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    Alice was in an extraordinarily bad mood. I copied off it on its dissatisfaction from feeling itself helpless and normal. It appealed to Edvardu with complaints, that it is necessary to work with wolves.
     I suppose, it was twisted from the use of such washed out and not clear words, that you need to be prepared to the cold weather. I can not exactly see, because you will be with a dog today after dinner. But a storm, serious enough, approaches, and exactly in the district of your stay.
    Edvard nodded.
     there will be snow In mountains, it warned him.
     Ugh, snow, I mumbled. And on a court June month.
     Dress a jacket, Alice said to me. Surprised me, as far as its voice was unfriendly. I made an effort understand, in what here business, but it turned away from me.
    I looked at Edvarda he smiled. Whatever was there eavesdropped by Alice, it cheered him.
    For Edvarda it was more than necessary tourist inventory is an essential element, that will pretend to be a man. Kalleny were permanent clients in a shop Newtonian. He chosen a sleeping-bag, little tent, and couple of packages of dry meal smiled, when I squirmed an ugly face and packed everything in a backpack.
    Alice walked on a garage, silently, looking after preparations of Edvarda. He did not notice it.
    Finishing with piling of things, he got the mobile and stretched me.
     Why not to call you Dzheykobu? Say that we will be ready in a hour or near that. He knows where to meet us.
    Dzheykoba was not at home, but Billy promised to find anybody from werewolves, and so to pass the news of Dzheykobu.
    it is Bella, not worry after Charley, Billy said. I undertake This problem.
     I know that with Charley all will be good. I did not add that anymore experienced for safety of son Billy.
     it Is sorry I will not be able to be with all of you tomorrow. Billy smiled regretfully. So uncomfortably to be an old man, Bella.
    Earnest desire to fight, for it, it must be, Y-mill answers chromosome. All of men are identical.
     will Have fun with Charley.
    are Successes, Bella, he answered. And. khm.????????. also, pass the wishes of success from me.
     Necessarily, I promised, surprised his words.
    Gave a telephone back to Edvardu, I saw that he and Alice about something without words discuss. It vperila in him look, begging about something. He frowned in reply, dissatisfied that it asked.
     Billy ordered to pass to you successes.
    it is the Generous wish from his side, Edvard said, uvorachivayas' from Alice.
    it is Bella, do we can with you to talk, in private? it asked quickly.
    it is Alice, will complicate my and without that difficult life, Edvard procedil through teeth. it is not needed.
     It does not touch you, Edvard otbrila it him.
    He began to the laugh. Something in its answer livened him.
     Exactly, Alice insisted, are womanish pieces.
    He frowned.
     Allow it to talk with me, it was curious me.
     Well, invited, he said of, again beginning to the laugh simultaneously and angered and cheered, and went out from a garage.
    I turned to Alice, now already disturbed, but it did not look at me. Its bad mood, did not all-yet pass.
    It took a seat on the hood of the porshe, it had a kind depressed. I went after it and leaned against to the bumper, next to it.
    it is Bella? sadly asked Alice, moved and nestling to me. There was so much suffering in its voice, that I hugged it even, trying to console.
     That did happen, Alice?
     do not you love me? tem-zhe it continued sad tone.
     Certainly, love. you know.
     Then why I see how you run back in Vegas to make a match, and does not invite me on wedding.
     Oh, I said quietly, my cheeks were inundated a paint. It was evidently, I had so much offended it, and made a haste be on the defensive:
     You know in fact, however much I like to blow up a problem. And in general, this was the idea of Edvarda.
     however me, whose this was an idea. How could YOU so act with me? From Edvarda I expected, something similar, but only not from you. I love you as if the full sister.
    it is Alice, for me you and there is my sister.
    are just words. it growled out.
     Well, you can pridti. However, there will look not on what.
    It continued to sit with the dissatisfied kind.
     That yet?
    it is Bella, as far as strongly do you love me?
     Why do you ask?
    It looked at me pleading, these long black eyebrows lifted and built together, it is trembling corners of lips. It simply able broke up me a heart.
     Please, please, please, it whispered. Please, Bella, beg if you, true, love me. Please, allow me to organize your wedding.
     About, Alice! I moaned, moved aside from it and got up. No! Only not it.
     If you, true, truly love me, Bella.
    I crossed hands on a breast.
    it is not honest. And Edvard already did to-zhe same with me.
     Argue, that to please Edvardu anymore, if you will consent to do everything traditional, although he never and will not say you it. And to Esme think, as much your wedding means for it.
    I published a moan.
     better I will run into catechumens alone.
     I will be your debtor 10 years.
     You will owe me there are 100 years.
    Did its eyes begin to shine is means yes?
     No! I want nothing to do.
     to you and will be nothing to do, except for as to walk steam of meters and then repeat words after a priest.
    it is Devil, devil, devil!
     Please? it is jumped up in place from excitation. Please, please, please, please, please?
    it is Alice, I never in life to you will not forgive it.
     Yes! it yelled, slamming hands.
    it is not means yes!
     But you will say yes, it sang by the satisfied voice.
    it is Edvard! I cried, going out from a garage.
     I know that you listen. Go here. Alice stood next to me, continuing to clap one's hands.
     many Thanks, Alice, its Edvard poblagodaril caustically, going out, from somewhere, from my back. I turned to him, to complain on Alice, but he had such disturbed and sad kind, that I said nothing. Instead, I hugged him, hiding a person for him on a breast, simply, that he did not see my wicked tears and did not think, that I paid off-tune.
     Vegas, Edvard promised to me in an ear.
     Without variants, Alice exclaimed gloatingly. it is Bella never so with me will not act. you know, Edvard, as brother, you sometimes, continuous disappointment.
     be not a shrew, I growled out to it. He tries, that I was happy, unlike you.
     I also try oschastlivit' you, Bella. Simply I know better, that will do you happy. I think far forward. Then, you will thank me. If not in 50 years, exactly some time.
     I never thought that will argue with you, Alice, but this day came.
    It began to the laugh the silvery laughter.
     Well so, will you rotin me a ring?
    I squirmed the grimace of horror, when it without ceremony grasped my hand, true, released it.
     Khm. I saw how he put on him to you. Did I skip something? it took interest. Concentrated on the stake of second, frowned eyebrows, and answered to itself:
     No, Wedding will take a place.
     For Bella problem attitude toward decorations, Edvard explained.
     That, another diamond? Well, think, on a ring they are enough and so, but I talk that one diamond is already for it.
    it is Alice, khvatit! Edvard cut it short sharply. As he looked at it. he by the real threatening vampire. We hurry.
     does not understand. That was there about diamonds? I asked again.
     We will talk about it later, Alice declared. And now Edvard is right, you are better to go. It is needed to have time to leave false track, and to break up a camp before a storm.
    Alice frowned, it had seemed vzvinchenoy, and almost nervous. not forget a warm overcoat, Bella. Seems. it will be cold not on a season.
    it is I already took everything, its Edvard quieted.
     Wish you pleasant night, it wished on farewell.
    We twice as long ordinary reached to the field. Edvard did a large hook in a round, to ascertain my smell will not be next to that a way which Dzheykob will go. He carried me on hands, and on my ordinary place after his back, today, a backpack hung.
    He was stopped at the distant end of the field and put me on feet.
     Fine. Now, simply go to the north and touch, more pochasche, all round itself. Alice gave me the clear picture of their motion, soon they will find necessary traces.
     On a north?
    He smiled and specified, where it is needed it was to go.
    I plodded in-field, after my back, on the field, there was bright yellow light of extraordinarily sun day. Maybe, Alice made a mistake regarding snow, in fact now its look is slightly blear the presence of werewolves. I hoped that it had been not rights. Sky is almost cloudless, true, on open-space blew strong gustings. It was in-field quiet, but however, for June, it was too cold. In spite of the fact that on me there was a shirt with long sleeves, and from above yet and dense sweater, hands were covered small ants from a cold. I went slowly, touching everything on the way: hard bark of trees, moist fern, moss-grown stone.
    Edvard moved parallell me, in 1020 meters.
     do I do everything correctly? I hailed him.
    I had an idea.
    it is helps? I asked, starting fingers in hairs, and fished out the pair of hairsprings. I threw them on the bushes of fern.
     Yes, it will do track more noticeable. But, Bella, it is not needed to tear out hairs. All and so will pass well.
     Well, I have a couple of superfluous, can be divided.
    It was mrachnovato under the crowns of trees, I wanted to go closer to Edvardu, and to hold him on a hand.
    I left another hair on the broken branch which met on my way.
     Know, you must not try for the sake of Alice, he said.
     not experience, Edvard. I will not change a mind and at the supreme moment will not elope straight at an altar. I was almost uverenna, that Alice will get everything, just like this, as wants. Because, if it something wanted, it had been ready to operate absolutely unprincipled, and yet because I was so easily added its ability to press me on a conscience
     I experience now not from it. I simply want, that all was how it wants you.
    Crushing down a sigh, I said nothing. He offended, if I will say him a true in fact, actually already however me, I disliked none of the offered variants.
     Even if Alice will do everything how dreams it. It is possible to organize a little ceremony. Only it. Emmett can in the internet get a license to the feasance of marriage ceremony.
    I sprinkled.
     Sounds temptingly.
    Will not be too official, if exactly Emmett will read oaths, and it is a plus. To save a straight laugh it was all more difficult me.
     See, he said smiling. it is Always possible to agree.
    Before I reached to the place, from where the army of catechumens will find my traces exactly, passed fair amount to time, but Edvarda my slow movement agitated not at all.
    He had on a way back to give me pointing, where to go, that I did not get off from a path. Matter of course for me.
    We almost returned on the field, when I managed to fall down. I saw open-space ahead, and probably, therefore made a haste and forgot to look itself under feet. And here, it was hardly did not break up itself a head at the nearest tree. At the supreme moment, I managed uvernut'sya, but a lop, jumping out from under a left arm, cut me a palm.
     Oh! Well, simply remarkably, I mumbled.
     With you all be well?
    it is I all right. Stand, where stand. I wounded oneself, blood went. Through a minute will leave off.
    But he was not listened me, I did not have time even to make off a phrase, as he already stood alongside.
     I have a medicine chest, he said, opening a backpack. I suspected, that it would may need.
     Nothing serious. I will manage you will feel uncomfortably.
     comfortably me, he answered quietly. Let here hand, it is necessary to wash a wound.
     Second, I had an idea.
    Trying not to look at blood and breathe a mouth, that my stomach was not rebelled, I had pinned a hand against the nearest stone.
     What do you do?
    it is Jasper it will be simply in a delight, I said quietly, to itself under a nose. Again moved to the field, pinning a bleeding palm against everything, that met on my way.
     Ready to argue, it will compel them to go here.
    Edvard breathed.
     Detain breathing, I said to him.
     With me all be well. I think simply, that you overdid.

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