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    Edvard got around Jasper, and as compared to other, this was the fight of equal. Jasper followed age-old experience, and he with might and main tried to operate instinctively, but his ideas always passed ahead him on the stake of second. Edvard was a bit quick, although motions which was utillized by Jasper were unknown him. They met over and over, nobody could win advantage, every now and again anybody growled instinctively from them. It was hardness to look, but yet more difficult turned away. They moved too quickly for me, indeed to understand that takes a place. Sometimes, the sharp looks of wolves came into my notice. I had sense, that they get from it more than I can more than it follows them.
    In konce-koncov, Karlayl coughed, cleaning out a throat.
    Jasper began to the laugh, and stepped back back. Edvard was straightened and smiled him.
     will Go back to work, Jasper concluded. will Name it to the draw game.
    All in turn battled with Jasper, Karlayl, after to Rosalie, Esme, and again Emmett. I stole a glance through cilia, compressing, when Jasper attacked Esme. On it it was to look more difficult than all. Then he slowed motions, still not so slowly, what I was able to understand his actions, and gave pointing yet.
     do you see that I do here? he asked. Yes, whew, he heartened. Concentrated on sides. Not forget, where their purpose will be. Continue to move.
    Edvard always was concentrated, looking after and listening, that other could not see.
    Became all more difficult to keep an eye after what be going on, because my eyelids otyazheleli. I badly slept lately, and passed already twenty four hours, since I slept for the last time. I leaned against to Edvardu, and allowed ages to close up.
     We almost finished, he whispered.
    Jasper confirmed completion of training, turning to the wolves in the first time, he again felt uncomfort. We will repeat everything tomorrow. I ask, come ponablyudat' again.
     Well, Edvard answered by cold voice of Sam. We will be here.
    Edvard breathed then, stroked my hand, and stepped back from me. He turned to the family.
     Covey considers that it will be useful them to know a smell each of us so, they will not make a mistake in a fight. If we will be immobile, it will be easy them.
     Certainly, Karlayl said to Sam. As will be pleasing you.
    From a covey the gloomy, laryngeal growling was heard, when they walked up back paws.
    Forgetting about a fatigue, my eyes again opened up widely.
    The deep blackness of night only-only began to dim far away, for other side of mountains a sun illuminated from beneath clouds, although did not yet light up horizon. When they were moved, suddenly became possible to look over figures. colors.
    Sam was, certainly, ahead. Incredibly enormous, black as midnight, straight, monster from my nightmares interpreted literally; since I first saw Sam et al on to the meadow, they were me in bad sleeps not one time.
    Now that I saw them all, measuring a quantity, counting up the pair of eyes, appeared that them more than ten. A covey was enormous.
    With half an an eye I noticed that Edvard had looked after me, carefully, estimating my reaction.
    Sam walked up to Karlaylu, to standing ahead, an enormous covey followed straight after him. Jasper was tense, and for other side from Karlayla, grinned quietly Emmett.
    Sam, wincing slightly, sniffed around Karlayla. Then he moved to Jasper.
    My look ran about on the watchful gang of wolves. I was sure that noticed a few new. There was a svetlo-seryy wolf, far less other, wool on his withers got up on end from hostility. Et al, colors of the deserted sand, seemed awkward as compared to other. A low plaintive howl broke forth for a sandy wolf, when Sam went away forward, leaving that isolated between Karlaylom and Jasper.
    My look was stopped for a wolf, standing straight behind Sam. His wool was krasno-korichnevoy, longer, than at other, as compared to them he seemed shaggy. Much the same high, as well as Sam, second in size in a group. His pose was quite ordinary, expressed certain negligence to that other, apparently, considered as a crucible.
    Enormous krasno-korichnevyy wolf, as if, feeling my look, gave a glance on me the acquainted black eyes.
    I looked at him, trying to trust that already knew and so. My face bewilderment and delight affected.
    A wolf showed one's the teeth, bare teeth. Ustraschayuschee spectacle, if ? not his language, sveschivayuschiysya from to pasture in wolfish ukhmylke.
    I giggled.
    Grin of Dzheykoba became wider, demonstrating sharp teeth. He abandoned the place in build, ignoring the accompanying looks of covey. He quickly ran back by Edvarda and Alice, stopped at a meter from me. He stopped and for a moment looked at Edvarda.
    Edvard stood motionlessly, as though statue, his look determined my reaction still.
    Jacob went down on front paws, so that his head was not higher than my, was all the eyes on me and as well as Edvard estimated my reaction.
     Dzheykob? I breathed out.
    A return roar sounded from his breast, as the satisfied laughter.
    I stretched a hand, my fingers a bit trembled, and touched krasno-korichnevoy wool on his muzzle.
    Black eyes were closed, and Dzheykob inclined the enormous head in my hand. From his throat the satisfied rumbling was heard.
    Wool was, simultaneously, soft and hard, and warm. I ran about fingers on it, with curiosity, studying texture, stroking his neck, wherein a color was especially deep. I did not notice, as close walked up to him; without warning, Dzheykob suddenly licked me, from a chin, to the forehead.
     Ugh! Byaka, Jake! I was indignant, jumping back back and threatening on him, as though he was a man. He deviated, and a coughing bark which broke forth through his teeth, certainly, was a laughter.
    I wiped oneself the sleeve of shirt, and not restraining a temper, burst out laughing together with him.
    At this juncture, to me reached, that all around looked on us, Kalleny and werewolves Kalleny with the puzzled kind, and, in some family, with disgust. Hardness it was to understand expression on the muzzles of wolves. I thought, that Sam had looked sadly.
    There was yet Edvard, impatient and odnaznachno disappointed. I understood he hoped on other reaction. A sort of, to begin to the cry and in horror to escape away.
    Dzheykob again published a sound, look like a laughter.
    Other wolves now departed back, and leaving did not tear away a look from Kallenov. Dzheykob stood alongside, looking after how they leave. Soon, they disappeared in the dark forest. Only two zameshkalis' near trees, looking on Dzheykoba, their poses demonstrated an anxiety.
    Edvard breathed and taking no the notice on Dzheykoba walked up to me from other side, taking by a hand.
     Ready to go? he asked me.
    Before I had time to answer, he looked over me on Dzheykoba.
     I did not yet find out all of details, he said, answering the mental question of Dzheykoba.
    A ???????-???? suddenly began to the roar loudly.
    it is far difficult, Edvard said. it is not your anxiety; I will ascertain that there safely.
     what do you talk About? I demanded an answer.
     Simply discuss strategy, Edvard answered.
    Dzheykob began to the shake a head forward-back, looking on our persons. Then, suddenly, he began to the run in the forest. While he escaped, I had noticed the piece of the built black fabric, tied to his back leg first.
     Wait, I cried, one hand automatically rose after him. But he dissolved in-field in a few seconds, following two other wolves.
     Why did he go away? I asked offendedly.
     He will return, Edvard said and breathed. He wants to talk personally.
    I looked at the edge of the forest, where Dzheykob disappeared, again leaned to Edvardu. I was ready to fall down, but stuck to.
    Dzheykob arose up again, on two feet for this time. A broad chest is bare, hairs are dishevelled. He was dressed only in black sporting trousers, by cold land he went barefoot feet. He was one, but I suspected, that him, unnoticeable, friends wait after trees.
    He did not may need a lot of time to cross the field, although he went round Kallenov, which stood and quietly spoke in a wide circle.
     Well, vampire bat, Dzheykob said, when was in a few feet from us, obviously continuing a talk which I skipped. That here such difficult?
     I must think over every possibility, Edvard said quietly. That, if will anybody get to you?
    Dzheykob snorted from this supposition. All right, then leave it in reservation. We will leave Kollin and Plod in any case. There it will be out of harm's way.
    I angrily looked on them:
     do you talk about me?
     I simply want to know that he plans to do with you in a time of battle, Dzheykob explained.
     With me to DO?
     You can not remain in Forks, Bella. voice of Edvarda tried to quiet me. They know where to search you. That, if someone, will slip by us?
    My stomach compressed, and blood poured off from a person. it is Charley? I breathed out.
     He will be with Billy, quickly notarized me Dzheykob. If my father will have to accomplish murder, to deliver him there, he will do it. Possibly, it and not may need. In this Saturday, so? There will be a game.
     In this Saturday? I asked, my head went around. For me a head was too twirled, that I could control my scatterings ideas. I sullenly looked at Edvarda. Here fignya! Your gift flies on exhaust.
    Edvard laughed. you can give tickets to anybody yet.
    Sudden inspiration visited me:
    it is Angela and Ben, I decided quickly. Po-krayney to the measure, it will compel them to disappear from a city.
    He touched my cheek. you can not evacuate all, he said gently. to Hide you is just caution. I told you we will not have problems now. They will not be enough even, to amuse us.
     But, that regarding what it was in La Push? Dzheykob impatiently cut us short.
    it is walked on this way too often, Edvard said. and left tracks everywhere. Alice sees the very young vampires of going to hunt only, but obviously, someone created them. Someone the more experimental stands after it. Who he. Edvard did a pause and looked at me. or it, was not, all of it can be an only distracting manoeuvre. Alice will see, if he will decide to appear, but we, possibly, will be very busy in the moment of this decision. Someone can counts exactly on it. I can not leave it somewhere, where it was often. It it must be hardness to find, simply just in case. Such will happen scarcely, but I want podstrakhovat'sya.
    I attentively looked at Edvarda, namorschiv a forehead, listened his explanations. He patted me on a hand.
     Simply, what to be as possible more careful, he promised.
    Dzheykob rotined a gesture in glub' the forest to the east of us, on mass of the Olympic mountains.
     Then hide it there, he offered. There millions of variants are places, where any of us can appear for the counted minutes, if required.
    Edvard shocked a head. Its smell is too strong and, mixed with my, especially distinguished. Even, if I will bear it, there will be track. Our track is not accessible, but together with the smell of Bella, it can come into their notice. We are not sure, which one they go a way, because they do not yet know. If they will find its traces, before will find us.
    They both shriveled in one and also time, their eyebrows met on the bridge of the nose.
     Understand, in what difficulties.
     there Must be some output, Dzheykob mumbled. He looked toward the forest, bending lips.
    I swung on feet. Edvard hugged me for a waist, moving me nearer to itself and supporting my weight.
     it is Necessary to take you home you are exhausted. And Charley will wake up soon.
     Second, Dzheykob said, turn to us again, there was brilliance in his eyes. disgusting My smell for you, so?
     Khm, not badly. Edvard understood a hint. it is possible. He turned to the family. it is Jasper? he called.
    Jasper looked around with curiosity. He walked up to us, Alice followed by him, only on a step falling behind. On its face again there was dissatisfaction.
     Well, Dzheykob. Edvard nodded him.
    Dzheykob turned to me with strange mixture of emotions on face. He was very excited the new plan, whatever he was, but to him still it was not easily to be so close to the enemies-allies. And came my turn guarded, when he stretched the hands to me.
    Edvard breathed deeply.
     We will check, whether I will be able to interrupt a smell so, to hide your track, Dzheykob explained.
    I suspiciously looked at his exposed hands.
     Allow him to bear itself, Bella, Edvard said me. His voice was quiet, but I could catch low-spirited hostility.
    I frowned.
    Impatient Dzheykob rolled eyes, and bent over, what to take me on hands.
     not behave as a child, he mumbled.
    But his look, similarly as well as my, rushed about to Edvardu. The face of Edvarda was quiet imperturbably. He began to speak with Jasper.
     Smell of Bella is very attractive for me I thought, that would be more just, if anybody will make an attempt yet.
    Dzheykob turned away from them and quickly began to the run in the forest. I said nothing, when darkness closed up round us. I puffed up one's the cheeks, it was blundering me in the hands of Dzheykoba. It was the too personal for me certainly, he is not necessary it was to hold me so firmly and I could not hold out and not think about that he feels. My closing date was remembered in La Push, and I did not want to think about it. I laid down hands, vexed that a bandage on my hand refreshed memory.
    We did not go away far; he did a wide arc and came back on an area another way, can on the half of the soccer field farther than that place, where we went away from. Edvard was there one and Dzheykob headed for him.
     Can already drop me.
     I do not want to fail an experiment. His gait was slowed, and his hands compressed closer.
     You enrage me, I mumbled.
     Thank you.
    From from nowhere, next to Edvardom, Jasper and Alice appeared. Dzheykob did another step, and then put me on earth in two meters from Edvarda. Not looking around on Dzheykoba, I went off to Edvardu and took him by a hand.
     Well? I asked.
     While you did not touch to anything, Bella, I can not present how it is close necessary to stick a nose to track, what to catch your smell, Jasper said, squirming a grimace. it is He it was almost fully indistinguishable.
    it is Certain success, Alice consented, wrinkling a nose.
     And it pushed me on one plan.
     Which will work, Alice added confidently.
     Cleverly, Edvard consented.
     As do you stand it? whispered me Dzheykob.
    Edvard ignored Dzheykoba, looked at me and began to explain. are We more faithful, you going to leave false track to the field, Bella. The new-born conduct hunt, your smell will disturb them, and they will come exactly on a that way which we want on, what they came, without a superfluous carefulness. Alice sees already, that it will work. When they will find our traces, they will be divided and will make an effort go out on us both-side. A half will come through the forest, where its visions disappear suddenly.
     Yes! Dzheykob azh whistled.
    Edvard smiled him, by the real comradely smile.
    Stirred up me. How could they so want it? How could I survive, putting them both dangers? I did not could.
    I would not be able.
     there Is not a chance, Edvard said suddenly, in his voice disgust. It compelled me to jump up, I was frightened, that he what that heard my decision appearance, but his look was directed on Jasper.
     Know, know, Jasper said quickly. it is I even and not thought about it, true.
    Alice trod on his leg.
     If Bella is actual would be on the field, Jasper explained to it, is maded them. They would not be able to be concentrated anymore on anything, except for it. It is easier than lung possible it would be to interrupt them all.
    The look of Edvarda compelled Jasper to go on popyatuyu.
     Certainly, it too dangerously for it. This was a simply unsuccessful idea, he said quickly. But he with half an an eye thoughtfully looked at me.
     No, Edvard said. A final decision sounded in his voice.
     You are right, Jasper said. He took the hand of Alice and headed back for other. the Best two from three? I heard, as he asked it, when they began to be practiced again.
    Dzheykob with disgust looked him after.
     Jasper looks at everything from the military point of view, Edvard justified a brother quietly. He examines all of variants is a soundness, not indifference.
    Dzheykob snorted.
    He unconsciously walked up nearer, submerged in the plans. Now he stood only in three futakh* (0,90 mcodes) from Edvarda, and, upright there between them, I could physically feel tension in mid air. It was as static tension, uncomfortable state.
    Edvard went back to business. I will deliver it here on Friday at midday, what to leave false track. you can meet with us after it, and to take in a place which I know. Quite in other direction, and there easily to be on the defensive, I do not think that will reach to it. From there I will go another way.

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