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    Half was the most unstable member of covey. He was the unique, who lost control in that day in-field is flashback about a growling grey wolf unexpectedly expressly arose up before my eyes.
     That did happen? Did they fight? from panic my voice became almost pipping. Why? Did suffer Half?
     Nobody fought, quietly, Edvard said only for me. Nobody suffered. Untroubled.
    Dzheykob looked on us skeptically.
    are you nothing did tell it, true? Therefore did you drive away it? So it does not know that.
     Leave at short notice, Edvard cut him short on the middle of suggestion, and his person became frightening unexpectedly, indeed frightening. On a second he began to look, kak.kak vampire. Demonstrating the hatred, he with malice stuck a look in Dzheykoba.
    Dzheykob heaved up eyebrows and stopped beating.
     Why did not you say it?
    In a complete quiet they long bored each other a look. Yet more students going behind Taylera and Austin. I saw Mike next to Benom, Mike held one hand on the shoulder of Bena, as though try to keep him.
    In this dead quiet all unexpectedly became into the places, my intuition worked.
    Something, whatever Edvard wants, that I knew.
    Something, that Dzheykob will not hide from me.
    Something, that compelled Kallenov and werewolves to be together in-field, moving in a dangerous closeness from each other.
    Something, that compelled Edvarda to insist on my departure and flying over an entire country.
    Something, about what Alice was vision last week is vision about which Edvard told a lie me.
    Something, what I expected in any case. Something, that must was happen again, and as though I did not dream strongly, that it did not happen, it would never make off, does not it?
    I began to strangle, air leaked through my lips, but I could not stop. It seemed to me, school trembles as if, an earthquake happened as though, but I knew that it my own trembling causes such feelings.
    it is returned after me, I said constrainedly.
    Viktoriya not going to surrender, while I will not die. It will continue by a that method is a false attack and escape, false attack and escape until will not find a loop-hole and will not leak out through my defenders.
    It can me will drive. Voltari can will come after me before at least, they will put to death me quick.
    Edvard stronger attracted me to itself, turning so that still to be between me and Dzheykobom, and stroked my person careful hands.
     All be well, he whispered to me. All be well. I will never allow it to sneak up close to you, all be well.
    Then he intently looked on Dzheykoba.
     Really is it a not answer for your question, psina?
     And do not you think that Bella has a right to know? Dzheykob asked with a call. it is its life.
    Edvard said on quietly, even Tayler, standing very close, is not able was to catch.
     Why must it be frightened, when a danger does not threaten it?
     it is Better to be frightened, what deceived.
    I endeavoured going, but my eyes tore. I saw it, as soon as closed eyes, I saw the face of Viktorii, its lips, stretchings and bare teeth, its reddish eyes, luminous thirst to sweep. It blames Edvarda in deaths of the lover James. It will not stop, while his love will not be selected and for him also.
    Edvard wiped tears from my cheeks by the fingers.
     do you indeed think that to do it very is better, than to protect it? he mumbled.
     It is stronger, than you think, Dzheykob said. it is experienced and worst.
    Unexpectedly, a mien Dzheykoba was changed, he had been all the eyes on Edvarda, with strange, studying expression. His eyes squinted, as though he decided an intricate mathematical problem in a head.
    I felt, as Edvard compressed. I heaved up a head, to look at him, his person was distorted, and it could be only pain. For one terrible second, I remembered a that day in Italy, in the frightful room of tower of Voltari, where Jane tormented Edvarda the terrible gift, burning him the ideas.
    This flashback chucked out me from the approached hysterics and compelled to come to oneself. Because I better will allow Viktorii one hundred times to put to death me, what to look, as Edvard again suffers thus.
    it is amusing, Dzheykob said, laughing, looking after the face of Edvarda.
    Edvard gave a start, but calmed down with small tension. He could not fully hide a flour in the eyes.
    By the extended eyes I quickly gave a glance at first on the distorted face of Edvarda, then on the smile of Dzheykoba.
     That do you do with him? I demanded an answer.
     Nothing frightful, Bela, quietly Edvard said me. At Dzheykoba simply good memory, that be all.
    Dzheykob smiled, and Edvard gave a start again.
     Halt it! Whatever you did!
     Certainly, if you want, Dzheykob reaped shoulders. If he dislike things which I remember, he is herein guilty.
    I piercing looked at him, and he smiled in reply playfully, as a child which was caught, when he does something, what can not be done, and knows that he will not be punished.
     Director already goes to us, that to disperse idlers, crowding on territory of school, Edvard whispered me, Went on English, Bella, you are not invited.
     Too careful, true? Dzheykob said, speaking only to me. the Crumpled rose-leaves do life of amusing. Give will guess, it is not let you to have fun, yes?
    Edvard angrily at him looked, his lips had begun to be opened, showing teeth.
     Stopped up, Jake, I said.
    Dzheykob began to the laugh.
    it is sounds as be not. Hey, if you some time will want again to live, you can come to me. Your motor cycle still in my garage.
    This new distracted me.
     You must was sell him. you promised Charley, that will do so. If I did not ask on behalf of Dzheykoba, after everything, in fact he conducted weeks, working above both motor cycles, and he deserved a sort of pay, my motor cycle, as garbage, would abort Charley in a container, and then would put on a fire him.
     And certainly. As though I going to do it. He belongs to you, to not me. In any case, I will hold him, while you will not want him to return.
    A gentle hint on a smile which I remembered appeared in the corners of his lips.
    it is Jake.
    He leaned forward, his person became serious now, bitter sarcasm passed.
     I think that I could wrong before, you know, concerning that we can not now be friends. Maybe, we will make an attempt manage with it on my side of border. Come to meet with me.
    I felt Edvarda distinctly, his hands hugged me still, he stood in a protective pose, without emotions, as a stone. I cast a look to his person is was quiet and patient.
    it is I, e, not sure regarding it, Jake.
    Dzheykob fully gave up the hostile mood. It was look like that, he forgot as though, that Edvard here, or, at least, decided to operate by such method.
     I miss on you every day, Bella. Without you all quite not so.
     I know, and it is sorry me, Jake, I simply.
    He shook a head, and breathed.
    it is not matters, true? Think, I will outlive it. Who does need friends? he was twisted. Tried to hide pain.
    Suffering of Dzheykoba always caused a desire to protect him for me. It was not rational Dzheykob scarcely needed some physical defence which I could offer. But my hands, covered the hands of Edvarda, reached after him. To hug his large and warm in the taciturn promise of support and comfort.
    The protecting hands of Edvarda restrained me.
     Well, all on classes, strict voice was heard behind us. And pass well, Mr. Krouli.
     Ezzhay in school, Jake, I whispered with emotion, knowing voice of director. Dzheykob walked in Kviletskuyu school, but for him there could be troubles because he encroached on stranger territory or yet something like that.
    Edvard freed me, taking my hand only, and pulled at, again covering by itself.
    Mr. Grin forced one's the way through an audience, his eyebrows slipped down downward to the bridge of the nose, as ominous stormy clouds, hanging over his little peep-holes.
    it is I in earnest, he was threatening. When I will turn again, will keep in after schools all, who yet will stand here.
    All going dissolved, yet till he made off a phrase.
     Ah, Mr. Kallen. For us here problems?
     it Absolutely is not, Mr. Grin. We already went to the class.
     Fine. It seems to me, I do not know your friend, Mr. Grin looked on Dzheykoba. are you our new student?
    The eyes of Mr. Grina examined Dzheykoba attentively, and it seems to me, he came to the same a conclusion, that was done by other dangerous. Will deliver troubles.
    it is Nea, Dzheykob answered, slightly grinning the wide lips.
     Then I offer to you to abandon school territory, young man, before I will cause a police.
    Little ukhmylka of Dzheykoba, grew into an enormous self-satisfied smile, and I know, he imagined probably, how Charley appears, to arrest him. This smile was too bitter, too false, to satisfy me. This was a not that smile which I expected to see.
    Dzheykob said:
     Am, sir, and to on to military saluted him, before perched on a motor cycle and struck lighting on a pedal, that to be led straight on a sidewalk. An engine roared, and then, when he sharply developed in place, tires squealed. In the brace of shakes Dzheykob was already out of limits of visibility.
    Mr. Grin creaked teeth, while looked this presentation.
    it is Mr. Kallen, I hope, you will ask the friend to hold back from attendance of our school again.
    it is not my friend, Mr. Grin, but I will pass warning.
    Mr. Grin wrinkled lips. Excellent marks of Edvarda and unblemished reputation were basic criteria on which Mr. Grin did the estimation of this incident.
     I understand. If you experience from some problems, I will be glad.
     Here not about what to worry, Mr. Grin. There will be no problems.
     I hope that will be so. That, then. Iditol in a class. you also, miss of Svon.
    Edvard nodded and quickly pulled at me to building, where the lessons of English passed.
     do you feel it is enough well, that to go to a lesson? he whispered to me, when we stepped back from a director.
     Yes, I answered him also whisper, not quite sure that it is a not lie.
    Did not matter, well I felt or not, it scarcely was the most important question. I need it was to talk with Edvardom, and lesson English is the most not suitable place for conversation which I going to conduct.
    But Mr. Grin followed at once after us, and the special choice was not. We slightly were late to a lesson, so that took the places very quickly. Mr. Bertie read the poem of Frosta. He ignored us, when we entered, not to violate the rhythm.
    I tore up a paper sheet from the notebook and began to write, from excitation my handwriting became yet more illegible, than usually.
    That did happen? Tell me everything. And drop a guarding me dung, please.
    I shoved a message Edvardu. He breathed, and then began to write. It occupied for him men'she time, what for me, although he wrote with a whole paragraph the special calligraphic podcherkom, then passed a message.
    Alice saw that Viktoriya returned. I took away you from a city, only from caution there was not a not single chance, that it will be able to sneak up close to you. Emmet and Jasper already, it was, sneaked up very close to it, but there is the impression, that Viktorii has the special instinct, it all of time leaves from us. It eloped from us straight to Kviletskoy to the border, as though looked at a map. It did not help, because capabilities Ellis were nullufied kviletskim interference. If to be just, kvilety could take it also, if it was got up me on their way. The large grey decided that Emmet had crossed a border and begun to be on the defensive. Certainly, Rosalie reacted on it, and all halted pursuit, that to protect the partners. Karlayl and Jasper all settled, before it went out iz- under control. But after it Viktoriya slipped away from us. That is all.
    Frowning, I looked at letters on a sheet. All of them were engaged in it Emmet, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, and Karlayl. Can even Esmi, although he did not mention it. And even Half and other from a kviletskoy covey. It so easily could turn around a fight, putting my future family and my old friends against each other. Any of them could suffer. I think that wolves were at a greater stake, but by submitting elegant Ellis next to an enormous werewolf, battling.
    I began to the tremble.
    I neatly wiped elastic a whole paragraph, written with Edvardom, and then wrote in a top:
    How regarding Charley? It can come after him.
    Edvard twirled a head I finished before, obviously, going to notarize me, that no danger threatens Charley. He fished out a hand, but I ignored it and began again.
    You can not know that it did not think about it, because you were not there. Florida was a bad idea.
    He fished out the scrap of paper from under my hand.
    I could not send you one. With your success, a black box would not survive even.
    It not nearly that I meant; I did not think about that, to ride without him. I wanted to say that we must were remain here together. But I was nonplused his answer and slightly offended. As though I can not fly through a country, not bringing down an airplane. Very funnily.
    Well, let us assume that from my driving an airplane would wreck. That concretely would you do in this situation?
    And why was an airplane broken up?
    Now he tried to hide a smile.
    Pilots were disconnected, getting a drunk.
    Easily. I would fly an aeroplane.
    Certainly. I squeezed lips and made an effort again.

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