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7Stefani Mayer

    My bag was little, but he insisted on that, to add it to the house. Charley held a door opened for us.
     Welcome home children! fired Charley, as though it is actual meant. As Dzheksonvil'?
     Moist. And populous.
     So did not Rene persuade you on the university of Florida?
    it is tried. But I prefer to drink water, but not to breathe it.
    The eyes of Charley were reluctantly moved to Edvarda.
     did you spend time well?
     Yes, Edvard answered by quiet tone. Rene was very hospitable.
     Eto.khm, well. I am glad that you spent time well, Charley turned away from Edvarda and attracted me, unexpectedly hugging.
     Impressively, I whispered to him in an ear.
    He broke out a laughter.
     I indeed missed on you, Belz. When you are not present, a meal paskudnaya here.
     I will engage in this, I said, when he released me.
     And will not you call at first Dzheykobu? He reached me bells every five minutes yet from six mornings. I promised him, that you will call even before, than will decompress things.
    I do not need it was to look at Edvarda, to feel that he is still immobile and too cold next to me. Znachit, it was reason of his tension.
     does Dzheykob want to talk with me?
     so much, I would say. But he did not say me about what, simply said that this is important.
    A telephone began to the ring, piercing and demandingly.
     It again he, can put the next pay-envelope, Charley muttered.
     I will take, I said, making a haste on a kitchen.
    Edvard followed on me, when Charley went away in a living room.
    I grasped a telephone on the middle of bell, and developed so that appeared a person to the wall.
    it is Allo?
     You returned, Dzheykob said.
    His usual hoarse voice pierced me the wave of melancholy. The thousand flashbacks entangled together were begun to the whirl in my head: rocky beach, strewed off-shore trees, a garage is done from a plastic cover, warm soda in paper glass, little small room with one too little pulled about settee. Smeshinka, harboured in his deeply planted black eyes, feverish heat of his large palm, holding my, flash of his white teeth on a background a dark skin, his person, lighted up a wide smile which always was something, like the key to the secret door, where could enter only the family souls.
    I felt, a sort of nostalgia, melancholies at the place and to the man which sheltered me in my darkest night.
    I swallowed a lump in the throat.
     Yes, I answered.
     Why did not you call me? demanded the answer of Dzheykob.
    His angry tone immediately drove me to sense.
     Because I am at home only four seconds, and your bell short was cut by Charley, when he told me, that you rang.
     Ouch. Excuse.
     Certainly. Now say me, why do you bother Charley?
     I need it was to talk with you.
     Yes, I guessed already about it. I listen.
    A small pause happened.
     going you tomorrow to go to school?
    I frowned, unable to understand sense of his question.
     Certainly, go. From what it not to go me?
     I do not know. I simply take interest.
    Again pause.
     So what did you want to talk about, Jake?
    He hesitated.
     not about what concretely, I think. Ya.khotel to hear your voice.
     Yes, I understood. I am very glad that you called me, Jake. I. but I did not know that can be yet said. I would like to say that now will arrive to him in La Push. But to say it I did not could.
     I need to leave, he said suddenly.
     I soon will contact with you, he mumbled.
     But Jake.
    He rang off already. I with a mistrust listened honks.
    it is was short, I mumbled.
     It is all right? Edvard asked. His voice was quiet and careful.
    I slowly turned a person to him. Expression of his person was absolutely quiet it is impossible it was to understand what he thinks about.
     I do not know. Interestingly me, what all of it was about, I could not understand from what Dzheykob all days long reached Charley. Really only for that, that to ask whether I going in school. And if did he want to hear my voice, why so quickly put a tube?
    are Your suppositions, probably, better than my a hint on a smile was harboured in the corners of his mouth.
     Mmm, I muttered.
    This was a true. I knew Jake trough the length and breadth. It must not be so difficultly to understand his reasons.
    With ideas, soaring far otsyuda approximately in fifteen miles on a road in La Push I began to comb a refrigerator, collecting necessary products for the supper of Charley. Edvard leaned one's the elbows on stoleshnicu, and I was sure that he looks after my person, but I too carried with the ideas, to worry that he will see there.
    A theme with school seemed solution. This was the unique real question which he set me. And he needs it was to get an answer for something, otherwise he would not stick to Charley so insistingly.
    And why does my attendance of school matter for him? Although.
    I made an effort think logically. So, if will not I go out tomorrow into school, what problem will be herein, if to look outside Dzheykoba? Charley will arrange me small scandal because I skipped all days long at school, while on a nose examinations, but I will notarize him, that one day will not strongly influence on my studies. Jake it agitates scarcely.
    My brain renounced to find some brilliant ideas. Maybe, I somehow by chance skipped very important part of information.
    That could change for closing three dates, that such important it must it was happen for Dzheykoba, that it cut the long waiver short of socializing with me, which he incarnated, not answering on my bells and fully ignoring me? That did happen for these three days?
    I stopped beating in the middle of kitchen. A package with the frozen hamburgers in my hands stole out from numb fingers. Reached not immediately to me, that the deaf sound of blow must was be heard at a floor.
    Edvard caught him and gave up on a table. His hands hugged me already, and his lips appeared near my ear.
     That did happen?
    I stunned shook a head.
    Three days could change everything.
    Did I reflect, as far as for me an university was impossible? To whatever degree will I be able to be anywhere near people, since I will pass a sickly three-day change which will do me immortal and will enable to conduct eternity with Edvardom? Change which forever will do me a captive to my actually thirst.
    Was Charley talked by Billy, that I disappeared on three days? Did do Billy the proper conclusions? Did ask me Dzheykob, there am I by a man? To make sure, that is not acceding to the werewolves broken, and that nobody from Kallenov posmel to bite cheloveka.ukusit', not put to death.?
    But could he think really, that I will be able to return home to Charley, if there is business herein?
    Edvard shook me.
     Bella? he asked, it is now disturbed.
    it is I dumayu.ya think, he checked, I mumbled. Checked, to make sure. That I am a man, I mean.
    Edvard stopped beating, and the quiet hissing was reported me in an ear.
     We will have to leave, I whispered, beforehand. Not to violate an agreement. And we will be never able here to return.
    His hands pinned me stronger.
     I know.
     Gm! loudly Charley cleared one's the throat behind us.
    I jumped up, and then freed oneself from the hands of Edvarda and pokrasnela. Edvard stepped back to the table. His look was impenetrable. I was able to notice an anxiety and anger in his eyes.
     If you do not want to prepare a supper, I can order piccu, Charley let fall a hint.
     No, all is normal, I began already.
     Well, Charley said. He leaned one's the elbows on a doorway, crossing hands.
    I breathed and began work, trying to ignore the audience.
     If will I ask you to do something, you will trust in me? Edvard asked the soft voice.
    We already almost drove up to school. Edvard was weakened and bantered only minute back, and now unexpectedly his hands squeezed a helm firmly, joints were strained in an attempt not to tear him to pieces.
    I looked at his alarmed person his eyes looked in distance, as though he listened voices in the distance.
    My pulse became more frequent in reply to his tension, but I answered carefully.
     Looking that.
    We got in on the school parking.
     I was afraid that you would say so.
     What do you want, that I did, Edvard?
     I want, that you remained in a machine, he began to speak, getting in into the ordinary place on parking and turning off an engine. I want, that you waited here, while I will not return after you.
     But. why?
    And then I saw him. Him, overpeering above all of other students, it would be hardness not to notice, even if he did not lean one's the elbows on the black motor cycle, illegally parked on an entrance path.
    it is O.
    A face of Dzheykoba was a quiet mask which I knew fine. It was mien, which he utillized, when wanted to hold the emotions under control, to behave under control. It did his look like Sam, senior werewolf, fugleman them Kviletskoy of covey. But Dzheykob never could own these to a full degree, how it to perfection, turned out for Sam. I and forgot, as his person is strong flustered me. Although I knew Sam enough well, till returned Kaleny, he liked me, but I in any way could not be delivered from indignation each time Dzheykob copied a mien Sam. It was face of stranger. Putting on this mask, he stopped to be my Dzheykobom.
     Last evening you did wrong deduction, Edvard mumbled. He asked about school, because knew that I would be there, where and you. He searched a safe place, to talk with me. Place, where witnesses are.
    Znachit, I yesterday not got it right reasons of Dzheykoba. Null information, here in what problem. To information, to explaining, why suddenly Dzheykob wanted to talk with Edvardom.
     I will not remain in a machine, I said.
    Edvard moaned loudly.
     it is not Certainly. That, went, will do away with it.
    Face of Dzheykoba petrified, when we walked up to him, holding on to the hands.
    I noticed other persons, persons of my class-mates. I saw how their eyes broadened, when they looked on Dzheykoba with his growth two hundred four centimetres and by a build not typical for the teenager of sixteen with a half years. I saw how their eyes were stopped for his covering black sport shirt with a short sleeve, although a day was not on a season cold, on lacerated, covered oilsplashs jeans and brilliant black motor cycle which he leaned one's the elbows on. Their looks did not stay too long on his face, something in his expression compelled them quickly to turn one's away. And I noticed, as a lot of available space appeared round him, as if a circle the border of which nobody dare cross.
    I understood in surprise, that Dzheykob had seemed dangerous for them. As strange.
    Edvard was stopped at two steps from Dzheykoba, and I can say that was an uncomfort him from that I appeared so close to the werewolf. He took the hand a bit for the back, thus, half closing me by itself.
     You could call us, Edvard said by metallic voice.
     Excuse me, Dzheykob answered, and his person distorted a smile. I have no blood-suckers in the list of rapid set of number.
     You, certainly, would find me and for Bella at home.
    The jaw of Dzheykoba compressed, and he, so not answering, moved eyebrows.
     Scarcely it is a suitable place, Dzheykob. Can we talk about it later?
     Certainly, certainly. I will drive to your burial vault after school, Dzheykob snorted. Why not now?
    Edvard significantly looked on sides, his eyes stayed too long on witnesses which barely were out of area of audibility. A few people stayed too long on a sidewalk, their eyes burned expectant.
    They hoped as though, that a fight can violate the boredom of another morning of Monday. I saw how, sent in a class, Tayler Krouli pushed Austin Marksa, and they both braked.
     I know already, about what you came to say, Edvard Dzheykobu reminded such in a low voice, that I caught hardly. Report is delivered. you can think that we are already warned.
    On one second Edvard turned, to look at me by the disturbed eyes.
     Warned? I asked dullly. what do you talk About?
     did not you say it? Dzheykob asked, his eyes broadened with distrust. are you that are afraid that it will accept our side?
     Please, halt it, Dzheykob, Edvard said by even voice.
     Why? Dzheykob asked with a call.
    I frowned in bewilderment.
     Whatever do I know? Edvard?
    Edvard simply looked on Dzheykoba, as if he did not hear me.
    it is Jake?
    Dzheykob surprised looked at me.
     did not He say you, that bol'shoy.brat crossed him border on Saturday night? he asked, his voice was full sarcasm. Then his eyes were moved to Edvarda. Half had complete right.
     This was neutral territoriya Edvard hissed.
     was not!
    Dzheykob rasserdilsya notedly. His hands trembled. He shocked a head and took a deep breath.
     Emmet and Half? I whispered.

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