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     I going to go to do some the work, I said sullenly, going near a stair.
     Well, will meet later, Charley answered.
    If I will survive, it thought me.
    I locked a door properly, before to look over the room.
    Certainly, he was there. He stood in shade of the opened window at a wall opposite me. His person was gloomy, and pose of tense. He silently looked at me.
    I poezhilas', expecting the stream of curses, but it did not happen. He simply continued to look, possibly, too angered in an order to say something.
    it is Hello, finally, I said.
    His person was, it is as if carved from a stone. I counted to one hundred, but no visible changes happened.
     E-e..well, as see, I living still, I began.
    Growling broke from his breast, but expression of his person did not change so.
     no harm was caused me, I insisted, shrugging.
    He was stirred. Closing eyes, he clutched a nose the fingers of right arm.
    it is Bella, he whispered. do you imagine though, as far as I was today near to that, to cross a border? To violate an agreement and go after you? Do you know, what would mean it?
    I swallowed loudly, and he opened eyes. They were cold and gloomy, as night.
     You do not can! I said too loudly and made an effort sovladat' with the voice, that Charley did not hear, but I wanted to yell. it is Edvard, they utillize any pretext, to begin a fight. They dream about it. you can not violate a rule!
     Can they are not unique, who with pleasure will enjoy a fight.
     not begin, I growled. you concluded a treaty and you will execute him.
     If he caused you harm.
     Khvatit! I tore off him. Here not about what even to worry. Dzheykob is not dangerous.
    it is Bella, he rolled eyes. to judge not you, that dangerously, and that no.
     I know that I do not need to fear Jake. And to you also.
    He closed a jaw. His hands compressed in kulaks. He still stood opposite me at a wall, and I hated this distance between you and me.
    I deeply breathed and crossed a room. He did not move from a place, when I twined about him hands. Next to the heat of the last rays of the midday sun, penetrable in a room from a window, his skin seemed especially cold. He seemed the piece of ice and was more cold, than usually.
     I am sorry, that compelled you to worry, I whispered.
    He breathed and a bit weakened, hugging me for a waist.
     Agitation is a too soft word, he mumbled. This was a long day.
     You must not was know about it, I said, I thought that you would hunt longer.
    I looked him in a person, glancing in his watchful eyes. Firstly, from all of experiencing, I let a pass on that his eyes, with violet circles under them, were too dark. I frowned in disapproval.
     When Alice saw that you had disappeared, I had returned, he explained.
     it is not needed it was it to do. Now you again will have to depart. I pomrachnela yet stronger.
     I can wait.
    it is funny. I mean that it could not see me with Dzheykobom, but you were followed by it to know.
     But I did not know, he tore off. And you can not expect that I will allow you.
     About, it is not. I can, interrupted him I.
     It will no longer repeat oneself.
     Correctly! Because next time you will not begin to behave in like manner.
     Because no next time will be.
     I with understanding behave to you, when you need to depart, even, if it is disliked to me.
    it is not alone and also. I do not risk the life.
    it is I also.
     Werewolves are a source of danger.
     not agree with it.
     I not going it to discuss, Bella.
    it is I also.
    Feeling, as his hands after my back again compressed in kulaks, I botched thoughtlessly:
     It, indeed, only from my safety?
     What do you mean?! demanded an answer he.
    are you not., - now theory of Angela seemed yet more foolish, than before. It was hardness me to make off an idea. do I mean that it, in fact, not simply jealousy, yes?
    He heaved up one eyebrow.
     Be serious.
     Easily herein there is nothing, even malo-mal'ski funny.
    I frowned suspiciously:
     Or. here all together? Something, like that nonsense, type, vampires and are werewolves-enemies forever? Or simply surplus of testosterona.
    His eyes flashed.
     It only from you. All of what I care is your safety.
    A black fire, blazing up in his eyes, did not leave me herein doubts.
     All right, I breathed. Trust. But I want, that you knew when all of these senseless talks begin about enemies, it does not touch me. I am a neutral side. I am Switzerland. I renounce to be pulled in in the territorial sorting out between mythical creatures. Dzheykob is family. you. well, not quite love of all of my life, because I going to love you much longer. you are love of all of my existence. To spit me, who werewolf, and who vampire. If Angela, suddenly, will appear a witch, it can join also.
    He looked at me through soschurennye eyes and was quiet.
    it is Switzerland, I repeated distinctly.
    He sullenly looked at me and breathed:
    it is Bella. he began, but stopped after, wrinkling a nose from disgust.
     Now that?
     Well. not consider it for an insult, but you stink psinoy, he said to me and smiled awry. And I understood that a fight is finished. For today.
    To Edvardu it was necessary to pick up a thread not succeeding hunt, therefore on Friday evening he departed on the searches of pumas with Jasper, Emmetom and Karlaylom in some preserve of North California.
    We so did not come to an agreement in questions, touching my mutual relations with werewolves. However, I did not feel guilty, ringing Jake, snatching a moment, when Edvard, before again to climb in my window, it drove away Vol'vo home. I simply wanted to inform him, that again will arrive to him on Saturday. Herein there was nothing secret. Edvard knew that I felt. And if he again will break me a machine, then Dzheykob will arrive after me. Forks, the same as and I, and so, as Switzerland, was neutral territory.
    Finishing to work on Wednesday, I saw that today after the helm of Vol'vo in place of Edvarda I was waited by Alice. At first this phenomenon did not cause no suspicions for me. A passenger door was opened, and from it unknown me music was reported, shaking a machine thundering basses.
    it is Hello, Alice, walking up nearer, I cried, trying to shout down loud music. Where your brother?
    It sang, its voice, sounding on an octave higher, than in a melody, had met with it in strange harmony. It nodded me, ignoring my question, and continued to sing.
    I slammed a door after itself and covered ears hands. It smiled and reduced a sound to the muffled background. Then it simultaneously pressed out tripping and stepped on gas.
     That does take a place? I asked, beginning something to suspect. Where Edvard?
    It reaped shoulders:
     They left before.
     About! I tried to control the ridiculous disappointment. If he left before, znachit, will return before, I reminded to itself.
     All of fellows left, and for us the evening-party of pyjamas is set! it sang heatedly.
    it is an evening-party of Pyjamas? I repeated, and my suspicions increased.
     are not you glad? it asked.
    I met with it a long look.
     did you steal me, I am right?
    It began to the laugh and nodded.
     To Saturday. Shook down everything Esme with Charley; you will remain with me on two nights. I will drive and will take away you tomorrow from school.
    I was turned away to the window, squeezing teeth.
     Excuse me, Alice said, without the special repentance in voice. He bought over me.
     As? I hissed through teeth.
     Porshe. He toch' in toch' the same, as that which I drove away then in Italy, it breathed gladly. I must not ride on him in Forkse. But if you want, we can check, how many time a journey will occupy from here to Los-anzhelesa. Ready to argue, I will be able to deliver you back to midnight.
    Taking a deep breath, I said:
     Dumayu, I pastured, and breathed out, shrugging.
    We, as usual too quickly, sped along on a road. Alice drove up to the garage, and I looked over machines quickly. A large jeep of Emmeta was here, and between him and shining stood the red cabriolet of Rosalie canary-yellow Porshe.
    Alice jumped out from a machine and walked up to the graft, conducting along it a hand.
     Pretty, true?
     Pretty to the roof, I growled out. did He give it to you only on those two days, that you will hold me a captive?
    Alice squirmed a grimace.
    By a minute later I realized said and in horror breathed out:
     On all of that time, when will he be in departure, yes?
    It nodded.
    Loudly slamming a door, I began to stamp feet to the house. It followed a dancing step on me, still, not testing not the least repentance.
    it is Alice, does not it seem to you that it already too? What does it a bit give paranoia?
     it is not Generally, it said Alike, you do not understand, as far as there can dangerous be a young werewolf. Especially, taking into account that I can not see them. Edvard could not know at the last time, whether all was all right with you. you must not be such reckless.
    My voice became caustic:
     Yes, and pyjamas vechernika with vampires not that other, as focus of safety.
    Alice began to the laugh.
     I will have a pedicure you and whatever, it promised.
    It was not too badly, except circumstance that I was retained against my will. Brought from Esme Port Anzhelesa the best Italian meal, and Alice provided oneself my favourite movie. Even Rosalie was here, quietly sitting in a side. Alice all the same insisted on a pedicure, as though it had a list planned put for today, some points of which it adopted obviously, seeing a lot bad comic shows.
     To how many not going you to lie down to sleep? it asked, when my nails overflowed a krovavo-krasnym color. In spite of my mood, its enthusiasm remained unchanging.
     I do not want to sit too long till late at night. Employments are in the morning for us.
    It pouted.
     And where is it supposed me to sleep? I looked up and down a sofa. He was korotkovat. can not you supervise after me for me at home?
     What will it then be after evening-party of pyjamas? surprised rocked the head of Alice. you will sleep in the room of Edvarda.
    I breathed. His black leather sofa was longer, than this. Generally, a goldish carpet in his room was thick enough, so that and could get off half.
     can I return home, even in an order to take away the things?
    It grinned:
     All is already settled.
     do I Can to take advantage of your telephone?
     Charley knows where you.
     I not going to ring Charley, I frowned. Obviously, to me something will have to be abolished.
     About, it answered, Well, I herein am not quite sure.
    it is Alice! I began to the whimper loudly. Well, leave off!
     All right, all right, it said, going out from a room. It returned through a minute with a mobile telephone in a hand. It he did not forbid as though. it muttered to itself under a nose, stretching out me a telephone.
    I dialed up Dzheykoba, hoping that this evening he does not rush about somewhere with the friends. Success was on my side he answered.
    it is Hello, Jake. It I.
    Before turned away and sit down on a sofa between Rosalie and to Esme, Alice whole bored a second me by a very speaking look.
    it is Hello, Bella, unexpectedly Dzheykob answered carefully. That did happen?
     Nothing good. I however will be able pridti on Saturday.
    A minute pause followed after it.
    it is the Dull vampire bat, finally, he mumbled. I thought he left. For you that, can not there be the life, when is not he present? Or does he lock you in a coffin?
    I began to the laugh.
     does not think that it is funny.
     I began to the laugh only because you almost guessed, I said to him. But he going to be here on Saturday, so that this is important already not.
     will He live by in Forkse? Dzheykob asked coldly.

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