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     They searched me.
    He did not answer. Stav is immobile as if a statue.
     About what you here two does whisper? Asked Charley with suspicion, calling at a kitchen with an empty bowl from under popkorna in hands.
    It became badly me. While Charley slept, a vampire had been in our house and searched me. Breathing intercepted from laying hands on me panic. I could not answer, simply covered on him in horror.
    A mien Charley changed. He grinned unexpectedly. If you here ssorites'.chto, dare not you mix.
    Still grinning, he put the bowl in a shell, and went out from a kitchen.
     Went, Edvard said, deep voice him was hard.
     But Charley! fear squeezed me a breast so, that began hardness to breathe.
    He was thoughtful on a second, and then a telephone appeared in his hand.
     Emmet, he said in a tube, and began to speak so quickly, that I did not have time razbrat' words. He was laid in thirty seconds. Then, pulled at me toward a door.
     Emmet and Jasper drove out already, he whispered, and feeling my resistance added, They will search the forest, with Charley thing come right.
    I allowed him to pull me, too frightened, that clear to think. Charley was met by my frightened look a self-satisfied smile, but then on his face confusion was represented. Edvard showed me out of house before, than Charley had time to pronounce something.
     Where do we ride? I could not leave off to whisper, even when we already appeared in a machine.
     to Talk with Alice, he said to me, already not whisper, by hard tone.
     does Think, it could see something?
    He looked at a road squinting.
    They waited us already, alarmed the bell of Edvarda. I as if entered in a museum, all stopped beating in tension, as if statues.
     That did happen there? ob'yasneniy Edvard Demanded, as soon as we entered. I shocked seeing how he drills the look of Alice, squeezing hands in kulaks, from overcoming him anger.
    Alice stood, crossing hands on a breast. Its lips moved only, does not have Concept. I saw nothing.
     As is it possible? he hissed.
    it is Edvard, I said with reproach. Did not please me, that he had spoken with Alice in similar tone.
    Karlayl interfered trying to quiet them. it is not exact science, Edvard.
     He was in its room, Alice. He could wait it there.
     I would see it.
    Did Edvard flap hands in anger, Indeed? you uverenna?
    When Alice answered, voice of it had been cold you already charged me to look after the decisions of Volturi, after returning Viktorii, after every step of Belly. Do you want to add yet something? Do I need to look after Charley, or after the room of Belly, or at back of house, or can after all of street? Edvard, if I will try to see too great deal, all of visions will be simply mixed up in my head.
     Alike, that it happened already, Edvard said dryly.
    it is was not at a stake. There is nothing it was to see.
     If you look after Italy, why you did not see how they sent.
     does not think that it they, Alice insisted, I would see.
     Who yet would leave Charley in living?
    I gave a start.
     does not know, Alice said.
     You very helped.
    it is Edvard, halt, I whispered.
    He turned to me, his person was still wicked, his teeth compressed. He looked at me half seconds, and then breathed out unexpectedly. His look became quiet, tension disappeared from a person.
     You are right, Bella. I beg pardon, he looked on Alice, I am sorry me, Alice. I must not was wreak malice on you. It is inexcusable.
     I understand everything, his Alice notarized, and experience also.
    Edvard breathed deeply. Well, let us think logically. What are variants?
    All seems thawed. Alice was weakened and leaned one's the elbows on the back of sofa. Karlayl slowly went by it, his eyes were thoughtful. Sat down Esme on a sofa opposite Alice, picking up under itself feet. Rosalie was still immobile only, it stood the back to us and looked through a glass wall.
    Edvard urged on me to the sofa, and I sat down next to to Esme which hugged me. He firmly squeezed my hand by the hands.
    it is Viktoriya? Asked Karlayl.
    Edvard negatively rocked a head. No. I know its smell. It can be someone from Volturi, someone whoever I did not meet before.
    Alice winded a head. Aro asked nobody to look after after it while. I will see it exactly. I wait it.
    Edvard quickly turned a head in its side. you look after official orders.
     do you think, someone from them operates under itself? Why?
    it is Idea of Kaya, Edvard supposed, his person was again strained.
     Or Jane. Alice said. they both have possibility to send someone unknown us.
    Edvard frowned. And for what purpose?
    it is nonsense some, said Esme. If someone going to lie in a wait Bellu, Alice would feel it. He, or it, not going to cause harm Bella or Charley.
    I poezhilas', hearing the name of father.
     All will be good, Bella, whispered Esme, stroking my hairs.
     But why does it need them? Karlayl was thoughtful.
     did Check, man I until now? I supposed.
     Possibly, Karlayl said.
    Rosalie breathed out, loudly enough, that I heard. It was stirred, and expectant turned a person to the kitchen. Edvard looked there depressed.
    Emmet appeared from a kitchen, and after him and Jasper.
     went away A long ago, passed a few hours, declared disappointedly Emmet. Track conducted us east, then southward, and then disappeared near a road. He was expected by a machine.
     does not drive, Edvard muttered. If ? he went on zapad.togda work would appear for dogs.
    I gave a start, and stroked my shoulders Esme.
    Jasper looked on Karlayla. Nobody of us knew him. But look, he smuggled out of something green and rumpled. Karlayl took it and brought to the person. I noticed that it is a sheet of fern, when Jasper passed to him Karlaylu. Can you know this smell.
     No, Karlayl said. does not know. Never before did not meet him.
    Maybe, we think not in that direction. It can it is simple coincidence. began Esme, but stopped, when noticed an universal sceptical mood. I do not want to say that a stranger by chance called at the house of Belly. Maybe, he over was brought there by curiosity. There everywhere our smell. Could him become interestingly, that brought us over there.
     Why did not he then simply come here? If did take interest? Emmet Asked.
     You would come, said Esme with a sudden kind smile. But not all think so straight from us. Our family is very large is he or it could be frightened. But Charley was not touched. It means not necessarily there must be an enemy.
    Simply curiosity. The same as for James and Viktorii, in beginning? An idea about Viktorii compelled me to give a start, although unique in what all were exactly uverenny it that this was not it. This not bout. But it will continue to persist in the obsession. For this time it was simply somebody else, stranger.
    Came slowly to me, that vampires in this world not such rareness, as I privykla to think. How many times does an ordinary man intersect with them, and unaware nothing? How many deaths which are considered ordinary crimes and accidents are actually accomplished from their thirst? As far as is this new world overcrowded will be, when will I finally join in with them?
    For me a frost passed on a skin from the vagueness of my future.
    Kalleny thought over words Esme with different expressions of persons. I could see that Edvard did not accept its theory, and Karlayl very wanted that all was just like this.
    Alice pursed one's lips. does not think that it so. Time of visit was neat too well.This stranger accepted all of precautionary measures, that to meet nobody. Such impression, that he or it knew that I would see.
     For him there could be other reasons, that not to contact with anybody, reminded it to Esme.
     is it so important Really, who it was? I Asked. Really that someone searched is a sufficient occasion? We must not wait exhaust.
     No, Bella, Edvard said quickly. not all so badly. If you were indeed at a stake, we would know.
     Think of Charley, reminded me Karlayl. Think, as it will be very him, if you will simply disappear.
    it is I and think about Charley! About him I worry! What if was my little guest tormented by thirst last evening? While I next to Charley, he is also put under a blow. If something will happen with him, it will be my guilt!
     Scarcely, Bella, said Esme, stroking my hairs. With him nothing will happen. We will simply have to be more careful.
     Yet more careful? I repeated with distrust.
     Thing come right, Bella, promised Alice. Edvard squeezed my hand.
    And I realized, looking at their wonderful persons, one after other, that nothing of said by me, will not change their opinion.
    In silence we pod'ekhali to my house. I was disappointed. In spite of the expectations, I still was a man.
     You will not remain one not on a second, Edvard promised, when brought me to Charley. Anybody will always be alongside. Emmet, Alice, Jasper.
    I breathed. it is funny. It will be so boring them, that they me u'byut to occupy itself by something.
    Edvard looked at me strictly. Very funnily, Bella.
    Charley was in a good temper, when I returned. He saw tension between me and Edvardom, and wrong interpreted him. With a self-satisfied smile he looked as I cover a supper for him. Edvard went out on some time, suspect, that for examination of environs. Charley waited specially, while he will return, that to pass to me reports.
     Dzheykob rang again, Charley said, as soon as Edvard appeared. My person expressed nothing, while I put a dish before a father.
     Well and that?
    Charley frowned. be not so vindictive, Bella. He had unhappy voice.
     does Dzheykob pay you for advertising, or you are a volunteer?
    Charley grumbled something is incoherent, while did not engage in a meal.
    Although he did not understand it, but his words hitted the mark.
    Did my life now look like a game in a bone will a next throw be successful? And if with me will something happen? Too terrible revenge, to abandon Dzheykoba from oshuscheniem guilt for the words said by him.
    But I did not want to talk with him, while Charley which will listen every my word, alongside. I do not want by chance to say superfluous. Thinking about it, I envied the relations of Dzheykoba and Billy. As all is simple, when you do not have secrets from a man with which live.
    Better I will wait mornings. Alike, that I will not die tonight, and eventually, Dzheykob will be tormented from the guilt twelve hours. It can it will be, even, usefully to him.
    When Edvard officially went away in the evening, it became interestingly me, who was there in the street in the pouring rain, looking after after me and Charley. It was blundering me from Alice, or that who could be there, but however quietly. Must acknowledge it was pleasantly to feel that I not alone. And Edvard returned very quickly.
    He lulled me again, and even when I slept, I had known that he alongside, and no nightmares tormented me.
    In the morning Charley went away on fishing with the deputy Mark, I woke up before. I decided to utillize absence of supervision, to accomplish the act of mercy.
     Will be reconciled with Dzheykobom, I warned Edvarda, when finished up breakfast.
     I knew that you would forgive him, he said with an easy smile. Among the great number of your talents, a rancour is not meant.
    I rolled eyes, but it was pleasantly me. It seemed that Edvard had indeed done away with the dislike for werewolves.
    On a clock I looked only then, when dialed up already. It was a bit early for bells, and I experienced, that will awaken Billy and Jake, but someone took a tube at once after the first honk, means was near a telephone.
    it is Allo? languid voice answered.
     Bella! he exclaimed. About, Bella! I am sorry me! slurring, he hurried to say of them all. Swear, I not specially. I am a fool. I was wicked, but it is not acquittal. These were the most ridiculous words for all of my life, I am sorry me. Not angered on me, please. Please. I agree to lifelong slavery only I am sorry me.
     not vexed. you are forgiven.
     Thank you to you, he breathed out ardently. it disbelieves that I was such pridurkom.
     not experience, I privykla to it.
    He loudly, with a facilitation, began to the laugh, Arrive to me he asked. Want to smooth over the guilt.
    I frowned. As?
     All that will want. Jumps from a cliff, he offered, again beginning to the laugh.
     About, it is a wonderful idea.
     I will guard you, what you not going to engage, he promised.
    I for a moment looked at Edvarda. His person was very quiet, but I was sure that now not time to have fun.
     does not can Now.
     does not He trust me, true? shame and bitter taste was heard in voice of Dzheykoba.
     Not Herein there is business. Est'.nu, there is other problem, more serious, than the bad educated werewolf teenager. my humorous tone was not able to deceive him.
     That did happen? he demanded an answer.
     Ee, I was not sure that must tell him.
    Edvard stretched the hand to the telephone. I attentively looked at his person. He seemed quiet enough.
     Bella? Dzheykob asked.
    Edvard breathed, pushing the hand nearer.
    are you not against to talk with Edvardom? I asked hesitatingly. He wants something to say you.
    Long pause.
     Well, Dzheykob consented finally. it is must be interestingly.
    I gave a tube Edvardu, hope, he read warning in my eyes.
    it is Hello, Dzheykob, Edvard said, very politely.
    Then there was a quiet. Getting a bite lip, I tried to suppose, as Dzheykob answered.
     Someone was in a house, someone whosesoever smell I know, Edvard explained. did your covey Clash with something new?
    Another pause, while Edvard nodded to itself, not surprised.
     There be the rub, Dzheykob. I will not produce Bellu from eyeshot, while a problem will not be decided. Nothing personal.

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