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    Edvard began to the laugh.
    If to be frank, one difference was all the same, but I prudently did not begin to mention about it aloud, because this difference consisted in that then Rene with Charley had the much best period in life, than now for us.
    On the way in La Push we cut a corner and Dzheykoba, standing leaning against to the door of red Fol'ksvagena, collected them from repair parts found. The carefully restrained expression of indifference on his face was instantly replaced a glad smile, when I waved him from a front seat.
    Edvard parked it Vol'vo in the distance thirty yards.
     Call me, when going to return home, he said. And I will be here.
     I will not begin to stay too long, I promised.
    Edvard smuggled out of a motor cycle and my new suit from a machine I was impressed by that, what lightness he did it with, although, that difficult for him it was in that, to retain a motor cycle, when he was strong so, that easily to move the vans loaded under a plot.
    Dzheykob looked after silently, doing no attempts to be approached, a smile disappeared from his person, and dark eyes pomrachneli.
    Giving up a jacket across a seat, I stuck the helmet under a mouse.
     did you take everything? Edvard asked.
     No problems, I notarized him.
    He breathed and bent over to me. I put a person for the lung of parting kiss, but Edvard surprised me, firmly obkhvativ hands and kissing a long passionate kiss, as to it kissed in a garage, such long, that I began to strangle.
    Edvard quietly began to the laugh above something, and then released me.
     While, he said. I indeed like your jacket.
    When I turned away from him, it seemed to me that in his eyes a flash flashed by something such, what I must not was see. I could not say certainly, that it was. Possibly, anxiety. During a second I was predisposed to that this was panic. But, probably, I as usual did an elephant from a fly.
    Pushing a motor cycle to meet Dzheykobu to the invisible border between territories of vampires and werewolves, set in an agreement, I felt his look on the back.
     What does all of it mean? carefully asked me Dzheykob, with an enigmatic kind examining a motor cycle.
     I think that must give him there, where to him place, I answered.
    During one short second he thought over my words, and then his person was lighted up a wide smile.
    Now I knew a place exactly, where territory of werewolves began, because Dzheykob, finally, stepped back from the machine and quickly got around me, in three long steps overcoming dividing us distance. He took away a motor cycle for me, fastening him on a footboard, and concluded me in the strong, as vises of embrace.
    Hearing noise of motor of Vol'vo, I with might and main made an effort be freed.
     Halt it, Jake.
    He began to the laugh and released me. I turned, to wave Edvardu on farewell, but a silvery machine already disappeared after a turn.
     Nicely, I commented, allowing bitter taste to leak out in the voice.
    He raspakhnul eyes innocently:
     He just very nicely showed that it was not pleasantly to him, you do not need to risk, testing the success.
    He began to the laugh again, yet more loud, than before probably, said by me it indeed seemed to him very amusing. While I vainly tried to understand that him made a laugh so, he had gone round Fol'ksvagen, to open a door for me.
    it is Bella, finally, he said, opening a door and still continuing to laugh, it is impossible to risk that, whatever have

Chapter 11

     going you s'est' this khot-dog? Dzheykoba asked Half, and voraciously looked at a remain from giant dinner of werewolves.
    Dzheykob sat, leaning against my knees and played with khot-dogom, which he threaded on the straightened wire peg for clothes. Flame of fire oblizyvalo the puzyrchutuyu skin of sausage. Heavily breathing, Dzheykob stroked the stomach. Incomprehensible as, but that still was flat, I tried to count, how many he ate but, after tenth khot-doga, eaten Jacob, lost a count. And yet was enormous package of chips and dvukhlitrovaya bottle of rut-bira (*rut-bir, the traditional American, gazirovannyy not swizzle from root crops is seasoned different spices. Prim. translation.).
     will be Probably, Jake said slowly, although I ate one's fill so, that seemed, me it will vomit now, but think able to overcome itself and s'est' yet. Although from a meal will not get no pleasure. and again breathed sadly.
    In spite of the fact that ate Half, at least, so much, how many and Dzheykob, he looked with indignation and hands compressed in kulaks.
     Tikho-tikho. Dzheykob began to the laugh. it is Joke, Half. Hold.
    He threw home-made shampur on a circle. I expected that hot khot-dog at first would tumble into sand, but Half neatly, even not strained, intercepted him for a necessary end.
    To spend time not with anybody, but with such extraordinarily adroit people, will compel me kompleksovat'.
     Thank you, friend. said Half, already forgetting about the burst of anger.
    A fire crackled, burning out and spread all below on sand. The unexpected gust of wind blew up him, and a fire brightly-orange began to the sparkle on a background black sky. Amusing, I did not even notice that a sun had sat down already. And only now, I noticed that already lately. I quite lost the account of time.
    With my friends from the tribe of Kvilet to spend time it was easy, than I expected.
    While we with Dzheykobom abandoned my bayk in a garage he acknowledged regretfully, that send it excellent idea, and he needs it was to think of it before. I worried, as will appear with him near a fire, werewolves will decide suddenly, that I now traitress. And suddenly will they be displeased at that Dzheykob invited me? Maybe, will I spoil an evening-party?
    But when we with Dzheykobom went out from the forest to the top of cliff, into place of collections where a fire already burned brighter, than a sun shaded clouds all appeared enough easily and naturally.
    it is Hello, vampirka! loudly poprivetstvoval me Embri. Kvil jumped up to me, reaped a hand and kissed in a cheek. Emili squeezed my hand, when we sat down on cool stony earth, next to it and Sam.
    Except for a few facetious complaints, mainly from Paul, about the stench of blood-sucker reported down wind, I was accepted as it.
    It was not simply collection of teenagers. Billy was here, his wheelchair was disposed on the main place of circle. Near him, on well-knit, fragile, chair, an old grandfather Kvila sat Old Kvil. Sue Klirvoter, widow of friend Charley Harry, sat on a chair next to him, two its children, Lea and Set, present also, they had sat straight on earth, as well as all of other. It surprised me, that all three were devoted in a secret. Bills and Old Kvil spoke with Sue so, that I at once understood is took the place of husband on advice. Znachit, and did its children automatically become the members of the most secret society in La Push?
    I meditated, as awfully, it must be, felt Lea, sitting opposite Sam and Emili. Its nice person expressed no emotions, but it did not tear away a look from a fire. Looking at perfect beauty of Lea, I was not able to keep from comparing to the disfigured person of Emili. That Lea thought about the scars of Emili, now that it knew a true about them. Did it think, that it is just punishment?
    A kid Set Klirvoter already was not a kid. He so much reminded the wide happy smile and lanky figure me Dzheykoba, when that was pomladshe. Likeness compelled me to smile and, after, breathe. Was there Set doomed also, radically to change the life, as well as other these fellows? Was this his future, therefore to him and to his family it was let to be present here?
    All of covey going here: Sam with the Emili, Half, Embri, Kvil and Dzhared with it Kim (he chosen a girl due to the mystic action of imprintinga).
    Kim at first blush seemed to me a nice girl, slightly bashful and a bit naive. It had a wide with high cheekbones person, with too little eyes, that by sight to hide it. Its nose and mouth were too wide, for a concept about traditional beauty. Wind, never halted on the top of cliff, blew about its lines black hairs by easy thin haze.
    Such was my first impression. But a few hours looking after how Dzhared looks at Kim, all the simplicity of girl disappeared.
    Kak-zhe he looked at it! As if blind, first time seeing a sun, as a collector finding unknown until now pictures And Vinchi, as a mother looks on the new-born child.
    His interested look compelled me on new to look at it in the reflections of fire its skin seemed russet silk, ideal form of lips, white teeth, very long cilia they touched cheeks, when its look went down downward.
    Skin Kim darkled sometimes, when it met the quivering look of Dzhareda, and its eyes went down, as though in embarrassment, but long to avoid his look it did not could.
    Looking after them, I, seems, understood that was meant by Dzheykob, when before explained to me the value of imprintinga: hardness to resist the that degree of traction and adoration.
    Now Kim dozed in the cuddles of Dzhareda. I present how a heat must be to it next to him.
     Is late, I whispered Dzheykobu.
     Suffer while, Dzheykob whispered in reply Although, a half from a present person had the very keen hearing, and we were however heard. interesting will begin Now.
     And what it for interesting? Slopaesh' you a cow wholly?
    Dzheykob published a low, guttural laughter. No, will leave it for a finale. We going here, not only in order that to swallow the a week's supply of food. Technically, it is a council-board. Kvil here first, and he did not hear our legends while. Well, generally he heard them, but it will be first time, when he knows that they are truthful. A fellow will listen more attentive. Kim and Set and Lea, for them it also first time.
    are Legends?
    I sat, leaning one's the elbows on a low rocky ridge, Dzheykob jumped up from the place, and sat down to me. Putting a hand to me on a shoulder, he quietly began to the whisper me on an ear:
     We always thought that it vymesel, legends. he said. are Legends about that, how we became such as is. First, it is history about wars perfumes.
    The soft whisper of Dzheykoba can it was be named an entry. An atmosphere round a crackling fire changed with lightning speed. Half and Embri sat down straight. Dzhared awakened Kim, and with care planted it straight.
    Emili prepared a notebook and pen, it looked like a student, preparing to the important lecture. Sam slightly developed near it, to look in that direction, what Old Kvil, sitting next to him, and I understood unexpectedly, that elders of advice here not three, but four.
    Lea Klirvoter, the face of it remained wonderful and nothing by a not expressing mask, covered eyes not so, it ustala as though, and as if it helped it to be concentrated. Its brother was impatiently pushed up to the elders.
    A fire crackled, each time producing a sheaf, sparkling on a background night, sparks.
    Billy cleared one's the throat, cleaning out a throat, and without every entries, his son told in addition, that, began a narration the saturated, deep voice. Words took off with such confidence, as though he learned by heart them by heart, but in also time with sense and special ritmikoy of syllable. As verses which was read by an author.
     At the beginning Kvilety were little people, Billy said. are We and remained melen'kim people, but we never disappeared. That is why magic always lived in our blood. Not always this was magic of change of form such ability came later. We were at first, by wars by perfumes.
    Never before I heard such kingly grandeur in voice of Billy Bleka, however now I understood that it had been present always.
    The handle of Emili quickly moved on a paper, trying to keep abreast of story.
     In beginning a tribe settled in this harbour, our ancestors became skilful shipbuilders and fishermen. But a tribe was small, and a harbour is rich in fish. Other tribes wanted to get a hold our earth, and us it was too little, that to defend oneself. A large tribe went war on us, and we went on our boards, that to pull through from them.
     Kaelea was not the first warrior by a spirit, but we already do not remember the recitals of those, who was to him. We do not remember that, who found out the first this force, or as it was utillized before war. Kaelea was the first great Leader of Perfumes in our history. In the moment of danger he utillized magic, that to protect our earth.
    it is He and all of his warriors abandoned a ship are not their bodies, but their perfumes. Women watched after bodies and waves, men led the perfumes back to a harbour.
     Physically they could not touch a hostile army, but they had other possibilities. Legend tells us, that they could overtake a fierce hurricane on a hostile camp, that they could publish a thunderous scream, and wind caught and carried him, terrified enemies. Legends tell yet, that animals could see and understand voynov perfumes, and also to execute their orders.
     Kaelea led the army of perfumes and brought the most frightful devastation to the rows of invaders. An attacking tribe had gangs of enormous, covered thick wool of dogs, they utillized them in teams for the sledges in which they traveled on the frozen north. Perfumes of warriors turned dogs against the owners, then caused mass of bats from rocky caves. In a help to the dogs, they utillized howling wind, frightening people.
    Dogs and bats won. Not many survivor enemies, named our harbour of frigging. When wars perfumes freed dogs, those escaped and odichali. Kvilety returned winners, in the bodies and to the wives.
     the Nearby tribes, Kho and Poppy, concluded a treaty with the tribe of Kvilet. They did not want to deal with our magic. We lived in the world with them. When an enemy came again, perfumes drove away wars them.
     generations were Replaced. Time of the last great Leader of Perfumes came, Takha of Aki. He was famous the wisdom and peaceable disposition. People lived well and were content with his anxiety.
     But there was one malcontent Utlapa. The low hissing ran back round a fire. I am too sluggish, that to notice, where it appeared from. Billy did not turn on this attention, and continued the legend.
     Utlapa was one of the strongest warriors of perfumes of leader of Takha Aki is a mighty, but alchnyy man. He considered that people must utillize magic for expansion of the earths, that they must enslave the tribes of Kho and Poppy and create an empire.
     Now, when warriors knew all of the forces, they could read the ideas of each other. Takha of Aki saw, what Utlapa dreams about. He was ordered to abandon people, and never again to utillize strength of the mind. Utlapa was strong, but force of voynov leader excelled him. He had to go away, he did not have other output. The infuriated exile was harboured in-field not far away, expecting a chance to take revenge a leader.
     Even in peace-times, Leader of Perfumes was on the alert and protected the people. Often he walked in a sacred, secret place in mountains. He abandoned the body and combed the forest and coast to make sure, that a threat is not present.
     Once, when Takha of Aki went away, to carry out the debt, Utlapa nosed after him. At first, he planned simply to put to death a leader, but this plan had failings. Certainly, warriors perfumes will search him, that to put to death, and they can pursue him quick, than he could hurry from them. He was hidden in rocks and looked after how leader to prepare to abandon the body, and here other plan ripened for him.
     Takha of Aki abandoned the body in a secret place, and steamed together with wind, guarding the people. Utlapa waited, uncertain, that the spirit of leader flew away far enough.
     Leader felt instantly, when Utlapa joined in with him in the world of perfumes, immediately he knew the plan of murder. He began to tear along back in the secret place, but wind was not rapid enough even, that to help him to pull through.
     When he returned, his body already did not have been. The body of Utlapy lay abandoned, he did not leave ways for a rescue a leader, cutting a gullet the own body by the hands of Takha of Aki.
     Takha of Aki followed after the body downward from a mountain. He yelled on Utlapu, but that ignored him, as if a leader was just wind.
     Takha of Aki looked after with despair, as Utlapa took his place of leader Kviletov. Waited a few weeks of Utlapa, wishing to make sure, that all trusted exactly he Takha of Aki. Then and changes happened his first decree was prohibition to visit the world of perfumes any warrior. He declared that vision was him about a danger, but he was afraid actually. He knew that Takha of Aki would wait a chance, to tell the history. He was afraid and included in the world of perfumes, knowing that then Takha of Aki will go back into the body. Thus, his plans on a conquest with the army of perfumes were neosuschestvimy, he needed to be satisfied only by a rule in a tribe. He became a burden for the tribe finding privileges which was never required by Takha of Aki, renounced to work equally with the warriors, took the second young wife, and then and third, wife of Takha Aki was living in spite of the fact that, and it was unheard of for a tribe. Takha of Aki looked after it with powerless fury.
     Eventually, Takha of Aki decided to put to death the body, to rescue a tribe from the tricks of Utlapy. He called a fierce wolf, but Utlapa was hidden after the backs of the warriors. When a wolf put to death youth which protected a counterfeit leader, Takha of Aki felt terrible grief. He ordered a wolf to go away.
     Histories tell us, that it is uneasy to be a warrior by a spirit. Release from the body terrible, though keenly. Therefore they utillized the magic only as a last resort. A be single wandering of leader exhausted and, gradually, killed his spirit. A stay confused out of the body, was uncomfortable and frightened. Takha of Aki existed without a body already so a long ago, that was in agony. Sticking in this painful nonexistence forever, he felt that doomed, and will never cross the limits of distant earths, where his ancestors waited.
     the Large wolf followed by the agonizing spirit of Takha of Aki. A wolf was enormous, even for the tribe, and wonderful. Takha of Aki unexpectedly envied a silent animal. For him, at least, there is a body. There is life. Life of animal would be far better than this empty, terrible existence even.
     Then he was visited by an idea which changed all of us. He asked a great wolf to be partaken with him by a mestome in itself. A wolf submitted. Takha of Aki entered in the body of wolf with a facilitation and gratitude. It was not his body, but is in him, however better, than in emptiness of the world of perfumes.
     As one unit, a man and wolf went back to a settlement at a harbour. People scattered in fear, calling warriors for help. Warriors with spears ran out on meeting a wolf. Utlapa, certainly, took shelter reliably.
     Takha of Aki did not attack the warriors. He slowly backed up from them, distinctly looked and tried to howl song of the people. Warriors began to understand that wolf this not ordinary animal, that a spirit influenced on him. Odin an old warrior which was called by Ut decided to violate prohibition of false leader and make an effort talk with a wolf.
     As soon as Ut crossed the threshold of the world of perfumes, Takha of Aki abandoned a wolf, submissively waiting him returning, and talked with a warrior. Ut instantly knew a true, and happy returning of the veritable leader.
     At this time, Utlapa came to look whether won over his wars of wolf. When he saw lifeless lying on earth Uta, surrounded protecting him warriors, he understood that had happened. He snatched out the knife and dashed forward, to put to death Uta before he will go back into the body.
    it is Betrayer, he began to the cry. Warriors were in confusion. A leader set an embargo on trips in the world of perfumes. The privilege of leader was to decide, how to punish those, who disobeyed his order.
     Ut returned back in the body, but Utlapa set a knife to his throat and clutched a mouth a hand. A body of Takha of Aki was strong, and Ut already weak from old age. Ut could pronounce not a warning word, before Utlapa compelled him umolknut' forever.
     Takha of Aki saw how spirit Uta sped away far, to the last refuge, to the place to now forever closed for Takha of Aki. He felt great fury, he felt such force never before. Again went back into the body of large wolf, wishing to tear the gullet of Utlape. But as soon as he met with a wolf, great magic happened.
     Anger of Takha of Aki was anger of man. That love which he tested to the people and hatred to their oppress, was too great for the body of wolf, too human it was sense. The body of wolf began to the tremble, and straight on the eyes of the shocked warriors and Utlapy he grew into a man.
     the New man did not look like the body of Takha of Aki. He was far velichestvenney, was physical embodiment of spirit of leader. Warriors he was known instantly, because traveled before with the spirit of Takha of Aki.
     Utlapa made an effort hurry, but Takha of Aki in a new tel had force of wolf. He caught a thief and smashed his spirit and body, before he was able to tumble out of the stolen body.
     People rejoiced, when they understood that had happened. Takha of Aki quickly naladil everything, began again to work equally with the people, gave young wives back in their families. Unique, that he left as is, it is prohibition on trips in the world of perfumes. He knew that now that all knew about possibility to steal life, it was very dangerously. The warriors of perfumes no longer existed.
     After this time, Takha of Aki was more than simply wolf or man. He was named by Takha Aki Great Volk, or Takha of Aki Man Spirit. He governed a tribe many the years, and did not age. When a danger threatened, he caused the wolfish essence, to battle or frighten enemies. People lived in the world. Takha of Aki became the father of many sons, appeared, that some of them, arriving at age of maturity, also could grow into wolves. These were not ordinary wolves, because they were wolves by perfumes, and reflected internal essence of man.
     That is why Sam is fully black, Kvil breathed out. the Black heart is black fur.
    I was so led away history, that was shock to go back into nastoyaschee, here, in a circle near a burning out fire. And yet, to me reached, that the great-grandsons of great leader of Takha Aki sit in this circle.
    A fire blazed up, and thousands of sparks rose in sky, all in a tremble and dancing, creating the acquainted appearances dimly.
     And that does reflect your fur, colors of chocolate? Sam whispered in reply. What are you sweet?
    Billy ignored their skirmish.
     Some of his sons became the same, as Takha of Aki, and no longer stareli. Other, who disliked to transform, renounced to join in with people-wolves, they stareli in course of time. So a tribe discovered that those, who gave up the wolfish beginning can staret', as well as all of other people. Takha of Aki lived life equal to three to lives. After death two first wives, he was married in third times, and this bout found the authentic spiritual wife. First wives he loved also, but that was something other. He decided to give up the spirit of wolf, sostarit'sya and die together with a wife.
     That is magic came to us, but it is a not end of history.
    He looked at Old Kvila Atearu, which began to fidget on the chair, straightening fragile shoulders. Billy was done by the mouthful of water from a bottle and wiped a forehead. The handle of Emili was not stopped, while it quickly wrote down in a notebook.
     That there was history about the warriors of perfumes, Old Kvil began by a high tenor. And this about that, how the third wife brought itself to the victim.
     A lot of years after, since Takha of Aki gave up the wolfish beginning, he already was an old man, misfortunes began in the north, with the tribe of Poppy. A few young women of their tribe disappeared, and they laid to it the neighbours of wolves which it was been afraid of, and did not trust. People-wolves could read the ideas of each other until now, being in a wolfish form, just as their ancestors, when abandoned the bodies, being in the world of perfumes. And they knew that nobody it is impossible it was to accuse of them. Takha of Aki made an effort quiet the leader of tribe of Poppy, but he was too scared. Takha of Aki did not want to shoulder war the arms. He no longer was a warrior, that to conduct the people. He appointed the eldest son-wolf, Takha Vi, to find the real culprit, while enmity did not begin.
     Takha Vi chosen five warriors from the covey for searches in mountains, to find any tracks of disappearing Poppy. They barged into nothing, whatever never before was felt is a strange, sweet smell in-field, which burned their noses very.
    I was pushed up nearer to Dzheykobu. He hardly smiled and priobnyal me.
     They did not know, what creation is abandoned by such smell, but they continued to follow by him, Old Kvil continued. His trembling voice did not have a grandeur of voice of Billy, but his strange-ardent, persistent tone charmed however. My pulse was accelerated, when he began to talk quick.
     They succeeded to find the weak smell of human presence and tracks of blood along a path. They were uverenny, that this was an enemy which they searched.
     Pursuit led away them far on a north, so that Takha Vi had to be sent away half of covey, those, who is pomladshe, back in a harbour, to report a leader.
     Takha Vi and two his brothers did not return so.
     cadets tried to search them, but found a quiet only. Takha of Aki mourned the sons. He thirsted to avenge their death, but he was old. He left to the leader of Poppy in the mournings clothes, and told him everything, that happened. The leader of Poppy trusted his grief, and disagreements passed between tribes.
     After Year, for one night from the houses two girls of tribe of Poppy disappeared at once. The people of Poppy called the wolves of tribe of Kvilet, those sensed that sweetish stench on all of the country. Wolves went out on hunt again.
     Only one returned. This was Yakha Uta, eldest son of the third wife Takha Aki, and most junior in a covey. He dragged in with itself nothing, what to this day nobody saw from Kviletov. Strange, cold, stone dead body, he brought on pieces. All who was one blood with Takha of Aki, even those, whoever never was a wolf, could feel a piercing stink, coming from from dead creation. This was the enemy of tribe of Poppy.
     Yakha Uta described everything, that happened: he and his brothers found a creature which looked as a man, but was hard as a stone, with him there were daughters of Poppy. One girl was already dead, lay on earth white and bloodless. Other was in the hands of creature, sticking to its throat. Possibly, when they found this horrific stage, it was yet living, but when they were approached, a creature instantly had scraged it, and gave up its lifeless body on earth. His white lips were covered its blood, and eyes burned red.
     Yakha Uta described, what terrible force and speed was possessed by a creature. Odin from his brothers perished quickly, underestimating this force. A creature tore him in half as if a doll. Yakha Uta et al his brother were more careful. They operated jointly, approaching both-side, trying to score an advantage. They must were take advantage of all possibilities which wolfish force gave them, which before was not even tried. A creature was hard as a stone and cold as ice. They discovered, what only their dog-teeth can harm him. And began on pieces to tear him, while he fought with them.
     But a creature understood their plan quickly, and began to hinder their manoeuvres. It grasped brother of Yakha Uty. Yakha Uta noticed it and, jerked, seizing in a gullet a creature. His dog-teeth tore off the head of creature, but it continued to hold his brother.
     Yakha Uta tore a creature to pieces, tormenting him in a hotshot attempt to rescue a brother. Unfortunately, it was already late, but a creature all the same was destroyed.

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