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45Stefani Mayer

     That is all, that I can do. And I want to do the work well.
    We passed through extreme trees, when I talked, to ranenoy conducting a hand on ferns.
    are you and did it well, Edvard assured me. Catechumens will get off from a mind, and Jasper will be impressed your self-feedback. Now, give will engage in your hand, for you a wound began to the beat dirt.
     Please, allow I.
    He took my hand and, smiling, already examined it.
    it is Type of your blood, no longer disturbs me.
    I looked after intently, how he cleared a cut, searched some signs of his internal torments. He continued to breathe quietly, ta-zhe an easy smile played on lips.
     Why? all the same, I asked, since he tightly bandaged me a hand.
    He reaped shoulders. Simply overcame itself.
    are you. did overcome itself? When? How? I made an effort remember when he for the last time at me tried not to breathe. At once the spoiled birthday was remembered me in past September.
    Edvard pursed one's lips, seeking out words.
    it is Bella, I outlived whole 24 hours, thinking that you are dead. It changed my look on many things.
     do you now differently react on my smell?
     it Quite is not. But. when I outlived, let and by mistake, your death. my reaction changed. All of my creature tries to avoid a way which can result in such pain again.
    I do not know that it is possible to answer on such confession.
    He smiled, noticing my reaction.
     Dumayu, it is possible to name it is instructive experience.
    The gust of wind swept over on the field, razmetav my hairs and compelling me to begin to the tremble.
     Well, Edvard pronounced, and again started to the climb in a backpack. you executed the work.
    Got a heavy winter jacket and helped me to dress it. All of other is a task other. Went to put a camp!
    I began to the laugh from ostensible enthusiasm in his voice.
    He took me by the bandaged hand, other was in a yet worst form, still in the special bandage, and made a haste to the opposite side of the field.
     And where will we meet Dzheykoba? I asked.
     Right here. he specified on trees right in front of us, at this juncture from their pls Dzheykob went out carefully.
    I must not was be surprised, seeing him in a human look. But, did not understand why, expected to see a krasno-korichnevogo wolf.
    Dzheykob, seems, again added in growth without doubts, it is a fruit of my imagination. I probably, simply unconsciously hoped to see other Dzheykoba pomladshe, from my flashbacks, simple friend which never complicated nothing.
    Dzheykob laid down hands on a bare breast, he squeezed a jacket in a fist. His person did not express nothing absolutely, while he looked on us.
    The corners of lips of Edvarda slightly twitched upwards.
     Everything can it was be done better.
     Now already too late, I mumbled sorrowfully.
    He breathed.
    it is Hello, Jake, I welcomed him, when he walked up nearer.
    it is Hello, Bella.
     Hello, Dzheykob, Edvard pronounced.
    Dzheykob ignored our jokes, and to asked po-delovomu:
     Where to me to take it?
    Edvard got a map, from the lateral pocket of backpack gave it to him. Jake opened out it.
     Now we, here, Edvard specified somewhere in a right, on a map. Dzheykob reflexly jumped back from his hand, but after sovladal with itself. Edvard pretended to be, that noticed nothing.
     And you will deliver it, here here, Edvard continued, conducting a winding line on a map. it is the About 15 km from this place.
    Dzheykob nodded.
     When will be approximately in a 2 km, you need it will be to cross my path. It you and will lead to. Is a map needed?
     Thank you, it is not. I know this territory enough well. I present approximately, where go.
    Seemed, Dzheykob, unlike Edvarda, hardly supports polite tone.
     I will go long a way, Edvard said. will Meet after a couple of clock.
    Edvard with an unhappy kind looked at me. This part of plan disliked him.
     To meeting, I whispered.
    Edvard dissolved in shade of trees, sent in an opposite side.
    As soon as he disappeared, Dzheykob had cheered up.
     Well, how are businesses, Bella? he asked widely smiling.
    I rolled eyes. All on old, all on old.
     Aha, he consented. it is Band of vampires to go hunting for by you. All as usual.
     All as usual.
     Well, he said and dressed a jacket, that did not dangle in hands. will Go.
    Squirming a mine, I did a little step nearer to him.
    He was bent, caught up me under knees, and, literally, brought down me from feet. Before I hitted earth a head, had time the second hand to catch me.
     Vypendrezhnik, I mumbled.
    Dzheykob hemmed, and began to the run in the forest. He held a steady rate, rapid jog-trot, a geared-up man could hold such the temp. on an even path. and unladen a load, in 45 kg (plus-minus pair of kilo).
     it is not needed to hurry. you ustanesh'.
     From at run I not ustayu, he said. His breathing was even, as for a marathon racer. Besides, pokholodaet soon. I hope, he will break up a camp before, than we will reach there.
    I knocked a finger on his thick jacket. I thought, it no longer is you coldly.
     is not. It I brought you, just in case.
    He looked at my jacket, alike, disappointed that I was geared-up to the colds. to dislike me weather. It nerviruet me. Noticed that no animals not perhaps in neighbourhood.
    it is Mm, did not notice generally.
     And you and will not notice. Your senses are too dulled.
    I paid no a remark heed. Alice also experiences from a storm.
     to compel the forest to suppress, nothing serious is needed. you chosen suitable night for a trip with spending the night in a tent.
     Well, this was not quite my idea.
    The lack of roads, which he hurried on, became all steeper and steeper, but it did not influence on his rate. He easily jumped over from a stone to the stone, as if hands to him and not needed. His wonderful sense of equilibrium reminded me grace of mountain goat.
     And what it after addition on your bangle? he took interest.
    I looked at the wrist, a crystalline heart showed off on my hand.
    Slightly guiltily reaped shoulders. it is another gift on exhaust.
    He snorted. it is Stone. Befits just.
    Stone? I remembered nedoskazannoe suggestion of Alice suddenly, near a garage. I attentively studied a bright white crystal and tried to remember that Alice talked before it. about diamonds.
    That it wanted to say: he already did one dress on you? As though, did I carry one of diamonds of Edvarda already? No, it is impossible. Heart it approximately 5 carat, or something approximately such mad size! Edvard not.
     So that, a lot of time passed from your last visit in La Push, Dzheykob said, cutting my anxious guess-work short.
     I was busy, I answered to him. And. would arrive however, even be for me time.
    He was twisted.
     I thought, you as though as, must was forgive my sins, and I must remain a rancorous envious person.
    I reaped shoulders.
     did Think much about our last meeting, in fact true?
    it is Nea.
    He began to the laugh. are you or tell, or you are the most stubborn creation on earth.
     does not know about the second part, but I do not tell exactly.
    I disliked our conversation, under nowaday circumstances, when him, too warm, hands hugged me closely, and getting on with it I nothing could. His person was nearer, than I would like. I strongly wanted to step back on a step back.
     the Clever man will think over all of sides of the decision.
     I thought over, I parried.
     If, you not nearly thought he nashem.khm, last talk, then it is a not true.
    it is the That talk, to my decision has no relation.
     Some people will go on everything, only to cheat itself.
     did I notice that werewolves, especially feel like such errors as think, it is genetics?
    it is means that he is kissed better what I? pomrachnev, Dzheykob asked.
     As can I define, Jake? Edvard is unique, who I in general was kissed with.
     Except for me.
     Dzheykob, I do not consider that this was a kiss. Rather, it was attack.
     fish Soups, you! And you are a shrew!
    I reaped shoulders, and not going to eat words.
     I apologized for everything, he reminded.
     And I forgave you. almost. But it does not change my flashbacks about happening.
    He mumbled something illegible.
    Then, it was some time quietly, only sound of his potyazhelevshego breathing and howling wind in the apexes of trees above our heads. A steep rock grew before us, naked, uneven grey stone. We went at a foot which bent went upwards from the forest.
     I think still, that it is satisfied irresponsibly, Dzheykob declared suddenly.
     whatever you talked About, you wronged.
     Think, Bella. To listen you, does it turn out that you were kissed, for all of the life, only with one man which actually and not man quite, and you count it it is enough, to draw a conclusion? Where do you know from, that it exactly that, that needs you? Does not it seem to you, that you are necessary to look around a bit?
    My voice was cold:
     I know, exactly, what I want.
     Then, the more so, superfluous time will not prevent to check. Can you make an attempt be kissed with anybody yet just for comparison. taking into account that proizoshedshee then with me ignores. For example, you would kiss me.
    He closer folded me to the breast, that my person appeared nearer to him. He smiled the joke, but I not going to banter.
     not lead to me, Jake. I swear, I will not stop him, if he will want to break you a jaw.
    Panicky faint notes are in my voice, only compelled him to smile wider. If you will ask me to kiss you, he will not have an occasion to go down from a mind. He said that agree to accept such terms.
     not forget to breathe, Jake no, wait a little, I changed a mind. Let. Simply leave off to breathe, and wait, while I will not ask you to kiss me.
    are you in bad temper.
     Interestingly, why it?
     Sometimes, it seems to me, that I anymore like you, being a wolf.
     Sometimes, am so. Probably it is related to that when you are a wolf, you can not stir.
    He squeezed lips thoughtfully. No, not agree. Rather, you are simpler to be with me alongside, when I am a not man, because, then it is possible not to pretend to be, that does not pull you to me.
    My jaw hung down from a surprise. I closed it sharply, squeezing teeth.
    He heard everything. His lips were moved apart in an exultant smile.
    I took a sip air, before to begin to speak.
     No, I uverenna, that it because you can not talk.
    He breathed.
     ustanesh' you some time to lie to itself? you must know how you are strained, seeing me. Physically, I mean.
     As someone can be not strained, in your presence, physically. Dzheykob? I demanded. you are an enormous monster which renounces to respect the stranger personal space.
     I compel you to be nervous. But only, when I am a man. When I am a wolf, to you quietly with me.
     Nervous and irritate not the same.
    He looked at me, approximately with minute, slowing at run on a step, a gaiety got off from his person. He narrowed eyes, potemnevshie under the frowned eyebrows. His breathing, such even he hurried while, became more frequent. Slowly, he was bent down to me.
    I looked at him, from below, exactly knowing that he tried to do.
    it is Jaw for you one, I reminded.
    He loudly began to the laugh and began to the run again. Tonight I do not have a desire to fight with your vampire, that, in any other always, please. But tomorrow, work coming us both, and I do not want to abandon Kallenam, one less.
    Sharply, unexpected sense of shame was distorted by my person.
     I know, I know, he answered, not understanding. you think, he can put to death me.

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