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5Stefani Mayer

    Suspicions returned. Such conduct was on him not alike. He always was incredibly selfless; he spoiled me this.
     You can go where will want. I Noticed.
     the Outer world is not of interest for me without you.
    I with a fervor rolled eyes.
     I do not banter. he Said.
     Let us will master the outer world gradually, well? For example, we can begin with a journey to the cinema in Port of Anzheles.
    He began to the moan. not take in a head. We will talk at it later.
     Here not about what to talk.
    He reaped shoulders.
     Well, then will change a theme, I said. Did I almost forget about experiencing this afternoon he laboured for it in fact?
     What was seen by Alice today after dinner?
    I did not take an eye from his person, fixing his reaction.
    Expression of his person remained imperturbable, topaz eyes slightly hardened only. it is saw Jasper in a strange place, somewhere on a south-west, near his former. families. But he has no reasons to return. He breathed. it is disturbed it.
     About, it and close it was not look like that I expected. But, certainly, it fully logically, that Alice worries about the future of Jasper. He was its native soul, its second half, although their relations were not such passionate as for Rosalie and Emmeta. Why did not you say me before?
     I did not think that you had turned on this attention, he said. nothing serious happened In any case.
    Sorrowfully, but my imagination obviously went out from under control. I took an absolutely normal day and turned everything so, as though Edvard something hides from me. I need to treat oneself.
    We got down downward, to engage in our home task, if suddenly Charley will return before. Edvard did everything in a couple of minutes; and I slowly and laboriously did all of calculations, while did not decide that had come time to prepare a supper for Charley.
    Edvard helped, each time drawing faces at sight of raw ingredients human food was not too attractive for him. I did a beef stroganoff on the recipe of grandmother Svon, because podlizat'sya wanted to Charley. Not same my favourite dish, but Charley will please.
    Charley alike was in the good location of spirit, when it came home. He even was not rough with Edvardom, as usual. Edvard usually apologized for that does not eat with us. The sounds of evening news were reported from other room, but I doubted that Edvard indeed looked them.
    Finishing off the third portion, Charley laid feet on a nearby chair, and crossed hands on the exaggerated stomach.
    it is be splendidly, Belz.
     I am glad that pleased you. How are you at work? He was too busy at a supper, to start talking before.
     Slowly. Actually simply awfully quietly. We with Mark played maps almost half day, he added with a smile. I won nineteen against seven. And then I some time socialized by phone with Billy.
    I made an effort not change a mien. As he?
     Well, well. Joints are disturbed by a little bit of him.
     Oh. It very badly.
     Aha. He invited us to itself on these weekend. Also he wants to call Klirvoterov and Uleev. A sort of evening-party.
     Khm, was my of genius answer. But that could I say? I knew that I will be shut out on posidelki to the werewolves, even under a paternal protection.
    It was interestingly me, whether will not be for Edvarda a problem that Charley is conducted by time in La Push. Or does he think that as Charley mainly spends time with Billy which is just a man, he does not endanger itself?
    I rose and collected piattis, trying not to meet a look with Charley. I laid down them in a shell and included water. Edvard unnoticed arose up alongside and grasped a towel for the wipe of tableware.
    Charley breathed and left this theme to which, as I supposed, he would return yet, when we will be one. He rose, and headed for a television set, as in any other evening.
    it is Charley, Edvard appealed to him.
    Charley stopped in the middle of our little kitchen. Yes?
     Bella told you, that my parents on its closing date of birth complimented with it tickets on an airplane, that it could visit Rene.
    I dropped a dish which washed. It jumped back from stoleshnicy and with a loud sound fallen down on the floor. It was not broken up, but splashed everything around and us including by a soapsuds. But Charley did not even notice.
    it is Bella? he Asked stunned.
    I did not take an eye from a dish, while lifted it. And dad, gave a present.
    Charley took a sip loudly, and his eyes narrowed, when he turned to Edvardu. No, it never mentioned about it.
     Khmm, Edvard lowed.
     Is there reason, why do you ask? asked Charley hardly.
    Edvard reaped shoulders. They already are almost overdue. I think, Esmi will feel touched, if Bella will not take advantage of its gift. Certainly, it will say nothing on this occasion.
    I looked at Edvarda with a mistrust.
    Charley thought with minute. it is probably a good idea, that you visited the mother, Bella. It will be pleasantly it. Although, I am surprised, that you talked nothing about it.
     I forgot, I acknowledged.
    He frowned. did you forget that someone had complimented with you tickets on an airplane?
     Mmm, I lowed indefinitely and turned to the shell.
     I noticed, you had said that on tickets a term, Edvard, outflows already. Charley continued. How many tickets did your parents give Bella?
     Only one for it. and one for me.
    A dish which I dropped for this time took a ground in a shell, so that it did not make the special noise. I easily defined approaching of scandal on that, how my father breathed out. Blood dashed me in a person, filling with an irritation and vexation. Why does Edvard do it? I in panic was covered on bubbles in a shell.
    it is not subject a discussion! Charley sharply came in fury, in anger crying out every word.
     Why? Edvard asked, his voice was pierced an innocent surprise. you said just, that this good idea for Belly to meet with a mother.
    Charley ignored him. you will nowhere depart with him, young lady! he howled. I developed, and he shook a finger in my side.
    I felt the attack of automatically overcoming me spite, this was an instinctive reaction on his tone.
     I am a not child, dad. And I no longer under arrest, does remember?
     About yes, you under arrest. Since this moment.
     For what?!
     Because I said so.
     does it Need me to remind you, that I already adult, Charley?
    it is my house you must follow my rules!
    My look became icy. Here what you want. Do you want, what did I drive out today? Or for me am a few days on collections?
    The face of Charley became bright red. It became immediately terrible to me, that I utillized a trump with departure.
    I deeply breathed and made an effort talk soundly.
     I will accept the punishment, if did something not so, but I not going to bear with your preconceived relation.
    He mumbled something incoherent.
     you know Now, that I have complete right to meet with a mother on a weekend. you will not be honest with me, if will say that would object against an idea to depart to the mother together with Alice and Andzheloy.
    are Girls, he mumbled, rocking a head.
     And will it be easy you, if I will take with itself Dzheykoba?
    I named the name just, because knew that my father gave the preference of Dzheykobu, but quickly pozhalela about it; the teeth of Edvarda closed up with a clanking sound.
    A father endeavoured to calm down, answered before. Yes, he pronounced unconvincingly. it will be easy me.
     From you poor liar, dad.
    it is Bella!
     I am not sent in Vegas to become a dancer in a club or yet by someone. I ride to meet with a mother, I reminded to him. it is has the same paternal authority, as well as you.
    He cast a devastating look on me.
     Or do you hint at that a mother is unable to keep an eye after me?
    Pulled Charley from the hidden threat in my question.
     Better hope on that I will not mention about it at it. I Said.
     Better not do it, he warned. I not nearly raduet by what be going on, Bela.
     to you not from what disordered.
    He rolled eyes, but I could assert that a storm passed.
    I turned, to unstopper from a shell So that my home task is executed, a supper is done, tableware is washed, and I not under arrest. I go for a walk. I will return to half of the eleventh.
     Where do you go? His person, almost going back into the normal state, became again bright red.
     does not know yet, I acknowledged. will I be in the radius of ten miles, all right?
    He mumbled something not look like approval and went out from a kitchen. As well as it was necessary to expect after victory in a fight, I felt guilt.
     Well so do we go? Edvard Asked by deep voice, but with enthusiasm.
    I turned around and angrily looked at him. Yes, I think that we need to talk in private.
    It did not discompose him how I expected that.
    I put aside a talk, while we did not appear in his machine.
     That was it? I asked demandingly.
     I know that you want to meet with a mother, Bella you talked about it in sleep. Uneasily generally.
     did I talk?
    He nodded. But dread of inevitable collision with Charley stopped you, and I decided to assist.
     to Assist? But you gave up me on a torment sharks!
    He rolled eyes. I do not think that a danger threatened you.
     I told you, that does not want to quarrel with Charley.
     Nobody talked that you need it to do.
    I angrily glanced on him. I can not hold out, when he begins to strike on me my natural juvenile instincts score off.
    He smiled. What, it is not my guilt.
    I thoughtfully looked at him. He pretended, that did not notice it. His person was serene, when he looked through front glass. I understood nothing. Maybe, my imagination was again walked about, as today after dinner.
     does Have so unexpected desire to ride to Florida, some attitude toward an evening-party for Billy?
    His jaw compressed. Absolutely no. Not important, there will be you here or on other doomsday, you however will go there.
    It was look like that took a place with Charley to it as though I deserved that with me applied as with a disobedient child. I squeezed teeth, not to begin to the cry. I do not want to quarrel yet and with Edvardom.
    Edvard breathed, and when he began to speak his voice again was warm and velvety. So what do you want to engage today vcherom? he Asked.
     can We depart to you today? I so a long ago was not seen with Esmi.
    He smiled. it will please It. Especially, when it will hear, where we going on these weekend.
    I moaned, acknowledging the defeat.
    As I promised, we did not have stayed too long for a long time. I was not nearly surprised by that light burned yet, when we drove up to the house I knew that Charley would wait me that pokrichat' yet.
     You are better not to call inward. I Said. It all will complicate only.
     His ideas are relatively peaceful, Edvard teased. Expression of his person compelled me to be thoughtful, that I skipped some joke. The corners of his mouth started, fighting with a smile.
     will Meet later, I mumbled darkly.
    He smiled and kissed me bruteforce. I will return, when Charley will snore.
    To me the loud sound of the switched on television set was reported, when I entered inward. I bargained to sneak by him unnoticed.
     does Can you will walk up, Bella? Called Charley, breaking my plan.
    My feet became waddings, while I did five necessary steps.
     What, dads?
     did you today spend time well? he asked. He looked slightly unstably. I tried to find the hidden meaning in his words, answered before.
     Yes, I pronounced hesitatingly.
     What did you do?
    I reaped shoulders. Went for a walk with Alice and Jasper. Edvard beat Ellis in a chess, and then I played with Jasper. He literally leveled me to the ground.
    I smiled. A game of Edvarda and Ellis was an amusing thing which I saw some time. They sat motionlessly, covered on a board, while Ellis foresaw motions which will be done by Edvard. And he, reading its ideas, chosen motions which it will do in reply.
    They played a chess mainly in the minds; I think, everybody moved for two pawns, when Ellis unexpectedly put the king and surrendered. A game occupied three minutes.
    Charley pushed the button of shutdown of sound not typical action.
     Listen, there is something, that I wanted you to say. He frowned eyebrows, feeling an ill at an ease.
    I sat down quietly, expecting. He met my intent look before to drop eyes to the floor. Anymore he said nothing.
     That it, dads?
    He breathed. I am not very much good in such talks. I do not even know from what to begin.
    I continued to wait.
     All right, Bella. Here what are you talking about. He rose from a sofa and began to walk there here on a room, all of time looking itself under feet. are Your relationships with Edvardom povidimomu is enough serious, and there are some things with which it follows you to be careful.
    I know, you already adult, but you still young, Bella, and there is yet a lot of important things which you must know, before you. well, when you physically will be p.
     About, please, please, it is not! I implored, jumping up on both feet. Please, say me, that you not going to lead a talk about sex, Charley.
    He was covered in a floor. I am your father. I have duties. Remember that also blundering me, as well as to you.

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