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51Stefani Mayer

     But you are a man, Bella. And, although I so much want to think differently, he also. In your life there are emptinesses which I am not able to fill. I understand it.
     But it is a not true. I feel awfully From it. There are no emptinesses in my life.
     You love him, he said of quietly.
    Every cell of my body was ill, trying to renounce from it.
     But you, I love anymore, I objected. It the best, that I could say.
     Yes, I know. But. when I went away from you, Bella. I left you outflowing blood. Dzheykob put in several stitches on wounds and returned you to life. This was your connection which abandons the track, on you both. I am not sure that such the guy-sutures, resolve by itself. I can blame nobody of you, because, all of it happened from my act. Maybe, I will be able to get forgiveness, but it does not deliver me from consequences.
     it followed me to know that you will find a method to lay to everything itself. Please, leave off. I do not can it to take away.
     And what do you want, that I said?
     I want, that you called me all of bad words which know only, on all of the languages known you. I want, that you said that I disgusting you, and that you leave from me, and I will have to beg and creep before you on knees, that you remained.
     I am sorry me. he breathed. I do not can it to do.
     At least, leave off to calm me. Give me to suffer, tormented. I deserved it.
     No, he mumbled.
    I nodded slowly. you are right. Continue and farther to be such understanding. It yet worse.
    He was quiet some time, I had felt tension in an atmosphere, new danger.
    it is approached, I said confidently.
     Yes, there are only a few minutes. Time will be enough just, to say something.
    I waited. He began to speak whisper. I can not be noble, Bella. I will not compel you to choose between you and me. Simply, be happy, and I will be all of your, or I will not be alongside, if so it will be better. When will make a decision, not think, as though you to me something be under an obligation.
    I pushed off from a floor, walking up knees.
     The devil take it, halt! I began to the cry on him.
    From a surprise, his eyes opened up widely. No you do not understand, Bella. I do not try to heave up you a mood. I am a true consider so.
     I know, I began to the moan. And that did happen with a desire to hit back? Not begin nobly to sacrifice oneself! Battle!
     As? he asked, his eyes postareli from a sadness.
    I perched to him on knees, and twined about him hands.
     I am not important, that here coldly. I am not important, that now from me stinks psinoy. Compel me to forget about my frightful act. Compel me to forget Dzheykoba. Compel me to forget my proper name. Hit back!
    I did not begin to wait, while he to decide or vice versa, will push away me, saying that he does not need such cruel, perfidious monster as I. Nestling to him, I stuck a kiss in his icy lips.
     more Careful, love my, he said of, under my assertive kiss.
     No, I growled.
    He carefully, on a few centimetres, pushed away my person from itself. you need nothing to prove me.
     I do not try, chtoto to prove. you said that will be all of my. And I want you. In all wholly. twining about hands his neck, I tensely tried to attain his lips. He inclined a head, to kiss me, but his cool mouth became more indecisive, while my impatience grew all stronger. My body gave out my intentions. The inevitable happened he removed me.
     Possibly, now the not best moment for this purpose, too quietly, in my opinion, he noticed.
     Why is not it? I mumbled. To argue it was uselessly with him, if he decided to be prudent. I dropped hands.
     At first, because coldly. he heaved up a sleeping-bag from a floor, and wrapped up me in him, as in a blanket.
    it is Nonsense, I objected. First it that you unreal high-moral for a vampire.
    He smiled. All right, agree. Cold it second. And, thirdly. well, you indeed stink, love my.
    He wrinkled a nose.
    I breathed.
     And fourthly, he said of, going down and whispering me on an ear. We will make an attempt, Bella. I remember the promises well. But I do not want, that it happened, in reply to the actions of Dzheykoba Bleka.
    I shriveled, and hid a person for him on a shoulder.
     And fifthly.
     For you long list, I mumbled.
    He began to the laugh. Yes, but you really does not want to know about a battle?
    When he said it, Set howled piercing.
    My body responded to this sound. I did not even imagine that do, but my left arm compressed in a fist, nails stuck in the bandaged palm, while Edvard did not take my hand and gently did not weaken my fingers.
     All will be good, Bella, he promised. On our side trade, preparation and suddenness. All to make off very quickly. If I, indeed, in it disbelieved, I already would be down on the field, and you would be tied down here to the tree, or anything in this family.
     Alice is such little, I began to the moan.
    He smiled. Yes, it is a problem. if someone was able to grasp it.
    Set began to the whine.
     That did happen? I asked.
    it is He it is simple to be angered, that stuck here with us. He knows that a covey wants him to protect, therefore him and hold a little rather from a scene. He breaks a secret to join in with them.
    I frowned, looking aside, where must was be Set.
     Catechumens attained track, he worked on them, as invocation, Jasper is genius. They felt a smell those, who on to the meadow, and divided into two groups, as Alice and predicted, Edvard said of, his eyes are concentrated it was looked out something in the distance.
     Sam conducts us around, to attack the second group, he listened so attentively, that even utillized a plural.
    Suddenly, he looked at me: Breathe, Bella.
    I tried to do what he sued for. I heard the heavy breathing of Seta, straight after the wall of tent, and I tried, that my lights held a that even rhythm, not to supersaturate lights oxygen.
    it is the First group already on the field. We hear a battle.
    I squeezed teeth firmly.
    He began to the laugh shortly: We hear Emmetta he has fun.
    I compelled itself to breathe, together with Setom.
     the Second group prepares they take no the notice on us, did not yet even hear us.
    Edvard began to the roar.
     That? I breathed out.
     They talk about you. his teeth clicked, closing up. They must ascertain, that you will not elope. Excellent motion, Lea! Khmm, and it is rapid, he noticed approvingly. it is Odin from catechumens felt our smell, and Lea finished him he turned around before. Sam helps it to finish off him. Half and Dzheykob put to death another, but other will be defended. They do not know that from us to expect. Both sides try to distract attention of each other. No, allow Sam to conduct. Stick to aside, he mumbled. will Divide them, stop them protecting a rear each other.
    Set began to the whine.
     So better, drive them on the field, Edvard approved. His body moved unrealized, while he mentally looked after what be going on, accomplishing those motions which would do, be he there. His hands held my still, I interlaced the fingers with his fingers. To on extremely to the measure, he was not there, down.
    The unique warning was become by blank silence.
    The deep breathing of Seta was halted, and, because I breathed with him in time, noticed it.
    I also left off to breathe, too frightened, to compel lights to work, and understood that Edvard hardened an icy statue alongside.
    About, it is not. It is not. It is not. swept over in my head.
    Who did perish? It or stranger? All from me. Who did I lose?
    So quickly, that I did not even have time to consider as all happened, I had been on the moves, and a tent dangled the torn shreds round me. Really did Edvard tear it, to break forth outside? Why?
    I stunned zamorgala blinded ablaze light. All that I saw there was Set, he stood straight near us, his head was approximately in 15 centimetres on behalf of Edvarda. One second, seeming endless, they looked each other in eyes. A sun was reflected from the skin of Edvarda and the iridescent specks of light danced on wool of Seta.
    And then, Edvard it is alarmed whispered: Hurry, Set!
    An enormous wolf krutanulsya in place and disappeared in shade of the forest.
    Whole did pass two seconds? They seemed by hours. Me podtashnivalo from fear, I knew, something terrible had happened, something had gone not so. I opened a mouth to demand, that Edvard delivered me on the field, at short notice. They needed him, and needed them I. If I will have to outflow blood, to rescue them, I will do it. I will die, to carry out it, as the third wife. I did not have a silver dagger in a hand, but I will find a method.
    Before I was able to pronounce something, I felt, as though flitted on air. But the hands of Edvarda did not release me he simply carried me, so quickly, that seemed to me, I had flown away aside.
    I discovered that my back is pinned against the sheer surface of rock. Edvard stood to me, his pose I knew at once.
    Calming reached to my reason, in that moment when the soul went away in heels.
    I understood everything it is wrong. And felt simultaneously, facilitation nothing frightful happened on the field, and horror the frightful happened with us here.
    Edvard occupied defensive position, feet are slightly arcuated in knees, hands are hardly taken in sides, is I at once with nauseating exactness knew this pose. Rock after me, could be the age-old bricking of the Italian alley, where he stood similarly, between me and by wars of Volturi in black mantles.
    Nothing reached here after us.
    it is Who? I whispered.
    He growled words are more loud, than I expected. Too loudly. It meant that hidden it was uselessly. We were ensnared, and it was already it is unimportant, who heard his answer.
    it is Viktoriya, he pronounced, spitting out this name as curse. it is It not alone. It succeeded to feel my smell, when it went right behind catechumens, it and did not think to help them to battle. It suddenly decided to find me, guessing that wherein I, there will be and you. It was rights. you were rights. It all of time there was only Viktoriya.
    It was close enough, and he could hear its ideas.
    Again facilitation. If this was Volturi, we would be both already dead. But with Viktoriey, it is not needed it was to die to both. Edvard can survive. He was good fighter, the same as Jasper. If it did not lead with itself too much other, he will be able to force one's the way through to it. Edvard was quick than all. He will be able.
    I so was soviet, that he sent away Seta. Certainly, Set however would be able to bring nobody over for help. Viktoriya simply ideally chosen time for the decision. But even Set was out of harm's way. I did not see enormous sand-coloured of wolf, I saw awkward 15 summer boy.
    The body of Edvarda moved, only slightly, but I understood, from where to wait dangers. I looked in the black pls of the forest.
    All was so, as if my koshary came back to life and went out to me to meet.
    Two vampires slowly got around a little glade, where our tent stood, they looked over everything a tense, attentive look. They sparkled as diamonds in the sunshine.
    I almost could not look over a white-headed boy. Yes, he was a boy, true muscular and high, possibly my age, when he was changed. His eyes I saw such brightly red eyes never I could not in them look. Although he was nearer than all to to Edvardu, nearest danger, I could not look at him. Because, in a pair meters behind, Viktoriya looked at me.
    Its orange hairs were brighter, than I remembered them, brighter than flame. Wind was not, but flame, framing her face, slightly gleamed and moved, as though living.
    Its eyes were black from thirst. It did not smile, as in my nightmares, its lips were densely compressed.
    Something cat-like was felt in its tense tel, lioness expecting an appropriate moment for a jump. Its uneasy, wild look rushed about between me and Edvardom, not deciding on him more than on the floor of second. It could not tear off the look from me, and I also could not tear off a look from it.
    Ot it was proceeded by tension, almost noticeable in mid air. I felt a desire, the earnest desire of possessing seizing it. I almost heard its ideas, I knew that it thinks.
    It was so close from desired, what it laboured for more than year, and now was so close.
    It wanted my death.
    Its plan was so clear, and so simply. Muscular boy a blond will attack Edvarda. And as soon as Edvard will be distracted enough, it will finish me.
    It will be quickly, it does not have time on games, but it will be carried out. I will not be able to outlive it. Poison of vampire will not rescue even From it.
    It will have to stop my heart. Possibly, it will tear up my heart a hand or anything will think of yet.
    My heart fought furiously, loudly, as if trying to rotin its purpose more clear.
    Somewhere very much far from us, in-field, a wolfish howl answered an echo in hardening air. Set went away, and to translate that meant this howl it was nobody.
    A white-headed boy with half an an eye looked at Viktoriyu, expecting its order.
    He was quite young in many determinations of this word. On his brilliant purple raduzhkam I understood that he could not be a very old vampire. He would be strong, but here pound from him it would not be. Edvard would know how with him to fight, Edvard would be able to survive.
    Viktoriya specified a chin on Edvarda, without words ordering a boy to attack.
     Rayli, softly, and Edvard pronounced pleading.
    A blond hardened, his red eyes had opened up widely.
    it is lies you, Rayli, Edvard said. Listen me. It told you the same as it told that, who now dies there, on the field. you knew that it had told them, to in fact you it was had by him to tell, nobody of you going them to help. Really so hardness to trust that and it also told to you?
    Rayli looked confused.
    Edvard was moved on a few centimetres aside, and Rayli mechanically repeated his motion.
    it is not loves you, Rayli. assured and almost hypnotized, soft voice. And never loved. It loved that, who was called James, for it you, just weapon.
    When he pronounced the name of James, Viktoriya showed one's the teeth, bare teeth. Its eyes were tied down to me.
    Rayli threw a furious look to it.
     Rayli? his Edvard hailed.
    Rayli again covered on Edvarda.
    it is knows that I will put to death you, Rayli. It wants, that you died, then it will not have anymore to pretend to be. Yes, you and does see it, true? you read indifference in its eyes, suspected deception of its promises. you were rights. It never wanted you. Every kiss, every touch were a taradiddle.
    Edvard moved again, on the pair of centimetres approaching a boy, and on the pair of centimetres retiring from me.
    The look of Viktorii sfokusirovalsya on space between you and me. Men'she second would occupy killed me, it needs was very little more possibilities.
    This bout slower, Rayli moved from a place.
     You not necessarily need to die, his Edvard assured, eyes are concentrated on a boy. Am and another way to live, not only that it rotined you. Not all only taradiddle and blood, Rayli. you can simply go away now. you do not need to die for its lie.
    Edvard glanced aside forward and aside. Now between you and me there were approximately 30 centimetres. Rayli twirled too far, even possibilities. Viktoriya, squeezing fists stretched forward.
    it is the Last chance, Rayli, Edvard whispered.
    Rayli hotshot looked and waited answers from Viktorii.
     He is a liar, Rayli, Viktoriya pronounced, and from the sound of its voice, a jaw hung down for me. I told you, about their focuses with reason. you know that I love you.
    Its voice was not strong and wild, this was not a cat-like roar, as I imagined, confronting her face and conduct. It was tender, high as if for a child is a ringing soprano. A sound is associated with light curls and rose chew. He so did not suit it, breaking forth from its oskalennykh brilliant teeth.
    The jaw of Rayli was strained, and he squared shoulders. His eyes opusteli it was not there anymore than neither doubts nor suspicions. No ideas. He was prepared to the attack.
    Body of Viktorii, seemed, podragivalo, it had been so strongly offended. Its fingers grew into claws, it waited, that Edvard was moved aside from me, yet on slightly.
    Suddenly, the loud growling sounded, and nobody of them published this sound.
    A giant brown figure took off in the center of glade, pinning Rayli against earth.
     No! Viktoriya began to the cry, its child's voice broke away from disappointment.
    In one and a half meters from me, an enormous wolf tore and cut up a white-headed vampire under itself. Something white and hard, hitted a rock and fallen down to my feet. I jumped back.

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