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53Stefani Mayer

     Set. estimated?
    We both looked which on Seta, with application taking no the notice on us, looked at flame. It seemed that every hairspring on his hide, radiated a complacency.
     Well, I did not know it, I declared accusing tone. And not so that it is simple to be the unique helpless man in your company. Only wait a little for me, when I will become a vampire! Next time in a visual hall I will not begin to sit.
    Dozen emotions flashed by on his face, before he was stopped for a surprise. Next time? Do you foresee another war before long?
     With my happiness? Who does know?
    He rolled eyes, but I saw that his malice had passed from a facilitation both we became frivolous. All made off.
    Or. did not make off?
     Wait a little. Really did not you talk something to.? did I give a start, exactly remembering that exactly happened to it that I going to say Dzheykobu? My split heart pulsated very and painfully. It was difficult, almost impossible, in it to trust, but the most difficult part of day did not yet pass for me, and I not give up.
     About complications? And Alice must was specify a time-table for Sam. you said that it would be near. That will be near?
    Edvard sparkled eyes on Seta and they exchanged a heavy look.
     Well? I asked.
     Yes, nothing special, true, Edvard said quickly. But we need to go.
    He beginnings it was to sit me to itself on the back, but I zaupryamilas' and remained to stand.
     Nothing is not explanation.
    Edvard obkhvatil my person the hands.
     For us only minute of time, so that not panic, all right? I said you, that reasons to be afraid are not. Please, can simply trust in me?
    Did I nod, trying to hide sudden horror how many I will survive, before will fall down in a fainting fit?
     there Are not reasons for fear. Understood.
    He on a second pursed one's lips, thinking how I must say. Then, sharply gave a glance on Seta, as though a wolf called him.
     What does it do? Edvard asked.
    Set began to the whine, this was an anxious, uneasy sound. Ot him hairs for me on the back of head got up on end.
    On one endless second, all hardened in a dead quiet.
    And then Edvard breathed out:
     No! he threw out a hand forward, as if made an effort grasp something, whatever I saw. Not.!
    A cramp passed on the body of Seta, and his lights banished complete sufferings and pains howl.
    In the same moment Edvard fallen down on knees, obkhvativ a head both hands, his person was warped from pain.
    I shortly scared cried up and fallen down on knees next to him. Foolishly, I tried to tear off his hands from a head, my sweating moist hands, slid off from his melanoleukoderma.
    it is Edvard! Edvard!
    His look sfokusirovalsya on me, not without effort, he was able to unclench teeth:
     All be well. All will be good. It. he suppressed, and gave a start again.
     That does take a place? I yelled loudly, while Set howled depressed.
    are We all right. All will be good, heavily breathing Edvard pronounced. it is Sam help him.
    When he pronounced the name of Sam, in a the same instant I understood, he did not have talked about itself and Sete. They were not attacked by some invisible force. For this time, we had problems.
    He utillized the manner of covey, to talk in a plural.
    I burned out all supply of adrenalin. There no longer was nothing in my body. I began to settle, and Edvard caught up me, before I hitted stone. He jumped up on feet, I was in his hands.
     Set! Edvard cried.
    Set suffered still, tension was not abandoned by his compressing body, he looked toward the forest, as if wanted immediately to jerk there.
     No! Edvard ordered. you will go straight home. At short notice. Press with might and main!
    Set began to the whine, winding a loggerhead from a side aside.
     Set. Trust me.
    One long second an enormous wolf intently looked intently into the sufferings eyes of Edvarda, then straightened and jerked toward trees, disappearing as if a ghost.
    Edvard closely folded me to the breast, and then we also swiftly began to the run through the dark forest, in an opposite side from a wolf.
    it is Edvard. I was hardly able to squeeze out words from constrained the nervous spasm of throat. it is Edvard, that did happen? That did happen with Sam? Where do we hurry? That does take a place?
     We need to return on the field, quietly he said to me. We knew, there was large probability, that all will happen just like this. Yet early today, Alice saw it and passed through Sam, Setu. Volturi decided that it is time to interfere.
    It already too. My brain renounced to understand words, pretended to be, that took apart nothing.
    Trees quickly swept over after us. He hurried downward from a mountain so quickly, that seemed, we uncontrolledly had fallen from a slope.
     not panic. They came not after us. It is a simply usual guard, from those, who usually work out such problems. Nothing special, they simply do the work. Certainly, they chosen time for arrival very successfully. It allows me to draw a conclusion, that nobody in Italy of not skorbil, if ? these catechumens decreased the number of family of Kallen. he pronounced these words through teeth, firmly and passionless. I will be exact to know that they think when they will get to the field.
     Therefore we and does return? I whispered. Did I could it to survive? Pictures of the blown about black mantles, crawled in my hardly considering reason, and I avoided them. My tensile strength was almost outspent.
     Partly, yes. But mainly, for us it will be safer to come out in united front. They do not have reasons disturbs us, but. Jane with them. If it will think, that we were one somewhere far from other, it can tempt its to attack. As Viktoriya, Jane will guess that I with you. Demetriy, certainly, also with it. He can find me, if Jane will ask him.
    I even did not want to think about this name. I did not want to see it an elegant, child's person blinding in the head. My throat published a strange sound.
     Quietly, Bella, quietly. All will be good. It sees Alice.
    Does Alice can sees? But. where then were there wolves? Where covey? I thought.
    it is Covey?
     They had quickly to leave. Volturi will not begin to guard a truce with werewolves.
    I heard, as my breathing became more frequent, but I could not quiet him. I began to strangle.
     Swear, for them all will be good, Edvard promised me. Volturi does not know their smell, they will not understand that here were wolves, with these creatures they are not very much acquainted. Covey out of harm's way.
    His explanations did not quiet me. My concentration was torn apart on scraps fears. We will be in an order, he talked to it. and Set, howling in torments. Edvard did not answer my first question, distracted me with Volturi.
    I was very near to the edge yet tried to hold on to the edge by fingers.
    Trees were the washed out spot which flowed around him as nephrite waters.
     That did happen? I whispered again. To it. When did Set howl? When was it very you?
    Edvard did not decide to answer.
    it is Edvard! Say me!
     All ended already, he whispered. I heard him hardly, from wind which he heaved up the speed. Wolves did not count the half. they thought that for them all is complete. Certainly, Alice did not see.
     That did happen?
    it is Odin from catechumens hidden. Lea found him is this self-confident fool, decided something to prove. And engaged in him alone.
     Lea, I repeated, and I was too weak, to feel shame for sense a facilitation quieting me. With it thing come right?
     Lea, not injured, Edvard mumbled.
    I looked a second at him.
    Sam help him Edvard pronounced then. To him, but not to it.
    are We almost in place, Edvard said, and he looked somewhere on sky.
    Mechanically, my look followed on him. I saw a darkly-violet cloud, low hanging above trees. Cloud? But was a so sun. No, this was a not cloud, now I knew the dense column of smoke, the same, as well as in our camp.
    it is Edvard, I pronounced, hardly heard. it is Edvard, someone suffered.
    I heard the torments of Seta, saw suffering on face of Edvarda.
     Yes, he whispered.
    it is Who? I asked, already beforehand knowing an answer.
    Certainly, I knew. Certainly.
    Trees round us were slowed, when we attained the purpose of our way.
    He did not answer me long.
     Dzheykob, he pronounced finally.
    I was able to nod.
     Certainly, I whispered.
    And then I glanced aside in to disappear, for the edge of which caught in the head.
    All round me was painted in a black.
    At first I felt the touch of cool hands. More than one pair of hands. Hands held me, a palm cuddled to my cheek, fingers petted a forehead, and yet fingers are easily pinned against my wrist.
    Then I knew voices. At first it was a simply not clear haw, a sound and clarity increased then, as if someone tuned in a radio.
    it is Karlayl already 5 minutes. the disturbed voice of Edvarda pronounced.
    it is comes to oneself, when will be ready, Edvard. it is voice of Karlayla, always quiet and sure. it had a lot of agitations today. Its reason, thus, defends oneself.
    But my reason was not protected. He was ensnared that did not leave me, even in an unconsciousness pain was part of blackness.
    I felt a complete aloofness from the body. As though I was closed in the littlest corner of my head, and I lost management levers. But I nothing could with it getting on. I could not think. Torments were too strong. To elope it was impossible.
    No, it is not, it is not, it is not, it is not.
    it is Alice, how many time for us am? Edvard asked, his voice is still tense, sedative the words of Karlayla did not help him.
    From a distance, donesya voice of Alice. He is cheerful and merry. 5 minutes. And Bella will open eyes in 37 seconds. I do not doubt that now it hears us.
    it is Bella, nice? this was voice to Esme, soft and sedative. do you hear me? you now out of harm's way, dear.
    Yes, I was out of harm's way. But this is really important?
    My ear had cool lips, and Edvard talked words which released me from torments into my own head.
     He will live, Bella. Dzheykob Blek already heals wounds, while I to you talk it. With him all will be good.
    As soon as pain and fear was worn away, I had found a way back in the body. My eyelids began to the tremble.
     About, White, Edvard breathed with relief, and his lips touched my lips.
    it is Edvard, I whispered.
     Yes, I here.
    I was able to heave up eyelids, and now looked in warm gold of his eyes.
     Dzheykob all right? I asked.
     Yes, he assured me.
    I attentively looked in his eyes searching there a sign that he simply calms me, but he told the truth.
    it is I examined him, Karlayl said. I turned in his side, he was all in a meter from us. A face of Karlayla was serious and quiet simultaneously. To doubt it was impossible in the rightness of his words.
    it is His life out of danger. Cicatrization of wounds steps out briskly incredibly for him, although his wounds were vast and will be a few days to wait, before he will settle into a shape, even if speed of cicatrization will remain the same intensive. As soon as we will finish here, I will go and will look, what can help him. Sam tries to help him to grow into a human form. It will simplify examination. Karlayl slightly smiled. I never attended veterinary school.
     That did happen with him? I whispered. As far as are his wounds serious?
    The face of Karlayla poser'eznelo again. Other wolf was at a stake.
     Lea, I breathed out.
     Yes. He misled it, but did not manage to be on the defensive. A catechumen grasped him hands. Almost all of bones from a right side were broken.
    I gave a start.
    it is Sam and Half reached there in time. It became already better to him, when they took away him in La Push.
    it is He to put on weight? I asked.
     Yes, Bella. He will have no tracks of this wound.
    I breathed deeply.
     Three minutes, Alice pronounced quietly.
    I made an effort accept vertical position. Edvard considered that I tried to do, and helped me to get up on feet.
    I was covered on the stage before itself.
    Kalleny stood a wide half-round at a fire. Flame was hardly visible now, simply thick violet-black smoke, achy crept above a bright grass. Jasper stood nearer than all to seeming hard fog, in his shade, and his skin did not shine so brightly, as a skin all other standings under a sunlight. Something was there, in shade. Something, above what he was inclined with a suspicious watchfulness.
    I was too otuplena, to feel nothing more than easy surprise, when understood that it was exactly.
    There were eight vampires on the field.
    A girl convolved in a little lump near flame, obkhvativ feet hands. It was very young. Younger than me maybe, by it about 15 was, dark hairs and thin figurine. Its eyes sfokusirovalis' on me, for it were strikingly sverkayusche red raduzhki. Even more bright, than were at Rayli, for it they almost shone. Its eyes wildly and revolved uncontrolledly.
    Edvard noticed my amazed expression.
    it is surrendered, quietly he said to me. Such I saw never before. Only Karlayl thinks with it to agree. Jasper disapproves his decision.
    I could not tear off the look from this stage at a fire. Jasper it is dissipated rubbed the left forearm.
    it is Jasper all right? I whispered.

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