more warm, as though laughing, it whipped off a that impenetrable cold armour which never took off in my hearing before.
     What he is a fibber, it began to the laugh again.
     did He utter a lie me? I asked indignantly.
     Well, it can it is too loudly said. He not all is simple told you. That he said you true, although now it sounds more true, than it was before. However, at the same time. it is smiled nervously, it is Herein ashamed to be acknowledged. you understand, firstly, it mainly, there was jealousy of clean water, because he wanted you, but not me.
    Its words heaved up in me the wave of horror. Sitting here in lunar radiance, it was most wonderful from everything, that I could some time present. I could not vie with it.
     But you love Emmeta. I mumbled.
    Chirked, it rocked a head:
     No, I quite not want Edvarda in this sense, Bella. And never wanted I love him as a brother, but I irritated him from a the same moment, as in the first time heard his voice. All the same, you must understand me.. I so privykla to that people wished me. And Edvard not on an iota not zainteresovalsya by me. It disappointed me, and even offended firstly. But he manifested the preferences never nobody, I was therefore disordered not long. Even when we first met with the clan of Tani in Denali, in which women were only, Edvard so did not turn the attention on none of them! And then he met you, is abashedly looked at me.
    I was not too attentive, and, thinking about Edvarde, Tane, and all of those women, I squeezed the lips involuntarily.
    it is I quite not to that you are not likable, Bella, it said, wrong interpreting my expression, it meant Simply then, that he finds you more attractive, than me. I am too vain.
     But you said, firstly. Znachit, it you anymore. does not disturb, yes? I mean, we both know that you are the most beautiful woman on a planet.
    I smiled, saying that so was obvious. As strange, that Rosalie is need confirmations to it.
    Rosalie began to the laugh also:
     Thank you, Bella. And yes, it no longer disturbs me. Edvard always had peculiar ways a bit, is began to the laugh again.
     But I still dislike you, I whispered.
    Its smile pomerkla:
     Forgive me for it.
    Some time we sat in a complete quiet, and, alike, it not going to continue.
     would not you could to say me why? Really did I do something such.? does can, it was angered on me for that I once again, over and over subject its the family it Emmeta of danger? At first, James, now Viktoriya.
     No, you did nothing, it mumbled. So far.
    I was stunned covered on it.
     do not you see Really, Bella? unexpectedly its voice began to the sound more passionately, than when it told the sorrowful history, all is already For you. you have whole life ahead all, what I wanted so. And you going to give up all of it. Do not you see really, that I am ready on everything, to be by you? you have a choice which I did not have, and you going to make a large error!
    I jumped back from its angry person. Considering that from amazement a jaw hung down for me, I closed a mouth hurriedly, push-to-reseting it.
    It long looked at me, and I saw how fury in its eyes went out gradually. It was embarrassed suddenly:
     I was sure that able to do it quiet, is rocked a head, embarrassed the overcoming it wave of emotions. Simply now it appeared much more difficult, than then, when nothing was, except for vanity.
    It was silently covered on a moon. A few minutes passed before I plucked up a courage to violate its reflections:
     will you become it is better to belong to me, if I will determine on staying by a man?
    It turned to me, and its lips drognuli in a weak hint on a smile:
     And however, is there, the family, a happy end in your history, I reminded to it, you have Emmet.
     I got a half only, it smiled. you know that I rescued him from a bear which attacked him, and brought home to Karlaylu. But do you present though, why did I shut out, that a bear killed him?
    I shocked a head.
    are the Black curls, dimples which were visible, even when he made a face from pain, strange innocence to which, seemed, not place on masculine face he reminded me little Henry, son Vera. I did not want, that he died. In spite of the fact that I hated this life, I was selfish enough in an order to ask Karlayla to change him for me. It was lucky me more than I deserve that. Emmet that is all, what I sued for, if knew itself so well, to understand, about what it is needed to ask. He exactly that, who needs me. And, strangely enough, I also need him. This part of my desires was carried out even better, than I hoped. But it will not be anymore than never nobody, except for us two. And I never will sit together with him, the same grey-headed, as well as I, anywhere on a porch, surrounded grandchildren.
    Now its smile became kind:
     does it sound a bit strange For you, yes? From one side, you, in a manner, more experimental, than there was I in the eighteen years. But from other side. there are things which you yet in earnest did not even reflect about. you yet are too young, to know, what will want through ten, fifteen years and too young, to give up all that about what does not even know. Be not hasty in the acts, Bella, in fact speech goes about eternity. it is patted me on a head, but there was not a drop of leniency in its gesture.
    I breathed.
     Simply think of it, even a bit. Once changing everything, you already will be able to return nothing back. Treats Esme that replaces us. Alice remembers nothing of the past life, that is why and does not languish for it.. But you will remember. Too from much it will be necessary to renounce.
    But in exchange I will get far anymore, I thought, but did not pronounce aloud.
     Thank you, Rosalie. Rada, that understood. knew you rather better.
     I am sorry, for that was such monster, it smiled. After this time will try to behave better.
    I also smiled it.
    Us so far it is impossible it was to name friends, but I was sure that it already will not be so strong to hate me.
     Now I, at last, will give you to sleep. it is cast a look to the bed, and its lips drognuli. I know, you are off-tune because he holds you locked up, but not swear at him too strongly, when he will return. He loves you more than you can itself present. He is terrified by that it is necessary to be far from you. it is quietly got up and walked up to the door. good Night, Bella, it whispered, shutting after itself a door.
     good Night, Rosalie, after a second, I mumbled.
    After all of it I yet could not usnut' long.
    And when I usnula however, a nightmare dreamed me. Under the falling flakes of snow I crept on the dark, cold stone of unknown street, reserving bloody track. And a dark angel in a long white clothing looked at me the offended eyes.
    On a next morning, when Alice drove me in school, I sat and glowered in a window. I felt quite not having a good sleep, and that I have to sit in incarceration, irritated me all stronger.
     Today we will depart in Olimpiyu or somewhere yet, it promised. will it Be merrily, yes?
     Why are you simple not to lock me in basement? I offered, And to leave off to try podslastit' a pill.
    Alice frowned:
     He will take away Porshe back. Turns out badly for me. It was assumed that it will be merrily you.
    it is not your guilt, I mumbled, not in forces to trust that feel sense of guilt. will Meet after a lunch.
    I was carried on English. Without Edvarda a day promised to be unbearable. All of the first lesson I sat in a bad mood, perfectly understanding that from it nothing will change.
    When a bell rang out, I rose without the special enthusiasm. At an output from a class, holding the unclosed door for me, Mike stood.
    it is Edvard in a hike on a weekend? he asked in a friendly way, when we went out under a drizzle.
     does Want anything to engage in the evening?
    How can he until now continue to hope?
     does not can. For me the evening-party of pyjamas is planned, I mumbled. He cast a strange look on me, as if trying to understand reason of similar mood.
     With whom you.
    The question of Mike was interrupted a loud, increasing roar, reported from a stand after us. All looked around, in bewilderment looking after how noisy black motor cycle, with a loud squeal tormoznul, stopped at the edge of sidewalk.
    Dzheykob vigorously began to the wave me a hand:
     Hurry, Bella! he began to the bawl, perekrikivaya a roaring motor.
    I hardened in place, understood before, that took a place.
    I quickly looked at Mike, understanding that I have an only one second.
    How far can Alice call in an attempt to retain me at all on eyes?
     became it badly me, and I went away home, well? I said Mayku by trembling from sudden excitation voice.
     Well, he mumbled.
    I gave a smacking kiss Mike in a cheek.
     Thank you, Mike. I am your debtor! I cried, escaping.
    Dzheykob smiled and added gas. I zaprygnula on a seat behind him and firmly hugged him for a waist.
    Looking around, I saw hardening at a cafeteria Alice for a moment, fury burned in its eyes, teeth oskaleny.
    I cast a pleading look on it.
    Then we began to tear along so quickly, that my stomach appeared somewhere behind me.
     Stick to stronger, Dzheykob cried.
    When we rushed on a route, I hid a person, hiding a face him in the back. I knew that as soon as we will cross Kvilletskuyu border, he will whip off speed. I simply need it was it to wait till. I prayed silently, that Alice did not follow on us, and that I was not seen by Charley.
    As soon as a motor cycle took off speed, I understood at once, that we, finally, had attained a safe place. Dzheykob burst out laughing, and I opened eyes.
     We did it! he cried. not badly for escape from prison, but?
     And, Jake.
    I remembered how you talked that clairvoyant a leech can not foresee my actions. I am glad that you did not think of it then it kept out you in school.
     All because on it I and did not expect.
    He victory began to the laugh:
     What do you want today to engage?
     All! I smiled. Healthily to be free!

Chapter 8

    Aimlessly going for a walk, we again appeared on a beach. Dzheykob was still content with itself for organization of escape.
     does Think, they will come to search you? with hope he asked in voice.
     No, I was sure herein, Although, this evening they will be in fury.
    He heaved up a stone and threw it in water.
     Then, not return, he offered again.
     Charley will be in raptures, I noticed sarcasm.
     Ready to argue, he will not feel strongly about.
    I did not answer. Probably, Dzheykob was rights. I squeezed teeth. Charley gave an obvious preference my friends of kviletam, it was dishonest. There would be he at it opinion, knowing that actually choosing was necessary between vampires and werewolves, I reflected.
     Well, and what last scandal in a covey? I asked softly.
    Dzheykob sharply stopped and shock looked at me:
     That? Do you banter?
     Eh, he looked aside.
    I expected that he would move farther, but seemed, he had submerged in own ideas.
     was Scandal and true? I was surprised.
    Dzheykob smiled:
    it is I already and forgot, it is which, when nobody knows nothing. When there always is the secluded place in a head, where it is possible to hide the ideas.
    A few minutes we silently went on a stony beach.
     So that there for you did happen? I asked finally. what do all already know About?
    He hesitated some time, doubting, as far as much he going me to tell. Then breathed and said of:
     Kvil met the half. He already third. All of our began to worry. Maybe, it and not such rare phenomenon, as legends say of. he said and, frowning, covered on me. He looked at me, speaking not a word, even took eyebrows from tension.
     What stared? I asked, feeling an ill at an ease.
    He breathed.
     And so, nothing.
    Dzheykob moved from a place. Thoughtlessly, he took my hand in it. We silently went by rocks.
    I thought about that, how we look outside, go for a walk on a beach, embarking on hands, as if falling in love. Do I owe to halt it? But it so always was with Dzheykobom. Why all to change now.
     Why did scandal happen from chosen one Kvila? I asked, considering that he not going to develop this theme farther. Only because is he a novice?
     Not Herein there is business.
     In what, then, business?
     In legends. I do not all stop to guess, when we will leave off to be surprised that ALL in them true, he growled out to itself under a nose.
     will you tell me? Or will I have to guess?

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