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    I began to the laugh nervously. Dumayu, it occupied enough its head.
     You know that it hides from me, he accused me.
     Certainly, I smiled poorly. I found out it.
    He waited, taken
    aback I looked around. Charley already barged through crowd to us.
     Knowing Alice, I whispered hastily, it, probably, will make an effort hide everything from you to the end of evening-party. But as only I, unique for that was an evening-party abolished that, not go down from a mind, and take no the notice, well? Always better to know anymore. It must somehow help.
     what do you talk About?
    I saw the head of Charley, overpeering above all of other in search of me. He noticed us and waved.
     Only remain quiet, well?
    He nodded one time and the lips of him compressed threateningly.
    I explained to a rapid whisper him reasonings. I think, you wronged, in that a threat approaches on us from every quarter. Think, mainly, a threat goes with one storony.I I assume that in actual fact threaten only me. It all is associate, it must be. It is only one person which mixes up visions of Alice. An alien is in my room, this was verification, to see whether they will be able to go round your sister. It must be exactly that, who continues to change the plans, both catechumens and theft of my clothes is all of associate. My smell need them.
    His person pobelelo so that I finished hardly.
     But does nobody follow after you, you do not understand really? The same is good to Esme and Alice and Karlayl, nobody wants to cause them harm!
    His eyes broadened in panic, he was stunned and shocked. He at once, similarly as well as Alice, understood that I am right.
    I pinned a hand against his cheek, and asked: Calm down.
    it is Bella! Charley Shouted, forcing one's the way through densely surrounding us people.
     Congratulate, baby! he yelled still, although already stood straight near my ear. Hugged me, and slyly izvernuvshis', pushed away Edvarda, because he did always it.
     Thank you, I mumbled undistinctly, concerned a mien Edvarda. He did not control itself still. His hands were extended to me, as though, he going to grasp me and escape. I just very little more controlled itself, than he, escape did not seem to me such bad idea.
     did Dzheykobu and Billy have to go away you saw that they had been here? asked Charley, doing a step back, but, continuing to hold a hand for me on a shoulder. He stood the back to Edvardu, probably giving it a shot not to allow to approach him to me, but it was that it is necessary presently. The mouth of Edvarda was slightly ajar, and eyes still were widely exposed from horror.
     Yes, I notarized a father, trying to come into a notice. And heard them also.
    it is was nice from their side to come, Charley said.
    All right, idea to tell everything Edvardu appeared a bad idea. Alice was rights, closing the ideas. I must was wait, while we will not appear one anywhere, can be with other his family members. And nothing fragile nearby not okon,.ni mashin,.ni of school buildings. Expression of his person returned all of my fears, and added other. Now there was not fear, only clean fury which unexpectedly clear oozed in the lines of his person.
     So, where do you want to dine? asked Charley. Possibilities are infinite.
     I can prepare.
     be not dull. Do you want to go down in Shelter? he Asked, tensely smiling.
    Did I not especially like the favourite restaurant of Charley, but if to think, what difference? I in any case will be able nothing am.
     Certainly, Shelter, steeply, I said.
    Charley smiled yet wider, and then breathed. He slightly turned a head toward Edvarda, but in actual fact did not look at him.
     do you ride also, Edvard?
    I was covered on him, my eyes looked pleading. Edvard just drove expression of the person to the order, when Charley turned that to look, why he does not answer.
     No, thank you, Edvard said dryly, his person was hard and cold.
     do you have plans with parents? asked Charley, by sullen voice. Edvard always was more polite, than Charley deserved that, and sudden hostility surprised him.
     Yes. If you will excuse me. Edvard sharply developed and began to make a way through already decreasing crowd. He moved a bit quick, too off-tune, to support the ordinary masquerade.
     That did I say such? asked Charley guiltily.
     not worry about it, dad. I notarized him. I do not think that it from you.
    are you that, did fall out again?
     Nobody quarreled. Not climb not in the businesses.
    are you and there are my businesses.
    I rolled eyes. Went, will eat up.
    There were full people in Shelter. It a place, in my opinion, was cherezmerno dear vulgarly, but it was one place, look like an ordinary restaurant, in town, so that always going here, that to celebrate some occasions. I sullenly examined gloomy kind scare-crow of head of elk, while Charley ate rebryshki, speaking, leaning one's the elbows on the back of chair, with the parents of Taylera Krouli, which sat behind us. It was noisily all just came from exhaust, and many exchanged remarks with nearby dinner-wagons, as well as Charley.
    I was turned away the back to the window, resisting a motive to develop and search eyes, whose look I could feel on itself now. I knew that able nothing to consider. I knew the more so, that did not have been even little chance, that he will leave me without a guard, even on a second. Only not after that he knew.
    A supper proceeded. Charley, busy at intercourse, ate too slowly. I took the burger and on pieces hid him in a serviette, when uverenna was, that Charley is abstract someone. It seemed that it all had stretched so long, but when I gave a glance on a clock, on which I looked more frequent, than it is fixed, pointers were not far moved.
    Finally Charley got handing over and laid gratuities on a table. I got up.
     does Hurry? he asked me.
     I want to help Alice with organization of evening-party, I declared.
     Well, he was turned away, that to say goodbye to all. I went out on a street, that to wait near a machine.
    I leaned one's the elbows on the door of passenger seat, expecting while Charley able to be freed from an impromptu evening-party. It was already almost darkly on parking, clouds on sky are such dense, that it is impossible it was to define a village a sun or not. Air was some heavy, a rain going as if.
    Something stirred in shade.
    My exclamation grew into the sigh of relief, when Edvard arose out of darkness.
    Neither saying nor words, he firmly folded me to the breast. Found my chin a cool hand and attracted my person, so that he could snuggle up the hard lips to my. I could feel tension in his jaw.
     As you? I asked, as soon as he allowed me to breathe.
     not too well, he pronounced quietly. But I took oneself in a hand already. I am sorry, that did not restrain a temper on exhaust.
    it is my guilt. It is needed it was to wait, before to tell you.
     No, he disagreed. I need it was it to know. I can not trust that noticed nothing!
     For you and so hammered in a head problems.
     And for you, is not it?
    Suddenly he kissed me again, not enabling to answer. And stepped aside after a second. Charley goes already.
     I asked him to knock up me to you home.
     I will follow after you.
     It indeed not necessarily, made an effort say I, but he disappeared already.
    it is Bella? called Charley. He stood in the doors of restaurant, peering into darkness.
    it is I here.
    Charley, taking it easy, walked up to the machine, something grumbling about impatience.
     So, what feelings you have? he asked me, when we already rode to the north on a highway. This was an important day.
     I feel a fit, I uttered a lie.
    He began to the laugh, seeing me through. does Worry regarding an evening-party? he supposed.
     Aha, I uttered a lie again.
    He did not notice for this time. you never loved an evening-party.
     Interestingly, in whom I such came up, I muttered.
    Charley smiled. That, you look indeed well. I regret, that not hitted upon to give a present you anything. Excuse.
     be not silly, dad.
    it is not foolishness. I feel that not always do everything for you, that owe.
    it is Nonsense. you are fine celebrated. The best father in the world. And., - with Charley it is uneasy to talk about senses, but, clearing one's the throat, I continued all the same. And I am indeed glad that arrived here to live with you, dad. It was the best from all of my decisions. So not experience you were simply added the action of post-vypusknogo pessimism.
    He snorted.
     Possibly. But I am sure that made a mistake here and there. Look-?? at the hand!
    I apathetically looked at the hands. My left arm reposed on dark perevyazi which I rarely remembered about. The broken knuckle of finger almost was not ill already.
     Here, did not think that I need it will be to teach you, how to punch. Seems, I wronged.
     did I think, you on the side of Dzheykoba?
     it is not important, on whose I to the side, if someone kisses you without permission, you must be able to understand your relations, not causing harm to itself. In fact did not you hold a pollex into a fist, correctly?
     did not hold, dad. Nicely, though and strange, but I do not think that a lesson would help me. At Dzheykoba head adamantine.
    Charley began to the laugh. Next time, beat him in a stomach.
     Next time? I asked again with distrust.
     Ouch, be not so strict with a fellow. He yet young.
     He is unbearable.
    it is He still your friend.
     I know, I breathed. and does not indeed know how now to act, dads.
    Charley nodded slowly. And. Not always clear, as correct to act. Sometimes, that well to one the man, badly for other. So chto.zhelayu successes in findings out.
     Thank you, I mumbled dryly.
    Charley began to the laugh again, and then moved eyebrows. If an evening-party will go out from under control. he began.
     not worry about it, dad. Karlayl and it will be been Esme there. I uverenna and you can go also, if want.
    Charley squirmed an ugly face, when through frontal glass looked intently into darkness. Charley loved large evening-parties, similarly as well as I.
     So, and where to displace? he asked. would not mix Them to clear a road it is impossible to find something in darkness.
     Dumayu, at once after a next turn. I pursed one's lips. Know, you are right it is impossible to find. Alice said that put a map in conveying an invitation, but, in spite of it, all will lose a way possibly. I slightly cheered up from this idea.
     Maybe, Charley said, when a road turned east. And can be and no.
    A pitch-dark velvet blackness was interrupted ahead, just wherein there must be an entrance alley to the house of Kalenov. Someone, on two sides of way, adorned trees thousands of blinking lights, such spectacle it is impossible to skip.
    it is Alice, I said sourly.
     fish Soups, you, Charley admired, when we displaced on a road. Not only two trees, on an entrance, sparkled. Approximately, through every six meters, other ablaze pointer conduced us to the large white house. All of road all, almost, 5 km of way.
     does It do nothing on a half, true? mumbled Charley in awe.
     are you sure that does not want to go?
     Absolutely sure. Have fun, baby.
     many Thanks, dad.
    He smiled still, when I went out and shut the a door to. I looked, as he departs, continuing to smile the ideas. Breathing, I began to the walk on steps upwards, it is needed it was to undergo the evening-party

Chapter 17

    it is Bella?
    Behind, was heard soft voice of Edvarda. I turned around and saw how he with razmetavshimisya from at run hairs, easily zaprygivaet on the steps of porch. And, he already hugged me and, again, kissed, exactly, as on a stand.
    This kiss frightened me. There was too much tension in him. His lips, too, strongly stuck in my, it seemed to me Edvard was afraid that we have too little time.
    I could not itself allow to think about it. Did not could, one time, I will have, a few next hours, to behave as an ordinary man. I kept away from him.
     Let us do away with this foolish evening-party, I mumbled, hiding eyes.
    He obkhvatil my person hands, expecting while I will look at him upwards.
     I will shut out, that with you anything happened.
    I touched his lips the fingers of healthy hand:
     About itself, I not strongly worry.
     Why does not it surprise me? he mumbled to itself under a nose. Deeply breathed and slightly smiled.
     Ready to celebrate? he asked.
    I moaned.
    He opened and held a door, with care hugging me for a waist. On a minute I hardened, then pomotala a head from a surprise.
    Edvard reaped shoulders:
    it is Alice, there is Alice.
    The house of Kallenov grew into a night-club, and in such, what rarely will see in reality, unless only on a television set.
    it is Edvard! called Alice. It stood after a giant strengthener.
     I need your advice. it specified a gesture on a mountain the compact disk of disks.
     to Give them acquainted and not straining? Or, it rotined a gesture on other heap of disks. to engage in education of their musical taste?
     Leave not straining, Edvard advised. how many wolf not feed.* (the English saying is utillized in an original it is possible to bring a horse to watering, but it is impossible to compel it to drink. Value: to truth it is possible only to bring and rotin on it, but it is impossible to compel it to perceive. Or how many wolf not feed, however in the forest looks)
    Alice in earnest nodded and began to fill up educational disks in a box. I noticed that it had been changed clothes in brilliant top and red leather trousers. Its bare skin strange poured off in the pulsating red-violet light.
     Seems, my clothes do not suit.

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