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37Stefani Mayer

    I sourly looked at him.
    He breathed, swept me in an armful and jumped off from a window.
    With me after the back, he sped along through the black, quiet forest, and even in at his run I felt rejoicing. So he hurried, when we were only two together, simply for the sake of pleasure, simply, to feel wind in hairs. It was exactly that, that in less tense times, would oschastlivilo me.
    When we attained the large opened field, his family already was there, quiet, speaking, however in anything worldly-wise. From time to time the loud laughter of Emmetta gave oneself up an echo in open-space. Edvard put me on earth, and hand in hand, we went off to them.
    Luna was hidden after clouds, and it was dark, therefore, a minute was required me to consider that we were on a baseball ground. It was the same place, where, more than year back, the first unconcerned evening with Kallenami was interrupted James and by his clan. It was strange again to appear here as though, it meeting will not be complete, while James, Laurent, and Viktoriya not to join in with us. But James and Laurent will never return. This plan will not repeat oneself. Can all of plans were blasted.
    Yes, someone pranged their plans. Was it it is possible that Volturi were variable in this equalization?
    I doubted herein.
    Viktoriya always seemed to me the element of nature as if a hurricane, moving to the bank on a straight line seemed inevitable, unchanging, but predictable. Maybe, I was wrong, so limitedly sudiv about it. It must be able to adapt to the situation.
     does Know that I think? I asked Edvarda.
    He began to the laugh:
    I almost smiled.
     That do you think?
     I think that, all of CPLD. Not only two, but all three.
     You tangled me.
     Since you returned, three bad events happened. I recurved fingers, transferring. are Catechumens in Seattle. Unknown in my room. And, the most important, Viktoriya appeared to search me.
    He squinted, thinking over said:
     Why do you think so?
     Because, I agree with Jasper Volturi love the rules. And, in any case, they would work better. I would be already dead, if they wanted it, I added about itself. does Remember when did you track down Viktoriyu last year?
     Yes, he frowned. it not strongly was lucky me with it.
     Alice said that you had been in Texas. Did you watch after it there?
    His eyebrows met on the bridge of the nose.
     Yes, khm.
     See, there to it and pridti could in a head this idea. But it does not know that does, therefore all of catechumens went out from under control.
    He negatively pomotal a head.
     Only Aro knows exactly, how the foresight of Alice works.
     can Aro be and knows better, but does not Tanya, Irene can and other your friends in Denali to know everything satisfied in detail? Laurent lived with them so many time. And if so was he friendly with Viktoriey, that rendered it services, why not to tell him by it all, what he knew?
    Edvard frowned:
     there was not Viktoriya In your room.
    it is can not lead itself new friends? Think of it, Edvard. If Viktoriya did some the work in Seattle, it led a lot of new friends. It created them.
    He was thoughtful above it, his forehead shriveled from a concentration.
     Khm, he said, finally. it is possible. I still am anymore inclined to Volturi. But, your theory something is in it. Personality of Viktorii. Your theory ideally befits under personality of Viktorii. It showed the prominent gift of self-preservation from the beginning it can its talent. In any case, this plan will not subject its not least danger from our side, if it sits out of harm's way and allows newly converted to devastate everything here. And even Volturi, also, not very much dangerous it. Possibly, it expects that, eventually, we will win, certainly, not without heavy casualties from our side. But nobody will survive from a little army, to testify against it. In fact, he continued, thinking over, if there will be the survivor, ready to argue, it plans to destroy them. Khmm. However, it owes it was to have, to the po-krayney measure, one slightly more mature friend. None of just would not leave catechumens your father in living.
    He for a long time was darkly covered, somewhere in space, and then suddenly smiled me, returning from the reverie.
     Certainly possibly. Not looking not on what, we must prepare to what pleasingly, while we do not know full surely. you very penetrating today, he added. it is impresses.
    I breathed:
     Can, on me so this place acted. I feel here, as though it alongside. as though it sees me now.
    This idea compelled his jaws firmly to compress.
    it is never touches you, Bella, he said.
    Not looking on the words, by a look he slowly walked on ebonies. While he searched their pls, very strange expression flashed on his face. His lips bared by teeth, and strange light lighted up in eyes this was a wild, furious hope.
     Much I gave for that to get to it, he whispered. to Viktorii, and to any other who, even, simply thought to cause you harm. Chance to do away with it. For this time, to finish the own hands.
    I drognula, from furious thirst in his voice, and grasped his hand stronger, wishing to be such strong, to connect our hands forever.
    We almost reached to his family, and I noticed first, that Alice did not look so optimistically, as other. It stood a bit aloof, looking after how Jasper mashes the hands, as if practicing, its lips were inflated.
    it is Something not so with Alice? I whispered.
    Edvard reaped shoulders, again becoming by itself.
    are Werewolves on the way, therefore it can not see though anything, that to happen now. Uncomfortably it, to feel blind.
    Alice, was although farther than all from us, heard his deep voice. It looked at him and rotined a language. He began to the laugh again.
    it is Hello, Edvard, welcomed him Emmet. it is Hello, Bella. Going he to allow you popraktikovat'sya also?
    Edvard mumbled a brother:
     Please, Emmet, not give it ideas.
     When will our guests arrive? asked Karlayl Edvarda
    Edvard was thoughtful on a second and then breathed.
     In one and a half minutes. But I will have to translate. They trust us not sufficiently, what to utillize human oblichiya.
    Karlayl nodded.
    it is hardness for them. I am thankful, that they will come in general.
    I was covered on Edvarda, widely exposing eyes. will They come as there are wolves?
    He nodded, watchful my reaction. I swallowed, remembering, those two times, when I saw Dzheykoba a wolf first time on to the meadow with Laurent, second time on a forest path, where Half razozlilsya on me. It were, two, awfully frightful flashbacks.
    Strange light appeared in the eyes of Edvarda, as though something was explained only now, something obviously pleasant for him. Before I was able to see anymore, he developed quickly, to Karlaylu and other.
     Prepared they go to us.
     What do you mean? demanded to explain Alice.
     Sh-sh, he cautioned, and covered by it in darkness.
    Suddenly, standings in uneven around Kalleny, stretched in a wide line, Jasper and Emmet stood the first. On that, how Edvard leaned forward next to me, I could say that he would wish to stand next to them. I squeezed his hand.
    Looking intently into the forest, I saw nothing.
    it is Devil, Emmett whispered. did you see anything similar?
    It was exchanged Esme and Rosalie the amazed looks.
     That it? I whispered as possible more quiet. I see nothing.
     Covey grew, Edvard whispered to me in an ear.
    Really did not I tell him, that Kvil had joined in with a covey? I made an effort distinguish six wolves in darkness. Finally, something flashed in a blackness are their eyes, far higher, than must were be. I forgot, as far as werewolves are high. As horse, only with large muscles and wool, and with teeth, as a dagger, will not overlook such.
    I could see eyes only. And when I looked over intently, trying to see other, to me reached, that more than six pair of eyes look on us. Odin, two, three. I counted pair quickly. Twice.
    Them it was ten.
     Amazingly, Edvard whispered, almost soundless.
    Karlayl did slow, considered, forward step. It was careful motion, invocatory to the trust.
     Welcome, he poprivetstvoval invisible wolves.
     Thank you, Edvard answered strange, low tone, and I understood suddenly, that these words were pronounced by Sam. I looked at eyes, luminous in a center a line, which were higher than all. It was impossible to look over the figure of large black wolf in darkness.
    Edvard began to speak again, by the same changing voice, pronouncing words for Sam.
     We will look and listen, but no more. That is all, that can us allow our self-possession.
     It more than sufficiently, Karlayl answered. it is My son Jasper, he rotined a gesture into that place, where Jasper, tense and ready to the actions, stood has an experience in this area. He will teach us, as they battle and how they must inflict a defeat. I am sure that you can apply it to your style of hunt.
     do They differ from you? Edvard asked, for Sam.
    Karlayl nodded.
    are They all very much youths by him only a few months in this life. So to say, children. They do not have skills or strategy, only enormous force. Today their quantity stopped for twenty. Us ten, you ten difficulties, being does not must. A number can diminish. This sapling, almost battles with each other.
    A roar passed along the line of wolves, a low guttural sound, to all appearances, meaning enthusiasm.
     If possible, we want to undertake more than our half, Edvard translated, his tone now is a bit not such indifferent.
    Karlayl smiled.
     will Look, as all will turn around.
     do you know when and as they will arrive?
     They will get through mountains in four days, in the morning. When they will reach here, Alice will help us to intercept their track.
     Thank you for information. We will watch.
    With the sigh of relief, eyes simultaneously went down nearer to earth, a wolf stopped beating.
    A quiet lasted two blows of heart, and then Jasper took a step in empty space between vampires and wolves. Not hardness it was me to see him his skin brightly shone in darkness, as well as eyes of wolves. Jasper cast a suspicious look to Edvarda, that nodded, and then Jasper developed the back to the wolves. He breathed, feeling uncomfortably.
     Karlayl is right. Jasper spoke only with us; he tried to ignore listeners after him. They will fight as children. Two most important things, which you are necessary to memorize, it: first not to allow them obkhvatit' you hands, and, second not try to kill them for the sake of murder. To it they will be geared-up. If you will go on them outside and will continue motion farther, they will be strongly bewildered, and not able effectively to react. Emmet?
    Emmet broke ranks with a wide smile.
    Jasper went back to the north edge of open-space between allies-enemies. He waved Emmetu.
     Well, Emmet first. He is the best example of attack of catechumens.
    The eyes of Emmeta narrowed.
     I will make an effort break nothing, he mumbled.
    Jasper grinned:
     I mean that Emmet depends upon the force. Attacking, he operates straight and openly. Catechumens, also will not try to operate slyly. Emmet, simply make an effort put to death me.
    Jasper stepped back yet on a few steps, his body was strained.
     Well, Emmet make an effort catch me.
    I was not able anymore to see Jasper he grew into a not clear outline, when Emmet attacked him as a bear, grinned and growling. Emmet also was incredibly rapid, but not so as Jasper. Seemed, Jasper had been not material'nee, what adduction it seemed each time, that the large hands of Emmetta had grasped Jasper, his fingers seized emptiness. Next to me, Edvard leaned forward, his eyes were tied down to the fight. Emmett hardened then.
    Jasper stood behind him, teeth in a millimetre from his throat.
    Emmett swore.
    From the side of looking after wolves was heard a roar of approval
     Once again, Emmett insisted, a smile got off from his person.
     Now my turn, Edvard made a protest. My fingers obkhvatili him tensely.
     Through a minute, Jasper showed one's the teeth, departing back. At first I want to rotin something Bella.
    I looked nervously, when he waved Alice to go out forward.
     I know, you experience for it, he explained to me, while it merrily came running in a circle. I want to rotin you, that herein there is not a necessity.
    Although, I knew that Jasper would never shut out, that Alice harm was causal, it was all the same difficult to look after how he treads on it. Alice stood motionlessly, and looked little, as a doll, as compared to Emmetom, smiling to itself. Jasper went forward, after turned to the left of it.
    Alice closed eyes.
    My heart began to the beat unevenly, when Jasper began to steal up to the that place, where Alice stood.
    Jasper jumped, disappearing. Suddenly he appeared on other side from Alice. It did not have to move.
    Jasper krutanulsya a wheel and again took an aim on it, only after, to drop to earth after it. Alice stood all of time, closing eyes and smiling.
    Now, I looked after Alice more attentively.
    It moved, I did not have simply noticed it, distracted on attacking Jasper. It did a little side-step, in the same moment, when the body of Jasper swept over above a mestome, where it stood just. It did a step yet, when the tenacious hands of Jasper with a sing flew wherein just there was a waist of Alice.
    Jasper was approached, and Alice began to move quick. It danced describing spirals and twirled about the axis. Jasper was its partner, moved circles round it, aimed to break through its graceful motions, never touching it, as if every motion was otrepetirovanno beforehand. Finally, Alice began to the laugh.
    Arising out of from nowhere, it was upstart on the back of Jasper, lips near his neck.
     Met, it said, and kissed his throat.
    Jasper smiled and shook a head.
     You are an indeed terrible, little monster.
    Wolves began to the roar again. For this time watchfully.
     A little bit of respect will not injure them, Edvard whispered enough. Then, he pronounced more loud. Now I.
    He squeezed my hand, before to release.
    Alice walked up to me, changing Edvarda. Steeply, and? it asked complacently.
     Very much, I consented, not taking a look from Edvarda, while he noiselessly went to Jasper, his motions were flexible and watchful as for a wild cat.
     I watch after you, Bella, it whispered suddenly, its voice sounded so quietly, that I barely could hear, although my ear had its lips.
    My look rushed about to its person and then went back to Edvardu. He swiftly went to Jasper, both they did distracting manoeuvres, while approached friend a friend.
    Alice reproached me.
     I will warn him, if your plans will become more certain, it threatened, by an all that low whisper. that you will endanger itself, will help nothing. Do you think, anybody will surrender from them, if you will perish? They will continue a fight however, all of us will continue. Do you can nothing to change, so that behave well, all right?
    I squirmed a grimace, trying to ignore it.
     I watch, it repeated.

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