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15Stefani Mayer

     No. I forbade itself to be irritated. Yet slightly and I razozlyus' the same as and he. Edvard left before.
     About, well then arrive now, he said with appearing in voice enthusiasm. Yet not nearly lately. Or, let, I will arrive to Charley.
    it is I with gladness. But today I not for Charley, I said sourly. In some family I am a captive.
    While sense of my words came to him, a quiet reigned in a tube, and then he began to the roar:
     We will come and will take away you, he promised, automatically passing on we.
    On my back ran back a chill, but I answered with lightness in voice:
     Temptingly. I was tortured Alice dyed me nails on feet.
    it is I in earnest.
     it is not necessary. They simply try to secure me.
    He roared again.
     I know, it is foolish, but they do that prompts them a heart.
    it is Heart! he smiled.
     Sorry for Saturday, I said. it is time me on lateral, on a sofa, mentally remedied itself I. But I soon will call again.
     are you sure that they will allow you? he asked caustically.
     Not quite, I breathed. good Night, Jake.
     See you.
    Alice suddenly unnoticed appeared near me, its hand stretched to the telephone, but I dialed up already. It saw him.
     does not think that his telephone now with him, it said.
     will Leave a report.
    Four honks sounded, and an answering machine was included. A welcome message was not.
     For you problems, I pronounced slowly, selecting every word. are the Enormous problems. The enraged grizzly will seem to you simply hand zverushkoy as compared to that expects you at home.
    I closed a telephone and put it in the hand of Alice:
     I finished.
    It smiled.
     These thefts so amusing.
     Now I going to sleep, I declared, heading for a stair. Alice followed on me.
    it is Alice, I breathed. I not going to hurry. you about it would know and caught me, if I made an effort.
     I go only in an order to rotin you, where your things, it said innocently.
    A room of Edvarda was the farthest on the corridor of the third floor, hardness it was to make a mistake, even if I was not so well acquainted with this house. But, including light, I hardened in confusion. I that, did entangle a door?
    Alice laughed loudly.
    It is the same room, I understood quickly; simply furniture was moved othergates. A sofa was moved to the north wall, and the stereosystem was moved to the high shelvings with CD-??????? and all of it, to vacate the place for an enormous bed, standing in the middle room.
    A north glass wall, as if a mirror, reflected all of the stage, duplicating this terrible picture.
    All was combined. A bedspread was dim-gold, hardly lighter, than walls; a black frame was done from the intricately treated forged iron. Metallic roses twined round high bars and interlaced at the head of a bed. My pyjamas were neatly built and lay on a bed, my bag with toilet belongings was alongside.
     That, the devil take it, it such? I babbled.
     did not you think that he would allow you to sleep on a sofa, true?
    Something illegibly mumbling, I walked up to the bed, to take away the things.
     will Give you a little bit of solitude, Alice smiled. will Meet in the morning.
    Cleaning teeth and changed clothes, I swiped a fluffy downy pillow from an enormous bed and carried a gold bedspread on a sofa. I knew that it is foolish, but it was however me. Porshe as a graft and enormous bed in a house, wherever nobody sleeps is all of too irritated. I turned off light and convolved on a sofa, guessing, whether I will be able usnut' in such state.
    In darkness a glass wall left off to be a reflecting a room black mirror. Moonlight pushed through through clouds. When my eyes privykli to darkness, I was able to notice the dissipated luminescence, lighting up the crowns of trees and reflected in the little area of the river, visible from here. I looked at silver light, expecting, when my eyelids potyazheleyut.
    In a door knocked very light.
     That, Alice? I hissed. Presenting as it will be surprised, when will see my home-made bed, I was prepared to the defensive.
     It I, Rosalie said softly, opening slightly a door. Silver radiance was lighted up by its wonderful person.
     can I enter?

Chapter 7
the Unhappy end

    Rosalie hesitated in indecision, upright on a threshold, on its zavorazhivayusche wonderful person uncertainty was reflected.
     Certainly, I answered, my voice from a surprise sounded on an octave higher ordinary. Call.
    I was moved aside on the distant edge of sofa, so that for it there is enough available space. Took my stomach a nervous cramp, that is why, that one of Kallenov, obviously not feeding liking to me, noiselessly walked up and sat down into freed place. I was lost in conjectures, why it wanted to talk with me, but could think of nothing.
     do not you object, if we pair of minutes will talk? it asked. in fact did not I awaken you? it is looked in the beginning at a bed, and then translated a look to the sofa.
     No, I did not fall. Certainly, we can talk. I was thoughtful, whether it heard, similarly distinctly, as well as I, alarm in my voice.
    It very light began to the laugh a look like ringing of campanellis laughter:
     He so rarely abandons you one, it said. I thought, that I do not need to lose such chance.
    That did it want such me to say, what could not say at Edvarde? My hands nervously crumpled covered an edge.
     Please, not think that I climb not in the business, Rosalie said softly, its voice sounded almost pleading. It sat, laying hands on knees, and looked on them, while talked. Know that in the past I strongly scotched your senses, and I would not like to do it again.
     not worry about it, Rosalie. I all right. That did happen?
    It began to the laugh again, for this time abashedly:
     I going to make an effort tell you, why I consider that it follows you to remain a man why I preferred to remain a man, if was on yours place.
    It smiled in reply to my surprised exclamation and then breathed.
    it is Edvard some time did tell you, what price it is reached? it asked, specifying on the wonderful immortal body.
    Unexpectedly pomrachnev, I slowly nodded a head:
     He said that it practically the same, that happened with me in Port of Anzhelese, only alongside there will be nobody, to rescue me. I gave a start, reminiscing it.
     Really, it, indeed, all, that did he tell you? it asked.
     Yes, I said, by shaking from embarrassment voice. And that, really it not all?
    It heaved up on me eyes and smiled; it had bitter and severe, but however wonderful mien.
     No, it not all.
    I waited, while it looked through a window. Seemed, it tried to take oneself in a hand.
     does Want to know my history, Bella? In it is not it kheppienda but for whom of us he is? If our histories had a happy end, we all would lie now under grave flags.
    I nodded, although tone of its voice frightened me.
    I lived in the world, strongly differing from your, Bella. My human world was far simpler. There was 1933 year. I was 18, I was beautiful. My life was wonderful.
    It was covered on silver clouds, and her face assumed an isolated air.
     My parents were the typical representatives of middle class. My father had stable work in a jar, and, as I understand now, he was proud of what attained, preferring to count the prosperity casual not success, but reward for talent and hard work. Then I accepted all of it as a due; in our house even Great Depression seemed an unpleasant ear only. Certainly, I saw poor men, those whoever was so lucky. But my father compelled me to trust that reason of their poverty was in them.
    To run a house, contain everything in a blameless order, including me with two cadets was the duty of my materi. On clear reasons, I was its lyubimicey and always stood on the first place. Then I not quite understood, although guessed always dimly, that my parents did not have been high satisfactory that was had, their profits were much higher, than at other most people on a that moment in spite of the fact that. They always wanted greater. Their aspirations carried social character you can name their class social climbers, aspiring to promote the social status. My beauty was for them the gift of fate. Unlike me, they saw much more potential herein.
    A great deal disliked them, but all fully arranged me. I was happy that is why, that could be by itself, to be Rosalie Kheyl. Flattered me, that men had accompanied me a look, wherever I was since was me twelve. I enjoyed that my friends breathed with envy, touching to my hairs. And glad that my mother had been proud of by me, and a father liked to buy me beautiful clothes.
    I knew, what want from life, and did not doubt that will get exactly that, on what counted. I wanted to be sweet one, to be adorable. Dreamed about the magnificent, drowning in flowers wedding, that all saw in town, how a father conduces me to the altar, and believed not in the world nobody more wonderful. Admiration was me it is necessary, as air, Bella. I was foolish and superficial, but I liked my life. it is smiled, amusing oneself the own estimation.
     Influence of my parents did not pass for me without trace, similar to them, I also wished financial values from life. I wanted a large house with elegant furniture, and that someone watched after an order in him, and modern kitchen which someone prepared in. As I said already, I had been superficial. Young and quite empty. And I did not see reasons on which I would not get all of it.
     But from all of above-stated a few the things were for me especially important. And more precisely is one thing. My nearest friend was a girl by name Vera. It made a match early by it was only seventeen. Her husband was a man for which my parents would never allow me to make a match he was a carpenter. After a year it gave birth a son, little beautiful boy with dimples on cheeks and curly black hairs. Then, first for all of the life I felt the real envy. it is looked at me the bottomless eyes.
     Then there was quite another time. In spite of the fact that I was so much years ago, how many to you now, I was fully ready to it. I very wanted to have the own kid. I wanted to have an own house and husband which would kiss me, returning from work the same as Vera was kissed by her husband. Only in my presentation my house looked little different.
    It was hardness me to present the that world which was known by Rosalie. Its history sounded rather for me, as a fairy-tale, than, as the real history of life. With easy shock, I realized that this its world had been practically that in which, being a man, borned and grew Edvard. While Rosalie sat in silence, I was thoughtful: Does my world seem the same incomprehensible for him, what for me is seemed by the world of Rosalie?.
    It breathed, and when began to speak again, its voice changed a melancholy disappeared from him:
     In Rochestere there was just one family, belonging to high life, and on irony of fate carrying the last name of King. Roys King owned a bank my father worked in which, and practically all of other profitable business, in town. That is his son, Roys King Second, its mouth distorted, when it through teeth pronounced his name, saw me first. He going to enter into a domain a bank, and, therefore, became often there to appear, studying different nuances. After two days, my mother very by the way forgot to give a father with itself on work breakfast. I remember the embarrassment, when it insisted, that I put on the white clothes from organzy and pinned hairs and all of it only in order that it is simple to walk to the bank. bitterly smiled Rosalia.
     I did not turn the special attention on that, how intently looked over me Roys. At me always all looked. But that evening I got the first rose. And since, every evening, after our appointments he sent me on the bouquet of roses. My room was constantly gap-filling by them. When I went out from home, it seemed to me that I even smelled roses. Besides all of other, Roys was very beautiful. He had pale blue eyes and blond hairs, hardly lighter than my. He said once, that my eyes look like violets, whereupon these flowers began to appear together with roses which he sent me.
    My parents were in raptures. It was exactly that, what they dreamed about. And Roys seemed to me that, whom I dreamed about. By a fairy-tale prince, appearing, to do me the princess. All turned out because I wanted, but while it was yet not all, what I counted on. I was acquainted with him men'she two months, and we already were the plighted lovers.
    We did not conduct a lot of time in private with each other. Roys talked that for him too much put at work, and when we were together, he liked, that on us looked and saw how he hugs me. It was also liked to me. There was a lot of dances, merriment, charming dresses. When your last name of King, for you every door is opened, every red path is spread, to welcome you.
     This was short engagement. Plans on our wedding were grandiose. Seemed, all of my dreams are sold off. I was absolutely happy. Coming to Vera, I no longer tested envy. I imagined the white-headed child, playing on an enormous lawn in the manor of Kingov, and was it is sorry me it.
    Rosalie intermitted unexpectedly, densely squeezing teeth. It distracted me from its history, and I understood that we had walked up to its most terrible part. As it promised, this history will not have a happy end. I thought, but not whether that is why in it so more bitter taste, what at other, that its human life was torn off, when it was on the top of the happiness.
     That evening Vera had me, Rosalie whispered. Her face was smooth, as a marble, and the same hard. Its little Henry was indeed charming, especially his smile with dimples on cheeks. When I left, Vera, holding the kid on hands, had conducted me to the door, and alongside, hugging it for a waist, her husband stood. He kissed it stealthily in a cheek, thinking, whatever I see. It discomposed me. When I was kissed by Roys, it was somehow othergates not so gently. I disabused these ideas a mind. Roys was my prince. And once, I will become a queen.
    In the lunar light it was enough difficultly to look over certainly, but, on my opinion, her face of color of ivory became yet paler.
     In the street it was quite dark already, and everywhere lanterns burned already. I did not even think that already so lately, it said and hardly began to the whisper heard: it Was cold. Too coldly for the end of April. Wedding must was take a place just in a week, and, hurrying home, I worried about a weather. it is I so distinctly until now remember all of it. I remember each the step. Firstly. I often went back to the events of that night, scrolling every detail in memory. Then I could not anymore think about anything other. That is why exactly it flashback was so well saved in my memory, while other, more pleasant flashbacks of my life disappeared without trace.
    It breathed and began to the whisper again:
     Yes, I worried about a weather. I did not want to carry wedding in a house. I was only in a few quarters from a house, when heard them. Company too loudly laughing men under the broken lantern. Drunk. I pozhalela, that did not ask a father to meet and conduct me to the house, but a way was such short, that it seemed to me foolish. And then he pronounced my name.
    it is Rose! he began to the cry, and other began to the neigh bluntly.
    At first, I did not notice that these drunkards had been too well dressed. This was Roys and a few his friends, the same sonnies of rich folders, as well as he.
    it is my Rose, Roys yelled, laughing together with them, as a fool, you pripozdnilas'. We froze, you had compelled us long to wait.
     I never saw his drunk. So, a few toasts on evening-parties and all. He talked that did not love champagne. I and did not have a concept, that he preferred koe that stronger.
    A new friend, arriving from Atlanta, appeared for him, he was other some of his friends.
     That did I tell you, John, Roys cried, grasping me by a hand and attracting nearer, it is not more wonderful, than all of these your pretty women are in Georgia really?
     Man which was called John was the sunburnt dark man. He looked over me from top to toe, as though I was a horse which he going to buy.
     Hardness to say, he pronounced slowly, is dressed. They began to the laugh, all, including Roysa. Suddenly, he blew off a jacket from my shoulders, by the way, this was his gift, tearing off the copper buttons here, and they scattered on a sidewalk.
     Rotin them, what you, Rose! he began to the laugh and blew off from my head a hat. Hair-pins which pinned a hat tore up a few strands of my hairs, and I cried up from pain. Alike, it pleased them. sound of my pain.
    Rosalie suddenly looked at me so, as though forgot about my existence. I was sure that my person looked no less white, what its own. If only not green.
     I do not want to compel you to listen other, it said quietly. They left me in the street, and, leaving, continued to laugh. They thought that I had died. They jollied above Roysom, that he will have to search new fiancee. And he began to the laugh and said that at first he will have to learn to be restrained.
     I lay and waited deaths. It was cold. But there was so much pain in me, that I was even surprised, that a cold still mattered for me. It was snow, and I all thought why I do not die. I looked forward to deaths, to halt this pain. But it proceeded so long.
     After I was found by Karlayl. He sensed the smell of blood and came on secret service. I remember that there was a not clear irritation in me, when he romped with me, trying to rescue my life. I never disliked neither doctor Kallen, nor his wife nor its brother, which Edvard pretended to be then. Distressed me, that all of them had been more beautiful than me, especially men. But they were not our circle, therefore I saw them just once or twice.
     When he heaved up me from earth and began to the run, I had thought that died, because furious speed which he rushed with caused feeling of flight for me. I remember how was afraid that pain anymore would be never halted.
     After I appeared in the warm brightly lighted up room. And losing consciousness, I was beholden for that pain began to calm down. But suddenly, something sharp pierced in me, in my throat, wrists, ankles. I began to the cry in Choquet, deciding that he picked up me, to cause yet more pain. And then my body flared up afire, and it began me on everything to spit. I pleaded with him to put to death me. And when in a house returned Esme and Edvard, I and began to beg them about death. Karlayl sat down next to me, took my hand and, saying that very regrets, promised, that it would make off soon. He all told me, and sometimes I even listened him. He told me about that, who he such and who was become by me. But I disbelieved him. He was sorry I yelled each time to me. Edvard was dissatisfied. I remember that in those rare moments, when I broke off to yell, I heard, as they discuss me:
     what did you think About, Karlayl? Edvard asked. it is Rosalie Kheyl? it is it in exactness of symitirovala angry voice of Edvarda.
     did not please me,, what tone he pronounced my name, as though with me there was something not so.
     I simply could not allow it to die, Karlayl said quietly. it is was too. too awfully.
     I know, Edvard answered, and it seemed to me that an irritation sounded in his voice. It strongly razozlilo me. I did not yet know then, that he could see everything, that was seen by Karlayl.
    it is was in such terrible state. I could not give up it, he repeated whisper.
     Certainly, you did not could, consented Esme.
     People die constantly, Edvard reminded stern voice him. does not it seem to you, that it is a bit knowable? Kingi will open out stormy activity and, to take from itself suspicions, will begin a large-scale search, he growled.
     poradoval me circumstance that by him, seems, it was known that by a culprit happening there was Roys. I did not know so far, that all had almost made off already, that I can be concentrated on their talk only because become stronger. Pain began to retreat, since the tags of my fingers.
     That will we with it do? with disgust Edvard asked or, can, it seemed to me only, that he had said so.
    Karlayl breathed:
     It to decide it. Maybe, it will want to go the road.
    Possibly, I at once would trust that he told me, if his words did not frighten me so strongly. I knew that my life had made off, and there is not a return back. I could not svyknut'sya with an idea, that one is.
    As soon as pain stepped back fully, they again had explained to me, who I became. I trusted for this time. I felt thirst, hard skin, and, finally, I saw the shining red eyes.
     As I initially was pustyshkoy, at first, seeing the reflection in a mirror, I felt a facilitation. Not counting an eye, I was the most wonderful creature which saw some time, is began to the laugh above itself, Passed some time before I began to blame the beauty in that happened with me, and to see the curse in it. I would like to be. well, not quite urodinoy, but ordinary. As Vera. Then I made a match for that, who would love me, and would be able to have pretty kids. Here, what indeed always wanted me. And I consider until now, whatever asked then too great deal on your own.
    It again on any time submerged in the ideas, and I was thoughtful, whether it did not forget about my existence again. But after it smiled unexpectedly, radiating a triumph all of the kind
     in fact you know about my achievement, that I am almost similarly clean, as Karlayl, it said to me. Cleaner, than to Esme. And in thousands of one times cleaner than Edvarda. I never tried human blood, it declared proudly.
    It understood that I zainteresovalas', hearing one little clarification in its statement almost.
     I indeed put to death five persons, it said by the satisfied tone, If, certainly, they can be named people. But I operated very neatly, to spill not a drop of their blood, because knew that not able to withstand, but an idea about that, to have in itself even little, belonging by him particle, was me disgusting.
     Roysa I left in the end. I hoped that, hearing the friends about death, he will understand that expects him. I counted on that fear will be done by his end yet more terrible. Think, it worked. When I came after him, he, guarded the armed people, hidden in a room without windows after a door, the same thick, as walls are in a jar. Ups murders it was seven, corrected itself it, I forgot about a guard. But on it a second was required only me.
     there was too much theatrics In my actions. Sooth to the say, it was puerility. I dressed a wedding-dress which stole on this case. Seeing me, he began to the cry. By that night he yelled much. It was a good idea to leave him in the end, to the that moment to me it was already easy to control itself, and I could kill him so slowly, as soon as will wish.
    It stumbled on a halfword, and gave a glance on me:
     I am sorry, it said by guilty voice I frighten you, yes?

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