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     On a south quite another world. There, immortal, go out only at nights. They conduct a day planning a next action, or expecting what step their enemies will do. Because on South war, eternal war, lasting ages, war, went without breathing space. They noticed existence of people only, as soldiers notice the herd of cows at the side of a road is a meal which can be taken. They hid from a herd, only from Volturi.
     But what did they battle for? I asked.
    Did Jasper smile, remember a map with red points?
    He waited my reaction, I nodded.
     They battled for control above places, where most red points.
     Understand, once occurred to someone that, if he will be the unique vampire, well for example, in Mexico, then he will be able to live by every night, to on two, for three times and nobody will never notice. He prepared methods, how to be delivered from competitors.
     other had those ideas. But at some the tactic was rather better.
     invented the most effective tactic, enough young, vampire by name Benito. First time about him heard, when he came from somewhere from earths to the north of Dallas and destroyed two small families, dividing territory near Houston. After two nights, he caused on a fight a prepotent clan which ruled in Monterree, in the north of Mexico. And won again.
     How did he win? I asked interestedly.
     Benito created the army of newly converted vampires. He the first was hitted upon to it, and he was invincible at first. Very young vampires are inconstant, very wild, and almost not added control. One newly converted vampire yet can be somehow brought to reason, teach to control itself, but ten, fifteen together is a nightmare. They were given up on each other similarly easily, as well as on the enemy of which you will specify them. Benito had to continue to create new vampires, because they exterminated itself, and the won over by him families had time to destroy the half of his army.
     See, catechumens are very dangerous in spite of the fact that, them however possible it is to win, if to know that to do. They are incredibly strong physically in the first year or hardly longer, and if to manage to join them they with lightness can destroy a senior vampire. But they are slaves of the instincts, and predictable. Usually they do not have skills of embay, only force and fierceness. At such laying out, it is important to excel an opponent a number.
     Vampires of Sonth Mexico understood that waits them, and they did the unique, to what able to be hitted upon, that to resist Benito created the own armies.
     hell razverzsya And then I talk it literal, even you can itself present more than. We, immortal, also have the history, and this war will never be forgotten exactly. Certainly, then there was the best not time in Mexico, in order that to be a man.
    I gave a start.
     When the amount of bodies attained the scales of epidemic by the way, your history blames illness in the sharp death rate of population Volturi, finally, interfered. Whole household troops arrived, they searched every catechumen in lower extremity of North America. Benito settled in Pueblo, creating the army quickly, as soon as could, that will get a hold a main prize Mexico. Volturi began with him, and then moved on other.
     Any, who it was found out in a company with catechumens, executed immediately, and how all wanted to defend oneself from Benito, creating the own armies of catechumens, on what that time Mexico was cleared from vampires.
     Volturi was engaged in cleaning up almost year. It is other chapter of our history which will never be forgotten, although there are only a few witnesses, which could tell how all happened. Once, I socialized with that, who from afar looked after what be going on during their visit to Kul'yakan.
    Jasper shuddered. I understood that never before saw his scared or shocked. Such was first.
    it is enough, that the fever of conquests did not spread from South. Rest of the world saved sensible reason. We are under an obligation Volturi for that, how live now.
     But when Volturi went to Italy, survivor vampires, again quickly divided a south.
     a lot of time did not pass, before between families disagreements began again. There was a lot of bad blood I am sorry me it expression. A vendetta was in full play. About catechumens nobody forgot an idea, and some was not able to hold out. Although, about Volturi nobody forgot, and Sonth families for this time were more careful. Catechumens were taken away from still human mass more careful, and spared more than time on their training. Utillized them very carefully, and humanity is inclined, in most, to oblivion. Creators did not give Volturi of occasion to return.
     Wars began again, but in a less scale. Sooner or later, anybody would call too far, ears would creep in human newspapers, and then Volturi would come to brush a city clean. But they allowed other, that, who behaved more careful, to continue.
    Jasper was covered in space.
     That is your change happened. I whispered the conjecture.
     Yes, he consented. I lived by Man in Houston, the state is Texas. When it was me seventeen, in 1861, I joined in with the army of confederation. Uttered a lie a recruiter, that to me already twenty. I was high enough, that I was trusted.
     My military career was short, but promising. People always. loved me, listened, that I talked. My father talked that it was named is charisma. Certainly now, I know that it possibly was nothing greater. But regardless of reasons, I was promoted in ranks far quick other senior, more experimental, men. An army of confederation was new and it need were people with organizational capabilities, it gave possibilities also. In the first battle at Galvestone well, actually it rather looked like perestrelku I was the youngest major in Texas, even not taking into account my real age.
     I was appointed main on evacuation of women and children from a city, when the gun ships of Federation entered in a harbour. To prepare people to evacuation occupied a day, and then I left with the first column of civil, to accompany them to Houston.
     I memorized That night very expressly.
     We attained a city already after darkness. I remained until will not make sure, that basic part of people took a place reliably. As soon as all was ready, I took a fresh horse and left back in Galveston. For rest there was not time.
     All in a mile from a city I discovered three women of footing. I assumed that they had fallen behind and climbed down from a horse, that to offer to them a help. But when I was able to look over the moons of their person in the easy light, I froze in a quiet. They were, no doubt, three most wonderful women, which I saw some time.
     they had such pale skin, I remember how delighted in this. Even a little dark-haired girl, whose lines of person were obviously mexican, seemed porcelain in the lunar light. They all looked young, so young, still named girls. I knew that they did not have been lost from our column. I would memorize, if already saw these three.
     He is numb, the highest girl said by wonderful thin voice as if a tender ringing of bells of campanellis on wind. Its hairs were light, and a skin is snow white.
     At other, hairs were yet lighter, and skin white swept as if. Her face was the face of angel. It bent over in my side, and with poluprikrytymi eyes breathed deeply.
     Mmm, it said, Nicely.
     that a little less, little brunette, laid the palm on the hand of girl and began to speak quickly. Its voice was too soft and melodious, to seem sharp, but it compelled him to sound just like this.
     Concentrated, Netti, it said.
     I felt always all right, as people are CPLD with each other, and it was at once clear that this brunette what that appearance was among them main. If they were soldiery, I would say that it higher than them on a rank.
     He looks how it is necessary young, strong, officer. a brunette did a pause, and I unsuccessfully made an effort begin to speak. And there is something anymore. do you feel it? it asked the friends. On.neotrazimo is attractive.
     About, yes. quickly consented Netti, again bending over in my side.
    it is Patience, a brunette warned. I want to leave It.
    Frowned Netti, it had looked angry.
     Better you do it, Maria. a high blonde began to speak again. If he is important for you. To kill them for me turns out in two times more frequent, than to abandon.
     Yes, I will do it. Maria consented. I indeed like it. Lead away Netti a little rather, well? I do not want to be distracted on defence, while try to be concentrated.
     Hairs for me on the back of head became on end, although I did not even understand a value that about what these wonderful creations talked exactly. But my instincts were warned of danger, the words of angel about murder implied it, but my persuasions were crushed down by my instincts. I was taught to be not afraid of women, but protect them.
     Let us pookhotimsya, with enthusiasm consented Netti, stretching out a hand a high girl. They developed so gracefully! and began to the run in the direction of city. It seemed that they flew, they moved so quickly, their white clothes were blown about after them as if wings. I blinked amazedly, and they were not already.
     I turned to look at Maria which with curiosity looked after me.
     Never in the life I was not superstitious. To the that second, I never disbelieved in ghosts and in other similar nonsense. Unexpectedly, I zasomnevalsya.
     As is there your name, soldier? Maria asked me.
    it is Major Jasper Vitlok, mem. I pronounced it stammering, incapable to be rude a woman, even if it is a ghost.
     I hope sincerely, that you will survive, Jasper. it said by the tender voice. For me good presentiment on your account.
    it is approached on a step and inclined a head, as though going to kiss me. I stopped beating in place as dug in, but all of my instincts yelled, that I must hurry.
    Jasper did a pause, expression of his person became thoughtful. after A few days, finally he began to speak again, and I was not uverenna, whether he skipped piece of the history for the sake of me, or he so reacted on tension which I could feel even, coming from from Edvarda, I was acquainted with my new life.
     They were called by Maria, Netti and Lucy. Together they were recently. Maria found two other, all of them were survivor after the recently lost battles. They had mutually beneficial partnership. Maria wanted to take revenge and return the territory. Other two passionately wanted to increase it. gregarious earths, I suppose it is possible so to say. They collected an army, and did it more careful, than before. This was the idea of Maria. It wanted the strongest army, so that it searched the special people, those, who had potential. It spared us more attention, anymore trained us, what somebody before. It taught us to militate, and to be invisible for people. When we were well celebrated, we were rewarded.
    He suppressed again, skipping something.
     Maria hurried. It knew that enormous force of catechumens, in a year went to the decrease, and it wanted to operate, while we were strong.
     Them it was six, when I joined in with the group of Maria. For two weeks it led four. All of us were men, Maria wanted soldiers, although from it it was far difficult to keep from a fight between itself. My first battles took a place with new colleagues on a weapon. I was quick than other, better in a fight. Maria was content with me, although it had to replace those, who I destroyed. It rewarded me often, and I became all stronger from it.
     Maria was a good psychologist. It decided to put me main above other I got nothing type of increase on service. I was in the element. Our losses were swiftly abbreviated, our amount had grown and reached to twenty.
    it is be considerably for that careful time which we lived in. My ability, then yet undiscovered, to control an emotional atmosphere round me was very effective. Soon we started acting together, thus, whatever newly converted vampires yet never worked as. Even for Maria, it began Netti and Lucy simpler to work together.
     Liking of Maria grew to me, it had begun from me to depend. And I, somehow, blagogovel before it. I did not have ideas, that it is possible to live othergates. Maria told us, that so all and it must be, and we trusted it.
    it is asked me to say it, when my brothers, and I will be ready for a battle, and I passionately wished to prove. I collected together my army from twenty three incredibly strong vampires, organized and experimental, as nobody to them. Maria was in raptures.
     We sneaked up to Monterreyu, once to its home town, and it downed us on the enemies. There were then for them, just, nine newly converted vampires and two senior supervisory them. We overcame them with such lightness which Maria did not even expect, losing only four our in a process. This was an undercharge for victory.
     We were well trained. All did, not attracting attention. Power changed in town, and nobody knew about it.
     Success did Maria avid. A lot of time did not pass, and it began zaglyadyvat'sya on other cities. For that, first year, it spread the control on greater part of Texas and north Mexico. Then other came from South, to displace it.
    He conducted two fingers on the dim pattern of scars on a hand.
     Fights were tense. Many began to worry, that Volturi can return. From the first to twenty three vampires, I was the unique, who survived in the first eighteen months. We won and lost simultaneously. Netti and Lucy, in final analysis, turned away from Maria but we won however.
     We with Maria were able to retain Monterrey. All calmed down slightly, but wars proceeded however. The idea of conquest died, there is mainly revenge and deadly feud. Many of us lost the partners, and it that, whatever our breed forgives.
    it is Maria and I always held ready about dozen newly converted vampires. They meant little that for us, they were a razmennoy coin, they were allowed in an expense. When they grew, became unavailing, we were delivered from them. My life proceeded all on a that cruel manner, and years passed. Before something changed, me already a long ago from all of it nauseous.
     after A few decades, I led friendship with one catechumen which remained useful and, despite habit, survived during the first three years. He was called Piter. I liked Piter, he was. civilized I suppose this suitable word. He disliked to battle, though he and able it to do.
     His task was engaged in catechumens he, maybe, nursed them. This was his basic work.
     time to engage in cleaning again came Then. Catechumens already outgrew the force, and they need it was to be replaced. Piter must was help me to be delivered from them. We took them one by one aside, you understand, whew one after other. This always was very long night. For this time, he tried to convince me, that a few from them have potential, but Maria gave clear instructions, that we were delivered from all. I answered him no.
     We already were half-way, and I felt that it had been too large loading for Pitera. While I caused a next victim, I decided, whether to send him back, and to make off everything. To my surprise, he razozlilsya unexpectedly, he was overcame by anger. I foresaw, to what can bring his mood over he was a good fighter, but he was me not competitor.
     Following was a woman, only recently its term crossed for a year. It was called Sharlota. When it entered, his senses had changed, and broke forth outside. He yelled it, that it hurried, and then dashed after it. I could go after them, but did not do it. It was disgusting me to kill him
     Maria was very wicked on me for it.
     After five years, Piter came after me. He chosen a very successful day for arrival.
     Maria was baffled by my often deteriorating mood. It never had depressions, and it was interestingly me, why I other. I began to notice changes in its emotions, when it was next to me sometimes this was fear. and spite the same, that enabled me to guess, when Netti and Lucy struck. I prepared itself, to that I will have to put to death my unique ally, basis of my existence, as suddenly, Piter returned.
    Piter told me about their new life with Sharlotoy, told me about possibilities which I before did not dream about. For five years they did not battle with anybody, a lot of other met in the north. Those, who could exist together, without permanent battles.
     In one of our conversations, he convinced me. I was ready to leave, and it brought me a facilitation, because I do not need it was to kill Maria. I was its partner so much years, as well as Karlayl with Edvardom, but bonds between you and me were not strong. When you live in a permanent fight, in blood, relations are folded flimsy and them it is possible to prang with lightness. I went away from it, never looking back.
     I traveled with Piterom and Sharlotoy a few years, feeling this new, more quiet world. But depression did not disappear. I did not understand that not so with me, while Piter did not notice that always goes from bad to worse me, after hunt.
     I was thoughtful above it. For so much years of bloodshed and carnage, I almost dissipated all of the humaneness. I, undoubtedly, became a nightly nightmare, most terrible monster from all of monsters. Each time I found a next human victim, I felt the weak prick of that memory, when I had other life. Looking in their eyes charmed my beauty, I could present Maria et al, what they seemed to me in the that last night, when I was Jasper Vitlokom. For me it was stronger is this adopted memory, what for somebody else, because I could feel everything, that was felt by my booty. And I felt that they experienced, when I killed them.
     You tested already, as I can manipulate emotions round me, Bella, but interestingly whether you understand me, as senses in a room influence on me. Every day I live in a climate from emotions. First century of the life, I lived in the world of blood-thirsty to sweep. A hatred was my permanent companion. It became easy, when I went away from Maria, but I felt horror and fear of the victims however.
    it is became too.
     Depression went all from bad to worse, and I decided to travel without Pitera and Sharloty. Civilized, one's own way, they could not feel that disgust, that began to feel I. They simply wanted to rest from a fight. I was so tired by murders any, even murders of people.
     But I had to continue to kill. What choice did I have? I tried to kill rarer, but thirst overcame me, and I surrendered. After a century, satisfaction of all of the instantaneous motives, I came it was hardness to samodiscipline.eto. And I am not yet perfect herein.
    Jasper was tangled in the history, similarly as well as I. And surprised me, when his sad person was lighted up a peaceful smile.
     I was in Philadelphia. There was a gale, and I could go out in the day-time me, something disturbed. I understood that will come into a notice, upright in the rain in the middle of street, and dived in a thin snack bar. My eyes were dark enough, that nobody paid attention on them, but it meant that I am hungry, and it slightly disturbed me.
    it is was there naturally, expecting me. he smiled. it is jumped off an office stool near a counter, as soon as I entered, and walked up straight to me.
    it is shocked me. I was not sure, whether it going to attack or not. It was the unique explaining to its actions, to which I was hitted upon coming from the past experience. But it smiled. And emotions which came from from it were on anything not alike.
     You compelled me long to wait, it said.
    I did not even notice, as Alice again appeared near me.
     And you inclined a head, as a respectable gentleman yuzhanin and said: will Forgive, mem. Alice began to the laugh, remembering.
    Jasper smiled it in reply. you stretched me a hand, I took it not realizing that I do. In the first time, almost for a whole century, I felt a hope.
    While Jasper talked, he had taken Alice by a hand.
    Alice smiled. I heaved a the sigh of relief. you thought will never appear.
    They looked on each other, smiling, then Jasper turned to me, still smiling.
     Alice told me about the visions about Karlayla and his the family. I could not even trust what existence is possible. But Alice compelled me in it to trust. And we left on their searches.
     Scaring them to the devils, also, Edvard said, detaining the look on Jasper, before to turn to me and explain. We with Emmetom just were on hunt. Jasper, all of covered battle scars, appears, pulling after itself this little crank, Edvard playfully urged on Alice an elbow, welcoming them all on the names, knowing all about them, and taking interest in what room can be infused with it.
    Alice and Jasper began to the laugh simultaneously, soprano and bass.
     When I returned home, all of my things were already in a garage, Edvard continued.
    Alice reaped shoulders. From your window there was the best kind.
    Now they began to the laugh all together.
    it is good history, I said.
    Three pair of eyes were covered on me interrogatively.
     Well, I mean the last part. I said being on the defensive. it is Good completion with Alice.
     Alice changed everything, Jasper consented. This climate is pleasant me.
    The moment of calmness could not last always.
    it is Army, Alice whispered. Why did not you say me?
    All of other again attentively looked at Jasper.
     I thought that perceived signs unright. Because where reason? Why somebody must create an army in Seattle? There was not history, it was not to sweep. There was not sense in the conquest of him, nobody declared claims on this earth. Nomads passed through a city, but there is nobody, with whom it is needed to battle. Nobody, that to protect a city from someone.
     But I already saw it before, and there is not other explanation. In Seattle is an army of newly converted vampires. It seems to me, hardly less than to twenty. Most bad that they are not trained. Whoever created them, he left them. Will go only from bad to worse, and it will not be necessary long to wait intervention from Volturi. I in general am surprised, why they heaved up so long.
     That can we do? Asked Karlayl.
     If we want to avoid intervention from Volturi, we must destroy newly converted vampires, and we will have to do it already very soon. Face of Jasper was hard. Knowing his history now, I could suppose, as this a decision must fluster him. I can teach you. It will be not simply to carry out it in town. Youths are untroubled about safety, but we will have. We will be limited, they no. Maybe, we will be able to trick out of them.
     it Can us and will not be it to do. Voice of Edvarda was severe. Really an idea comes nobody, that the unique possible threat is in this area, for the sake of whom it is needed to drum up the army of
    The eyes of Jasper narrowed, and at Karlayla broadened in Choquet.
    it is Family of Tani also alongside, said Esme slowly, nezhelaya, to accede to claim of Edvarda.
     Catechumens do not destroy the population of Ankoridzha, to Esme. I think, we must examine circumstance that their purpose it we.
     They did not come after us, Alice interfered, insistingly, and then suppressed. Ili.oni does not know that will come, while.
     That did happen? Edvard Said interestedly, but insistingly. What did you see?
    are Flashes, said Alice. I can not see a clear picture, when try to understand, that takes a place, nothing concrete. But I see these strange flashes. Not sufficiently in an order to understand essence. It as though, someone changes their ideas, changing the plan of actions from one to other, so quickly, that I can not get all of picture.
    it is Indecision? Jasper Asked with distrust.
     I do not know.
    it is not indecision, Edvard growled. it is Knowledge. Someone, who knows, that you will be able to see nothing, while a final decision will not be accepted. Someone, who hides from us. Playing with holes in your visions.
     Who can know it? Alice whispered.
    The eyes of Edvarda were hard as ice. Aro knows you similarly well, as you.
     But I will see however, if they will decide pridti.
     Unless, they will not want to stain a hand.
    it is Favour, Rosalie supposed, beginning to speak in the first time. it is Someone from a south. who already had problems with a law. That, who must be executed, and who the second chance was offered to if they will settle one little problem. It explains why Volturi delayed one's answer.
     Why, asked Karlayl still shocked what be going on. there Are not reasons at Volturi that
     there Are reasons. Edvard disagreed quietly. I am surprised, that it happened so quickly, because other ideas were stronger. In the dreams near itself Aro saw me from one side, and Alice with other. Nastoyaschee and future, possible omniscience. Sila of this idea dulled one's the mind him. I thought, a lot of time will go away for him, that to give up this plan he wanted too it. But he had ideas about you Karlayl, about our family, growing strong and large. Envy and fear: for you am. not more than for him, but however that wants he. He tried not to think about it, but however not able to hide it from me. An idea was present delivered from a competition. Our family is the greatest, from those, that was led to him to meet, not counting their own clan.
    I was covered on him in horror. He never told me it, but it seems to me, I know why. I can imagine the dreams of Aro now. Edvard and Alice with cold krovavo-krasnymi eyes in black, blown about loose overalls, standings near Aro.
    Karlayl cut my nightmarish conduct short. They are too tied to the mission. They will never violate rules. It protivorechit to all, they worked for what.

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