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Twilights 3: Eclipse. Twilight saga: Eclipse.
Fan site of film Twilights

   Privetsvuyu all on the site Created this site because a film very pleased Twilights and Twilights 2: New moon, and also actery film. A film looked with the acquainted girls of Natalia and Lesey, can and partly they inspired me on creation of site. With netermeniem wait the output of third of part of film of twilight saga: Eclipse, A premiere Eclipses will take a place somewhere in June 2010. Movie is made an on the novel of Stefani Mayer is Twilights 3: eclipse. you can to begin to read a book Twilights 3 eclipse right now, from an this site or to get it to itself on a computer.

   On a site you can free of charge get a film twilights and twilights 2 new moon in a good value. Also here mozhna to get wallpapers on a workmount from a film twilights and other great deal. Wait everything output of film Twilights 3: Eclipse. ;)

   Can set all of suggestions and questions through form of feed-back. Also abandon the reports in to the guest book, will be glad to read :).

A bit about a film twilights 3 eclipse.

Film Twilights 3, saga: eclipse

The third Twilights officially will be taken off by a producer 30 days of night.

The movie company of Summit Entertainment officially presented the producer of the third film of vampirskoy saga Twilights: Eclipse ("Twilight Saga's Eclipse"). The author of Lollipop and 30 days of night became them Devid Sleyd. Before into place of producer, will remind, in turn designated Khuana Antonio Bayonu, Dryu Berrimor and Paula Uaytca.

Trikvel will start in a production right after completion of surveys of new Moon. Main performers will go back to the roles Kristen Styuart, Robert Pattinson and Teylor Lotner. A scenario now finishes writing Melissa Rozenberg, attaching a hand and to the first two pictures.

In the third book Bella Suon finishes school already, on a nose exhaust, and to be taken lightly not war flames up in the world of vampires and werewolves. Near Seattle the wave of enigmatic murders is rolled, one very much the vampire adjusted in earnest searches to sweep, and the relations of Bella and Edvarda Kallena are worsened.

"I in a delight from that Devid Sleyd will take off Eclipse, author of original tetralogy Stefani talks Mayer, is he vizioner, which it is been that to offer to this franshize. From the beginning our saga was blessed producer talents, and I am glad that in Eclipse we will be able to continue this tradition".

An authoress Stefani did not make off Mayer history of Bella and Edvarda, it and now keeps writing about not simple mutual relations heroes and their adventures. Summit Entertainment also plans to be not limited to kinotrilogiey. In 2010 a studio proceeds to the production of fourth film, the release of which probably will take a place in November, 2011.

Picture Twilights went out on screens last year and collected 350 million dollars in a world rental. Sikvel under the name Twilights: A new moon goes out in a world rental already in November, 2009. A premiere Eclipses will take a place in June 2010.

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  • A chapter is a 1 Ultimatum
  • Chapter 2 Escape    
  • Chapter 3 Reasons
  • Chapter 4 Nature
  • Chapter 5 Mystic connection   
  • Chapter 6 Switzerland
  • Chapter 7 the Unhappy end  
  • Chapter 8 Self-possession    
  • Chapter 9 Purpose   
  • Chapter 10 Smell   
  • Chapter 11 Legends  
  • Chapter 12 Time   
  • Chapter 13 Catechumen  
  • Chapter 14 Explanation   
  • A chapter is 15 Bets   
  • Chapter 16 Epoch  
  • Chapter 17 Alliance   
  • Chapter 18 Instructions    
  • Chapter 19 Egoism    
  • Chapter 20 Kompromis   
  • Chapter 21 Tracks    
  • Chapter 22 Flame and ice   
  • Chapter 23 Monster   
  • Chapter 24 the Sudden decision   
  • Chapter 25 Mirror   
  • Chapter 26 Ethics   
  • Chapter 27 Necessity   
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