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23Stefani Mayer

    He confusedly looked at me.
     did Alice clean up for you a room?
     Yes, I think that it was its hands business. you remember, it came here to take my pyjamas, pillow and blouse, going to do me the captive. I cast a short indignant look on him. it is collected everything, that was sparse around: both my shirts and socks, and I do not know where it put them.
    During one short moment Edvard still continued to look confused, and then, suddenly, hardened unexpectedly.
     When did you find out the loss of things?
     When returned from the false evening-party of pyjamas. And that?
     I think that Alice took nothing. Neither your clothes nor pillow. These disappearing things were from those, that you carried often. and touched. with which did sleep?
     Yes. What, Edvard?
    Expression of his person was extremely tense.
    are Things with your smell.
    We long looked each other in eyes.
    it is the Enigmatic visitor, I mumbled.
     He searched (collected) tracks. collected proofs. To prove that did he find you?
     Why? I whispered.
     I do not know. But, I swear, that know, Bella. I know.
     Sure that for you all will turn out, I said, laying a head to him on a breast. Bending over, I felt, as a telephone zavibriroval in his pocket.
    He got him and looked at the shined number.
     It just that, who needs me, he mumbled, with an easy click opening a telephone. it is Karlayl, he suppressed and began attentively to listen; on a few minutes his person was purchased by the tensely-concentrated expression. I will check up it. Listen.
    He began to tell about my disappearing things, but as it seemed to me outside, all looked so, as though now it was Karlaylu not to us.
     Maybe, I will go. Edvard pronounced, and, umolknuv, slowly translated the look to me. Maybe, it is not. But not allow Emmetu to go one, you know how he aspires to it. At least, ask Alice to nose after all what be going on. Later we necessarily with all of it will understand.
    He closed a telephone.
     Where newspaper? he asked me.
     Gm, I am not sure. Why?
     I must look something. Did Charley throw out it already?
    Edvard disappeared, but already through an instant returned, getting on the hip a moist newspaper, and new drops raining in his hairs again sparkled the mineral deposit of diamonds. Decomposing it on a table, he quickly began to look over headings. Turning over pages, he seriously read carefully and conducted a finger on especially interesting him places.
     Karlayl is right. yes. very careless. Young and mad? Or searching deaths? he mumbled to itself under a nose.
    I walked up and gave a glance through his shoulder:
    Seattle of Tayms said of heading: The epidemic of Murders Proceeds Police Indisposes New Information
    This article differed nothing from that on which Charley referred a few a week ago is cruelty of city, entering Seattle in the national rating list of the most dangerous cities of America on the number of the unexposed murders. But however, this was other article. The date of issue of number was more later.
     Situation is worsened, I mumbled starting.
    He frowned.
     All went out from under control. It can not be work of one new-born vampire. That does take a place? As though they never heard of Voltari. That I, however, fully assume. Nobody explained to them governed.. But who does create them then?
     Voltari? shuddering, I repeated.
    it is just their sphere of activity, to decide similar sort of problem immortal, threatenings to give out the fact of our existence. They simply remove reason of arising up disturbances, to shut out the loss of information, as be a few years back in Atlanta, although then they did not begin to wait for similar lawlessness. They will interfere soon, very soon, certainly, if we will not find some method to decide this problem the forces. Frankly speaking, I would prefer now, that they stuck to as possible farther from Seattle. In fact, removing a problem. they can decide to visit you.
    I shuddered again.
     That can we do?
     We must collect as many as possible information, before we will be able to decide this problem. Possibly, if we will talk with these new-born, will explain to them governed, able to decide a question peaceful a way.
    He frowned, as though disbelieved in existence of peaceful way of permission of this conflict.
     We will wait, while Alice will not see that takes a place.. We do not want to interfere without an absolute necessity. Eventually, not we carry responsibility for it. But well, that we have Jasper, he added, speaking to to to itself. If it will be necessary to deal with new-born, he will be very useful for us.
    it is Jasper? Why?
    Edvard smiled darkly:
    it is Jasper, the family expert on young vampires.
     What do you imply under an expert?
     And about it you will ask him is extremely enthralling history.
     All so tangled, I mumbled.
     For you it very difficultly, does not it? Still, taking into account that in closing dates on your head so much problems were simultaneously knocked down, and and from every quarter. He breathed. did you think some time, that your life would be far simpler, if you did not love me?
     Maybe. But only in this case for me this would be not life.
     For me, he remedied quietly. Now, does suppose, he began, awry smiling, you have something, what did you want me about to ask?
    I was apathetically covered on him:
     For me?
     Or, maybe, is not it? he smiled. I was flattered, that you promised to ask me permissions to go on some evening-party to the werewolves.
     did eavesdrop Again?
    He smiled again:
     Quite a bit, at the very end.
     Fine, however much I going to ask you about it. I thought, that for you so enough causes are for an anxiety.
    He brought the hand to my chin, and raised my person so that my eyes looked straight in his, obviously intending to read a true in them.
     would you like to go?
     And all right, it is a not problem. Untroubled about it.
     You are not under an obligation to ask permission for me, Bella. Thank heavens, I to you not father. Although, you would ask about it for Charley.
     You know perfectly, that Charley will settle.
     Certainly, I more than ktolibo understand other, that more credible than all can answer on this occasion Charley.
    I was covered on him, trying to understand, what he bends to, simultaneously trying to force out a desire to depart in La Push from the head. But for me so nothing and did not go out, I had continued to hesitate, vainly trying to be delivered from the desires. Certainly, for my hand was foolish to dream about meeting with the covey of idiotic boys-werewolves, especially now, when around it was all of so many frightening and inexplicable. But exactly herein and reason was covered that, why I so wanted there to go. I wanted for a time, even on a few clock, to forget about a mortal danger. to visit less mature, laughing more hasty Bella which could together with Jake, to wave one's the hand from all of this nightmare, though on some short moment to forget about everything. But now it had no value already.
    it is Bella, Edvard said. Remember, I told you, that in future going to be reasonable and to trust your opinion. Exactly it I and have now in a kind. If you trust werewolves, I not going to worry that they will cause you harm.
     fish Soups, you! as well as by past night, I exclaimed.
     And in one Dzheykob all the same was rights is a fully enough covey of werewolves, to secure you for one evening.
     are you sure?
     Certainly. Only.
    I was strained.
     do I hope, you will not begin to object against a few additional precautionary measures? First, allow me to take you to the border. And then, will you take a cellular telephone, that I knew when to take away you?
    it is sounds. very reasonably.
    He smiled me, and I, however tried, was not able to see no tracks of anxiety in his ablaze, as if jewels eyes.
    Surprised nobody, that Charley had no problems with my journey in La Push on an evening-party at a fire. Dzheykob rejoiced obviously, when I called him, divided news. He was so happy it, that acceded to all terms of Edvarda, touching precautionary measures, promising to meet us on a border between territories exactly in six.
    After an of short duration dispute, I decided that will not sell the motor cycle. When he not needed anymore to me, I will drive him in La Push, where to him and place. and, to on to any, will give Jake as paying for his work. He will be able to sell him or to give a present anybody. Me it already will not touch anymore.
    This evening suitable possibility to send him in the garage of Dzheykoba will appear just for me. Lately I so darkly began to look on a thing, that every new day looked so, as if he was my last chance. I could not set aside on then, even the most insignificant business, because for me simply could no longer appear on it to time.
    Edvard nodded only, knowing that I going to do, but it seemed to me that on some moment an alarm flashed by in his eyes. I knew perfectly, that he, the same as and Charley was not in raptures from my infatuation for motor cycles.
    In a kind that I left the motor cycle in his garage, we had to get in to him home. And only stopping pikap and going out outside, I understood that for this time an alarm, flashing by in his eyes, touched my safety not only.
    Next to my old motor cycle, darkening him, other transport vehicle was disposed. To name this miracle a motor cycle, it was somehow unfair, as it seemed that it hardly can fall into the that category of transport, what my old bayk, suddenly seeming to me pitiful and obsharpannym.
    This large and smooth silver motor cycle, looked incredibly rapid, even, not looking on that now he motionlessly stood in a garage.
     That it?
     Nothing, Edvard mumbled.
     Somehow not alike on nothing.
    Edvard assumed a careless air, skipping my words by ears:
     That, certainly, I did not know whether you going with your other to be reconciled or not, but I thought, that early or late, you will want to sweep. It seemed to me, it that likes you. I thought here, that would sweep with you, if you wanted suddenly.
    He reaped shoulders.
    I was covered on luxurious bayk. On his background my motor cycle looked tricycles. I felt a sudden sadness, realizing that it was a quite good analogy to that, how I look at oneself next to Edvardom.
     to keep abreast of you it would be impossible, I whispered.
    Edvard stretched the hand to my chin and turned my person so that to see him right in front of itself. He made an effort one finger raise the corner of my lips upwards.
     I would ride next to you, Bella.
     it would not too please you.
     If we were together, would please certainly.
    I bit a lip and on an instant presented it.
    it is Edvard, if did you see that I rode too quickly or lose control above a motor cycle, well, or something yet, what did you do?
    He hesitated, obviously, trying to find a right answer. But I knew a true: he, to on to any, some method to rescue me found till I will be broken up. Then he poorly smiled one lips and suspiciously soschuril eyes:
     As I understand, it something yet exactly that, that you do with Dzheykobom. All clear now.
     There is Business in that, well, does not he have especially from me to brake, understand? Think, I can make an attempt. I with a doubt looked at a silver motor cycle.
     not worry about it, Edvard said, and then began to the laugh quietly. I saw how Jasper admired the name of Possibly, in that moment he opened on your own the new method of movement, eventually, in fact for Alice now am it Porshe.
    it is Edvard, I.
    He cut me short a rapid kiss.
     I said, not worry. Do you can something for me to do?
     All, that will want, I promised quickly.
    He released my person and, inclined above a motor cycle, got something from there, that hid there all the time. Then he turned to me, getting on the hip two raznykh of object, one them which was black and shapeless, and second bright red, well noticeable even from a distance.
     Please? he asked, smiling my darling the crooked smile which I never could withstand before.
    I took offered to me red helmet and weighed him in hands.
     I will look foolishly.
     No, you will look elegantly. Elegantly enough, not to cause itself harm.
    He threw through a hand a that shapeless black thing, which got together with a helmet, and took my person in the hands.
     Now there is that in my hands, what I can not live without. you would about it look after.
     Okey, perfectly. What it after a thing? I asked suspiciously.
    He began to the laugh and shook something, like a jacket.
    it is a motor cycle jacket. Certainly, I did not test it on the personal experience, but heard that a travelling embankment is not very much pleasant by touch.
    He stretched it to me. Deeply breathing, I threw the hairs back, and dressed a helmet. Then stuck hands in the sleeves of jacket. He fastened on me lightning and with playing in the corners of his lips a smile, stepped back back.
    I felt too bulky.
     Be honest, as far as I look ridiculous?
    He did yet a step back and pursed one's lips.
     So badly, yes? I mumbled.
     No, it is not, Bella. Generally.
    Seemed, he had tried to pick up a correct word.
     You look. sexually.
    I began to the laugh:
     Very sexually, honestly.
     You so talk only in order that I carried it, I said. But it is all right. you are right, it looks elegantly.
    He twined about me by the hands and attracted to the breast.
     You are such foolish. I suppose that part of your charm is herein celled. Well, I assume that this helmet have failings.
    Then he took off from me send and kissed firmly.
    Later, when Edvard drove me in La Push, I felt that all of this unprecedented situation had seemed to me it is strange acquainted. To define reason, causing dezha-vyu, it was necessary prettily to think.
     does Know that it reminds me? I asked. It very look like that was with me in childhood, when Rene brought me to Charley on a summer. I again feel septennial.

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