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47Stefani Mayer

    Unexpectedly, a howl was recovered by noise of wind, I even closed ears hands, from such noise. Edvard discontentedly frowned.
    it is not nearly obligatory, – he mumbled. – And this most bad idea from all, – he pronounced already more loud.
    – Well, rather better all of that you were able to offer, is I shock heard voice of Dzheykoba. – Bring-?? heater, – he mimicked peevishly. it is I to you not st bernard.
    I heard the sound of the opened lightning on included in a tent.
    Dzheykob slipped inward, trying not to fill cold arctic air in a tent, the pair of snowflakes fallen down on the floor of tent. I trembled already almost convulsively.
    – to me it disliked, – Edvard hissed, while Jake closed lightning. – Give it a jacket and clear out from here.
    My eyes privykli to darkness, to distinguish contours – Dzheykob brought a the same jacket-parka which hung on a branch, next to a tent.
    I made an effort ask, what they talk about, but all on what appeared capable, it was: – P-p-p, – trembling compelled me to stammer.
    – Parka – by tomorrow, it too froze now, to warm it. Jacket – icy. – he gave up it at a door. – you said that it needs a heater, and I here. – Dzheykob widely, as far as a tent allowed, stretched hands. As usual, when he hurried in a wolfish look, on him it was only necessary a minimum of clothes is sporting trousers, neither shirt nor shoe.
    – D-d-d-dzheyk, you will freeze, – made an effort object I.
    – Only not I, – he noticed merrily. – For me temperature of body 42 degrees. I without ceremony will compel you to sweat.
    Edvard began to the roar, but Dzheykob did not even look at him. Instead, he sneaked up to me, and began to unzip lightning of my sleeping-bag.
    The hard hand of Edvarda stopped him, catching for a shoulder. Dzheykob squeezed jaws, blew up nostrils, his body was pulled from a cold touch. Long muscles were mechanically strained on his hands.
    – Clean the hand from me, – he procedil through teeth.
    – Hold the paws a little rather from it, – Edvard answered darkly.
    – N-n-e s-sor'tes', – I implored. I was again beaten by trembling. Seemed, yet a bit and teeth will fall out for me, they knocked so loudly.
    – Sure, it will say you thank you, when for it pocherneyut and will fall off fingers on feet, – Dzheykob said sharply.
    Edvard began to hesitate, then cleaned a hand and downcast went out into the corner.
    His voice was colourless. – Keep up appearance, – he threatened.
    Dzheykob smiled.
    – Come on, Bella, move, – he said, opening lightning of sleeping-bag wider.
    I was stunned covered on him. Now clearly, why Edvard reacted so.
    – N-n-n-net, – I made an effort to protest.
    – be not a fool, – he growled out angrily. – are not you arranged by 10 fingers on feet?
    He squeezed in a sleeping-bag, fastening after itself lightning.
    And then, I could not anymore object – did not want. He was such warm. His hands squeezed me, comfortably folding to the naked breast. I could not resist a heat, as if to air after the protracted ducking. He poezhilsya, when I impatiently pinned the icy fingers against his skin.
    – Goodness, you as ledyshka, Bella, – he complained.
    – P-p-p-rosti, – stammering, I pronounced.
    – Try to relax, – he offered, when the next wave of trembling covered me. – Through a minute you will be warmed. If will throw down clothes, warmed yet quick.
    From a corner, where Edvard sat, the wicked growling was heard.
    – Yes, it is a simply elementary fact, – Jake parried. are Elements of survival.
    – P-perestan', Jake, – I said evil, although my body renounced to be moved aside from him. – D-d-desyat' of ?-?-??????? on ?-?????, on ?-???? nobody need.
    – And not worry you, for the vampire bat, – complacently, Dzheykob declared. – He simply revnuet.
    – Certainly, I revnuyu. – voice of Edvarda purchased the ordinary velvetiness again, and musically sounded in darkness. – you do not have not the least presentation, as far as strongly I want to be on yours place, mongrel.
    – It you and brakes, – Dzheykob noticed easily, but then added sourly. – At least, be sure is dreams, that you appeared on my place.
    – Exactly, – Edvard consented.
    While they argued, my terrible trembling had calmed down little by little.
    – See, – enough, Dzheykob noticed. – does Feel better?
    At last I was able to pronounce not stammering:
    – Yes.
    are Lips for you still dark blue, – he noticed. – does Want, will warm up? Only ask.
    Edvard breathed heavily.
    – Keep up appearance, – I said of, cuddling a person to his shoulder. From the touch of my cold skin, he gave a start again, and I smiled vindictively.
    Into a sleeping-bag there was a heat and comfortably. The body of Dzheykoba was radiated by the enormous amount of heat, can because space was such little, and he is such large. I threw down boots, and pinned feet against his feet. He hardly not jumped up, and then inclined a head and snuggled up the cheek to my onemevshemu from a cold ear.
    I marked that the skin of Dzheykoba had smelled the forest, musk smell – and he very befitted circumstances, here, in the meadle of the forest. Pleasant smell. I reflected, probably Kalleny and Kvilety simply from the prejudices, «stank» for each other. On me, so all of them smelled pleasantly.
    A storm howled, as though beast, bearing down upon a tent, but the more of me did not fluster it. Dzheykob was in a tent, death did not threaten him from a cold, and also there was a heat me and well. Besides, I too ustala, to experience from anything. The shortage of sleep, and torments, began to tell from myshechnykh crampies. A body was slowly weakened, I to on slightly began to melt, and I wanted to sleep.
    it is Jake? – I mumbled drowsily. – is it Possible to ask you? I am not pinned above you, simply to me, true, curiously. – he said the same words on my kitchen. how a long ago was it?
    – Certainly, – he also remembered and smiled.
    – Why are you shaggy, than your friends? you can not answer, if I am rude. – I did not know etiquette of werewolves.
    – Because, for me hairs are longer, – he answered merrily. – well, though not offended on my question. He shook a head and his unkempt hairs, growings already to the chin, began to the tickle me a cheek.
    – Ah, therefore. – I was surprised, but it made sense. So why, at the beginning, only joining in with a covey, they were shortly cut. – Then, why will not you cut hairs? you like to be such shaggy?
    He did not begin at once to answer, and Edvard began to the laugh quietly.
    – I am sorry, – I said, yawning. – I did not want to be superfluously curious. you are not under an obligation me to tell.
    Dzheykob answered with vexation:
    – Well, he however will tell you, so that better I. I let hair grow, because. it seems to me, you like, when they are long.
    it is O. – I felt an awkwardness. – Mne.khm. liked and short and long, Jake. It does not cost you. to create itself inconveniences.
    He reaped shoulders. – As appeared, it was very comfortably today, so that not experience.
    I did not know that to answer. Silence delayed, my eyelids potyazheleli and closed, breathing had been slowed, became more even.
    – Correctly, nice, zasypay, – Dzheykob whispered.
    I breathed quietly, already almost losing consciousness.
    – Set came, – Edvard Dzheykobu whispered, and sense of loud howl reached to me.
    – Fine. Now can engage all of other, while I, care of your girl-friend.
    Edvard nothing answered, but I began to the moan poorly.
    – will Halt, – I mumbled.
    A quiet came, inwardly, to on extremely to the measure. Outside, in trees wind howled recklessly. The vibrations of tent were complicated by my attempts usnut'. Props began to twitch and tremble, woke me, each time I am already ready was to glissade in sleep. A wolf, boy which must was be on a duty outside in to snow, was pitiful me.
    My reason roamed somewhere, while I waited arrival of sleep. It is little warm space, my pas reminded with Dzheykobom, I remembered how he managed to replace me a sun, remembered as his warmth filled me and returned to life. A long ago I did not think about Jake so, but here he, again, alongside and warms me.
    – Please! – Edvard began to the hiss. – Watch after ideas!
    – That? – surprised, whispered in reply Dzheykob.
    – can you endeavour to control the ideas? – quiet and Edvard whispered evil.
    – Nobody does not compel you to eavesdrop, – Dzheykob mumbled defiantly, slightly embarrassed. – Clean up from my head.
    – it would be Desirable. you do not present, as far as you dream up loudly. As if yell me.
    – will Endeavour more quiet, – Dzheykob whispered sarcasm.
    The short moment of silence came.
    – Yes, – Edvard answered, on an unspoken question, so quietly, that I barely heard him. – Herein I envy you also.
    – I understood so, – Dzheykob whispered complacently. it is slightly evens our possibilities, not true?
    Edvard smiled. – Was lost in day-dream.
    – Know, in fact it can change a mind still. – pricked him Dzheykob. – Thinking over everything, that I with it will be able to do, and that you will not be able. To on extremely to the measure, not able, not putting to death it.
    – Sleep let, Dzheykob, – Edvard mumbled. – you start acting to me on nerves.
    – Dumayu, usnu. I actually feel very comfortably.
    Edvard did not begin to answer.
    I already was too far, to ask them, not talk I absent as if about me. Their talk, seemed to me sleep, and I could not distinguish reality from sleep.
    – Can and will be, – Edvard said, after a while, answering a question which I did not hear.
    – But, will there be you frank?
    – Can ask and make sure. – tone of Edvarda compelled me to reflect, whether I did not miss out a joke.
    – Well, you see that created in my head – allow me, tonight to look, that created in your, – Dzheykob declared.
    – there are full questions In your head. What do you want to get an answer on?
    it is Jealousy. it, it must be, eats you from within. you can not carry so conviction, what seem. Well, unless, you do not quite have emotions.
    – Certainly, I have emotions, – Edvard answered not merrily. – Right now, so badly me, that I can control the voice hardly. Certainly, all was yet worse, when it was far from me, with you, and I could not see it.
    – do you think about it all of time? – Dzheykob whispered. – hardness you to be concentrated on something other, when is not it present alongside?
    – And yes, and no, – Edvard answered. Seemed, he was compelled to answer honestly. – My reason works a bit not so as your. I can think about a great deal simultaneously. Certainly, it means, what I can think constantly about you, always to doubt, but not whether it thinks about you, when quieted down and reflects about something.
    On a minute they both suppressed.
    – Yes, I assume that it thinks often about you, – Edvard whispered in reply to the ideas of Dzheykoba. – more Frequent, than I would like. It experiences, that you are unhappy. But it you and know. And utillize.
    – I must utillize everything, that can, – Dzheykob whispered. – I do not have your to advantages – type, that you know firmly is loves you.
    – It calms me, – Edvard consented softly.
    Dzheykob behaved defiantly: – That you knew, it loves me also.
    Edvard did not answer.
    Dzheykob breathed. – But it does not know it.
    – If you are right, I can it say.
    – does it reach you? Would you like to know that is created in its head?
    – Yes, and again. it is not. It prefers, that all remained how am. Sometimes, ignorance mads me, but let all will be so, it is satisfied one time.
    Wind raged, a tent had been shaken as from an earthquake. The hands of Dzheykoba twined stronger round me, he wanted to protect me.
    – Thank you, – Edvard whispered. – it Can will sound strange, but I am glad that you here Dzheykob.
    – You want to say: «with the utmost pleasure would I put to death you, but glad that it in a heat», so?
    it is the Uncomfortable truce, true?
    Dzheykob, whispered complacently: – I knew that you also madly revnuesh' it.
    – I am not such fool, to yell about this everything around, as you do it. In your case is uselessly.
    – And for you patience is more, what I supposed.
    – it is So necessary. I had 100 years, to learn. 100 years of expectation of it.
    – Well and. when did you decide to play in a «very patient, good fellow»?
    – When saw how very do it, compelling to choose. Usually, easily to control my experiencing. I can smooth out these. not too civilized senses which feed to you, practically always. Sometimes, it seems that it sees me through, but I am not sure.
    – And I think, you simply experience, that if to compel it to choose, it can choose not you.
    Edvard answered not immediately. – Yes, it also flusters me, – he acknowledged in the total. – But only slightly. For us all have moments of doubts. Mainly, I worried, that it would harm itself, trying to elope on meeting with you. Since I acceded to that it in relative safety next to you – as far as Bella, in general can be out of harm's way – it is better it was not to give it an occasion to fall in an extreme.
    Dzheykob breathed: – I would tell it everything, but it would disbelieve me.
    – I know. – smiling Edvard answered.
    – do you think that know everything? – Dzheykob mumbled.
    – I do not know the future, – Edvard said uncertainly.
    There was a long pause.
    – What will you do, if it will change a mind? – Dzheykob asked.
    – It I, also, do not know.
    Dzheykob smiled quietly. – will Make an effort put to death me? – sarcasm again began to the sound in his voice, he doubted as if, that Edvard is able to put to death him.
    – No.
    – Why is not it? – continued to mock Dzheykob.
    – do you, and true, think that I will be able to do it so very?
    Dzheykob second meditated, and then breathed: – Yes, you are right. I know it. But sometimes.
    – Sometimes, it is a very tempting idea.
    Dzheykob snuggling up to fabric of sleeping-bag, crushed down a laughter. – Exactly, – in final analysis, he consented.
    What strange sleep. Probably, incessant wind winnowed it me all of these peresheptyvaniya. Only wind, yelled rather, what whispered.
    – On what it alike? To lose it? – Dzheykob asked, silent some time, it was not and hint on a humour in his sharply hoarse voice. – When did you think, that lost it forever? As you. did survive?
    – very hardness me about it to talk.
    Dzheykob waited.

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